Flat Earth- A Plane Truth

Do You Believe Everything Authority Tells You?

Neil Degrass-Tyson, a well known astrophysicist, among many other main stream scientists arrogantly scold you for questioning the accepted heliocentric theory. Yet when Degrass-Tyson explains that the earth is actually an oblate spheroid, a donut-shape, he says that this is due to a "flattening out" as the earth spins. Yet, he scoffs and laughs at people that claim the earth is a flat disc plane spiraling from a black hole, when it follows his model and galaxies are formed exactly this way. I have studied implosion physics and understand the toroidal shape formed by the gravity of a black hole. But it does not prove we walk on a sphere. In fact the toroid is formed by spiraling flat PLANES. There are many unanswered questions about the globe earth THEORY and in fact it has NEVER been proven. Whereas the Flat Disc Model has been proven and was explained in great detail by the ancient Vedic people as well as many other advanced cultures of the past. It was only a few hundred years ago that Copernicus convinced the masses and the Roman Church that the earth was a sphere.  But there were no planes or balloons until the last two centuries to prove that the horizon does in fact rise up to meet the eye and great heights and the earth does not slope away from us. 

The sun behaves as though it is very close producing sun spots on clouds. How can the sun heat a planet when heat does not travel through space? They say it is radiation. If this is true then why is the moon 250 degrees F when it has no atmosphere? Why are astronauts in danger of burning up in space where there is no atmosphere to radiate heat? Why is it so cold on earth when the sun is shining in the winter? Is it because the earth is tilted away from the sun or the sun has moved away from the inner disc? This is an inverse opposite problem. It does not prove the earth is a sphere tilted away from the sun. They use theories to prove the theory rather than observation. Gravity is invented to explain how billions of tons of ocean water sticks to a sphere when in fact gravity cannot hold a thin layer of water to a gentle slope on a beach and water always finds level.  

This is a view of Chicago from Michigan over 60 miles away. The slope of the earth, according to scientists would drop 2000 feet at approximately 64 miles when you use Pythagoras's a2 + b2 = c2 to figure the slope.
A six foot tall person cannot see the tallest building in Chicago, The Willis Building at 1,450 feet tall, from 64 miles away. Yet in fact one can with the naked eye and also use a telescope to see the buildings from the bottom up. This should be impossible because the buildings would be over 1000 feet below the horizon. A ship disappearing over the horizon is not proof of a spherical earth. We lose visibility as the ship moves further away. In fact you can see boats appearing to float above the ocean because we can no longer see the water just the ship.

NASA is planning a mission to Mars but claims they cannot solve the problem of protecting astronauts from the radiation and heat of space. They say "No one has ever gone beyond the lower orbit of earth". And yet they claim to have sent men to the moon. These contradictions deserve an explanation. In fact there is such a wealth of evidence and information in support of the Vedic model and so many contradictions within the global model that I found it not only important but necessary to address these issues. What you will find on this website is the answers to many questions as well as a much deeper secret regarding the true nature of our reality.
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