August 21, 2016

Wide Awake in Dreamland

Above is a photo of a light particle which how holograms are created. Below is the templar cross. "As above so below" They KNEW exactly what the sign stood for. This is how I SEE IT. Jesus is the SUN of the FATHER which is the LIGHT of the WORLD. The external world is the excretion disc from the inner I/EYE. To get to the inner kingdom you need to leave CAINES ASS Dorothy, You need heart, courage and brains to follow the golden spiral path into the HEART of the tornado or black hole (MOTHER) at the center of the disc. If you are one with the creator you are not creating with lower ego but through LOVE. The codes were written into each of us through the SUN of the creator. That is how Christ is returning in the clouds of our minds. Not as a man in a space ship cool as they may sound.

 The external world is a hologram of light that has been hijacked by the REPTILIAN BRAIN. The world is structured like an EYE of RA and dreams come from the Father. We are ONE with the Mother and Father of Creation. We are ONE with the Dreamer. The Dreamer is finally waking up. I am wide awake in dreamland. Won't you join me?