July 21, 2015

Not So Fresh Prince

            An African Prince who shall remain nameless posted on Facebook between judging beauty contests and selfies of grocery shopping to prove "Even a prince can shop for groceries like everyone else" that "polygamy marriage should be legal if gay marriage is legal". I agree that people should have the freedom to marry whomever they choose and as many as they choose if that is what makes their socks go up and down. Bravo prince, but having the right to do something does not mean what you choose to do is right or a good idea. I commented on his post that I think it is great that a man would willingly want to support a bunch of women and children for a change. Ok, I admit that was cheeky but I really was not saying all men are dead beats.  He scolded me for generalizing with his own hypocritical statement, "It is a fact that 99% of western (and European) women are possessive and treat their men like pets", obviously attempting to use that as an argument for polygamy to keep women in their place. He generously suggested that women can be in a polygamist marriage too. How liberal of him. But we all know that is like saying men have the right to wear high heels. Sure we men have the right to choose to suffer for the sake of looking great as they did in the 1700s but they realized it sucked and decided women should wear them instead. Besides, you can only wear one pair at a time. It costs a lot of money, time, energy and most of the time we would rather wash our hair and read a good book than put on another pair of heels if you know what I mean. It just shows that men are more sadistic than masochistic.

            In regard to western women treating men like pets, as a woman I believe I know more about it than a young prince that get's his information from reality TV or BBC America.  I do not bathe my husband or chain him up in the yard unless he wants me to. I do sometimes feed him and scratch his back but. . .anyway the point is that the prince does not actually know 99% of western women so I told him he was "talking out of his ass". I can see how that warrants blocking me or "unfriending me but it had to be said in light discovering his underlying attitude toward women. He also said, "the problem with the world today is that women want to be men" and "I feel sorry for women that don't realize their man is eating other cake".  This is supposed to mean monogamous women are delusional control freaks that are blind to the fact that their husbands are cheating on them and monogamy does not work.

            First of all I think I can speak for many western women and/feminists when I say we do not want to be men. We want equal rights and equal pay for the doing the same work. The idiotic statement that 99% of western women want to be men is sexist and generalizing not to mention presumptuous and just wrong but according to him "that is what is wrong with the world today"? Really? Not needless war, poverty or discrimination? Regardless of what he, Freud or other sexists might think, western and European women seem more concerned with making men more like women than being more like men. It would be great to not worry about bleeding while hiking in a jungle with tigers, getting paid more and being able to eat anything I want without my ass expanding to the size of a small planet. Women endure because we are stronger in ways men will never know. The prince stated used Caitlyn Jenner as an example of someone trying to be something he was not (although it is a bad example if you think most women want to be men). He said it is immoral but people praise "him" for his courage. It takes a great deal of courage for anyone in this world to be who they are. But transgender, bisexual and homosexual people that flourish regardless of the ignorant brutalities against them are becoming the norm in my opinion because mother nature in our ascension process is returning us to the androgynous state we are supposed to inhabit consciously. There is a great deal of confusion in the genes because of it. These sexual changes are teaching people to crawl out of their tiny little minds into a greater reality. If you judge others as immoral for being truest expression of themselves it is because you are ignorant and I hope you wake up soon or you will continue to cause a great deal of suffering. The world is not going to submit to your discriminating ego mind any longer. It is going to surrender and unfold through the balanced Brain, Heart, Courage trinity which is the grace of the compassionate and androgynous God of creation.

            The prince in all of his compassion "feels bad because women do not realize their man is eating other cake".  As an intelligent human and woman I know that not all men cheat or want to be promiscuous. But I told my husband that if he really wants to have sex with other women he just needs to let me know. And yes the marriage would be over because that is not what I signed up for, not to control him but to be in an exclusive relationship with him. If he is spending time and energy with Bambie and Trixy then he is not spending it on our life together.  I am not a brothel or a Walmart. You can't just pop in for sex and a sandwich once in a while and expect me to be full filled in my partnership. I am a person that wants a personal relationship. Other people have open monogamous marriage and sex with different people. My marriage is not about sex regardless of what the prince might believe. When I told the prince that I don't need a man for sex or orgasm he asked "why don't you just buy a dildo then? Why did you get married?" My head exploded. Does he know women don't need a dildo to have an orgasm? Does he know women do not have to have an orgasm at all to be happy? Does he think I married a man for his penis? I mean I did score in that area but that is not why I married him. For me it is about sharing my life with a man I love and respect. That is not easy to find. Men are not dildos even if they want to be. They are human beings with feelings and thoughts just like women. Most western women and men prefer monogamous marriage for the most part because they want an exclusive loving relationship. Woman and woman, man and man or whatever may be the arrangement, the sacred union is about two becoming one not one coming on many. And anyone can have sex we all know without being married whether someone sees it as a sin or not. I promise you won't burn in hell for having sex without a piece of paper from the state unless you feel guilty about it. It is our guilt and fear that creates hell. Some would say marriage is hell. But that is only because they married expecting to control someone sexually, mentally and physically which they could have done without getting married.

