February 21, 2011

Redefining our Concepts of Computers, Science and Technology

by Sonia Barrett
Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

Reality is indeed a virtual experience, it is the reason that we see with our brains and not with our eyes. Science is experiencing an evolution in perception just enough to begin to see more of what creation is and not what it isn't, for creation is any and everything. This process supports our gradual progression in re-encountering a vast array of potentials. Much of the human race has a fear of discovering that we are not what was once thought or what we have been told by our scientists or our religions. At this time it would serve us well to redefine our concepts of computers, science and technology. For what we are discovering is that the idea or concept termed reality is really supported by an advanced technological construct. In a number of my writings and lectures I have repeatedly discussed the definition of technology. This simply involves the shaping of energy into various patterns and forms of possibilities according to the imagination.

The formation of subatomic particles coming together to form our visual illusion of a third dimensional world is a scientific and technological process. Energy or substance or the stuff of life emerges as an intelligent networking system which very much so functions like a computer system. I have often said that in our world we are mimicking the design of grander systems. At the same time in our world a number of scientists are working on the man and machine merger but what I see is a more organic alternate process involving the human body. Such external technologies will serve their purpose but what is to be realized is the possibility of the activation of inner technology and regenerating the body from the inside out. The body is also a replication of this more intricate system. It is the reason why we are so challenged by our bodies. It is because we do not understand them. We do not understand that they are capable of so much more so instead we fall victim to the limitations that have been presented to us; those limitations that have been programmed into our minds. It is up to the individual to discover what he/she is and to strive to reach endless possibilities.

In my recent lecture Going Beyond the Boundaries of Destiny and Fate, concepts were without a doubt way outside the box. My realization is that reality is wild and intricate yet simple. What I am also aware of is our fear of leaving our comfort zones. To always strive for and to stretch with intention to reach the next level of potential, is a natural process, but it's very difficult to stretch when the ceiling you have created is only an inch or two above your head. For some a ceiling provides a level of comfort; a level of protection from intruders and for a small minority there is no ceiling. Having your ceiling disappear provides unlimited latitude; we can stretch without ever reaching the top.

Constructing this short article somehow seemed necessary for I do realize that I am expanding into levels of awareness that will continue to seem outrageous but I am completely ready for the outrageous. To go beyond the limitations of the level one human experience is to begin to step beyond our boundaries of time, space and distance. As author Gary Zukav stated in his book The Dancing WuLi Masters

“Subatomic phenomena, in general are inaccessible to all but those with access to elaborate (and expensive) facilities. Even at the most expensive and elaborate facilities, however we can see only the effects of subatomic phenomena. The subatomic realm is beyond the limits of sensory perception. It is also beyond the limits of rational understanding. Of course we have rational theories about it, but “rational” has been stretched to include what formerly was nonsense, or, at best, paradox.”

An important word here is “rational” for as Gary Zukav points out that the rational has been stretched to include what was formerly considered nonsense or a paradox. This is of importance for in order to step into the world of possibilities (the subatomic realm) one must be able to see beyond the neatly tied together conclusions. There is nothing to fear for we are already all that we attempt to escape, those things that we cling to and everything in between hence the great paradox. We are in constant search for ourselves deciding what we are and what we cannot be. The existence of any and all concepts of reality is a phenomenon driven by the technology of the mind and consciousness. Both levels of intelligence have cohesively designed the technology of these vehicles known as our bodies in conjunction with the spirit. To allow ourselves to change our perception filters will greatly allow us to operate these body on a level that will exceed the illusionary boundaries of our “matter” fixed restrictions based on the laws of physical reality.

As we expand the road may seem to narrow but that is only for a little while for down the road are others already functioning in the world of the unlimited. We have a choice to cross over to that alternate possibility or we may choose to stay exactly where we are. Either way you can’t lose. You will simply be playing either the game of the limited or the game of the unlimited. You choose!

©2010 Sonia Barrett

February 3, 2011

The War is Over When I Say It Is

There are stories of soldiers in Japan and other areas that were left to fight in remote areas and never were told or never believed that the war had ended. They ignored flyers believing it to be American Propaganda and managed to survive for many years after the war had ended, upholding their oath to serve their country or die.

