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April 13, 2017

Judge Thyself

Anywhere in the world people will be drawn to militant groups and elitist groups if they are inclined. They can call themselves Muslim or Christian or anything else. These are simply titles people take under the presumption that a title sums up their beliefs and practices. They do not. If people truly condoned everything in the bible or quran they would have to admit that they condone in animal sacrifice, oppression of woman, slavery, killing of innocent men, women and children to serve a military agenda and much more that would be considered immoral and wrong. They would have to support contradictions that riddle the scriptures. That is why it is dangerous to label and stereotype someone by their affiliation with an organization. Although Christians believe in and worship a God that kills, punishes, condones slavery etc, I should not presume that all Christians subscribe to those archaic practices. There are people that use those archaic violent practices to justify their own violence and control issues. The same applies to Islamic faith. Either a person is passive and practices love and compassion or they do not. A Buddhist does not always practice non violence. Zen Buddhism is being aware of the truth that what is, is. And how we feel about it is separate. Compassion is stressed because it FEELS better than the alternative. There is no punishment other than cause and effect and our own attachment to things which causes suffering.

We tend to categorize and label to navigate the world more easily but the world is not that simple. It is messy and chaotic. Order is something the EGO desires and also nature finds balance through order. But the mind's idea of order and nature's are very different. We have to learn to let go of EGO grasping and controlling. BE an example of LIFE and LOVE and that will shape your world without your EGO's input.

April 14, 2014

Golden Ratio, Creation and Ego's Purpose

This is from a conversation with someone about objectivity in Universal Law.  It is a good summation of my views on Purpose and Intentional Creation as a mental concept created by the ego.

Golden Ratio is the basis for all creation. In math language it is PHI which is an infinite number. In geometry it is symmetric patterns. Atoms are opposing waves of energy circling around each other. They only way we can see them is when we focus on them. That focus creates the illusion of matter. Everything is energy. Atoms form molecules and elements. They are just more complex atoms because they are all the same thing. A flower of life is woven as things attract and repel creating a balance. It is natural and the only way matter can form. Otherwise nothing would stay together or everything would explode. It's all collections of waves at different densities. Different elements have different what? Properties. What is property? REAL eSTATE. How real something is. All elements are waves of energy vibrating at different frequencies. It is the frequency of vibration that makes something appear different than something else. But it is all the same thing. We are all the same thing with different parts vibrating at different rates. GRAVITY holds it all together and gravity is what happens when two opposing fields spin around each other creating inertia that speeds them up and causes implosion. When that spin goes faster than the speed of light it becomes a black whole. All that means is that the energy is spinning so fast we can't see it from our perspective. It's still there and still has the same information as Stephen Hawking finally realized. That is Universal Law. Golden ratio allows cause and effect to create infinitely through balanced attraction and repulsion.

The question was regarding objectivity in Universal Law as though the Golden Ratio has an ego that needs a purpose and reason to create.  Purpose is an concept of the duality mind. Golden ratio is the divine proportions (symmetry) of waves of energy in action. It creates gravity and therefor matter. The mind or consciousness of that energy system we call matter is the information it stores in its EM field. The higher consciousness is self aware but knows it is one with all that is. But it's copies become self deluded eventually and more "dense" so to speak. It forgets what it really is and allows the SELF or ego to take over. Hello HUMAN. Whether that action of creation has a purpose or not is a mental concept that is up to the mind of the creator. Otherwise it is just energy creating illusions of self and external worlds. 

That is part of the awakening process to realize that we invent purpose and the self. When you merge with oneness you don't stop being you, you just realize the "self" is an illusion. So you are no longer deluded. You are liberated and can overcome any suffering that is caused by these delusions of grandeur.  It is an age old debate. People want to believe they have purpose. That is why they create religions. That is all self delusion. We simply are what we are. And BEING is the most beautiful aspect of LIFE. When we say just BE that is what we mean. Don't allow the mind to play games with your emotions. When you are the master of your mind you can steer your emotions and the biggest secret of all is not about how the universe was formed or what it really is. The big secret for the sentient beings is how do we steer our fully awakened consciousness in and out of realities? That is what has been kept from us. But all of that is also distraction. Its all fun. We create all of it.

