October 28, 2010

The Meaning of Inciting Fear

I write a great deal about the truth as I see it. Often I have been accused of inciting fear due to the nature of topics I address. A fear monger is someone that presents all of the horrific things that are happening in the world or that may possibly happen that will cause suffering or destruction with absolutely no solutions or suggestions about how to deal with those things. What scares people is the idea of not existing and/or suffering and believing they have no control over those things that cause suffering. My underlying theme is always self mastery. I cannot possibly know who is fearful and who is not but my objective is to reveal the truth as I see it no matter how frightening it may be and remind others that there is nothing to fear when they are masters of their own consciousness. There is no such thing as death. Energy is eternal. “We can’t hold on to anything. Life is just a dream”. We cannot control outside forces. All we can control is our own mind and bodies.

Specifically I have written about the possibility of interference from dark entities with our ascension process; that is our spiritual and physical evolution. I refer to mastering consciousness (the ethereal body) while still attached to our 3D bodies or after “death” so that we are able to steer ourselves out of any undesirably existence. It is not unreasonable to assume that in an ageless universe there are beings that have had plenty of “time” to evolve and plenty of experience mastering the dimensions. We are at the densest level now which a human can exist. It is difficult to remember who we are and practice navigating out of this illusion. The next dimension we enter at death and in our sleep is the lower astral realm. Many of us can’t even remember our dreams much less be lucid enough to overcome dark events or situations. Many people get stuck between waking and sleeping where they encounter ghastly beings that try to harm them. Many people are so attached to earth at death that they become hungry ghosts stuck between worlds. Does this frighten you? It is the fear that is the cause of our victimization and inability to master the realms in the first place. Every bit of this is mind but at the same time we are all part of ONE mind that is fractured. Hence, the illusion of separation and the reason there appears to be “other” beings that wish to harm us. They cannot exist without your fear.

We already know that there are beings on this planet now, human or not that deliberately incite fear by creating chaos and war, keeping our energies low with foods and drugs, damaging the environment and continually perpetuating the idea that we are unworthy. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is quite obvious that millions of people are suffering on this planet. There are even animals that will eat you as soon as look at you. I have a huge alligator in my pond that could eat me. Many people wake up in fear every day but most of us do not live in fear because we are not directly affected by these things, because we are in denial or because we KNOW that fear is irrational and pointless. It is a bit arrogant and irresponsible then to claim that someone is inciting fear simply because they are writing about the atrocities that exist on this planet especially when the whole point of shedding light on these nasty truths is to offer solutions and encourage others to master their fears.

One may pose the argument that none of these things matter now because Earth is ascending and so are humans. Humans may or may not ascend depending upon their ability to MASTER THEIR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS AND RELEASE FEAR. There are no free tickets. Earth does not care if you come along for the ride or not. She is not going to wait for you. So to assume that you will magically be lifted into a higher realm without doing any of the inner work is self deception. If you cannot let go of things and people and fears and guilt you will not be able to withstand the higher energies that are hitting the planet. I myself do not know what I am capable of or how far I will go throughout this process. Whatever happens will happen in accordance to the soul’s journey. And the only way to know your path is to ask your highest self. There is no savior and there is no right or wrong way or place to be, only degrees of suffering you will encounter when you are in fear. And this is why there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The Human Energy Exchange System

The idea of not using money and moving to a completely resource based economy still seems to baffle so many people. There are papers after papers written about this but I would like to keep this as short and simple as possible. Money doesn’t build buildings, pick fruit, style your hair, drill for oil or make your clothes. Money is a worthless piece of paper. It is the human being or in many cases the devices and robotics that human beings create that does the work. Sure there are jobs that people just don’t want do. Mike Rowe has his own show about all the nasty things humans would rather not do. I will bet you that the people that do those jobs don’t make anywhere near the paycheck that a CEO makes just sitting behind his desk. But intelligent humans can either build robots to do the dirty jobs or think of better ways to create without such waste and nastiness. In the future I believe we will become far more compassionate, conservative and conscientious in regard to our environment and the way we treat other living beings; if not as a result of a natural spiritual evolution, for the simple reason that it is the most efficient way to live.

The main argument that people have against a resource based economy or what I like to call Human Energy Exchange System is why would someone work all day and not get paid? We have to remember that there are indigenous tribes that exist right now that do not use money. They all have jobs accept for those who are ill or too young or old to work. They eat, pray, love. And work is just as fulfilling and rewarding because it is not something they are doing for money. They work to feed and clothe themselves and to build comfortable shelters. For every hour that a person works in a given field such as Technologies, Service Industry, Education, Transportation etc. we would receive credit just as we would have received money before. We do this with our children. When they contribute to the family they are rewarded with a sense of purpose and responsibility.

The Credit Card system is a poor example of keeping track of one’s credit. Banks define credit as a loan. They give you “credit” for making purchases without actually having the money to make that purchase and then charge you interest. Would you do that to your child? The new definition of credit is acknowledgment of time spent performing a service. There would be more of an issue of exchanging time in different services than getting credit. Focus would be more on job placement and scheduling than looking for work or trying to get more credit. There would be more competition for certain jobs based on a person’s interest and skill level than their degree. Artists would create because they want to and can choose to give their creations away freely, be contracted for public spaces or exchange their art for other things. Otherwise corporations will be run by the people for the people providing the basic needs for the masses like transportation, robotics, foods and construction. So there will be those who work at a public job and those who work privately on more unique items or to perform individual services. People can work as much or as little as they choose but the consequence is the same. If you cannot be depended upon you will be replaced. If no one is willing to work a certain position, robots can do the work or it just won’t get done. Only those projects will manifest that are the result of individuals with passion to see it come to fruition. When that is the motivation behind creation rather than money the result is a work of art from the heart. What if there is no work? There is always something to do. In any given community there will always be someone that needs help doing something. The problem now is that people don’t have the money to pay someone to do the work! That is why unemployment is so high. It isn’t because there is nothing to do.

