October 31, 2016

Blood Over Intent

Blood over intent is a magical ritual. It is used for good intention and it is also for bad intent such as manipulation of others. If you don't think that is happening on a global scale you are not paying attention to the world around you and deeply embedded in a false reality.

The way to fight fire is with fire. This idea that we need guns and other weapons to fight evil in the world is idiotic. Do you think we can kill all the evil beings and no more will ever be born into the world? The evil in the world are those that use magic, the power of psychological trickery on others. Evil does not kill because to kill is to leave you with no one to torture or control. No they want sheep to herd and use for energy.

If you want to end this cycle of enslavement through witchcraft on the planet you must learn that you are already a magician and learn how to use magic against evil. If you wish to unite with people that are aligning to bring heaven to earth you have to write your intention on a piece of paper like you did when you were a kid. Remember the blood pact? You pricked your finger and became blood sisters or brothers with someone? That is not evil. It is NOT black magic. Black magic is using secret rituals solidifying your intention to control, manipulate, harm or deceived someone. White magic is a ritual for good.

We all use magic every single day. We entrain our brains and others entrain our brains for us. If you do not program your own mind someone else will. You may not be hungry but you just watched a commercial that had certain symbols and words and now you are hungry. Someone told you they wanted to make America great again by building a wall and getting rid of all the bad guys. They appealed to your fear and ego. This is exactly what the Church has done. They tell you God is to be feared, not to worship idols but they bow to statues and the image of Christ. Their ritual to bind you to them is communion. But Jesus offered his flesh and blood in bread and wine at the last supper. He was performing an ancient ritual.
"Each of the Apostles brought drops of his own blood in their cups and they emptied them into the chalice of Jesus the Christ.  The Beloved had also placed his own royal blood in this chalice.  Thus, this is how the blood of Jesus Christ was mixed within the Holy Grail with the blood of his disciples. . .All pacts are signed in blood.  The Astral body of Jesus Christ remained associated, united with his disciples and with all of humanity through the blood pact." from Gnostic Teachings, Samael Weor.

Christ is within you already. You need go through no one to get to Christ. And the Kingdom is within you. Jesus told you that. Yet the Church still asserts power over you unless you have awakened from the spell.

That is trickery and deception. No one can make the world great by lying and inciting fear. And you will NEVER get rid of all the bad guys. The power to create heaven on earth lies within us. We must realize our own power. We must not be afraid of using psychological tools and physics which is "magic" because we are told by the control freak magicians that magic is evil. Is science evil? Science is observing the phenomenon. Distorting truth, facts, using technologies against others is evil, not science alone. The magicians that do tricks for money will tell you there is no such thing as magic implying magic is beyond cause and effect and what they are doing is a trick. Like it is different somehow than magic. Knowing secret causes and effects using alchemy and physics is magic. Everything is due to cause and effect. Magic is magic. Withholding your knowledge as ransom and deceiving people is black magic. Do not be afraid to take back your power as a magician. That is what a human was designed for. We have hands, higher thinking,compassion, abstract thoughts. We were not put here to be slaves to ego and fear and to those that know their own power and use it against us.

When you have sex and you deeply lust someone thinking only of possessing them or using them you are practicing black magic. You are made of water, salt, fire, earth, air, flesh and bone: the elements and spirit. Your thoughts are energy and you direct your energy when you place your intention on what you lust or what you revere. You are already a magician. Now you have to learn whether you wish to use your powers for good or evil. That is your choice. It is time to teach our children that not only are they extremely powerful but they must use their powers for good and not evil if they wish to create heaven on earth.

State your intention. Make a pact with the rest of the awakened ones. Take back your power and stop believing in the lies of the evil ones in this world using us for energy and entertainment.

I intend to create heaven on earth
I intend to love all excluding no one

If God is in all that is then to love all that is, is to love God.
God is love.