December 18, 2013

Looking For Joy in All the Wrong Places

I just watched the movie, Sunset Limited with Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel Jackson. The premise of the play/movie is that a “Black” ex con turned preacher saves a “White” atheist professor from jumping in front of an oncoming train. The entire play is set in Black’s apartment where they engage in a lengthy conversation about belief in god verses belief in nothing.  Sure we all like a good religious debate once in a while but at the end of this movie we are only left with a choice of lucid suicide or hope that an invisible all powerful being will talk to us one day if we listen closely enough?  It’s not that the writing and acting are not impeccable but the writer Cormac McCarthy leaves us, after an hour long debate and a man’s life on the line without offering an answer to both their problems when there most definitely is one.  The answer in my opinion could have and should have been the entire reason for this play and movie. But I can’t reveal the answer without a look at the questions first.

Their cultural differences and these two men laboring under the assumption that one view is right and the other is wrong is really just a distraction from the issue at hand though the author wrote them into a mentality where they could not seem to see through those illusions. Right and wrong are subjective. It is suggested by Black that White is too educated for his own good and White basically confirms this by referencing the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis where their “Fall” is due to eating of the tree of knowledge. Neither of them appears to see that it was the specific knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil that caused problems for humanity and not knowledge alone. The discriminating mind managed by ego is what brings us to such lows. It is suggested that the more we know the more painful life is; that ignorance is bliss; that faith is bliss. But that is not true. Having faith in something does not keep one from suffering. To suffer or not to suffer is the most important question anyone can ask because life comes down to being at peace or not.  When we learn how to let go of emotional attachment to things, thoughts and beliefs we can express them freely without conflict. Though they successfully managed to express their opinions without coming to blows, thanks to the author they could not let go of their own beliefs long enough to release from the suffering it was causing for them both. If only they were awake enough to know they have a choice.  They can keep their beliefs without being so attached to them that they have to convince others to believe the same.

In Whites situation he was not seeking happiness or a reason to live or trying to convince Black that god does not exist, an impossible task.  He was just uninspired. He just wanted the sweet sound of eternal silence and to leave the worldly experience behind for good. There is nothing wrong with that despite the religious view that suicide is a sin. It is only a sin according to the scriptures because if we choose to die while in despair our mind could trap us in a hellish realm of consciousness.  We absolutely have a choice to leave the body.  No one else has the authority to stop us. But it’s not something I recommend because it is not easy to navigate the layers of consciousness from a place this deeply embedded in the material reality of fear and ignorance.  We all leave the body but our awareness does go on in many different ways through transformation and reincarnation.  Life is eternal because consciousness has no boundaries and the living being is either aware or not.  What the White’s of the world or his “constituents” as they say in the movie may or may not be aware of is that when we choose to leave the body there is a high probability according to quantum physics and Buddhism is that we will take our mental faculties into another world for better or worse depending upon what we are holding onto at the moment of death. If he is truly dreaming of the abyss then that is what he will experience. But beware the subconscious mind. We may believe we have our fears and doubts under control but they are hidden under layers and layers of life experiences. So when we do finally decide to leave this existence remember that not only life but death is like a box of chocolates and some are very, very bitter.  

And as for life; now there’s the rub. You never know what you are going to get but you can rest assured that  it won’t last, if you eat too much you will get a tummy ache; life is better when you share. And just like making bunnies out of chocolate there is no particular point to life other than experiencing life. There doesn’t have to be a purpose to life unless we create a purpose. Life is a work of art not a job. It will go on without you.  We don’t need a purpose to be happy yet to have a purpose is a blessing.  White in all his education and experience is not wise enough to know he has all the power when it comes to being happy. The irony is that White actually says in so many words that if there were a religion that believed I in nothingness he would sign up, and this is a fundamental teaching of Buddhism; the “non religion” religion.  While the knowledge of the true nature of reality for him is too awful to bear the preacher revels in his misery because he believes in the promise of eternal life. Why? For the same reason the atheist chooses to end it all; because the prospect that life is meaningless is awful to bear.  They just choose different ways of dealing with their misery. If only they or the author, had taken a course in Buddhism right? 