The way to keep track of the credit for an individual’s service is with passive technologies but not by micro chipping. There are ways to protect one’s identity without being micro chipped. It is unlikely that there would be an issue with identity theft if everything was free and life was comfortable and fun. We should all contribute to the world we are living in. But what about those who choose not to contribute? In a world where everything is abundant and we have endless creative freedom why would anyone not want to share their talents and interests with the rest of the world? But if there are those that do not wish to contribute and wish to live outside of cities and social structures they will only have access to the basic resources like water and native plants that are freely available to all, compliments of Mother Earth. There will be wide open spaces for people who want to be away from society just as there are now. Societies can share technologies as freely as they wish with those on the outside. On a balanced healthy Earth, edible plants, water, knowledge are freely available to all beings. But technologies will make our lives much easier and the luxuries we be able to indulge in like specialty foods, entertainment and transportation are all a lifestyle choice that requires less energy to maintain than it does to live in nature. It would require no more energy to provide free global transportation for everyone.

Mutual respect for others privacy and their personal dwellings would be the norm. If not I am sure we will think of a way to deal with those who ignore those standards that doesn’t involve violence or locking them away. When the consciousness levels have reached a certain point anyone that goes against the natural flow will feel the uncomfortable affects. Conformity is not a bad thing if the thing one is conforming to is mutual respect and appreciation for all life.

There will come a time in the very near future when we will no longer need or even want material things due to replication technologies and holograms. Though it may come as a shock to many people the natural course of evolution is to return to spirit. The earth is evolving spiritually (energetically) and physically (PHI cyclicly)or ascending and so are we. But until that time one of the lessons we will have to learn along the way is the impermanence all things, release attachment to material things and people, to overcome greed and jealousy and all of those other deadly “sins” that made life hell on earth.

The global financial situation is dire at this time and many believe (and according to Web Bot) that by the middle of this month, November, 2010 we will see a total global financial collapse. Many people will panic but I believe that most understand that collapse of the old system is necessary in order to create a new system of exchange. Even those of us who do not have a very good grasp on economics understand that our current system was built to fail because it is based on a closed energy system that is easily corrupted. The golden ratio is present in every aspect of nature. It is an open energy system of balance and flow as a result of self similarity and compassion, an eternal spiral. A Golden Mean system of exchange is powered by human compassion and the desire to create with the understanding that we each are a part of the whole. Our reality is not shaped by any amount of money. “Reality is potential shaped by intent” (Daniel Srsa).

October 27, 2010

Phire in the Garden

I loved my grandmother. I loved her imperfections and her superstitions and I loved the way she collected junk. She was always there for me, rubbing my back to get me to sleep and taking me to the store for a Moonpie (Yep. I'm from the south he he) She died when I was in my twenties and I never cried because I felt that she was so miserable in her lifetime, death could only be an improvement for her. Perhaps there was a part of me that felt a bit guilty about that but one night I met up with her again.

I had what I believe was a 5D experience with my "dead" grandmother. She took me by my hand which seemed to be small again as though I were a child. I could feel every wrinkle in her soft hand. It was as real as I am sitting here now. We were immersed in this amazingly beautiful white light and she walked with me through her once scraggly backyard that had become a beautiful garden. There was another presence there of a masculine energy and I received so much information that I could not even begin to put it into words now. There was such an intense amount of pure unconditional love pouring in that felt as though my heart would explode. This is the unconditional universal love that needs to be integrated in order to understand what is happening to humanity and it is so very difficult to explain. It makes you want to cry and laugh and fly all at the same time.

When I woke from this I WAS crying. I was sobbing because my 3D body could not cope with that kind of love. It was overwhelming. It reminded me of when I was very young and how much love I felt and still feel for animals and trees and how devastating it was for someone to just look at me with anger or hate. I became hardened to that negative energy at first and then I learned how to neutralize it with unconditional love.

It can be scary at first to step into that place. We have to release so much to get there and we are so conditioned to hold on. It's funny, people that lived through the depression tend to be hoarders because they had very little or nothing. They wasted nothing. There are a lot of reasons we hold onto things but the truth is that nothing is permanent and nothing lasts but spirit and this "love" that I speak of. It's always there. I am a singer songwriter and recently I wrote a song about letting go of the material world. I haven't finished recording it yet but I would like to post the lyrics here.

