October 2, 2007

Body In The Balance

I have really had enough of everyone trying to sell people ways to be healthy and fit. Why would you have to spend money to be healthy? Do you think we would be here on this planet if our design were that faulty? If you have the desire you can and will become fit and disease-free without spending a penny on drugs, fad diets and workout equipment.

pH is potential hydrogen in your body. The human body needs to be slightly alkaline to be healthy and disease free. Pasteur said, “Germs are nothing. It is the terrain that is important”. If we allow our bodies to become too acidic we create an environment for disease, suffering and death. If we need food at all (some believe we don’t) then we must monitor the pH of everything we put in to our bodies.

Stop putting poisons into your body like anything not natural or too much of anything. If you don’t grow it and prepare it yourself you don’t really know what you are consuming do you?
Don’t believe the labels.

Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water every day.

Avoid red meat, alcohol and caffeine and artificial anything.

If you buy anything buy a juicer and drink veggie and fruit juices every day. Raw foods have everything you need to live if you choose to eat. Some advanced naturalists/gurus can go without eating and receive their energy and nutrients form the sun. Sun Gaze, responsibly. www.solarhealing.com .

If you just love food make balancing what you eat a life practice.

Walk for an hour a day, barefoot on the earth.

Write, paint, read, draw, sculpt, dance, daydream, sing, hug and laugh a lot.

Live and let live. You are not responsible for the actions of others. Stop trying to control the world and set examples instead. You will live a longer happier life once you relieve yourself of that burden.

Keep your body pH balanced and you will never be sick. If humans were actually at the mercy of germs and viruses in our perfect natural state we would not exist. The germs and viruses would have won out a very long time ago. We were built to be immortal. We have every means to overcome any invasion from any enemy in our world. Our bodies repair and rejuvenate constantly, set up defenses and morph to suit every external change. We have been encouraged to believe that we must rely on others for our survival, that there is a higher power that determines our fate. This is a lie that is perpetuated by those who wish to have power over others.