July 21, 2016

Transforming America Without Fear or Violence

People that support war and gun power while claiming to be Christians do not seem to get the real message of Jesus. To conquer death you only have to die. This does not mean go kill yourself. It means do not fear death. You will never stop violence with violence. If you kill someone before they kill you guess what? You will die as well somehow, some way and YOU will have to deal with the energy of violence in some way. Death does not stop chaotic energy patterns. Consciousness does.

Our ability to be in a state of flow and peace in the face of adversity and even horror is our great human gift. Here is wisdom and where it gets very tricky. The ZEN of the matter is that killing is both right and wrong depending on how we see it and the circumstances so there is no point in arguing over whether killing is right or wrong. The main issue is to understand fighting for peace by killing others is impossible to achieve and flawed thinking.  It is an oxy moron and so are people that think that way; morons. If you are driven by fear, any martial artist will tell you that you will fail and you are in danger of harming innocent people. Pretending some must be sacrificed is a self deception. The Ego has all kinds of mind games to keep it winning.A suicide bomber condemns him or herself to suffering because consciousness is not destroyed in death. And the energy of that event lingers. To kill in hate or even through mind controlled states leaves the assailant in a state of chaos that is hard to escape as it will repeat over and over as a frequency that has been looped or SINe waved into eternal dissonance. That is what sin is really about. It is a wave that is out of SYNc. We are all sinners because we are all sine waves that have fallen out of Sync with the mother  wave. Our salvation is in maintaining a harmonic resonance for the sake of others, the planetary environment and at the moment of death we are free from this fallen world. Some believe the earth is going to lift all of us up into a higher frequency that is void of pain and suffering. I hope so but until then we all have to work at it and there are no guarantees or promises that we will not suffer in this lifetime because suffering is caused by our own inability to stop the mind from grasping at what does not exist.

The reason we should choose compassion should have nothing to do with what is right or wrong but because it FEELS better and has better effects than the alternative. This overrides religious debates and wars. We all know the biblical God or gods lacked compassion often and encouraged killing and war and even had no problem wiping out mankind. If it is about PEACE then we must break the cycle of suffering and violence by mastering our emotions and thoughts and actions. That does not mean being a robot. It means not allowing emotions to rule higher conscious thinking and actions. If there is a bad child that is destroying things in the neighborhood or even killing people you do not bomb him and take out innocent people. You do not machine gun him to death. There are other ways of addressing mental illness. And that is what all of the violence is about, mental illness. Animals attack out of fear or hunger. HUmans have the higher thinking to restrain themselves and THINK through their predicament. Are we HUMAN's or beasts? Which is it?
 In order to heal the mental illness around the world it requires a great deal of effort and patience not weapons and fear mongering. Soldiers should be transformed into teachers and healers that are physically prepared to defend themselves and others without the need for bombing an entire country. A martial artist learns to redirect his opponent with gentle touch and to outwit him with a sharp mind. When I look at American culture today and compare it to the Asian cultures I see that Americans are still very young and have a long way to go in maturing as a nation. It all starts at the roots as ancient wisdom dictates. Do we want to teach our children to be armed and afraid and build walls? Or do we want to see them as  wise, physical and  mental freaking NINJAs that believe compassion and discipline are the key to a brighter future?

July 19, 2016

For Our Next Trick/ An Orangutan and a Woman

YOU MUST UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA NOW. This is not about who the people vote for. THE ELITE RULERS do not care about your vote. Votes are easily manipulated as we have seen. I feel that I am correct in my belief that most of the country is wise enough to know Bernie Sanders is the most competent of the choices for presidency. But also we know that the game is rigged and it always has been. I mean come on this is so far beyond a conspiracy theory at this point. We just have the eyes to see what is going on finally.

The elite rulers created the Federal Reserve which morphed into NATO and the American military is owned by them. Don't believe me. Just do the research yourself. Put the pieces together. There is a concerted effort to use average people to make tons of money and hoard resources. They control every aspect of America the Corporation. These are facts. But people will sit there and still actually play into this illusion that we have CHOSEN these two current candidates for president, an orangutan or a woman, yeah just "a woman" because that is really all she has going for her if you know her history. Their candidacy was paid for by corporations. She is an elitist pretending to be a Democrat because the Democratic Party was moved so far over to the right that her Republican views appear left up against far right Republicans. And a true Socialist Democrat like Sanders is actually where Democrats were years ago. Even Trump's campaign was paid for by his own corporation. But he claims he is paying for it himself. He didn't pay for it his corporations did and then he will pay himself back.

If you want to be part of the creation of a new paradigm where we do not rush off to bomb terrorists out of fear and say oh well so what if we kill millions of innocent people, or part of a world that likes to build walls to keep out the undesirables then it is time to revolt and say no more to this absurd display they are pretending is a real political "election". It is not. We are being played.  The question is who is going to allow it and who is not? I predict and even hope we will not see another president in America but a new kind of government based upon compassion and not fear. Something is going down in a big way and for better or worse nothing will be the same. 