LoPHI (LOVE) to all,

Phire in the Garden

Winter has a way of making us believe
In another world waiting
Cold as I am beneath my lucid skin
there’s a warm heart beating

I won’t deny that I was caught up in the dream
It felt so right but nothing is what it seems

I washed my hands of the labor and the dust
And started singing
Smoke filled the air. It all came crashing down
And the bells were ringing

The people cried and cursed my very name
They’ll be alright but nothing will be the same

There’s a fire in the Garden
But I’m not putting out the flames
Let it burn everything I started
Cause I’m not coming back again
I won’t be back

See how they run there’s a place forever one
In the land of the living
It’s a far far cry from the world you used to know
Where believing is seeing

You can’t hold on to anything
Life is just a dream
You can't hold on to anything
Life is just a dream
Don't hold to anything

I won’t deny that I was caught in a dream
It feels so right that nothing is what it seems

There’s a fire in the Garden
But I’m not putting out the flames
Let it burn everything I started
Cause I’m not coming back again
I won’t be back
I’m not coming back

October 26, 2010

Space Ships and Saviors For 3D Victims

I know that there is a lot of excitement around the new space brothers and sisters and their awesome space ships. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience these new beings and their technologies if they are indeed benevolent living beings but it is so important to remember this one simple thing. WE DON"T NEED THEM. You might love your uncle Guido but you don't NEED him for your survival unless he kidnaps you, places you in a holographic basement, controls all the food and water and opts not to tell you that you can walk out at any time. In terms of surviving this shift into the next paradigm, only 3D beings that cannot manage to find the BLISS required to generate their own Light Body Vessel will find themselves needing 10,000 sun block in the very near future and may be tempted to take a ride on a space ship with beings that may or may not have your best interest in mind.

If our space friends have been here all along why are they only now coming forward in mass to assist us? You say well they weren’t allowed to interfere with free will? They have been interfering with our free will from the very beginning. Free will is a joke. We are here because of these fallen angels that wanted slaves. All of these beings KNEW about this part of our history and very few but the true ascended masters (the ones without space ships) lifted a finger to help us until NOW. We have no free will. Ask Africans about free will. Ask Tibetans. Ask Americans that think they are SOOO free about free will to drink and eat without having to work for money to pay for it. This is a water planet! There is fresh water all around most of which has been contaminated so that we have to buy bottled water that is actually just filtered tap water. We have to buy our food because wild foods are so rare now and unappealing compared to the genetically modified foods controlled by corporations. This is insanity. Did the average human contaminate the water and ruin the natural balance of this planet? Of course not. No human is born into this world thinking that they need to control everything and invent things to survive. We are born instinctively knowing to suckle the breast and drink fresh water. We imitate mother and father to learn what is safe to eat and behaviors that will keep us safe. Even being born naked and defenseless was a cruel deliberate act on the part of those who genetically tampered with human DNA to keep us dependent upon them. Corporations that want to make money are responsible for suppressing ancient wisdom and denying every tribe and every nation the right to live at one with nature. Who are these beings that run corporations? Anyone who places unnatural technologies and money above Natural LIFE is not an ascended being or one on the path of spirit.

If you really think about it, it is a big fat slap in the face. HUmans have been suffering on this planet for twenty-thousand years. If we all chose this 3D experience consciously by our own free will then there should be no reason for any other beings to assist us in the first place EVER. It would just be our experience. But if we were manipulated by “the gods”, which we were, then we obviously have lost our way meaning NOT remembering who we are or where we are going and we have needed help all this time. Why is it ok for Dracos to invade and rape this planet and take advantage of humans but it was not ok for our other "space brothers" to intervene um, until the last minute when we don't need them anyway because we are ASCENDING? You may say well there were ascended masters that came here to assist us like Jesus and Buddha to get us on the right path. Why did they have to incarnate to give us messages when these space brothers just simply "channel" the info? Assuming these masters actually consciously incarnated, they would incarnate fully conscious of who they were, memories intact and be able to share with us these things on our level of understanding. Dracos, vampires, reptilians, the Grey's and computer hive mind holograms (if the scriptures are true)CANNOT do that! They have lost their ability to steer their consciousness because they have NO SOUL. Therefore they must channel the info via technologies. Their only hope is to eat souls, gold powder (Gold Powder addiction produces a parasitic technologically immortal but astral prison – no self-created gland juice= no accelerator ) or merge consciousness with other beings to exist as long as possible. This is why there is so much energy put into tampering with our DNA/interbreeding etc. We humans have the DNA to host many levels of consciousness and it is a prized possession. The masters' message was for us to ascend out of this realm and return to the father (universal creator) not to join them on a spaceship.

Only a fallen angel would shape shift or possess a physical being. Many of these beings that are here now are not masters and cannot ascend to Christed beings because they are so interfaced with technologies that they have lost their own ability to generate merkaba. They can live for very a long time in the same body, shape shift or appear as holograms. This is all technology based rather than self mastery. A soulless being can manifest in 3D as a ghost but they are called demons. A 4D ghost with a soul can manifest in 3D and seem as real as you and I because they are still attached to their body mindfully. They can also ascend through release of attachment whereas a demon cannot. In many cases they are not aware that they are dead. A true ascended master has no body to duplicate or hold onto because they are pure consciousness, light and formless. Some beings incarnate because they still have issues to work on meaning they still don't get it and they will once again be thrown back into birth and rebirth, the land of forgetfulness.

The true masters are all part of you and they communicate with you when you listen to your higher self. They don't need fancy tricks, cell phones or space ships, nor do we, unless we continue to allow ourselves to be controlled by technologies. We were warned about the Beast (Mechanical LIFE/Computer mind). We were warned about soulless technologies. Now the time is here and it is a plain as day to see but there are still those who absolutely do not want to see it.