It occurred to me that these men lived their lives fighting for something that didn’t exist, an unseen enemy and the end to a war that was already over. It seems that we are doing much the same thing in this new age of global awareness still fighting a war against an unseen oppressor. From the Communists to Terrorists to the Bankers to Extraterrestrials we are forever fighting for peace. We see peace as this situation and this place that we must reach. We say that when the bad guys are gone and when we have the technologies we need to be comfortable then we will have peace! All the while we are creating a world of chaos and destruction by “fighting for peace”. There is no enemy. There is no savior. There is no war to be fought and “nothing to kill or die for”. Imagine that. Does that frighten you? Is it scary to suddenly have to just be what you are and experience what is? There is so much talk revolving around the Shift of the New Age with a focus mostly on Disaster, Disclosure of secret information and ET presence, creating abundance through a new financial system. It is all more of the same bullshit that humans have created and dealt with from day one. It is all designed to keep you distracted and in fear. The Shift of the New Age is not about Santa (Satan), Sananda, Ashtar, bringing us presents, technologies, space ship rides or heaven on earth etc. It is about waking up to the FACT that every single bit of what we call reality is in our mind. It doesn’t matter how “dense” we are or how “light” we are, it’s all mind and energy and none of it is actually real. It is all a dream. And the goal is to get the leading part in your own lucid dream.

I am not saying that we as material beings presently should not think about ways to live a better life or be open to the higher dimensional ways of being in the world. I know that ending corruption and being open and respectful to all forms of life is a great goal to have for 3rd density being. What I am saying is that this will only happen from the inside out. It is a shift of consciousness that brings peace and not the perfect set of circumstances. Being joyous and looking for things and situations to make us joyous are two different things. When we experience joy we must realize that it is an emotion just like anger and hate. They are energies we release when we are overwhelmed (imbalanced) by our situation or the way we interpret that situation. We believe that the state of the world is responsible for our state of mind when paradoxically we are creating our world with our state of mind. Love and Bliss is that steadfast contentedness regardless of what is going on in the world around us. Looking for these things that you think will finally make you happy only creates situations that create imbalance, chaos and unrest in the world. The energy of longing creates a world of lack. The energy of contentment creates a world of abundance. Find joy in what is and what may be but don’t look to those imagined realities as your salvation. Feel joyous and let it go. Feel anger and let it go. That calm assertive energy called peace does not hinder your creativity. It only opens you up to more possibilities because you are not limiting your creations to only those things that make you feel safer, more loved, more liked or more understood etc.

Those soldiers could have been living on a beautiful island in a happy state of mind all the while but they spent all of those years in turmoil wondering when the next bomb was going to drop or when they would be ambushed. We don’t have to go through life waiting for the war to be over. The war is over when you say it is. Heaven is in your mind and heart and nowhere else. When the mind is still there is no pain and suffering. It is not easy to master the mind but it can be done. Pain is subjective according to how the mind perceives loss or imbalance. People that have lost limbs in shark attacks report not feeling any pain until later. Could it be this is because they can’t see what is happening underwater so the brain doesn’t register the loss? Sure we have a right to be screaming in agony and suffering mental trauma when we lose a limb but do we want to if we can choose otherwise? There is a young female surfer that lost her arm to a shark attack. She was very matter of fact about it in interviews, never complained and seemed to not have any devastating mental trauma from the event. In fact, when she healed she just got back on the board and kept on surfing. If every being knew how to access the equability of harmonic bliss there would be no such thing as pain or hell. But the mind desperately wants to lapse back into “but this happened or they said this”. What is going on around you doesn’t have to affect you mentally unless you want it to. Paradise is right here, right now. But until then (until it is realized), one man’s tropical island vacation is another man’s hell.

“If hell is on earth
There must be heaven to
Both in one place
And not a second to lose”
~Neil Finn

February 2, 2011

11th Phase Lightbody Ascension

This is a message from Channeler Lauren Gorgo

The New Normal

In the last article I wrote I mentioned that we were in the throes of some unprecedented geomagnetic activity due to a significant global rebalancing spurred by a magnetic pole shift….or visa versa. I also mentioned that "most likely, these natural events will continue to take place and maybe even increase as the earth sustains her transition into higher consciousness."

Well today, the Pleiadian High Council confirmed that this year and onward there will definitely be an increase in geomagnetic activity…not that this is new news, just a confirmation that what we have been feeling recently around the world is related to the increased levels of light now capable of penetrating the planet thru/due to these various geomagnetic phenomenons: solar winds, solar flares, CME, etc.

The PHC want us to know that this level of intensity is actually the "new normal" that we will all eventually adapt to, and that these energies are here to stay.

