November 13, 2009

Who's Higher Self Is it Anyway?

Higher Self Channeling~ November 13, 2009                 The Objective View of an EGO MIND

Ascension is an ongoing process as is descent. We all happen to be caught up in a big ascension cycle at this time. Some are resisting as usual and some are not. Ascension is not about reaching a plateau but understanding that there are different levels of awareness that can be mastered and integrated into our being. We can be aware of the changes and look back at how we once behaved compared to our behavior in this new awareness. The position of our planet as it moves into the center of the galaxy assists the masses in their individual journeys but there have been humans on this earth in the past thousands of years who have proved to be great masters of mind and body. Even in the darkest of times. Everyone is on their own path but now there is more energy reaching us to make our transition easier as a collective as we accelerate and time collapses into zero point.

An example of 5th dimensional being would be experiencing/longing to detach from identity and actually detaching from identity and actualizing it This is a sign of moving into a much higher awareness than the typical human experience. This new levels of awareness may cause irritability with others which does not seem very much “ascended” but remember that there are multi dimensional experiences happening. This is not a linear process where you are moving in a straight line from point A to point B. When you do reach the awareness that you are not attached to identity but that identity is a great way to express and communicate with others, you are no longer distracted by ego and free to practice other areas of fifth dimensional being. The process unfolds like a flower.

Enlightenment is mindful. Ascending as a human in physical form is being able to master mind and body as an enlightened being. It doesn't happen automatically. Buddha, Jesus cleared the path but did not achieve this in their lifetimes (physical body ascension) or else their physical birth would not have been necessary. Even Jesus had to ascend out of his physical body to return to the “Father”. We have much to overcome and transcend. It would not be an easy task without humanity reaching critical mass at this time to assist in accelerating us all through this process. This is why it is important to stay focused on positive and constructive thoughts, events and people. We are not ignoring the suffering or those who feel lost, we are assisting them in our focus on lightness of being. We are not greater than or less than any other. We are all at different levels of awareness serving each other in the transparency of this truth. How could one find balance without being aware of polarity? How can we put the pieces of the puzzle together without being able to see all of the pieces?

It is all anti-climactic because there is no climax in the eternal now, generation, operation and destruction. There is no beginning and no end. Everything is happening at once, ascension and descent, implosion and collapse, cycles of existence spinning and expanding eternally. You as a soul have already ascended. You exist in many different dimensional realities at once. The physical body is just one of your lower realm existences caught in the illusion of time. As long as you are in human body form you are still learning lessons of third dimensional reality. Ascending in physical form is just another way of learning to control mind and body at a different frequency. It makes being controlled by others operating on a lower frequency impossible unless you allow your SELF to move into lower densities/frequencies, hence, ghosts. A human in the fifth dimensional realm is the same as the 3D human experience but less dense and has more control over mind and body. There is no need to control others. Life is more fluid and easier to navigate. Time and space are no longer obstacles. Through technologies and honed human abilities we will be able to be many places at once. Talk about multitasking. Teleportation, telepathy and levitation will be commonplace as well as replication of material things via nanotechnology. A key point to keep in mind is that the objective is to master your own abilities rather than become dependent upon others, although technologies will assist those who have not yet mastered certain abilities and should be freely available in a world that is based on service to others.

Those who will not let go of the need to control others will find themselves manifesting a reality of suffering and loss and not being able to move out of the 3D realm. Beings such as this may be inclined to go to different planets and continue the ego/polarity game until they have learned their lessons. It could well be that the way they explain the disappearance of the ascended ones will be through the end time, destruction scenario that they create or other negative explanations such as alien abductions. A lower vibratory being will not readily accept a truth or reality that does not validate their state of existence. All souls are where they need to be according to free will.
Keep reminding yourself that you can be blissful at any moment you so desire no matter what the circumstances. You are the master of your SELF.

Cari Kindl
My latest “Higher Self Channeling” submission on ascension to "Light Workers" was rejected by some rather religious folks with comments such as “I don’t consider this true channeling” and “It always seems a red flag to me when people claim to understand the consciousness of beings like Jesus and Buddha”. First of all I have never claimed to understand anyone else’s consciousness. Intuitive thought process is channeling. The universe is information and all conscious beings are able to tap into that information. One does not have to be a commander of a star ship or someone named Magenta Pixie to receive information from the Akashic Field. The type of information one receives is directly related to their level of consciousness. It is astounding to me that there are people who claim to be light workers who do not understand this and insist that there is some kind of hierarchy of spirits. This seems to indicate there are those who still cling to the duality religious teachings and ego. When one is channeling higher self they are being open to receiving information that is not filtered by ego or belief systems. Just because it does not resonate with you does not mean that the person receiving and transmitting the message is being deceptive or fraudulent in any way. You can tell when someone is being deceptive when they are operating from a place of ego and control. Even then no one can deceive you unless you believe and subscribe to lies that you were not capable of discerning because of your own lack of intuitiveness.

I think this is an important point for “light workers” to consider when attempting to “ascend” into a higher dimensional existence. Our ability to live in harmony is dependent upon our ability to understand the difference between disagreeing with a point of view and accusing someone of being a fraud simply because you do not share the same view. It is good practice to allow others to say whatever they think and feel as truth without insulting them or dismissing them but a truly enlightened being would recognize that everyone is channeling information. A truly enlightened being would be able to discern between messages from lower self and higher self. They would recognize the value in all messages from all beings who express their views freely because this is how we all learn and evolve as souls. It is obvious when someone has not yet mastered ego and duality when they feel it necessary to put a label on someone or diminish them in some way. Remember that when you are arrogantly rejecting someone’s views or treating them less than you would treat yourself you are not demonstrating the oneness for which you so aggressively campaign.

Oh BTW, My Higher Self channeled this message.
My lower self is channeling this mesage. . ."bite me"