Why are they suddenly willing to share technologies with us that the elite have had all along? Because, they can no longer continue to hide the technologies or the truth that the earth is ascending. People have been seeing what appears to be “angelic beings” forever. What are they doing here? Even Jesus and Buddha had to incarnate to communicate with us because we were so deep in it. Buddha and Jesus, while they were incarnate, taught that we could live on light or very little sustenance but they fed the hungry and healed the suffering. These beings here now can't give a starving kid in Africa a sandwich? They have all of this technology and could take out the Dracos and the human Illuminati at any moment but they will not because they are the ones that have been oppressing us all along. They will keep asking you to be patient while nature takes its course and they will gather up as many sheep as they can. They will keep your focus on gold and technologies. Their conditional love does not compare to unconditional love. When they tell you that you are loved and that they are excited to take you on their ships, the truth they are not mentioning is that you do not need to be loved and you do not need a ship. Why does a being of love need to be loved? They may genuinely love you as a shepherd loves his flock but that is conditional love. Why would you as a merkaba light body vessel need a ship even if they say it is an organic merkaba ship?
If your physical body parishes and you have mastered merkaba you can incarnate again in any density at will or return to source. Your physical body does not need to be rescued unless you are ignorant of this and afraid of letting go of the material realm. So many people claim to understand that the earth and humans are ascending to 5D and still they believe that they need to be saved. It is irrational. Every soul is sovereign unless they allow another to take them. Only a 3D being needs a 3D ship to transport them linearly. You don’t need anyone else to “teleport” you into a merkaba vessel or activate your merkaba. This is all technology used to trick us. The reason I say it is a trick is because the same beings claiming they will save 3D beings from earth disasters are not telling these humans that may not be able to ascend, HOW to ascend (the physics); how to activate their merkaba with the proper hygiene and meditation, without personality worship, with the glandular bliss that implodes their DNA. They are implying that THEY will assist them with ascension and that is not the Bliss/Eternal LIFE path. That is technology HIVE MIND path. Your soul is a sun (sol) in its own right. YOU must do the work by being in continual BLISS through release and unconditional love to steer your soul through the sun of this solar system when it reaches solar maximum. If we are afraid of releasing the physical we will make choices that will keep us in a 3D realm that is DOMINATED by these beings.

Think about this. . . Every bit of the material realm is about overcoming addiction and learning to master your mind. It is not about playing because play is imagination and we can play in any realm. We play here as a result of the mind seeking to escape the harshness of this reality and to release tension. What more can we possibly get out of 3D existence at this point? Some people have all the money in the world and are miserable. Some have nothing and are blissful. How many trips do we need to take or golf games do we have to play? How much alcohol do we have to consume or food do we need to eat before we are satisfied with the material realm enough to say goodbye? If you are still yearning for something then you are not ready to ascend. My only wish for those that do not ascend and choose to put their fate in the hands of others is that they do not find themselves in a hellish scenario that is worse than this one was for so many.
Much love~

October 20, 2010

Choosing Light Over Dark OR BEING CHRISTED

We are at a pivotal moment on our ascension path where we are about to undergo an enormous change. We as individuals have NO control over others or even the earth changes to any degree that will stop a hurricane or stop violence. Technologies and the collective consciousness can affect the weather and we can speak out against violence and even try to lock up every criminal, but this mentality that the goodies have to control the baddies or that joy and light and GOD will protect you from the upheavals on the planet is delusional and playing the same duality game we are trying to rise above. There are millions of people that have died in the past few years from hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Did that happen because they were not happy enough or "good" enough? No. It happened because we have created imbalance on our planet by supporting the polarity game, money system, non fractal architecture, toxins rather than living at one with nature. Biomechanics is the science of using only the golden mean principle to create. The golden ratio is nature’s way of creating in a way that is balanced. This is demonstrated in the ancient architectural structures that still stand. CHRIST means balance as in Crystal symmetry. Repeat that method over and over and you have FRACTAL INFINITY or eternal life. In the case of a material society, when we use this principle in everything from structures to health and even in our social behavior (the golden rule) we create a world where everyone feels, and is, part of everything else. Everyone “matters”. Feeling disconnected breeds fear and leads to acts of violence.

This is a duality universe where good and bad, left and right are all choices that exist in our minds. In this 3D realm we do have to make some choices in our everyday lives, diet or fat free, regular or supersized . . .and every choice we make affects everything else. But this specific fight against dark beings that is being perpetuated cannot be won by ignoring the dark side of life nor can it be won with force. Light and love need to be clearly defined in this case. Light is knowledge and love is acceptance and respect for all life. In this sense light and love neutralizes polarity. It is not a team of “goodies” against the “baddies”. When we stand against something we become the polar opposite of it. By holding the vibration of peace and bliss which is neutrality we are able to make choices without being influenced by our fears and prejudices. The only thing control freaks have to use against others is their fear and prejudice. Without that THEY are neutralized. They are still there and they are still in their own dark world but if you are truly a master of mind you can withstand both psychological and physical violence. Who knows what events will unfold in each of our lives? Hopefully we will never see the horrors that many have. But we always have a choice as to how we deal with whatever may come our way.

Bliss is the awareness of both joy and misery as states of being that we may or may not choose to experience. BLISS is omnipresence and that is what it is to be a CHRISTED BEING or BUDDHA. A state of bliss comes with the awareness and compassion for all beings regardless of their journey and non attachment to the impermanent. It is not easy to be in that state because we are so conditioned to react to this polarity existence.

