April 6, 2017

We Are Reptilian

If you think you don't have any reptilian in you why do you think you have a "Reptilian Brain". People laugh when you say the Reptilians used to rule the earth but Dinosaur means Giant Reptile. People laugh when you say dragons were real but when scientists say there were Pterodactyls which are giant lizards that fly they are like oh yeah cool.

People think it is stupid to say it is possible the dinosaurs became intelligent and able to change their appearance and yet that is exactly what lizards do. In fact scientists say dinosaurs were much more intelligent than they thought. If you think it is crazy to say we are the descendants of Reptilians, think again. Mammals came from somewhere didn't they? Japanese scientists discovered Dinocephalosaurus a water dino gave life birth. We are more closely related to dolphins than apes according to main stream scientists.
We tend to think we are so advanced and more special than other animals. That is the lower ego or Reptilian self preservation brain talking. We simply are what we are. And we have been brainwashed beyond belief to ignore anything that sounds slightly odd compared to our accepted program of thinking.

Truth is way crazier than alt reality. Next time you do something that is not compassionate and you are not using your higher thinking remember the saying "Get thee behind me satan". It sounds a little wacky religious but it means put your ego behind you. Your higher authentic self has the authority over your lower animal nature. This is a simple message. It has little to do with your beliefs or opinions about who created the world. And it is the difference between living in contentment or suffering as a human.

March 28, 2017

"Flattards" Just Won't Be Silenced

This is why these so called, "Flattards" believe in the Geocentric Model as accurate or at least just as likely as the Heliocentric Model. You might think you are really smart but the fact is no one has every been able to PROVE the earth is a sphere. That is why "Flattards" refuse to be silenced. If you can waste your time watching brainwashing t.v. or arguing about politics you can spend a few minutes learning about the real reason the controllers are making your life HELL. If you believe the bible reveals the true nature of our reality you cannot deny this without being a hypocrite. If you are an atheist you cannot ignore the physics. There is a reason why we are being lied to. You cannot control someone if they KNOW they have open access to other planes of existence. If you believe you are a helpless creature on an isolated sphere in the vastness of space you are more likely to believe you must depend upon technologies, space ships and a leader that is smarter than you to protect you. If you believe you have to travel in a ship to get to another planet it is because they made you forget your innate abilities to travel anywhere you want with your consciousness and physically through natural portals. There is a natural paradigm where you are sovereign and an artificial paradigm where you are deluded and controlled. That is what this is really about. 

Some Flat Earthers use this revelation to prove there is a loving God that created this world for us. I disagree. I believe it is possible that this world was created by the Demiurge as Jesus also believed according to Nag Hammadi scriptures, to keep us in a zoo for amusement. And when we became more enlightened this advanced being needed to make us believe we were free but trapped on a speck in space, dependent upon his technologies to survive. He hid our innate abilities from us. He made us believe we were nothing without him. If people new they lived in an enclosed prison but were able to experience any reality they wanted with their consciousness and travel through natural portals to other worlds, they would not be dependent upon the rulers and their technologies. That is why the truth about our world has been hidden from us for thousands of years. Every time humans gain wisdom and self empowerment over the centuries there is global cataclysm. We must be managed. Right? The world must be a finite sphere without anyone realizing they are a prisoner. The illusion of freedom has kept us compliant and in order. The upper echelons of the elite know all of this. And there is so much more to this that it will melt your brain.

March 8, 2017

Pythagoras Proved the Earth Was a Plane

If you were shown two viewpoints, one correct and one a fallacy, the best way to know which is which is to investigate for yourself. But most people will not because of social programming and EGO. This research began as a casual amusement. Now this shit has gotten VERY REAL because while trying to disprove the Flat Earth Plane Theory I discovered that I was inadvertently disproving the globe model at every turn with solid evidence. I find the Globe Earth Theorists (not proven) are using made up theories and twisting evidence to validate their theory rather than coming up with a theory that supports the solid observable evidence. That is classic inversion tactics. Some people stopped communicating with me because of this. Don't care. I am telling you that something is VERY WRONG with the model of the world we are force fed. Proof is in your face if you will just open your eyes. Or go back to sleep. Either way. This is one of the most comprehensive videos I have come across yet to explain what should be very obvious. It's not a sphere. And it is not a donut oblate spheroid. There is a scientific geometric explanation for what appears to be a flat earth plane stretching much farther than currently accepted as the size of the earth. How it works and why it is being kept a secret will blow your mind. IF you are interested in the truth.