March 21, 2015

Breakthru In Clearing Energy

For quite a while I have struggled with serious (fibromyaligia) debilitating body pain and fatigue as many others have. Ultimately there is always a deep emotional blockage at the root of all painful experiences. The problem is that these blockages are mostly subconscious. I can say to myself that I release all my blockages but that is my mind talking. There has to be an emotional release.

When I asked my higher self to reveal to me what I need to release the answers began to flow. I woke up in the middle of the night and it was clear to me that anger and resentment were trapped in my hips and thighs from the hysterectomy I had a few years ago. I woke up to excrutiating pain because due to complications the surgery lasted five hours and my legs had been up in the air the entire time. This put an enormous amount of stress on my groin and hips. I remember feeling very angry at the doctors when I woke up in pain. Not only did I have to deal with the actual pain of the operation and physical stress of losing the organs I had to deal with the resentment I felt. But I never did. After the operation I dove into writing at the computer and researching things. Sitting at the computer for hours was putting enormous stress on my hips. After a hysterectomy the body morphs; the hips spread and hormones go crazy. It is trying to stabilize. But I was so in my head that I was not giving my body the attention it needed. That along with the anger and resentment pent up in my hips was a recipe for disaster.

I believe fibromyalgia is truly caused by trauma. The brain believes the body is in danger so all nerve endings are on high alert constantly. The result is constant pain signals to the brain. So many people are experiencing this now. It could be that past life memories of traumatic events are also surfacing and the psyche has to deal with it. The key to healing, I believe is in constant conscious directing of attention and breath into the body and release of attachment to the anger and resentment that manifests in a traumatic situation.

My current focus is in relaxing the hips every day through yoga and exercise, mediation and tubs soaks with epsome salt. The crystals in salts will assist in projecting the loving energies into the body. Also it is important to reprogram the mind to dance life rather than to shrink from it in fear of feeling pain. Chi has to start flowing in the body again. Being in the mind all the time is too much Air element. There has to be balance so incorporating water and earth into my life is crucial. I have an exess of fire and air. Fire would be representing in my passion. Not lacking there. LOL That is also where the anger comes from.

Anger can be very subtle and hard to recognize. It could be stirred simply by wanting something to be different than it is and frustration with the inability to do what you want to do. That energy does not have to be violent to be devastating to the body. It takes a great deal of focus and practice for us to enter into a higher way of being in the world. We are not perfect and we never will be. Ascension is hard work. It requires mind and body discipline and lazer beam attention. We must be mindful in everything we do and say. Anyone that thinks they do not have to practice this is in denial. Even the greatest masters must practice because that is what this realm is all about, struggle. Everyone struggles to some degree either mentally or physically. Even if one is beyond struggling and considers their self a master or god there are plenty of others that are not and they deserve your assistance. THAT is a struggle in itself; assisting others.

If the goal is to end struggling and yet life is a struggle, this seems rather cruel and paradoxical. But the struggle does not have to cause us suffering. We must approach this with the skill of a martial artist. The mountains are defeated by slow patient drops of water.  We can direct energy as we allow it to flow freely, with our mind and chi. It is difficult to steer chi when clinging to a thought. Try typing while thinking of each key verses typing without thinking about each key. Learn it and then let it go. The higher mind will take over. The struggle is in disciplining the mind and body initially to do this. Then life becomes easier but always offers us new challenges.

Life will always be throwing punches and riddles to us. It will always keep us guessing and working to reach the next level. If you are not struggling you are not human. But the only way to end suffering is to learn to release our emotional energy as it constantly rises an subsides with the waves of life eternally flowing and crashing and trickling away.

Keep up the good work