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May 8, 2017

Thinking Inside the Bubble

"When one bubble meets with another, the resulting union is always one of total sharing and compromise (Human beings could learn a lot from bubbles.) Since bubbles always try to minimize surface area two bubbles will merge to share a common wall. If the bubbles are the same size as the bubbles to the left, this wall will be flat. If the bubbles are different sized, the smaller bubble, which always has a higher internal pressure, will bulge into the larger bubble."

The flat plane between two bubbles can be a home for living organisms. And if you were two spin two bubbles a portal would open in the center of the flat plane bridging the two and causing a toroidal spinning magnetic field around the flat plane in the center. Interesting yes? If you were standing upon the surface of the flat plane you would see luminescent orbs all around you fixed in the sky membrane yet floating by as they revolved around you. On the other side of the flat plane would be another world. And these bubbles could be infinite. Just think about that for a minute.

March 8, 2017

Pythagoras Proved the Earth Was a Plane

If you were shown two viewpoints, one correct and one a fallacy, the best way to know which is which is to investigate for yourself. But most people will not because of social programming and EGO. This research began as a casual amusement. Now this shit has gotten VERY REAL because while trying to disprove the Flat Earth Plane Theory I discovered that I was inadvertently disproving the globe model at every turn with solid evidence. I find the Globe Earth Theorists (not proven) are using made up theories and twisting evidence to validate their theory rather than coming up with a theory that supports the solid observable evidence. That is classic inversion tactics. Some people stopped communicating with me because of this. Don't care. I am telling you that something is VERY WRONG with the model of the world we are force fed. Proof is in your face if you will just open your eyes. Or go back to sleep. Either way. This is one of the most comprehensive videos I have come across yet to explain what should be very obvious. It's not a sphere. And it is not a donut oblate spheroid. There is a scientific geometric explanation for what appears to be a flat earth plane stretching much farther than currently accepted as the size of the earth. How it works and why it is being kept a secret will blow your mind. IF you are interested in the truth.

September 12, 2011

Learning to Surf Parallel Realities in "No Time"

The other day something very strange happened. I was talking to my husband about something as we were driving in the car and I saw a vision of something. I can’t remember exactly what it was but I was definitely in another reality, and for one moment I it was just as real as the reality that I was in the car with my husband. It was just substantial to me and I knew I was there and here at the very same time. Now I have read about this and even written about it before but I have never experienced this while being awake and up and about. I have had out of body experiences from my bed and various astral travels while sleeping. This was completely out of the blue and for the first time I truly understood that I was not my body. I understand now that I am pure consciousness weaving realities as I shift my focus. I feel that these experiences will increase for me as well as everyone else as we near the event horizon where time will seem to stop. Most people by now understand this event to be the 2012 event as predicted by the Mayans and illustrated by Terrence McKenna’s I Ching chart where the collective consciousness life line suddenly crashes at December 21st, 2012. Now I am claiming to know exactly when this collapse of time will occur but simple life experience shows me that all cycles renew themselves and we are part of a major cycle that is about to renew itself in a really big way on a mass scale. The main part of all of that is that humans are waking up to the true nature of reality.

