April 2, 2015

As the Waves Come

Wow what an intense three days of pain and release. I couldn't move for days due to another horrible migraine that would not cease. After doing some serious meditation on pure intention of healing and realizing my skills as a catalyst to healing, I focused on release of all the muscles that were in knots in my back and neck. I still am not certain why my muscles are in knots constantly. I am a very laid back person, I exercise and try to always remain centered. My spine is not in alignment so I know this has a lot to do with it. There has been this tug of war game going on for years between my muscles and spine. Falling several times did not help. And when these high energy alignment happen the blockages that are caused from my misalignment causes a great deal of pain. I know many other people are going through this same thing.

It doesn't help anyone to say that this is all ascension symptoms but it might help to know that as we expand our consciousness and release emotional and mental blockages that cause injury and illness it will become easier for us to align with the cosmic patterns of energy that ARE in alignment and very much influencing our energies and realities here now.

When you feel into your body and still the mental chatter you will begin to sense what you need to clear. No one can do this for you. It is hard work. Life is not easy. But there are those that want to profit from our misalignment and illness. They will tempt you will drugs and technologies that will seem very appealing. This is what causes the "addiction" energy in the second chakra to go crazy. Pain can always be used as a weapon against those that are not skilled in mind mastery or self healing. That is most of us. Be strong and focus on your mind and body. Let the control freaks play their control games. And by the way, mastery of mind and body is not the same as CONTROLLING mind and body. By stilling the thoughts that come at us like waves on the shore and strengthening our bodies through discipline we are being sovereign masters of the self. There is no need for a true master to seek power over someone else or the world. But I would not say to be like a stone. The waves will not easily tumble you but they will slowly chip away at you over time and that is a very slow and painful journey for a human being that was made to dance. Even the stone, one day we will become the sand on the beach and then one day star dust. Be like water in a still pond that reflects what is. Go with the flow. Ride the waves. Rise up and fall down. Spread yourself all around the world. And shimmer like a raindrop.