This is helpful to understand because just as we are already seeing, in the coming days there will be an increase in volatile weather patterns in addition to uprisings, protests, revolts, etc., as mood swings border on the extreme due to these magnetic fluctuations. The light of truth is becoming impossible to resist and we will be witnessing this more and more on the global stage, just as it is becoming unbearable to live without the light of truth in our own lives. In other words, once we feel the blissful, transcendent connection to our power Source, we literally can't bear to live without it…this is becoming more and more clear to each of us.

And for those who are up to vibrational snuff and have been actively preparing (purifying) to journey into oneness, I am hearing that these intensifying energies will push us completely into the unity timeline which will enable true neutrality... feelings of peacefulness and objectivity in the way that we relate to the rising global pressures.

The Double Whammy

It's really no secret that I work to humanize the ascension process by grounding the information I receive into relatable earthbound experiences…and while also making a concerted effort to not glaze over the parts that suck... so I will definitely add that you would never have convinced me four days ago that feelings of peacefulness and objectivity could be my reality when (on Friday, 1/28) we endured two, nearly simultaneous, solar eruptions.

Depending on where we reside on the spectrum of consciousness…and therefore the spectrum of sensitivity…these solar storms can REALLY knock us on our human haunches. If you experienced heightened irritability, frustration and unrelenting pressure, hopelessness, unreasonably DEEP fatigue, anxiety, nausea, dizziness/vertigo, sinus sensitivity/pressure, headaches, extreme BLOATING, hunger fits, pain up and down the spinal cord, flu-like soreness/muscle aches all over and manic mood swings coupled with a general burning desire to unzip yourself from your fat-suit this past weekend…then most likely its related to this double whammy solar delight.

Yes, after more than a decade of being pounced on by the Great Central Sun without permission, we are apparently still up for a good ol' fashioned solar ass-whooping.

I mean, really? Who gets to say when this has gone too far, anyway?

The PHC say that the reason those of the warrior brigade (front line lightworkers/starseeds) are still getting knocked over (read: slaughtered) by these energies is simply because..drumroll please...we are not there yet. I literally can't find enough ways to say that we are stillllllllllll completing this grueling transition from old-world polarity-based consciousness to the unified field of collective oneness where we will (eventually) be stabilized thru the completion of biological regeneration.

And while the biological regeneration phase is not quite complete, I am still hearing good things about March. Here's a sneak peek:

For those who are preparing for the biological completion of their light body ascension into christed consciousness, there is a celestial-based, timed release from 3d dimensional polarity programming…a simultaneous entrance into 5th dimensional consciousness. It is written in the stars. -PHC

(Disclaimer: Keep in mind that when the uber-positive unseens sitting peacefully in non-duality say those famously "good things", this almost always translates into one thing for us mere mortals: OUCH! So be sure to release any expectations (if you can possibly have any left), surrender to what is and things will go a lot more smoothly, I assure you.)

Disclaimer aside, I do feel some forward movement beginning with this new moon on 2/2 (in the northeast), so I don't think we will be idly sitting around waiting to be tortured as usual. In fact, you might be feeling this new energy already, it's starting to almost feel like an actual ability to focus our intentions and make mental sense of all those light-packets of new information that we ingested the last two months but could not decode.

From what I can intuit, its almost like a slowly building momentum that will roll us into an even bigger momentum come the equinox. Tho sometimes we need just enough force to smash thru any remaining self-imposed (block) walls that we have built as false protection, so if at any point your inner humpty dumpty falls apart, just remember that often we have to break ourselves open before we can put the pieces back together again…and in the right order.

But for now, at least for the next few days, we are still sitting in stillness. (Luckily the new season of Idol is here to placate us for a bit longer: ))

(And just to be clear here…stillness is definitely not the same thing as waiting. We are not, nor ever have been, "waiting" for anything but ourselves on this journey. Its not as if we sit around and wait for something outside of ourselves to save us, or to provide us the means to move forward as some may think...its more of a process of patience... of allowing every level of our being (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) to align with the Source within us so that we may be fully supported to move forward and create effortlessly by leveraging the might of the universe with our divine will alone. The patience part is the mastery…the self-discipline that we have meticulously honed in preparation for the proper application of alchemy.)

Remember too that patience with this process is not thru consciousness alone... it is a VERY physical process, a remapping of our human software and hardware and one that requires a tremendous amount of physical energy to sustain….hence the years of hibernation. We have to undergo a transformation that rearranges the fundamental molecular and cellular structure of our body's matter which aligns with and becomes in tune with the molecular structure of the universe.

We can't even begin to imagine the level of biological change that we are undergoing and so the most crucial practice of patience during these challenging times is always thru physical stillness. In other words, if your body is begging you to sleep, there is good reason. Best to heed to the call, otherwise, you will forcibly be knocked down.