October 30, 2016

Healing Lust, Sexual Deviance and Restoring Divine Feminine

Young women should be told from day one that they will be preyed upon sexually. It is not debatable. It is a fact. Sex is a part of life. The one thing young girls need to know above all else is that it does not matter what they look like, plain or beautiful, how sweet or sexy they can be or how popular they are. All females are seen as a possible sexual conquest by someone. And if a guy is not interested in you, trying to seduce him is not going to make him interested in YOU. It is going to get a guy with no values laid or worse put you in a dangerous situation. That's it. Women often try to justify their longing to be loved or desired by saying "Oh I am using them it's not the other way around" as if using someone means they can't use you too. If it is all about using each other then fine, no one can judge you for that. But often it is really about the need to be loved and accepted and cherished not used even though young women often tell themselves it is not. And even if a girl truly believes it is about her right to express her sexuality then you cam compare it to carrying a gun. You may have a right to carry (in most states)but that doesn't mean you should flaunt it or go around shooting people for attention. You should never use sex as a weapon. That has a tendency to backfire on you. We have to teach our young girls that their bodies are works of art to be revered and taken care of. Nudity is not shameful. What we do with our bodies and how we think about them is often shameful.

Lust is the first affliction. Society has suffered such degradation now that we overlook and even revel in the seven deadly sins. It's prudish to preach about lust and greed and vengeance right? It is all over reality tv. People lap it up. And that is the beginning of the end of civilization. We turn our backs on reverence and decency because it is "not cool". The mind game played on women has been so successful in the middle east that women actually believe covering from head to toe is necessary so as to not tempt a man. Some do it for their religion but it is only a practice because men wrote it into the laws, because they blamed women for their lust. And in the west women believe they are so empowered that they can get naked and twerk and there is nothing wrong with that. Oh yeah, you pulled one over on men. Right. That is not empowerment. That is like making a dog sit and stay while you scream at him angrily to fetch a steak. That is immature, and sorry for comparing men to dogs. It was the first analogy that popped into my head. Of course not all men are unable to control themselves but they can spot a needy woman a mile away. In fact I believe they have a built in radar for that.

Women are not responsible for what a man thinks of her body whether they are fully clothed or naked. Woman can be responsible for putting themselves in the position of being judged by others but they can never ever be blamed for being physically touched or attacked due to their appearance. I remember seeing Miley C. doing her thang on the MTV awards and I said something about it because people criticizing her were completely missing the point. Nudity is not a problem. Behavior is. It is the context of what is happening and necessarily what is said or done. Not being ashamed of one's body is different than publicly degrading yourself sexually. Young women reach an age where they are very eager to express their sexuality because it is nature. But if they used their frontal lobes they would see that there is plenty of time and they are not in danger of never having sex. You are in danger of never getting respect. You don't have to degrade yourself or beg for sex ever. "All a woman has to do is show up". Harrison Ford said that once. When you are loved and cherished by someone, they think you are beautiful without makeup, in sweats or cleaning the toilet. That is love. Sex is about reproducing and having fun all of which is your personal choice so you should treat it as a great responsibility and blessing to find someone to share that with. The intensity of the sexual drive and experiences will not last but true love will even if you part ways. Love is not desire to be with someone. The desire to be with someone is because you like them and enjoy their company.

When you get older the fired up hormones will start to mellow out because you are no longer all about sexually attracting a man to get pregnant.  As you mature regardless of your age you start to realize pure bliss of being is far more precious that a 2 to 8 second orgasm. Being on the same frequency as the person you love is the best feeling there is. But corporations capitalize on lust so they shame men into keeping it hard with pills and pressure and shame women into buying products and having surgery to stay young and sexy. And society laps it up. The mutual respect between men and women is the answer to healing the sexual repression of the past and present. Covering a woman from head to toe is not the answer. Men must not see women as a threat. Men and women must not see each other as objects. Lust, insecurity, low self esteem and ignorance are really the root cause of issues with sexual abuse and sexism. And there are very strong social and religious stigmas in place that cause hangups with nudity which is a distraction from the real issues. It is not just women facing the brunt of the abuse. Sexual deviance effects everyone. It is a mental illness. It is not a matter of right and wrong. It is about acceptable and unacceptable behaviors according to what we believe is healthy or not healthy. Rehabilitate. Educate. And you will alleviate much of the pain and suffering in our world.