Black who has his own baggage to deal with chose faith in god as his salvation from his flawed existence. Black is on a mission to convince White that he has a reason to live, or at least find out why he wants so desperately to end his life. Black’s real struggle is trying to figure out why he was “chosen” to save White once and yet he can’t seem to do it again. What it really boils down to for Black is that he is facing the fact that he has no control over anyone or anything. Many Christians tout their obedience to God, “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it”, “All I need is God’s love and everything is gonna be alright” never realizing that there is nothing outside of them. They are the ones making the choices. They are the ones with all the power. Be responsible for your actions. But once you have acted, guilt and shame are no longer useful. What is done is done. Keep moving forward. You can give up if you want to but why would you when you know that the soul will keep coming back until it achieves what seems to be impossible; experiencing bliss in the face of adversity; liberation from the illusion. We are the ones with all the power. The only “God” that matters in the big picture is not a personified god that punishes and rewards through the lower ego mind but the unbiased all powerful force of creation that shapes us all. The Creator doesn't speak to us it speaks through us. If you hear a voice telling you to do something it could be a number of things from aliens to men in black or you might need some medication.

The real creator is pure consciousness and its medium is life. Life is a force and not a thing.  It is a wave that only sustains a continuum because of equilibrium. When we are out of balance we suffer because life cannot be sustained unless there is balance.  If you are looking for happiness it is not hidden in any object or dependent upon any situation.  You are made in the image of the creator. The image of the creator is the universal template but we are all each unique designs shaped by intention. The only reason you exist is because love is a wave that found a way to dance around itself eternally and in that dance of life is where all the joy in the universe is found. The real you is . . .the YOUniverse and yet as a human being in this worldly experience you are expressly unique. We create purpose with our minds. We choose bliss. That is our free will. That is our power.  That is the answer that I was looking for in this movie but it never came. 

September 12, 2011

Detachment With Compassion

Karma is the accumulative energy in the form of emotions and beliefs we cling to when we judge the effect of an action. If we are detached from our actions we can simply be observers but there is still cause and effect at work. Immediately this leads to the question, "but if we are detached and don't have to worry about karma then what is stopping bad people from doing bad things?". Nothing stops people from doing things that are considered "bad". But when you speak or act in a way that cause destruction or suffering for someone else you are creating a world of destruction and suffering of which you are still a part whether you have mentally detached from it or not. It seems logical therefore to act in ways that do not create a world of suffering. But don't think that only good actions will create a perfect world. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction regardless of whether or not those actions were consciously intentional or the result of not paying attention. We can be detached and make an effort to only do our very best and STILL we will see both good and bad results from those actions because good and bad are subjective and this is a world of opposing forces that are labeled as such. You can save a dragonfly from drowning in the pool and then he will fly away to attack and kill another insect. You can give money to a homeless person that uses the money to buy a gun and kill the person that fired him and caused him to lose his home. Compassion allows us to accept the world and people for what they are and do our best to make it better, but it is not a magic glue that holds a magic kingdom in place. It is more like good shocks that make the ride a bit smoother. Peace is a state of mind and our state of mind is what shapes our reality. You can do your best to ease the suffering in the world for others and do you best to create only beautiful things but as long as there are other people in your world you will have to deal with their manifestations as well, good or bad. Do your best and be at peace.

February 6, 2010

The Ego is NOT the Problem~Illusion of Duality IS

It has been said by many such as Eckhart Tolle that the ego is the “problem”. This takes the focus away from the actual problem when we are talking about humans living in harmony. I realize that he and many others are very much in alignment with Buddhist principles and doing a great job for the most part in bringing awareness but I would like to point out that the ego is simply "I" PERIOD. Ego alone is not a problem because it is just self awareness. For the human ego “problems” arise due to the ego being influenced by a frequency of Fear caused by the ILLUSION OF DUALITY. When we believe we are separate we believe we need to do this or that to be complete or validated.

