November 5, 2008

Got Soul, Mate?

Everything is energy. The world as we are experiencing it in this time continuum, creates an illusion that we are separate from this primordial source of energy. We wander this realm to find each other again through a veil of flesh and bone. We are all soul mates in one respect. Every person we meet will help us evolve in some way, through pain or bliss or subtler ways. But I have experienced the existence of a soul mate or twin flame, an exact opposite match to my frequency that mysteriously intercepted my path many times.

He is moon, female energy and I am sun, male energy. I am female; he is male. He is left- brain, realist and I am right-brain idealist. Ying and Yang. The amazing thing about our relationship is not just the feeling that we have known each other forever or that we are attracted to each other physically. It is the fact that we continually crossed paths for twenty years leading completely separate lives. We traveled to all of the same places near and far. We met when I was nineteen and he was twenty. He had a girl friend and his own lessons to learn about life. I had mine. Although our paths were separate we were overwhelmingly drawn to one another, not just sexually but soulfully. While I was in Nepal in 1997 he made a delivery to my mother’s office back in Florida by chance not realizing she worked there. While he was asking about me, that very day I was in Nepal wishing that he were there to see the Himalayas with me even though I hadn’t spoken to him in 6 years. My mother told me later about the visit. Eventually our paths crossed again and again and twenty-three years have passed. We married three years ago after a chance encounter in a McDonalds, a place I rarely enter. We took one look at each other and laughed. Our timing was finally right and we have been together every day since.

Lets talk about love here for a minute. Love is a word we throw around a lot. Sure love is caring, love is sharing but anytime you refer to your attraction to something or someone, it is not love. That doesn’t mean that attraction is not part of loving someone. Love without condition is the kind of love that releases us from our demons. Some people are looking for success, money power. I was just looking for some one. I felt him. I knew he was there. And I even knew his physical characteristics and mannerisms. Perhaps this is what is referred to as a twin flame. Another you.

I kissed a lot of frogs but I knew the entire time that they were frogs. I knew they were there to teach me lessons that needed to be learned. I’m not saying that I no longer need to learn lessons, just that I am complete with this man by my side in this life. In fact we learn from each other constantly. Whenever I have an issue that I need resolved soul mates are plentiful and they pop up where I least expect them. But it’s nice to have that someone that completes you and if that’s not a soul mate then what is it? Happy chance? First of all I have never been lucky at anything!! Ever!! There are so many subtle levels of communicating with others of which we are unaware. In fact our attraction for someone is in our DNA. What is DNA? When it comes right down to it, DNA is energy and information recorded in light. Hmm what can we call that? Soul?
I could say that I have found by chance a person that happens to have all of the billions of little traits that agree with me and that he and I accidentally bumped in to each other, ten to twenty times in twenty years but it’s much easier to just say that I found my soul mate. For all of those who say it does not exist, this is your reality. Life is like a Magic Eye picture with what appears to be chaotic images and patterns at first glance. If you hold your eyes just right and look in the picture you can see another picture of something beautiful that was there all along. But if you don’t believe it is there or you won’t try to see it, then it is not going to be a part of your reality. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Da Vinci Code: And the Right to Make Assertions

How is it possible the Da Vinci Code has become so scrutinized and provoked so much anger? This book is fiction. Therefore there are no grounds for defending or attacking its assertions in any way. It would be like trying to ban Star Wars for the assertion that a long, long time ago Earth was in danger of being destroyed by Darth Vadar.

For the sake of debate, however, we can delve into the assertions in question. It stands to reason that one of the causes of offense must have to do with the suggestion that Jesus was married. Jesus was a rabbi. Mary Magdalene referred to him as Rabboni. Rabonni is a term of endearment that is only used by Mary if she held a close and personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus as a Rabbi would have been expected to marry. The assertions are reasonable and in no way offensive if one understands that Jesus being human and participating in sacred sex in no way diminishes his purity of heart, or his divinity as in, one with the creator. Jesus himself said that we are one with the father and that the Kingdom was within. He said he was the son of man. This is what makes him able to reach us and give us hope. The Roman Catholic Church does not agree with this because it empowers people to achieve independence from the Church and state. This is exactly what Jesus was trying to achieve for us.

Another assertion by Dan Browns fictitious novel was that there is a secret society that has been in existence, since the beginning of Christianity at least, that are the keepers of hidden knowledge. It would take many, many novels to cover this subject alone, as there is so much information and evidence supporting this fact. But is the Holy Grail the secret of the bloodline of Christ? If it were it would only be because they were plotting to bring this person into power as the Christ to rule in the end times in an attempt to fool the masses into thinking that this is the return of Christ; another power play. This is possible and even probably given the scriptures and the trail of bloodshed, wars and abominations that these powers that be have left over the past 2000 years. If this were presented as fact, which it is not, it would only bring awareness millions that the Anti-Christ is the one they will call the descendent of Christ for we all know that true ascension cannot be achieved via earthly rulers. Why do you think the church was so peeved about it?
Despite all of the implications that one may not believe or find offensive it all comes down to this. The Da Vince code is fascinating and thought provoking. It reveals bits of information about Sacred Geometry, Numerology and historic facts that are intriguing to say the very least. For all we know it could all be factual and accurate but Brown is not telling people to believe it or else. How could it possibly threaten someone who stands firmly behind their own beliefs, unless of course they are trying to force those beliefs on others?