Master your ego, Free your mind, Release, Breath and be in the world, not of it. In this duality universe we don’t have to stop making choices. But in a golden mean paradigm we can see the choices as simply choices. They will come from a desire to create harmony. Though we will show respect for others we will not compromise our own individuality and creative expression in fear of offending others. In this paradigm offense will not be taken anyway because nothing will be taken personally. I believe this type of Utopian existence is possible in the 3rd density but many believe that the planet is ascending to 5d meaning we will no longer exist as 3d beings but a more ethereal version. In this case this polarity battle will be much more quickly addressed and resolved. But if we should find ourselves in a not so desirable reality please remember that the end of your suffering is all up to you.

October 5, 2010

PHIsics of Kundalini

Sex is the Material worlds attempt to duplicate Kundalini Spirit. Keep in mind that Bliss is charge and causes braiding of DNA. . .

An excerpt from an article by Dan Winter:

Kundalini may be physically measured in among other ways, as a coherence phenomena of collected cellular "blue fire". (Reference our 2 hour video with 3 Medical Doctor's: "The Biology of Blue Fire".) Ultra violet coherence being the motor and currency of cell metabolism (Ettienne, and Lipton). What may be most instructive about this is the degree to which the gathered (and "fractal?) inertia of human attention/focus does specifically direct and steer this waveguide. The mechanism which permits increasingly coherent human focus to steer microwave and shorter bandwidths is very much our appropriate challenge to understand fully.

Interestingly, it was UV spectral emission lines which can measure the braid angle of DNA helical wrap factor. It was this technology which allowed us to prove that electrical lo frequency COHERENCE in the heart beat, associated with the feeling of compassion, does measureably affect the braid angle of DNA. (The chapter in my book, entitled Programming DNA: Is Emotion the Weaver"., and the research done at my suggestion by Heart Math Institute, published in Int'l Society for the Study of Energy Medicine. http://www.danwinter.com/rein )

The point being that an Ultraviolet effect in the DNA is documentably changed by a conscious teachable skill: feeling love and compassion in the heart measured in the power spectral analysis of the EKG (my work at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, first measured EKG coherence associated with emotion).

So now let us apply this metaphor to the activities we know create likely kundalini medical symptoms. Creating glandular coherence creates microwave and ultraviolet cellular coherence. Glandular (emotive) coherence appears teachable with biofeedback or yoga etc. We must ask what is the principle in essence of what permits human conscious activity to grapple with the heart of high frequency cellular fires.

I discussed with Ben Bentov many times the mechanism of the sonic entrainment of the heart pressure waves with the liquids of the brain ventricles (like a can of peaches shaking he would say.) His capacitive accelerometer for measuring this ring relationship between heart and brain liquids was one of th e planets finest feedback devices. Ben described his own kundalini experiences as often originating in the solar plexus area, very different than mine. (His book on the subject: "Stalking the Wild Pendulum", has a chapter - phonon mechanism of kundalini - which is cross correlate to Lee Sanella, MD book "Kundalini: Psychoses or Transendance".)

COHERENT heart sounds pump ecstatic juices to the brain. Think of the geometry of sonic phonons or sound in liquid long standing waves as functioning like a flute operated snake charmer, or the sonic standing nodes moving like the pushers in a peristalsic pump (in which mechanical hands push liquids up a flexible tube.)

The origin of the sweetness tasted dripping from the squeezed amygdala of the brains nut, is the blue dish at the base of the spine. Here foreplay or breath gathers the collected Ultraviolet nectars of cell metabolism. If tantra or kundalini can produce enough Sacra Cranial Pulse (a sonic long wave) up the fluids of the spine, then the stinger tube hole at the base of the spine can begin to pump. When successful of course this produces the positive biofeedback of "permission to taste the sweetness". Sweetness being always and only a measure of braidedness.

There are those who doubted the definite experience of we intense kundalini experiencers, who begin to taste quite literally from the roof of our mouths, whatever is near the tailbone. The end products of digestion gather there, as in the hi frequency massaged "sweetness", highest density content braidedness: at the BLUE DISH. At first in tantra, it takes extreme conservation (abstinence from orgasm) to build the pressure of the assembled cellular hi frequency excipients (foreplay), to back flush them up the just learning how, spine pump. Later, as the passage is opened more, the tailbone tube "straw that sucks", begins delivering sweet nectar to the brain floor 'under the flower' VERY frequently (my experience). At first we visualized a simple opening of the tailbone tube, which Gurdjieff called the 'organ Kunda-buffer', regulated by the (sonic and actual) massage of the peritoneal and prostate ( in the male). Later we realized also that the vestigial HORSE HAIRS of the tail bone, still present at the human spin base, also serve a high frequency coherence light wave guide gathering 'up' function.

When all of this 'sacro cranial pumping' works..(danwinter.com/isthisrecursion/apta.html AND Upledger Institute, and Polarity concepts)

the arrival of these the best biological nutrients to the brain crown produces:

1. an explosion of brain cellular growth at the upper brain. The unfolding of the petals of a magnetic flower there, which then attract images (magnetic waves in phase are identical to perception of 'petals') to the pineal. ...The 'Thousand Petalled Lotus".

2. an extreme plumbed removal of lingum excipients /mucosal crystalizations blocking flow, from the cerebrospinal and connected lymph passages. The psychological correlates of which include however many months of tears required to excise every unshareable (less than VERY symmetric/ recursive and thus eternal) stored emotion. The geometry of emotion's electrical library being the phase disciphined foldedness on surface of cell and piezoelectric muscle. (The notion that cell surface SHAPE is no more than an index of whatever electrical waves could stand together musically in phase, as in "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" -mathematic biophysics text, and depicted more romantically at http://www.danwinter.com/cancer - shape fold index to cancer and aids.)