People have their various theories about parallel universes and time travel but I have never been sold on the idea that the physical body can “travel” to the past or future because time does not actually exist. The easy way to go back in time is to stand on one side of the time zone line and jump to the other. What’s even easier is going back in time with your mind because that is where time really exists. Light does not travel it is just seen or unseen, moving really fast or really slow all depending upon an observer. It is consciousness shifting its focus that creates the illusion of travel. The past is not a place. It is a dream. And when we see photos from the “past” it is just that we have slowed one tiny part of the dream down using light and paper which are just as impermanent as the figures, clothing and things in the photo. We construct buildings to reinforce the illusion that the dream was real. But buildings crumble and the earth is ever changing. Nothing stays the same and nothing lasts. If you wanted to travel to the past you must do it with your consciousness and even then, what defines the past? In what moment at what place is the past, the past? Right now it is the next day in Nepal. Are they living in the future? No. Even if you were to physically return to the house where you were raised as a child and could somehow manage to recreate a moment with the same people and the same things the same actions what good would it do? We just can’t pin down the future or the past with styles, trends, collective consciousness, cars, wars or even a newspaper. None of those things define time. Time is a mind construct to help us to deal with cause and effect changes. This very moment is the end of something and beginning of something else. In no time the world disappears and reappears all at once. This reality of changing and unfolding is eternal. If you could physically go back in time or into a possible future in your same body there would be no need for reincarnation and no one would ever die. Buddha and Jesus would not have incarnated. Is it that Jesus and Buddha just didn’t have the technology to time travel or that they knew better? My main point is that the Buddhist teachings, which was what Jesus studied according to the evidence, is that the body is a temporary vessel and that the kingdom is within. We do not need a body to experience the endless multiverse we only need the mind. Consciousness is not in the brain so how does the mind consciousness system exist after the body is dead? The universe is mostly plasma and plasma holds information. My personal experiences while being out of body and lucid and the experiences of those that were clinically brain dead lead me to believe that not only is consciousness non local but there is activity similar to thinking going on outside the brain and body. Obviously there are creatures that do not have brains that create and exist in their own beautiful world right here on earth. It could be that consciousness creates by attaching to a particular vibration and rides that wave all the way until it becomes aware of something else. All along information is being stored in the cosmic mind for all other creations with various levels of awareness to tap into. Is the universe itself not a brain? What we experience when our body dies depends upon what are consciousness clings to.

Every action and thought creates a parallel reality eternally. Therefore there are endless universes with endless you(s) and me(s) from the most dense to the least and everything we can possibly imagine happening all at once. The other worlds that arise may or may not be as dense as this one but the only way material beings arise is when consciousness vibrates at a particularly slow rate. It is said that god enticed the spirit to enter into the form with music or sound and sound shapes matter. We are all here because we are drawn to the material world. If we, as pure consciousness can choose our lives as the Buddhists believe then why is it that we do not choose to incarnate in the past or future? Because there is no past or future. We can perceive the past and the future but we are not limited by them once we learn to move beyond the 3d mind construct of time. Many channeled messages have tried to explain this. We will begin to start to see that all realities are imagined and all realities are happening NOW. We don’t need to travel anywhere to interact in those realities. Just like recording a program we can pick and choose which event we wish to observe. We can stop and rewind, observe, partake in or we can change the event all together and rewrite the script. So there is no need to return to a past that does not exist or to attach to one particular future event among the infinite possibilities. Traveling by spaceship to planets and learning to time travel are fun concepts but they are linear 3d concepts that controllers tend to lean toward because that is where they can pretend to have power over others. Things happen much more slowly in this realm so it is a place to learn how to create without causing a great deal of suffering. It’s too bad we don’t have the hang of it yet. There is no need for material things when you fully integrate that consciousness can create any reality. We just have to learn to do it without that nuisance brain getting in the way. That is our goal now as we ascend to this next level in the material world. We have no way of knowing how much “time” we have to do this because as we know, we can go at any moment.

Your experience is completely up to you and that is what free will is really about (not stickin' it to the man necessarily); choosing not only your experience by imagining it yourself but choosing how you wish to experience that reality. Turn off the television and tune into your own mind. That is where it’s at. That is what controllers (that includes all of us) have been trying to keep us away from. Once we figure out that the world is within us there will no longer be an outside world to control. Practice practice practice so that at any moment you can switch stations and lucidly interact in a completely different reality or multiple realities at once. Talk about multitasking! Encourage your children to pretend and dream. No more yelling, “Get used to the real world!” or “stop being silly”. Why not be silly? Why not pretend you are a genie and that you are flying on a magic carpet. If you can’t control your dreams right now then you won’t be able to control your part in these realities as they begin got unfold and the veil comes down. Now is the time to release the old inhibitions and find the little child within you again. Just remember that the physical body in the physical world is still subject to physical laws. Don’t jump off your roof thinking you can fly. This is reality here! LOL What is the difference between a crazy person and a shaman? The crazy person can easily surf the different realities but not know which reality they are actually in. A shaman not only knows how to navigate the parallel realities and that this density has certain limitations but also knows that all realities are illusions at the same time. One day you will see yourself in a different world while you are shopping for cat food. As long as you don’t call the cashier Roberto and ask her to please refill your champagne glass you’ll be fine.