July 11, 2016

Saturn's Influence on the Moon Matrix: How to Exit the Matrix

By Michelle Walling, CHLC
The matrix is tied to the moon which is tied to Saturn, or in astrotheology, “Satan”. The purpose of the matrix is to keep humans tuned into a specific frequency which keeps us tied into the illusion in order to allow for energy vampirism. The matrix is a holographic projection that emits from Saturn and is assisted by the satellite we call the moon.
Our reptilian brain was engineered to keep us tuned into the Saturn moon matrix hologram. The matrix is projected from Saturn and is tied into the moon as a reflection and continuous regenerator of the matrix experience. Look at the picture in this video to get a better visual of the matrix:

Everything and everyone gets their energy from the sun. We have been told to not look at the sun and we have also been told to stay out of the sun when the sun is high in the sky. We are energy generators- taking in the energy from the organic yellow sun and giving it to the black sun- Saturn. We take in the sun’s energy through our eyes and through the food that we eat. We are barely being kept alive by the fake food that has become a part of our world.
Everything we have been taught is a lie. Our whole existence is a video game within a cube where we are recycled time and time again through the reincarnation process which probably occurs on the moon. David Icke explains more about this in this video:

We must exit the same way we came into this reality. The heart is the first thing that brings life to the fetus in the womb. The heart is a wormhole that leads to the singularity of our creation. As things seem to continue to get worse on the planet within the hologram, going within the heart and living your life in love and gratitude will begin to change your reality.
We have been cubed- a circle inside of a square cage- or the earth is inside of the cube hologram from Saturn. We can be seen from each dimension but we cannot see into other dimensions. The dimensions are just different levels in the cage. We have been programmed to close our hearts with fear and only those who bust down these walls within the heart will exit the matrix.
“The moon is the foreign satellite that guards the interests of the gods of the underworld”~ The Golden Web Series, Part 3, 1:13:23
Selfless acts of kindness and love for each other will be the key in dissolving the matrix. It really isn’t that difficult to love unless you have never done it before. Lust, neediness, and longing has been the fake reality of love that has been shown to most people through television.
Busting the heart wide open for clearing is one of the hardest things to do because of our programming. Once you face yourself and your emotions, the clearing that can take place will open up new doors in your life for you to begin to see through the veil that is blocking the truth about our existence. When you look around and see the monotonous zombies, be reminded that this is a plan playing out on a stage and you are in the play. You signed a contract under duress to be here and now that you see the truth, you are able to make a different choice.
More and more people are waking up to this choice every day. It is a choice to be free of this video game- the hologram that recycles us over and over in a web of deceit. We are going to re-program this video game and this starts with awareness. If you end up crossing over before we accomplish this, do not go into the tunnel with the bright light. Instead, “click your heels” and think of home, and that is where you will go. You can always come back to Earth and hang out anytime, but going home will give you the recharge and knowledge you need to be able to make informed decisions about what to do next.
We need to stay in our bodies as long as we can to help the collective wake up. Being in a body and doing the inner work necessary to clear and open your heart will help everyone on the planet have the opportunity do the same. Raising your vibration or frequency will help you to ride the waves of energy coming from the sun a lot easier than most. The outside world is topsy-turvy; the apple cart is being upset so that people can see that there is something that needs attention. Stay centered and grounded and know that because this is an illusion and we never really die, there is no need for fear or worry, and stay informed through In5d.com and howtoexitthematrix.com.

July 6, 2016

The Root Cause of Violence and the Cure

The root cause of intentional violence is mental illness caused by fear programming. We DO need gun control and programs to address mental illness but the cure for violence begins in the early stages human development. We are all programmed but there are those that believe in programming others with fear. There are those that seek to control others through mind control tactics. This desire to control others using fear has created a society of imbalanced humans that are unaware of their own authentic power.

A child that is taught early in life how to be a master of his own mind and aware of his own power cannot be manipulated and used by others to serve evil agendas. This is the entire reason for the enslavement of humanity in the first place. You cannot control people if they are empowered and fearless. Fear creates hate, anger, jealousy, greed etc. And if a child has no confidence that he or she is the master programmer of their own mind, they are easily manipulated by others. Someone with no history of violence of criminal record can easily be programmed to walk into a school and open fire. This is what controllers do. They use the weaknesses of others to serve their evil agendas. It is not a fantasy plot in a movie. This does happen and whether you believe it or not you should entertain the probability that it can happen.

The most important part of the rehabilitation of humanity is compassion. We have used social programming to keep our children in place, used fear and even violence to make them obey the laws of society. Obviously this does not work. Compassion, love, mind mastery, self discipline, encouragement will all lead to self empowerment and this should be the first things we teach our children. An empowered child cannot be programmed by anyone or anything unless they allow it. A child that is shown and feels compassion can never harm another living being. This is the power of love. It all begins with each new born child. A tree is cured at the roots not by trimming the leaves.