December 18, 2016

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness For a Reason

Cleanliness is next to "godliness" for a reason.
Disease, dissonance, decay are all unholy in that they are unWHOLE.

There is a LIFE path and a DEATH path. We exist within a paradigm of death because the rate of decay is faster than the rate of regeneration. The frequency of vibration is below that of what is considered holy or heavenly. That is why we are experiencing hell on earth. In order to reach heavenly vibrations we must practice hygiene of holiness. This means sustaining pristine environments on the earth, the sky and our body and mind.

Polluting our bodies with toxic foods, living in filth, allowing toxic emotions to rule us and building structures that do not allow energy to flow are all part of the death path that keep humans living in a hellish existence.  There is a reason why people are afflicted with disease, demonic possession, hauntings, anger, depression and so much more in this world.  We are not mindful of maintaining a healthy environment for the body or the planet. Most people are not even aware of the fact that bad hygiene breeds decay and death.

Religions began to educate people of the physics of life and how to be a true human without "falling" into dissonance, decay and disease. We are not listening. We dismiss it as superstition. But scientists are beginning to realize the scientific reasons for those religious teachings that appeared to be compulsive behavior such as bathing in holy water, rituals to entrain the mind, eating certain foods at certain times etc.

Walking the death path leads to suffering. Walking the LIFE path does not. It is not about right and wrong it is about what works and what does not for a human being. We all have a choice. But to walk the LIFE path takes self discipline. If you cannot discipline your self enough to stop your mind from dwelling on thoughts that cause you suffering how do you expect the world to ever be heavenly? The journey to heaven begins within us and ends within us. The world is just a reflection of that journey. So if you are unhappy with the state of the world, look at yourself first. Do you have good hygiene? Are you disciplined? Do you respect all living beings? Do you live in an environment that supports nature or destroys it? Do you have the will power to only act in ways that support life? This is what prayer is really about. It is about focusing your own mind on what supports life. It is not about asking a god outside of you for shit to make you feel better about yourself. Stop looking to an external god to save you and the world and do the work yourself through disciplined thoughts and actions. God isn't going to do that for you.

December 1, 2016

Eternal Life and the Holy Vessel

You should really think about this.  Atoms can communicate instantly with other atoms regardless of time and space. I am able to communicate with someone in another part of the country in an altered state and subconsciously without a phone or wires. Scientists don't need to prove consciousness exists outside the brain because I have experienced it myself. I don't need their proof. But also wireless communication is possible so that alone tells you that life is possible outside the body. Life is hi phi communication of atoms which are really mostly space. They are LO PHI WAVES or LOVE in action. All any self aware living being needs is a fractal environment to perpetuate itself not an animal body. I am talking about golden ratio as the golden cup of Christ. Crystals store information because they are fractal fields. Christ represents a fractal field or crystalline environment which is sacred and holy as in WHOLEistic.

The body is a trap. The caduceus we are shown by the ancients is the uterus. The Obelisk is the penis. The Oroborus where the serpent eats it's own tail represents is a time loop and that is what humans are doing as well as most life on this plane. We have fallen into this density and are trapped by this time loop because we LONG for it. We are seduced by it. And we are shown this over and over again in the drawings and carvings done by those that have the power to see and remember. The worship of the feminine or the masculine is a delusional game of the ego to keep us trapped. It is the UNION of the feminine and masculine that wakes us up. Without that balance there is no life. But in order to dominate, control and deceive we have participated in these magical practices of entraining the brain through hypnosis and rituals.

The truth is very simple. Love heals because love is WHOLENESS. If we are not whole we are fragmented and sick. Life cannot flourish without harmonic resonance which is only sustainable in a fractal environment. That is why we are made the way we are. Our bodies are the reflection of wholeness but always falling short of the real thing just like Fibonacci falls short of Pi. We are pretending to be life as our cells are constantly sloughed off and our bones shrink and our skin dries up. Our brains fail us, we wither and die because we are not operating in a fractal environment. We build death chambers to live and work in. We eat death. We poison our environment and then long for eternal life.

Life is eternal. The body is not because it is not Holy. Can we make the body Holy? You must be born into a holy body and then sustain it within a holy environment. How you behave and think and feel determines your frequency just like negative emotions shape water crystals. It is more than a word or a thought but the emotion that is held by those words and thoughts that determines how fractal your environment is. Unless we start teaching and learning about the importance of fractal environments there is no point in humanity continuing. We must return to the ancient ways of being in the world where we are one with nature and nature comes first. Because we ARE NATURE. Death of the body is just the natural response to dissonance and imbalance. 

The Seven Afflictions-Lust

 In each moment we are faced with a decision to give in to our afflictions or not. Life should never be boring if you are fully awake to the true nature of reality. Our quality of life has very little to do with situations but more to do with our attitudes. This is very hard to accept when we are in the middle of a war zone or starving. But it is still true.

If you watch reality shows such as "Naked and Afraid" you see that they all are struggling to survive but the ones that are mentally strong are usually the ones that make it to the end. Higher thinking is what makes us human. We have the ability to not respond to our primal instincts but to witness them and make a choice to act or not act. We have the ability to allow fear to rule us or not in each moment.

The most physical of afflictions is lust. The energy of the first chakra is a very powerful energy of attraction. But when we are not in a state of love that attraction becomes lust. Love is a frequency literally that is harmonic resonance. Lust is dissonance. It is seeing the someone as the "object" of your affliction rather than the receiver of your affection. To conceive a child without being in a physical state of love or naturally induced bliss is creating a child with the same afflictions or dissonance of one's current state at the moment of conception. It can be lust, anger, pride etc. Only when all your energy centers are in a state of love and balance can you procreate a true human being as it was meant to be created. This is why it is so important for us to discipline ourselves in this way. It is the original meaning of a virgin birth. To fornicate is a sin because a sin is a dissonant frequency pattern. It is not LOVE. It has nothing to do with permission from god or a piece of paper that says you are legally wed.