3. a potentially dangerous over excitation/ metabolic speedup of the glands. the skill to move nutrients from the cells entrance to High Quality UV, and then out to glandular and ecstatic operations goes to its limit. Essentially, metabolisms baud rate can speed up to beyond the glands ability to withstand the fire. In my case, fifteen years of nutritional honing permit a kind of thin survival. (Specifically I believe the higher amperage and higher frequency densities pushing thru the cellular cores, stress the mineral to water bond structure as at Albert Szent Gyorgyi "Electronic Biology and Cancer", necessitating trace mineral replacement and the bliss capacitance necessary to hold those minerals soluble and funtional as geometrizers for cellular electrical conductive efficiency.. Also I emphasize the quality of the critical raw oils {"Lorenzo's Oil"} {heat kills them} which create the myelin sheath dialectric insulator so stressed by hi amperage and voltage at the synaptic level. If nervous tissue as optical hologram waveguide does not get the electrical insulator quality necessary to hold hi pressure/voltage, then psychokinesis becomes unsustainable.) Important instructions for hygiene here, at Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle

4. an overflowing of sweetness dripping onto the back of the tongue, resulting in a different appreciation of what sweetness is (the girl after kundalini or tantric ecstatcy prefers lentils to chocolate because their deferred but self braided sweetness is tastier. ersatz sweetness only a substitute for ecstatic process is no longer desired)

5. the perception of a magnetically implosive current traveling spinally. Moving ones attention to the core of this magnetic current, can with shamanic practice create an organ of perception (look through the eye of the serpent.)

6. a potent magnetically converging atmospheric and earth current force precipitating moisture from above, and creating new springs below. Herein comes the in-tube wormhole song-line entering force which Aboriginally glues tectonics together. Drawing the magnetic current energy line from the energy going in circles which we cutely label mass, is the ss word from ss tone : the raised djed, and djedi knight.

7. a dramatic improvement over the perception of simple orgasm; the passage of hapliod DNA seed up the spine in the male: prostatic thick but clear fluid can come out the penis, the semen went up. In the female noteably, recurrent descriptions of "virgin" birth (conversations with Sannella, Drunvalo). The point is that it is the carrier of capactive charge which instructs the eggs membrane to turn inside out/donut and become fetus. (The ""MOMENT"" of fertilization). The source of the charge spin must inherently have enought recursion (awareness), to feed DNA it's complement message. See how whatever causes the spherical egg membrane to BEGIN TO DIMPLE, is the agent of the onset of the fertilization. (see also egg dimple at pic at danwinter.com/torrent ). Article with pictures at www.danwinter.com/superDNA The point being that, the lightning light spike of kundalini charge, able to COME TO A POINT, literally because its harmonics are in PHI golden ratio nesting (see our ekg spectra work), can actually trigger an egg to split... (turn inside out).

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE ECSTATIC INDUCED FREQUENT REPORTS OF VIRGIN BIRTH have NO father. It is important to realize that what we have been calling an ECSTACY TUBE or wormhole up the spine (see also the wormhole transport function in the movies "Contact", "StarGate", and TV's "Deep Space Nine"), becomes quite literally a blood artery of what we have childishly been calling ANGELS. (Timeline/ event history trajectories or splits, like at Montauk, can be healed or reconverge nondestructively for example, only when the subsequent event histories themselves are arranged into a Phi-lotaxes based temporal fractal, -math for time histories in log phi geometric in "Spiral Calendar" by Carolan - descriptions by the Templars under "Repair the Fabric of Time" - so "Angels Don't Bleed - see also danwinter.com/buehler Templar Ruta Time Continuum.. Oritronic vs Metatronic).

The magnetic implosion vortex (up the spin) in the very process of becoming self organizing as a wave function (KUNDA HAS A "MIND OF IT'S OWN"), becomes self aware. Steering this worm (ORMes), is part of the coherence body which becomes angelic. The Saraphic here (See the role of Angel Gabriel at Mary's conception, and Moroni gold plate guardian), being the hi Reptilian, (Mag), while the Ophanic being the hi source of the "bird' brain genetics. Remember "Myth of the Birth of the Hero" (Otto Rank) requiring all avatars to be virgin birth.."So Moses Was Born" (Joan Grant), did not mean the Magnetix X chromosome was without trigger,(XY cross then BRANCH eugene), it meant 'Dad was ET'.

8. the long term impact of kundalini on DNA braid coherence is such as to add another harmonic series of frequecies to the enveloping. This is commonly and erroneously referred to as adding another strand. More correctly entering another dimension never referred to anything which was not topologically the superposition of another axis of symmetry (braiding). This is exactly what happens when the ratio of a carrier wave length, to the wave length of the envelope which contains it, becomes sacred, or recursive, or phi. (Long wave PHI ratio-Golden Mean- the perfection of recursive nest). Genepool spin densities become potentially entirely fractal in this way, and thus reach stellar awareness. This is harvest of sweetness which genepools potentially deliver as milk to gaia's lactic core. (Sweetness in chemistry being merely a name for HOW MUCH BRAIDING..).

