June 25, 2010

Gulf Volcano Crater,Technology, Modern Humans, Atlantis

Hole in ocean floor - crater found in bottom of Gulf of Mexico

“The deep-sea floor generates more excitement each year, as scientists continue to uncover signs that they need to revise their image of this realm as a quiet and static place. Recently, oceanographers have observed storms of intense currents that occasionally sweep patches of the ocean floor. Now a group of researchers has discovered evidence that a natural seafloor explosion blew open a large crater in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, they report in the Jan. 27 SCIENCE.

Using high-resolution sonar equipment, David B. Prior from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and his colleagues identified the crater in 2,176 meters of water southeast of the Mississippi River delta. The elliptical hole measures 280 meters across, 400 meters long and some 58 meters deep, and sits atop a small hill. Down slope lies approximately 2 million cubic meters of ejected sediment.
Because the area is known for its reservoirs of hydrocarbons, Prior surmises these substances caused the explosion that produced the crater. As one possible explanation, he suggests hydrocarbons seeping upward along cracks in the seafloor might have collected under some impermeable barrier until pressure forced the buoyant gas to blow off its cover. Based on the crater's appearance, the researchers think it may be younger than a century old. In 1906, sailors in the area reported seeing bubbling water, which may have been caused by such an eruption.”

I have been reporting rumblings that shake my cabin for two years now. Scientists (funded by corporations like BP KNEW the Gulf is a delicate area and could erupt again. They even foreshadowed this event in the movie "KNOWING" HELLO! KNOWING is the name of the movie! The exact same thing happened the exact same way in the exact same place. Why? What is their objective? If Hollywood is trying to expose the Illuminati’s future plans it makes sense. But if the Illluminati is deliberately making movies to reveal what they will do in the future WHY? Is it to show us that they still control everything and can do whatever they want? Is it to make us want to be SAVED or assisted by the ETs that will be THEM posing as ETs? I have no idea. I do know that there is a mess in the Gulf and it could be the result of volcanic activity as well as humans poking around in mother earths sensitive parts.I am not so sure I believe that humans have nothing to do with "natural" disasters. We affect the very delicate balance of nature with every breath. Drilling is still a destructive path and we still need to find better ways to exist in balance with nature. There are humans and ETs out there right now that have the technologies to make this possible for a global community. I have seen this with my own eyes and we all know this in our hearts.

A fact to really consider here is that it is blatantly obvious that humans are not meant to thrive on this planet naturally because we NEED so much to survive. We are not physcally equipped to survive AND be compassionate. We have to use our brains AND our hearts AND technology to create that reality. Though we evolve like everything else on this planet modern humans are not of this planet in my opinion. It isn’t creationism verses evolution, it’s Crevolution that is going on here. We are here to learn how to create balance with nature as multidimensional beings in a 3rd density world.

Early humans did ok for hundreds of thousands of years but it was a brutal existence and THEY were built for survival more than modern humans. Modern humans were literally injected laterally in the time line. We just appeared suddenly according to scientists 26,000 years ago. I am talking about the humans like you and me and the original Africans that have flimsly fingernails, relatively bad vision and virtually hairless. Nature has no time for that kind of pussy. If we had sprung up as a mutation we would not have survived. Mutations rarely do survive and become successful creatures. We are only still around because we were given knowledge of how to survive in this brutal world by “the gods” according to or our ancestors that came here and interbred with Neanderthals. Scientists now agree (which means nothing, I know) that Neanderthals interbred with modern humans. But where is their common ancestor? There isn’t one. We are the fallout of a technologically advanced Global community called Atlantis. The like symbols, temples like Yonaguni and pyramids built around 26,000 years ago found on every continent prove a technologically advanced and connected group of people once occupied the globe, until 13,000 years ago when we allowed our undisciplined egos to screw it all up just like we are trying to do again now.

It just so happens that theses major events align with our 26,000 year precession of the equinox. It could be that as we move through different cycles and are influenced by the rising and falling vibratory frequencies our behavior and the earth changes go hand in had. The earth expands and our consciousness expands. There isn’t just one person, one corporation, event, one evil or good agenda that is culminating one grand finale. Life is just the continuous ebb and flow of waves in motion and we are the potential that is being shaped by intention. The trick is to understand that compassion is the key to harmony. What is going on in the Gulf now is a great example of this. All of the earths changes we face are the result of manipulation by control freaks, energy fluctuations, mass consciousness, individual actions and cause and effect but any way you look at it we influence those changes. We have the power to calm the seas and bring balance back to our world by remembering our interconnectedness with earth and each other, and acting accordingly or to continue to see ourselves as separate and irresponsible.

“In a world of chaos and other people’s dreams who do you want to be?” Dreaming of Oz CD~
Cari Eden Kindl