Lightbody De-scension

The PHC want to talk to us about what they call our "11th phase lightbody ascension"... a term they use to describe the full integration of the spirit body as a result of the merging of masculine/feminine polarities and the activation of our new-human 5th dimensional circulatory system. I like to think of it more as lightbody de-scension because though we are technically a-scending in consciousness, we are actually de-scending in spirit…meaning we ground our spiritual self more fully into our lives and bodies thru the a-scension process and as a result of clearing our mental, emotional and physical goo.

It is the point on our climb where all levels of the light body have been created and activated and where cellular regeneration has been accomplished. This is also the level of development where we attain mastery and begin, individually and as a collective soul group, to come together to create our visions of heaven on earth.

What they would like for us to understand is that the light body is not very different from our physical body..it's a replica which is the same size (well, hopefully sans bloat ; )), shape and with the same features as the body that we inhabit in the physical dimensions, however, the light body carries the blueprint which contains the map for our physical perfection.

This part of us contains the information and the fuel (life force) required to activate all intersecting spin points, or vortices of energy necessary to attain full ascension. For us to activate these points and attain mastery, we have to pass thru, or graduate from, 11 levels of spiritual initiation…akin to a video game where we can only advance to the next level when we master the prior one.

Apparently, over the next two months, some of us will be preparing our bodies for a multitude of physical changes due to this transition…changes that will span many multidimensional aspects of our lives (i.e. changes in diet, sleep, desires, physical functioning,etc.) and ones that will offer us the ability to transcend our karmic miasms. A miasm, similar to the homeopathic definition, is explained to me as a collection of discordant energy that the body holds as cellular memory imprints of misaligned thought and emotion until it has been resolved (neutralized) and the lower four bodies can move beyond karmic patterning (the repetitive cycles of cause/effect).

As a result of moving beyond this patterning, the physical body is then capable to align fully with the light body template and enables an open transference of energy from the original divine blueprint. This light-encoded information from our divine blueprint then passes to and from the physical body in a sacred flow of geometry through various intersecting energetic transfer points.

As a result of this constant energy transfer, the physical vessel can be fed more fully with the food of Source (prana/Qui/Chi, etc) which sustains the radiance and pure health that many of us have been working for, for so very long. Essentially, the elimination of karmic miasms ensures the proper, unobstructed connection to our blueprint of perfection and by which dis-ease ceases to exist.

They reiterate that the energy (light) body that surrounds our physical body is one of perfect creation and alignment with Source. If over time the physical body is not fed the proper nutrition of light due to energetic blockages (miasms) then the body becomes malnourished and degeneration ensues. With the completion of light body ascension comes the ability to eliminate dis-ease entirely and replace it with the proper sustenance that the physical body was designed and intended to be nourished by.

As you might imagine, this will have many ramifications for your changing world and those who first possess the ability to house a fully created and activated light body will be the frontrunners of a new-human civilization. We will have more to say on this matter in the coming days. -PHC

What to Expect

If there ever was a time to let go and trust in what is unfolding within us and before us, that time is now. There is really no way to wrap our heads around this new territory that we are inhabiting... and we probably wouldn't want to anyway because it would ruin the fun of anticipation and the sheer element of surprise. We can however, wrap our hearts around what's ahead as we have undoubtedly become masters at feeling our way forward.

The PHC reminds us that ascension is non-negotiable..(you don't say)…it is a pre-ordained galactic, cosmic and celestial event that is already well underway and one that every living being on this earth signed up for, yet will all experience in our own divine way. They say that to resist this inevitibility is akin to resisting gravity... it exists regardless of our participation. Our participation, however, does make the process less uncomfortable.

Once we have a basic mental understanding of the process, however, we are always encouraged to let go and allow ourselves to be guided with complete faith in what lies ahead for each of us. This time is no different… there is no more planning here, only motivation thru divine inspiration, so we have to ignore any old-paradigm urges to try take control of the uncontrollable.

What shows up for us individually is always the same: the purest, most accurate reflection of our current level of consciousness and state of being.

For those who are aligned with and prepared for the changeover to the new timeline, this will come as no surprise and will create no resistance…it will seem like the next logical step. Those who have cleared enough will experience this next-level transition as a simple vibrational and incremental bump-up, just like every other upgrade. And for those with limitations (fears) left to clear, you will be gifted with a heightened awareness of exactly what those limitations are, as well as a fool-proof way to move beyond them.

As always, what is important to know is that we already know it all.

Peace out,