9. Kundalini is schizophrenia only when the urge to fractality is fractionated, in nutrition and environment totally lacking in spin density/context richness/braidedness. (The appendix to Lee Sannella, MD book on kundalini showing the huge proportion of Kundalini experiencers who are diagnosed schizophrenic is a VERY sobering diagnosis of our Medical profession). This then relates to the microcosmic orbit skill to return/rotate the magnetic, microwave, and UV broad spectral currents back down the spine. (I believe were the microwave map of the spine to be resolved, the IDA / PINGALA up and down currents would be visible around the SUSHUMNA core). The psychological import of this is that once you see God (light explodes), if you cannot return and create a service with your new phone line to the spin of one mind, then you will go insane. The geomantic law here is that true ecstatic process is unsustainable and produces insanity unless you live in a magnetically fractal landscape. This is why Magdalen had to create a zodiac fractal when she directed the (Templar dreams) siting of the gothic cathedrals, to distribute the spin force of the charge of her tantric swoon with Jesus Christ, fractally to the nearby zodiacal landscape. Awareness is distributed only as wave. Waves can change scales by perfected ratio only in the presence of the Lo-PHI Golden Mean Fractal. Mygdala is the name for the journal on fractality and the nut squeezed in the brain to make sweetness, by the hearts sonic fractal. Rosy foldedness perfected. Come here to die, and you won't. ... All sensitive and sustainably psychokinetic, particularly women, MUST bond (phase lock) with their LAND, in order to get leverage on the collective DNA field effect (collective mind / 'God') .. and that landscape must be fractal/recursive/embedable/geomantic in order to hold her charge/awareness).

The heart of the matter of principle which enables awareness to attract the force of such currents is contained in the 'recurring' harmonic whisper of the heart at the moment of love. We look at the harmonic content of the EKG, as the rush tingle of compassion sweeps, we find not just COHERENCE in the EKG between 0-35 hertz (exactly the coherence bandwidth in the EEG and the Earth's Schumann resonance.) WHAT WE FIND IS A PARTICULAR KIND OF COHERENCE (MUSICAL CHORD). WE FIND THAT WHEN THE HARMONICS OF THE HEART'S BEAT ARE MOST LIKELY TO CAPACITIVELY ENTRAIN THE BRAIN AND EVEN ENTRAIN A TREE AT A DISTANCE....... AT THAT MOMENT THE HEART'S FREQUENCY HARMONICS WILL BE A RECURSIVE/SELF EMBEDDED/ FRACTAL IN THEIR NON-LINEAR HARMONIC NEST.

More specifically, the physics here is that the frequency harmonics (power spectra / fft) of the EKG will show the heart change from normal linear harmonic intervals between contained frequencies (multiples of 2), to a situation where the INTERVAL BETWEEN CONTAINED HARMONICS BECOMES MULTIPLES OF GOLDEN MEAN. (THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE NON-LINEAR, and therefore implosive cascade called LO-PHI.. love..) ~

By Dan Winter

October 4, 2010

This Luciferian Universe

I am not religious but I do understand the scriptures in the context of PHYSICS and quote them. Discernment is recognizing that a message can contain both accurate and inaccurate statements and that truth is relative according to the observer. What I look out for in channeled messages are statements such as:

"We are in control of Earth but not in the sense of having taken it over, but being aware of everything that is happening. We do keep the balance at all times, but have to allow a certain degree of freewill to operate. . ."~ (a channeled message from Salusa)

Anyone who says they control earth, keep the balance and "allow" a certain degree of free will is delusional. Being aware of all that is happening on earth is one thing but controlling earth is something only fallen beings would want to do. Earth is a being in her own right. She doesn't need to be controlled unless it is strictly to keep humans on her and under control. Dense beings need Earth, planets, ships but Earth doesn't NEED us. 3rd density experience is being managed by beings who have mastered Merkaba and technologies but have not yet released their need to control. It is like loving your child and refusing to let them live their own lives and suffer their own consequences regardless of what those consequences are.

Humans shed their dense bodies every minute and move to their light body. It is an ongoing process we see often as death. Ask yourself what do these beings need to manage? Why do souls need physical bodies and planets to begin with? Souls have been enticed and even deceived into returning over and over even when we were ready to leave. Pan, Lucifer, Mara. . .are personifications of the seducer of the Material Realm. If we could actually conceive what lies beyond this realm (the Solar Mind) we would want to leave immediately and NEVER return. But we forgot how to take our memories with us at death of the body and ascend out of this realm. Enlightenment shows us the path to liberation from the material world. To be in the world and not of it is to observe and NOT participate or control anything or anyone other than self. This requires mastering mind and compassion.

Self Service is only "bad" in the polar sense and context of 3D behaviors and actions that create suffering for others. REMEMBER that ascension and descending are just words to describe how consciousness moves through the densities based on ego’s addictions to matter & ability to release them.

True ascended masters would NOT control others at all. They could reincarnate if they wished to assist others, fully aware and free of the influences of Mara (or Satan) as Jesus and the Buddha did. But would they take a position of power if they did? Would they need a space ship to physically be hovering in the skies to watch this planet? Would they not be in their Merkaba (ethereal bodies)? If they did incarnate wouldn't the true Spirit of Nature (Christ/Buddha) reincarnate as the humblest of human beings that seek to teach releasing attachment to material things. Would Christed Beings waste our moments with material issues of abundance, wealth, politics etc knowing that the earth is ascending and we are all leaving our bodies? Only lower density beings need technologies and ships to monitor this 3D existence. Even now humans have the technology to monitor planets without BEING there in a space ship. Zoom out and see the big picture here. Beings that seek to control and meddle in finances and social structures are promoting 3D structures and not ascension. They are all lower density and NOT Christed beings. If that is what you are also focused on there is no judgment. BUT realize you are choosing to remain in hungry ghost or 3D realm, have not ascended to the Christ consciousness which is SELF EMPOWERMENT and compassion.

