October 2, 2007

Body In The Balance

I have really had enough of everyone trying to sell people ways to be healthy and fit. Why would you have to spend money to be healthy? Do you think we would be here on this planet if our design were that faulty? If you have the desire you can and will become fit and disease-free without spending a penny on drugs, fad diets and workout equipment.

pH is potential hydrogen in your body. The human body needs to be slightly alkaline to be healthy and disease free. Pasteur said, “Germs are nothing. It is the terrain that is important”. If we allow our bodies to become too acidic we create an environment for disease, suffering and death. If we need food at all (some believe we don’t) then we must monitor the pH of everything we put in to our bodies.

Stop putting poisons into your body like anything not natural or too much of anything. If you don’t grow it and prepare it yourself you don’t really know what you are consuming do you?
Don’t believe the labels.

Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water every day.

Avoid red meat, alcohol and caffeine and artificial anything.

If you buy anything buy a juicer and drink veggie and fruit juices every day. Raw foods have everything you need to live if you choose to eat. Some advanced naturalists/gurus can go without eating and receive their energy and nutrients form the sun. Sun Gaze, responsibly. www.solarhealing.com .

If you just love food make balancing what you eat a life practice.

Walk for an hour a day, barefoot on the earth.

Write, paint, read, draw, sculpt, dance, daydream, sing, hug and laugh a lot.

Live and let live. You are not responsible for the actions of others. Stop trying to control the world and set examples instead. You will live a longer happier life once you relieve yourself of that burden.

Keep your body pH balanced and you will never be sick. If humans were actually at the mercy of germs and viruses in our perfect natural state we would not exist. The germs and viruses would have won out a very long time ago. We were built to be immortal. We have every means to overcome any invasion from any enemy in our world. Our bodies repair and rejuvenate constantly, set up defenses and morph to suit every external change. We have been encouraged to believe that we must rely on others for our survival, that there is a higher power that determines our fate. This is a lie that is perpetuated by those who wish to have power over others.

September 25, 2007

Buying Back the Planet

It is ok to buy and sell stuff. Money is not evil. Money is a tool. Let’s remember that evil is a word that describes the negative actions or words that cause pain and suffering to others and to ourselves. Usually the people who tell you money is evil are those who don’t have it. This is not to imply that all poor people are just and moral, but whether dirt poor or stinking rich, your deeds measure your worth.

We have been programmed to believe and accept that only certain people deserve wealth and power. We believe it on such a subatomic level that we make every day decisions to specifically and directly undermine that path. Unfortunately, since the beginning of our time here on earth, however that may have come about, there have always been that reincarnating breed of humans who attempt to keep the secret of abundance all to themselves. You will know them as the ones who wish to maintain power and control over others. It is not a conspiracy theory or a conspiracy at all, it is a natural fact. It is their fear of loss, insignificance and humility that spurs their eternal damNATION. We have heard the stories over and over again about secret societies and the government elite. If you think it is all hogwash maybe you should stop and ask yourself a few questions. What are the most important things you need in life? Shelter, food, an automobile . . Can you build your own shelter without any interference from the state or federal government? No. Are farmers wealthy? No. Do you rely on corporations and government for your food? Yes. Why weren’t corporations and governments working on alternative energies long before now? They were. But they were waiting for the masses to say they have had enough and begin building their own devises, which happened. Do you really believe that scientists had no idea how to build a hydrogen- powered car until just now? They were relying on the fact that most people will not build their own hydrogen powered car and waiting for the natives to grow restless enough to cause a commotion.

Now going green is the new campaign and another way for corporations to make huge profits. There is nothing wrong with that if you wish to continue supporting the current system where you get up every day to go to work for someone else so that they can give you a just enough money to buy the things you need to live when you could be working and living your life at home everyday with everything you need. Green is great but I personally believe just around the cosmic corner is a world where earth realigns her axis and everyone lives in their stable climate of choice. Sun gazing completely diminishes our desire for food. We move beyond technology and time so that we need no shelter and no clothing and live like the creative gods we truly are (more on that later). Until then, self-sustained, creative living, and bartering is a better way to go.

So long as you are buying those gadgets and frills beyond the basic necessities of life, buying conscientiously is paramount. For example; everybody buys sugar. What’s wrong with that? It causes just about every illness you can think of. G.W. Bush made the asinine remark that “Americans are addicted to oil” a hypocritical and blatant slap I the face, since oil has been force fed to us from the beginning. What he should have said was “Americans are addicted to sugar”. But the government has no restrictions or warnings on the dangers of sugar. In fact, refined sugar is in most of the processed commodities offered in the USDA National School Lunch Program. I know because I work for the Department of Agriculture in Food Distribution. Here’s some rocket science. If rats won’t eat sugar maybe we shouldn’t either. The point is that you can not rely on the government or corporations to tell you what is good for you. Only you know what is best for you.

We must listen to our inner voice. That instinct supposedly was the reason we survived naked and defenseless in this harsh cruel world to begin with. The truth is that our body and mind is constantly working to achieve balance. For every action there is reaction. If you eat something acidic your body becomes more alkaline. Chinese medicine is all about balance. Remember, the origins of western medicine are based on external observations. The microscope is focused on the bits that are the result of energy and not the energy or lack thereof which is the root of the illness. No matter how closely we look with our physical eyes we can never see the energy that manifests a tumor or allows a virus to attack our blood cells. We are spiritual beings above all else with extremely powerful minds. We should have the brains (debatable) to comprehend, as humans who have been on the planet for a couple million years (debatable) that every thing we do has an effect on someone or something else.

Who knows what the future holds? We could be forced to have a chip implant to make purchases. But while the market is still relatviely stable and money is still the means to a happy meal or tofu salad we have some decisions to make.

The internet has been an evolutionary step towards creative and financial freedom.
It is also a tool for shaping your world in constructive or destructive ways. At the speed of light new ideas, information and products are available to you with a touch of a key. Now that we are exposed to so much great technology and innovative concepts we have the power to make purchases that make the world a better place. Buy organic, buy products to directly support causes. Realize that you are one of billions of other consumers and that every purchase has a huge affect on the world. The powers of old are losing their grip and no longer will they be calling the shots. Realize that you have the power to make changes. Now is your chance to buy back the planet.