            Spiritual sex in the eyes of god does not require a mediator, state or church approval with a legal document and a hefty fee. It requires seeing someone as a personal being rather than copulating with someone as though they are an object. This is the true meaning behind sin. Spiritual marriage was wielded just like everything else into a weapon out of the flames of the divine union it was meant to be. Many men believe women use sex as a weapon. It is a fact that the majority of men over the centuries have demonstrated their fear of a woman's sexual power consciously and subconsciously and used brute strength and their guile to keep women in their place. Sex magic is used all of the time unconsciously by men and women. But there are women that have secretly handed down knowledge and have innate abilities that are threatening to controlling people. We all have power. It is better to have the knowledge of this power and wisdom than to be kept in ignorance. You can try to keep your child from learning to drive because you are afraid he will die in a car accident but he has his own will. If he wants to drive he will find a way. If he has the knowledge and practice he is far better off than if he does not. Sex can be used as a weapon but it can also be used to heal. We all have the free will to use energy the way we want. Educating people from day one on how to use their power for the good of the whole is the best way to steer humanity into a better world.

            Where men are mostly motivated sexually by orgasm, women do not need to have an orgasm. In fact ancient wisdom tells us that to learn to channel sexual energy without releasing it in a spasm is how we create consciously, physically and spiritually. Men often suppress their emotions. Women do not normally do this. But being able to use emotional energy is the difference between heaven and hell. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, Hence a concerted effort to control women. Indigenous peoples around the world have been methodically enslaved, beaten into submission, murdered and displaced completely in some cases all because of a fear of their secret knowledge and sexual power. When I say sexual power I mean the ability to use the mind, body and spirit to manifest desired results rather than artificial technologies, weapons and brute strength. This is why women and anyone practicing medicine were burned as witches unless they were working for the elite, wealthy and powerful bloodlines with armies. Magic is just physics other people don't know about. But women and medicine men have held secrets for thousands of years because they are still in tune with earth and spirit.  Anyone that turns away from the earth and seeks power over others will create hell on earth. People that seek to control others will try to take their freedom and brainwash them into doing what they are told. Both women and men are guilty of this. But have we not yet learned how to play nicely together?

            It is so sadly ironic that this man of great privilege and genuine interest in raising consciousness of the planet is still so far behind because his culture encourages archaic male, attitudes. In his country of Africa thousands of women are the victims of domestic rape and murder every day yet his yet he fails to see that it is the husbands that are beating and raping the women in most cases. Marriage in this case is not about commitment and love of women obviously whether polygamous or monogamous. He believes polygamy is liberal because "there are lots of women in polygamist marriage that own businesses". Of course a man would not object to his ten wives bringing home money. He is just being liberal enough to make a profit. Legal marriage both polygamous and monogamous was not intended to be liberal but a binding financial contract and a sworn oath to obey the husband. That's why the Christian church vows of marriage are "I promise to obey (my husband)". One's freedom to choose to marry is a liberal concept. Don't confuse the two. People do not need legal documents to commit to someone spiritually or physically. And in America the biblical vows are usually changed to reflect equality in the union. That is because "feminists" stood up for their rights. It was not about making the man obey the women or wanting to be the husband.

            Many women in polygamist marriage are born into oppressive cultures. Many have no rights so it is their best option. Many have self esteem issues.  Once upon a time a rich Sultan could give his harem everything they wanted and they lived in a huge palace. Sure ok, better than being a poor slave. But why would ten women live in a suburb in Utah cutting out coupons and taking turns driving the mini-van to soccer practice? Just kill me. When we say it takes a village to raise a child that means "someone take this kid to your house for a while I need a break!". The world is over populated now. Men do not need to have 20 kids with six different women. Men do not need to marry ten women to feel special or have sex. If women want a bunch of kids at least mix up the gene pool a bit or adopt. You are reproducing with a man that needs six women to take care of him. That's all we need is more men like that in the world. The age of Patriarchal domination is over. We are entering a Matriarchal energy and that does not mean a feminine energy. Matriarchal means balance between male and female energy. If we want to be in the flow of this energy we have to let go of the need for control which is male energy. Men and women alike are capable of a controlling mentality.

          People think they allow or create freedom. But it is our innate natural state of being. To stop controlling is not the same as "giving" someone freedom. All we "give" is up on the fight against our fear of not being in control when we surrender to the truth. Freedom is not the answer to the world's problems. Self discipline and compassion is how we deal with the world's problems that will always arise because that is the nature of the world. Freedom of choice does not equal peace or love necessarily. Peace is personal choice through mind and body discipline and compassion, not by controlling others or the external world.  Fear of other people's power leads to suffering. The world will always be out of our control because we all have the freedom to create different things. I believe our true mission as humans is to learn how to let go of the need to control everything.  I am not here to tell anyone what to do. I am merely pointing out that no matter how hard someone tries to keep someone else down or "in their place" they will fail because the human spirit cannot be contained. It rages like a storm when our bodies are met with obstacles or threatened. Our spirit fuels our passion for physical freedom. If you put a man or women or an animal in a cage and abuse them spirit will rise up and send an army to avenge you. That is karma. The fight against spirit is futile. Rather than trying to stamp out the flames of your own or someone else's fire, fuel them with compassion and transform the fearful world of death into a loving world of eternal life. Erase the borders and imaginary lines we draw to feel safe and secure. We are expansive as the sky and nothing can harm us.  We are eternal beings not chess board pieces. There is no king or queen, prince or pawn, no male or female, no body, no death and no fear when you finally step out of the illusion.