November 14, 2011

Utopia is Not a Place Outside of Us

My name is Cari Eden Kindl.  Cari means to sing (I am a singer/recording artist) and Kindl is to IGNITE (the PHIRE).  According to the Mayan calendar, being born on August 2 1964, I sing the 11th tone (Yohualticitl Goddess of birth) of clarity and flowering (Birth of EDEN). I feel that this perfectly describes what I feel is my driving force in life or purpose.  It’s nice to have a purpose but not necessary.  We invent all things and then live them. And that is what life is about on a personal level and collectively.  For me however my life has always been about creating heaven on earth. What I have come to realize is something that humanity is also awakening to, hopefully, that contentment is a result of release of attachment to the very thing you desire as you focus upon it.  Utopia is not a place outside of us but within us.    
The idea of Utopia or Heaven on Earth is not an impossible feat but it is the system of operation that is important when attempting to create a world of harmony. The illusion many labor under is that a world of harmony can be created through the assigning roles of government to the most capable and managing through political systems of checks and balances. This is an archaic and failed idea. The reason it is doomed to fail is because the leaves of a tree do not seek to arrange themselves in a design that is pleasing to the eye or give them a better view of the world around them. They are pleasing to the eye because they are the result of energy flowing in a way that is most optimal for a continuum of life.  That energy is intelligent and takes care of the needs of the leaves and the plants so they do not have to worry or think about anything except being. Humans of course are far more complex creatures but it is obvious in our design that we are a paradox whereby eternal life force is overridden by the ego that seeks control.  The result is apparent in the world around us; disorder, destruction, violence without cause and insanity.  The key to creating a heavenly existence is not external manipulation.  It is found in the underlying design of every living creature.   It is the Golden Ratio.

Many are excited about the collective consciousness awakening that will lead to a disclosure of corrupt systems and deceptions and inevitably, the truth that we here on earth are not the only creatures in the universe.  There are beings communicating with many humans now through channels that they are here to assist us in creating a New World. Who they actually are is impossible to know.  How is there agenda any different from the dreaded New World Order of the Illuminati that has become so publicized lately?  It is the "good" version of the "evil" world order that many are buying into as the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM that was a REACTION controllers expect.  Illusory forces of good and evil have been used for thousands of years to control and dominate others when there is no real polarity battle other than the one we create. The polar forces are in place to hold the world together not tear it apart.  Any beings that claim to be Ascended Masters and are leading us in a battle against evil should know better.    They are clever to say the right things but are none the less diverting the attention of those rallying for freedom and transparency away from the true source of liberation, the SELF releasing from attachments to the outside world.  One can enjoy experiencing the world knowing they are not of it. The awakened soul knows that all worlds are manifestation of mind consciousness system that exists only because energy evolved into self awareness. In that sense we are not of the world we imagine into existence but the observer that is also ultimately an illusion.

All information from these sources that are considered OUTSIDE the self reinforces the concept that we are separate when in fact we are all one source tricking itself into thinking it is surrounded by many. The reality we experience is energy that appears more or less dense or separate according to our perspective but is simply imagination trapped in the various densities. In this 3rd density matrix thoughts play out more slowly and the attachment or gravity of the situation is such that we experience pain and suffering. The truth however as quantum physics is now revealing to the scientific community is that all realities are subjective and transient. Beings of higher awareness would know there are many illusory timelines to perceive as reality or choose from and that every action will cause a parallel or opposite reality that are accessible to the trained mind.   They would know that all realities are a reflection of inner reality so why would they spend so much time and effort telling humans that they are making material changes that will make earth a better place? Why wouldn’t these particular beings be teaching people to transcend the material world consciously so that then through our new perspective and abilities we are able to, as a collective and through psychic unity instantly manifest a world without suffering? This approach has little or nothing to do with MANipulation or controlling things outside self.  It is obvious to me that those that are directing attention to outside changes and control of them are NOT directing attention to the internal, eternal source system of creation.

We might become so overwhelmed with a new world of technology and otherworldly beings that we are further seduced away from the work we must do to become sovereign beings masters of our own mind and body.  Outer world is a reflection of inner world.  If the “new world”, financial systems and government changes are the result of outside beings that need space ships to travel, with secret agendas to remove bad guys and distribute, gold and insert certain beings into positions of power, that is not a divine design from source, it is desire to control outside of self. If they don’t see it that way and/or that is exactly their intention they are not Ascended Masters as they claim to be but masters of the Ascension GAME. There is a difference.  They have to have a vested interest in this one particular reality for some reason because as I said there are many realities that exist all at once that we are able to choose from as AWAKENED beings. At this moment there is another Earth where there are no technologies to depend upon because it and its other selves (us) are operating from source. It is pure unadulterated imagination manifested.  If it is imagined then it exists NOW. There is only the matter of accessing it and we can do that through the third eye as well as making a quantum leap into less dense form.  We have been phase locked into this material reality through our own fears which breeds deception and delusion.  Any being that desires to continue the game of control will attempt to keep others focused on the system of limitation and dependency. It can reach into the 5th density because there is still form, at that density, and the ability to be deluded.

The observer can choose to see light either way and the being that depends upon sight would see light as salvation in a very mostly dark cosmos. Light then will appear as two different paradigms.  To the mind that sees the world as a collection of particles the universe if finite. To the mind that sees the cosmos as waves the multi verses are infinite.  The digital matrix is as the particle is to the wave.   It is just like the natural wave matrix but this ego dominated universe is a finite system of operation that those participating in the illusion will believe needs to be micro managed.   It is only logical to assume that many beings are participants in the false (ego dominated)matrix which is a controlled finite reality of the outside world and sad Replica of the true organic EDENIC society which is manifested automatically when we allow naturally balancing system of source to flow through us (Intuitive creation).  The paradox is that it would be natural for an unnatural system of operation to oppose the natural system of life as all actions have an equal or opposite reaction.

