May 6, 2014

Reason and Truth

I was just thinking. . .Reasoning is like seasoning. It makes the truth more palatable. Why do we need a reason to make us feel worthy? Why do we have to know there is a purpose for our suffering that goes beyond cause and effect? Why does it matter? If we need a reason to feel better about what is then that means it is our mind that is determining the way we feel. So why not just cut to the chase. If you are suffering know that it will not last because nothing lasts. Know that suffering is caused by our mental attachment to that which we do not want or like. This is brought about by our senses. It is all made up in the mind. So you don't need to know there is a divine purpose for why you stubbed your toe or why you found a twenty dollar bill. All you need to know is that no matter what happens you ultimately have the power to be at peace with it or not. There is no god that will do that for you. There is no circumstance or place that will make it all better. Reasoning is a tool. Don't make it a crutch.

May 1, 2014


If you want to help get this kind of important information out please go to I have been watching and communicating with Brad Johnson on and off for several years and I have seen him go from being a seeker to an creator making incredible things happen. I will always support people like this. Thank you for you help.