January 25, 2017

Who's Your Daddy Now?

Is it wrong to question authority?
Do we need other humans as authoritarians over humanity?
Are you afraid of freedom?
Do you feel the need to control others?
Do you fear death and suffering?

If you answered yes to these questions you have been brainwashed buy control freaks or you are one. Being master of one's own consciousness is not the same as being a control freak; seeking to control others is.

Our higher authority is accessed THROUGH the individual and not through another person. That higher authority is our own inner voice. And we either choose to listen to the fear driven little ego or the liberated, sovereign, fearless and compassionate MASTER EGO. Ego just means I AM CONSCIOUS. That is all. Any GOD that punishes, rewards or intends to harm for some higher reason is not the highest authority. How do I know this? Because no matter what some external "god" does I always have the power to remain at peace or to collapse in fear. I have the power to choose suffering or to choose contentment even through pain and horrors of the world. I have the choice to take and harm or to give and heal. Compassion is always there waiting for us to tap into it. But we cannot do that as long as we blame and praise external authority for everything that happens in our world. The Father of Jesus's teachings was this higher authority, not a man, or the church or some alien in the sky. The Father is your own higher consciousness. And the mother is the potential energy of creation. Both of which exist outside of the veil of material matter and WITHIN the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that permeates all LIVING things. Not artificial things. Not mental chatter. LIVING THINGS.

Who's your daddy now?