We must get it through our material heads that only 3D beings need a planet and food and water to sustain them. 4D is ghostly realm where you just think you need those things. That is purgatory/hungry ghost realm. This is why some ghosts seem happy and others seem angry or don't even know they are dead. The second death is releasing from the ghostly realm and earthly existence. It is only when you have mastered Merkaba light body that you are completely conscious of the fact that you surpassed material realm attachment.

"Your individual freewill allows for you to choose whether or not you go on to Ascension, but remember that most of you made that decision before you came to Earth.”

If we consciously chose ascension to higher realms of our own free will we would NOT have come to earth at all!

“Events can be foreseen way ahead, so it easy enough to place you where it is of the most benefit".

Of the most benefit for whom? If you don’t mind being a pawn as they clearly say you are, then that is your choice.

"Life seems complicated but in reality it is quite simple, as you will always find yourself to be in the right place.. ."

Does being in an earthquake feel like the right place to be? Right and wrong are subjective. We just find ourselves in situations based on our actions dictated by subconscious and conscious thoughts. Some are fear based and others are not. There are consequences do to actions of others and our own . THAT is as simple as it gets.

". . .In your case decisions often have to (be)made for you by your mentors. It depends on how spiritually advanced you have become. After all the purpose of living many lives is to follow an overall plan that leads to your spiritual evolution. It is the only way to advance and leave the cycle of re-birth behind."

Birth and rebirth is the RESULT of ATTACHMENT to the material world. We ascend out of it when we release attachment through conscious intention. Spirit is just energy remember. Consciousness "fall"s due to attaching to the material realm. Beings forget what it is like outside of this illusion. We become intoxicated by controlling others and sensuality. We may or may not see that everything material is a reversed reflection of true reality but we can choose attachment or release. Lucifer represents the embodiment of all beings of light (knowledge) and spirit (energy) that support the illusion of separation and reversal of nature called the material realm. Don’t you think that Lucifer is far cunning enough to distract souls from the true deception? It isn't about the elite keeping plasma screen technologies from us. The deception is that humans are powerless pawns and cannot escape duality without a god to save us. Wrong. We can. Obviously if you believe in Lucifer then you have to believe that a highly conscious being does not need a material body. We also are able to become masters of our own universe. In the Luciferian universe and that is where we live (in the material universe), there is a passion for mastering the labyrinth. There is nothing “wrong” with creating material worlds but spirit is eternal, matter is not. Matter is based on the finite Fibonacci Sequence and consciousness is based on the golden mean spiral (eternal life). As a creator we can create a universe of infinite creation (spirit) or material deception as well. It is up to us.

We can leave this mind construct at any time we desire when we release attachment to the lower densities. This is a mind consciousness construct. It is a game. If you believe Jesus and Siddartha the Buddha were actual men, both explained this and demonstrated how to leave the system by releasing attachment to the material realm in life or at death of the body. Whether or not they achieved ascension into a light body at death is irrelevant. The point is that being able to steer your consciousness allows you to navigate out of the cycle of birth and rebirth into any experience. The Gnostic scriptures describe this:

“(Descending) matter gave birth to a passion (for sensation) that has no equal (because it is insatiable), which proceeded from something contrary to nature (because fornication is against nature; furthermore, nature always seeks balance, while desire wants saturation). Then there arises a disturbance in its whole body (of matter, because all disequilibrium must be accounted for).”

"I was not recognized (that is, I did not recognize my true self-nature, thus I committed mistakes and created karma). But I have recognized that the ALL is being dissolved, both the earthly things and the heavenly.” ~Gospel of Mary~ Notice there is no judgment.

Kundalini charge will activate the Merkaba or spirit body. Sex is the reverse path of liberation because it promotes material existence based on the Fibonacci Sequence which is NOT infinite (eternal life). The church takes a small truth such as (fornication is against golden mean nature) and turns it into (fornication is ok if you are married but a sin if you are not). This is a fool proof way to keep people, supporting duality (male and female marriage) and feeling guilty for not having children. This is also why birth control was not accepted by the Catholic Church. It is all about perpetuating the gross body and the material realm. There is nothing wrong with the material realm, sex, reproduction or any of these things. They are just impermanent and victimizing. That’s all. If the church was really concerned with teaching the natural path of the creator and self empowerment they would be teaching children how to be in bliss through kundalini, compassion and creative expression rather than fear and guilt and oppression. This bliss is what we seek when we are having sex, taking drugs, alcohol, dancing, music, etc. (Things the church will tell you are evil just to make you feel guilty for enjoying them). Guilt is not necessary. But these are all just distractions from the real bliss that you will experience as a master of self in Samadhi, the bliss of transcending the mind.

The "anti christ" is any behavior or being or state of being that does not follow the Golden Ratio Path of spirit bliss. Don’t see it as right or wrong. It just is what it is.

“Those who seek (within) will find (within).“Beware that no one lead you astray saying, ‘Lo here’ or ‘lo there!’ For the Son of Man (your Inner Christ) is within you.” Gospel of Mary