Animals simply respond to the primal motivation of self preservation for the most part but even they are showing signs of expanding consciousness in their extraordinary compassionate behavior. Humans had a cerebral cortex giving us the potential to speak and become complex social, compassionate creatures long before we actually were. We have evolved spiritually and physically as we began to FEEL more secure and safe and connect with others. The ego has always been there. We have only progressed this far due to the critical mass switch from FEAR based to LOVE based frequencies. It is important to see that we as “ego” can master choose and navigate desired frequencies. We may experience fear but if we are enlightened or CONSCIOUS enough we know that it is just an experience. We can CHOOSE fear or love. To be ignorant of the fact that we have a choice is to be a victim. To be aware that we have a choice allows us to master self with no excuse for being a victim. We are taught that it is all the EGO’s fault, as though ego were some separate villain. Attachment to ego as though it is anything other than self awareness is problematic. Attempting to delete ego is futile. This is why egolessness is stressed in Buddhism meaning non attachment to ego. Beyond this existence ego is just “I AM” eternally. But practical living in the human realm as creators and beings requires that we understand that ego IS consciousness and if we are not conscious we cannot create or function.

This may seem a petty argument based on semantics. However, based on my personal experience it is a crucial lesson in self mastery. There is a concerted effort to deceive the masses into accepting that they are powerless to master mind and body, that compassion is not necessary, love creates hate and energy is not real. No kidding. This mind set is prevalent in a group known as Desteni Productions on You Tube whom frequently make comments on my videos about ego and compassion etc. I have mentioned them before. They use catch phrases, as brainwashed people tend to do like, “Knowledge is useless” and “All as equal as one” without context. When I began to engage in dialog with these people I began to see that behind the misguided remarks from na├»ve kids that find the group gives them purpose and justifies their inability to deal with emotions was the typical cult leader, a man that demonstrates schizophrenic behavior. As they say the only difference between a shaman and a schizophrenic is that the Shaman is “aware” that he isn’t in Kansas anymore. LOL It is really obvious to me now that this guy is very clever as he has a vast knowledge of the dimensions and he is fully aware of what he is doing which is manipulating young emotionally abused people into following his Death Science path. It is not “his” original diabolical scheme as you may know. Mant of us are well aware of the “illuminated ones” who choose to play this game of deceit.

There are two operating systems in the multi verse, Love and Fear. The Fear based operating system known as Death Culture or “Death Science System” (DSS) outwardly looks exactly like the Life Science (LSS)which is a Love based operating system (eternal life oneness) but a reverse opposite mirror affect. DSS is a fear based frequency/operating system which promotes the illusion that death is real, necessary and “the end” of mind and body. It also implies that the mind consciousness system, energy etcetera, is an illusion which is true in a sense but that they cannot be mastered or navigated which is ridiculous. Potential and kinetic energy is all there is of course and reality is potential shaped by intention (consciousness in action). This DSS operating system is in place because there are conscious beings who are addicted to fear, control power and ego. It is not “bad” or a conspiracy so much really as a natural progression in the unfolding cosmos if you think about it. There has to be duality in order for consciousness to experience self similarity which unfolds as infinite fractals. That paradigm would follow in every aspect of nature just like anti matter/matter, black hole, white whole. In the end the difference between these two paradigms is that the Life Science System is transparency, the option for self mastery (G.enerator O.perator D.estroyer) and a most important aspect of creation in the human realm, compassion due to the awareness of oneness therefore appreciation for harmony. Death Science is all about controlling others regardless of their ability to control the self and reveling in illusion and deceit.

To sum it up, the paradigms are significant only in that we as humans can use this knowledge of ego and our ability to master self so that WE the being can choose which path WE wish to follow rather than being led around by control freaks. I maintain that there is no good or bad path only lucidity or ignorance; master or victim; love or fear. Ego is there, regardless for the conscious creator and the universe unfolds with or without our acknowledgment.

Buddha said that life is suffering. Suffering is caused by our attachment to everything including ego even as “unreal” as they may be said to be. We, the result of gods multiple personality disorder, can actually create a reality where we can experience the material world without a great deal of suffering. That is not such a bad goal. But in truth, even suffering is a choice. Harmony is a better goal in my opinion. As long as we buy into the lie that the ego must be eliminated and cannot be mastered, we are setting ourselves up to believe that we need to be managed or controlled by someone else like God and government; to be powerful creators is an out of control ego. Harmony, self mastery, compassion and creative freedom will not prevail if there is not a strong message, right now addressing this almost completely unnoticed mistakenly defined and overestimated little word, ego.