April 6, 2011

The End of One Existence~And a Star is Born

There are not many people on Earth at this time that are not aware on some level that we humans and our beautiful Earth are about to experience a global change that goes far beyond the melting of the poles and evolution of species. According to David Wilcock’s painstaking efforts to sort through comprehensive material of the Law of One readings which are channeled messages from the entity known as RA, there is a specific time period and a specific process for this shift and it is between 2011 and 2013. For those that have been sleeping, this is also the Gregorian date that aligns with the end of the Mayan calendar and the hype that of course has been twisted into the most negative meaning of the “end of the world”. Of course there are many views about what is happening from the scientific and religious communities and we all have our own opinions but no one can deny that as Terrence McKenna said, “life is preparation for a transition to another dimension”. This essay is not so much to prove a paradigm shift will happen or explain how it will happen according to science or religion but to address the significance of mastering our minds as our physical bodies undergo a transmutation into a higher vibratory frequency a.k.a the fourth density.

According to RA’s Law of One, there will come a point in our time line when all remaining physical bodies in this 3D realm will instantly transform into “light bodies” via our collective entrance into the frequency known as the Green Ray. Colors and sounds or tones are energy vibrating at a particular rate and this energy is what shapes all matter including our DNA. As the earth increases vibration the physical body must also adjust to these higher frequencies to sustain itself. Some refer to this as the Ascension. Some will not be able to take their bodies consciously through this mass shift but have no fear (literally). There is no such thing as death and no one will be left behind.

When we are in fear or a state of mind that lowers our vibration such as hate, sadness (depression), unworthiness, or negativity this blocks the flow of energy and causes illness and/or what we know as “death”. We have a choice as to what path we wish to follow and neither our belief in god nor our belief that we are “good” can prevent the body from deteriorating or the mind from being confused. Only mastering our mind and being at peace can help us through this process.

What we are observing at this time are two worlds polarizing and two mindsets that will determine our path. The two worlds branching, as predicted by the Hopi Indians are 1) the world of chaos and destruction that we create out of fear 2) the actual fourth dimensional world that exists now, that is to be “solidified” after we shift from “orange” (seduction) to “green” (heart center). Gives new meaning to “Going Green” doesn’t it? I just hope there is no “reptilians dominating the fourth density” metaphor in there somewhere.

Polarities are becoming more obvious to us all. This is why there seems to be simultaneously waves of disease and disaster in the midst of freedom and peace, revolution and positive changes amidst so much chaos and fear in the world. Our bodies cannot withstand lower energies and this is why, if we desire to be a witness to this epic event of transmutation into a higher dimension and evolutionary change, we must make a conscious effort to find peace within. As the old falls away, as it always has, the reaction tends to be fear and panic. Change happens whether we like it or not but our ability to ride the wave will put us in the driver’s seat to higher realms. Our physical bodies according to the Law of One texts will be transformed as the result of an energetic change as the earth ascends unless we cannot withstand the vibration and the body “dies” before 2013. But those that know that there is no real death will be lucid as they enter the 4th dimensional planes waiting for what will be a final shift for everyone. After this point there will be no more third density earth and no more 3D bodies but fourth density light bodies and “Earth Lite”, a less dense playground for the great pretenders. There is a faster vibrating reality above the lower realms of the earth that we cannot currently experience because to do so as a 3D being would cause us to fry our circuitry. However, many masters have been said to have achieved their light bodies and ascended to higher realms, and that they could even reappear in this 3D world but now things will be different because Earth is also ascending and her vibratory frequency will not sustain a 3D body. Light holds information including DNA. As we move into the center of the galaxy we are entering a photon belt of light. Recently scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev demonstrated that by directing a laser carrying frog DNA code into a salamander embryo, the salamander could be re-encoded to become a frog. So it is possible that the frequency of this “Green Light" can give us the go ahead to change our DNA. What we have been told by the ancients in scriptures and oral traditions about the light of god and being raised up out of this material realm can be validated with science and not is just a “colorful” myth.

Remember that this is only the next level up from the lowest state of existence a human can endure. We have much more to experience as we reclaim our powers as galactic citizens. We have all been very brave but now we are going home. My wish is that all souls will realize the importance of being lucid in and out of body so that they can take their rightful place as masters of consciousness and of their own creations. If there were one most important goal in this physical existence beyond the obvious lessons we must learn about compassion and mastering self, for me it would be to experience the quantum shift of one state of existence into another. This is by no means the end. There is no end to anything only eternal experience and/or silence and stillness. We all make our own choices as to what we wish to experience.

I hope to spread a message of joy to all those who have fallen into the trap of self pity, low self esteem, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, and all of the other lower ego diseases that may arise at this chaotic time. The cure is not in a pill or in changing your circumstances no matter how horrific they may be. The cure is in mental release. Suffering is caused by our mind’s attachments, hence blockage. Love is the non-destructive flow of life force. Love is going with the flow. Attraction and attachment are not the same things. We can love to surf but to attach to it to the point where we waterlog, neglect to sleep, eat etc., can cause problems. Attachment to anything is the path of entropy, illness, destruction and death. Non-destructive interaction is what makes life and what makes life fun. The problem is that many people do not realize the fact that attachment to thoughts and perceptions can be just as destructive as material attachments. Some people cannot see that their attachment to being loved, liked, needed, useful, desirable, things that seem positive are actually still attachments that cause suffering as well because they too are products of the mind and not tangible. All that is permanent is eternal change. You do not need approval or to be loved by others. You do not need to be loved to love others. You do not need things or money to make you happy. There is literally no more time left to take control of yourself and be your own creation. Let go of everything that does not serve your highest purpose to be in the blissful state that comes from being the center of your own universe. How can you assist others if you are not complete? How can you show someone the way if you are not shining? We are all stars. The prime creator is the spark of awareness that set all life into motion. Life and love is a Lo phi wave that spirals and collapses into self awareness. Love is not a fairy tale. Love is a wave and we are about to do some serious surfing.

We must wipe out the old programming and brainwashing that suggests we must worship some punishing or rewarding being outside of ourselves in order to be worthy. We are all absolutely necessary parts of the whole. We all have something to offer as unique designs in the eternal fabric of life. It is time to stop hiding in the shadows of monsters. It is time for us to stop seeking the light as we were told and be the light. What does it take to see heaven on earth? Shine brightly.