February 11, 2010

When Two Become One~Sex, Lies and Gnosticism

"When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter [the kingdom]."

This verse is from the Gnostic scriptures that were "conveniently" left out of the bible. Thomas actually knew Jesus unlike the authors of the other gospels. Mary also had a Gospel. There are intimate conversations with Jesus in these texts that discuss the nature of the universe and the human body. It is metaphoric of course but when you understand the context which is metaphysics/quantum physics based you begin to see a very clear picture of what Jesus actually knew and what he was trying to explain to future generations to assist us in the ascension process.

Making the two one is a reference to the merging of the male and female energies. This explains Jesus's remarks when asked by the Apostles "Let Mary leave us for women are not worthy of life".

Jesus responds, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven."

Taken out of context this might seem a bit of an odd statement unless Jesus was a skilled surgeon ready to perform a sex change operation. But in the context of energies of the human body, the pituitary and pineal gland is the key to emotional balance. The pineal gland secretes melatonin activating the pituitary gland which regulates the body’s entire glandular system. Melatonin activates adrenaline which reduces the fear response. If the pineal gland is dormant the mind and body is out of balance there is no way to regulate the fear response. This is a very clear explanation for the spiritual concept that duality or perceiving one’s self as separate is the cause of fear and suffering. When we attach to thoughts and emotions caused by our fears the body becomes toxic. Toxicity leads to mental and physical disease. The key point here is that the individual can be in control of their own mental and physical health through awareness, focus and discipline aka meditation and exercise. There is a word for this discipline and it is “yoga”.

Jesus’s original meaning behind “two must become one. . . to enter the kingdom” was used by the “editors” of the bible to support the material aspect, as in marriage and to condemn homosexuality. Most of Jesus's spiritual teachings are converted to a material or worldly context to control the masses and keep them powerless. Homosexuality has as little or as much to do with our spiritual evolution as heterosexuality. Sex is just how we attempt to duplicate the BLISS that we know we should be feeling all the time. It is the bliss of oneness that is achieved through this union of male and female energies, not necessarily by crawling into or onto another person physically to try to attach to them as fun as it may be. Sex is just the physical representation of this longing to be complete. Knowing we are one, balancing our energies and not defining love as sex will catapult us to the next octave.

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February 6, 2010

The Ego is NOT the Problem~Illusion of Duality IS

It has been said by many such as Eckhart Tolle that the ego is the “problem”. This takes the focus away from the actual problem when we are talking about humans living in harmony. I realize that he and many others are very much in alignment with Buddhist principles and doing a great job for the most part in bringing awareness but I would like to point out that the ego is simply "I" PERIOD. Ego alone is not a problem because it is just self awareness. For the human ego “problems” arise due to the ego being influenced by a frequency of Fear caused by the ILLUSION OF DUALITY. When we believe we are separate we believe we need to do this or that to be complete or validated.

Animals simply respond to the primal motivation of self preservation for the most part but even they are showing signs of expanding consciousness in their extraordinary compassionate behavior. Humans had a cerebral cortex giving us the potential to speak and become complex social, compassionate creatures long before we actually were. We have evolved spiritually and physically as we began to FEEL more secure and safe and connect with others. The ego has always been there. We have only progressed this far due to the critical mass switch from FEAR based to LOVE based frequencies. It is important to see that we as “ego” can master choose and navigate desired frequencies. We may experience fear but if we are enlightened or CONSCIOUS enough we know that it is just an experience. We can CHOOSE fear or love. To be ignorant of the fact that we have a choice is to be a victim. To be aware that we have a choice allows us to master self with no excuse for being a victim. We are taught that it is all the EGO’s fault, as though ego were some separate villain. Attachment to ego as though it is anything other than self awareness is problematic. Attempting to delete ego is futile. This is why egolessness is stressed in Buddhism meaning non attachment to ego. Beyond this existence ego is just “I AM” eternally. But practical living in the human realm as creators and beings requires that we understand that ego IS consciousness and if we are not conscious we cannot create or function.

This may seem a petty argument based on semantics. However, based on my personal experience it is a crucial lesson in self mastery. There is a concerted effort to deceive the masses into accepting that they are powerless to master mind and body, that compassion is not necessary, love creates hate and energy is not real. No kidding. This mind set is prevalent in a group known as Desteni Productions on You Tube whom frequently make comments on my videos about ego and compassion etc. I have mentioned them before. They use catch phrases, as brainwashed people tend to do like, “Knowledge is useless” and “All as equal as one” without context. When I began to engage in dialog with these people I began to see that behind the misguided remarks from na├»ve kids that find the group gives them purpose and justifies their inability to deal with emotions was the typical cult leader, a man that demonstrates schizophrenic behavior. As they say the only difference between a shaman and a schizophrenic is that the Shaman is “aware” that he isn’t in Kansas anymore. LOL It is really obvious to me now that this guy is very clever as he has a vast knowledge of the dimensions and he is fully aware of what he is doing which is manipulating young emotionally abused people into following his Death Science path. It is not “his” original diabolical scheme as you may know. Mant of us are well aware of the “illuminated ones” who choose to play this game of deceit.

There are two operating systems in the multi verse, Love and Fear. The Fear based operating system known as Death Culture or “Death Science System” (DSS) outwardly looks exactly like the Life Science (LSS)which is a Love based operating system (eternal life oneness) but a reverse opposite mirror affect. DSS is a fear based frequency/operating system which promotes the illusion that death is real, necessary and “the end” of mind and body. It also implies that the mind consciousness system, energy etcetera, is an illusion which is true in a sense but that they cannot be mastered or navigated which is ridiculous. Potential and kinetic energy is all there is of course and reality is potential shaped by intention (consciousness in action). This DSS operating system is in place because there are conscious beings who are addicted to fear, control power and ego. It is not “bad” or a conspiracy so much really as a natural progression in the unfolding cosmos if you think about it. There has to be duality in order for consciousness to experience self similarity which unfolds as infinite fractals. That paradigm would follow in every aspect of nature just like anti matter/matter, black hole, white whole. In the end the difference between these two paradigms is that the Life Science System is transparency, the option for self mastery (G.enerator O.perator D.estroyer) and a most important aspect of creation in the human realm, compassion due to the awareness of oneness therefore appreciation for harmony. Death Science is all about controlling others regardless of their ability to control the self and reveling in illusion and deceit.

To sum it up, the paradigms are significant only in that we as humans can use this knowledge of ego and our ability to master self so that WE the being can choose which path WE wish to follow rather than being led around by control freaks. I maintain that there is no good or bad path only lucidity or ignorance; master or victim; love or fear. Ego is there, regardless for the conscious creator and the universe unfolds with or without our acknowledgment.

Buddha said that life is suffering. Suffering is caused by our attachment to everything including ego even as “unreal” as they may be said to be. We, the result of gods multiple personality disorder, can actually create a reality where we can experience the material world without a great deal of suffering. That is not such a bad goal. But in truth, even suffering is a choice. Harmony is a better goal in my opinion. As long as we buy into the lie that the ego must be eliminated and cannot be mastered, we are setting ourselves up to believe that we need to be managed or controlled by someone else like God and government; to be powerful creators is an out of control ego. Harmony, self mastery, compassion and creative freedom will not prevail if there is not a strong message, right now addressing this almost completely unnoticed mistakenly defined and overestimated little word, ego.