If we ALL activated our third eye right now and were in psychic unity as a collective we would see that there is no need for any beings to assist us or to design our world for us as many of these beings are suggesting.  All along it is the collective consciousness that will shape the illusory outside world and each individual will still at the same time be able to experience their own reality regardless of the outside changes.  Any being communicating information to us as a separate identity is reinforcing the concept that they are separate and have access to information that we do not have even if they do not intend to do so. Rather than keeping people in a narrow focus upon events that may or may not happen on this earth it would have been more useful over the past 20 years for higher sighted beings to simply share as many have information on how to activate their third eye.  Once you do, you will know that you are source and there is nothing outside of you other than what you imagine and participate in as a reality. Your physical body would no longer need outside nourishment to survive according to your new understanding and we program our DNA with our beliefs.


 Let earth be a reflection of the Awakened, compassionate self and instantly all is well.   Choose your own reality and timeline. If everyone were sitting at home meditating and opening their EYE rather than watching the news there would be no NEWS to watch.  When we are lucid or what I call awake and dreaming we can function in this density and be in other realities at once. It is called I MAGI NATION. Our design reflects in every way how spirit manifests through the Golden Ratio. We are Lotus Flowers.  We are here as spiritual beings experiencing the material world.   No one can create a heaven on earth for someone else. We can only BE heaven on earth, for others to witness and share in the experience.  Is it that outside changes in the solar system are responsible for our awakening process or is it not the other way around?  Is this what would be so threatening to someone that seeks control outside self; the collective changing the earth to represent balance and harmony without being reliant upon anything outside the “self”?  As we continue to awaken and pull our loving arms in around our earth body she spins faster.  As she spins faster and faster she will no longer waver but stand erect as a sovereign being, a collective unified in consciousness, until she disappears into another realm where there is no limitation; Utopia.  Many worlds exist at once. Which one would you like to experience?  The final lesson for those that cling to the material earth to the point of suffering is to simply let go.   Even attachment to the soul can be the cause of suffering as we enter these higher vibratory realms.  Buddha knew that the only way to rid himself of Mara was to admit that the soul was also an illusion.  How can someone steal from you something that does not exist?  So in the world of limitations and suffering some shall remain in the never ending struggle for balance and control until the lesson is learned that it is not the ability to transcend death of the body but to be awake and non attached through all experiences that releases us from suffering.

November 8, 2011

Third Eye Opening Technique~Higher Frequencies

The ancients believed that humans are dreaming their reality.  They believed as many are remembering once again that the true reality is that we are made in the image of the comic creator. If we are to give this reasonable thought and apply modern physics to understand it, then it becomes much easier to visualize. We are, made of atoms but like atoms we are a spinning vortex of energy. I use the word vortex because there is gravity at the center of all atoms.  How else can we explain two opposing forces spinning around what appears to be smaller and smaller particles or waves eternally? The fabric of space is entering a point we call an atom and yet generating energy we call protons at the same time.   Gravity is at the center of the atom and yet it is a stable system, what appears to be Black Hole/White Whole System.  Electrons are considered negative energy and protons are considered positive but they are simply opposing energy fields around what is a core that has no tangible center. If the universe is mysteriously held together by some unknown force to keep it from flying apart then isn’t it logical to assume that, since for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, there may be another force on the other side of the center of that atom as well?  We can call it the anti atom thanks to a British physicist by the name of Arthur Shuster that remembered consciously or subconsciously this forgotten, hidden and or destroyed knowledge back into our consciousness in the late 1800’s.   This anti matter atom does exactly the same thing on the other side in the anti universe and it gets pretty mind boggling but for the sake of argument, this would explain how the universe expands and contracts or “breathes” and how beings or “energy systems” are born.   As we are made of atoms we are made in the image of the creator the Atom, for we are a fractal of the original form and then we expand out again.  The first LIVING FORM would have to be the TORUS because that is the shape that waves of energy would form when to waves of energy touch spin.  The simply perfect Golden Ratio symmetry alone causes the Lo Phi (LOVE) waves to build enough inertia to implode infinitely and explode into a Flower of Life. The first two bubbles merging would look like the Vesica Piscis until the observer finds itself in the middle of a MAGnificent LOTUS Flower of bubbles and every other shape the ONE can imagine because these waves have generated through the spinning waves a information field known as consciousness.  But at the same time everything is mind.  Here is where it gets really weird.  

The Third Eye to many, is a silly dot painted on the head by Hindus.  The idea that we can travel dimensionally by activating the third eye is complete fantasy to many and just written off as a pineal gland hallucinogenic phenomenon due to drug abuse which is also true but only part of the story.  I have spent many years reading about the Third Eye and meditating. I have had many cool experiences where I have traveled out of body into the astral realms while lucid, building mansions, tasting foods and touching flowers, feeling the sun on my face, talking to beings like Manu and my grandmother.  The experiences were as real as I am sitting here typing.  We can say that is just the mind and that is exactly true.   It is just the mind. But even this reality is just the mind and that is what we have the wrap our MIND around.  The all is ultimately illusion, those experiences, though less dense were no less real.  The only difference between a schizophrenic and a Master is that a Master never loses touch with any of the multiple realities.    Recently I was lying in bed and I noticed that I could focus upon tiny dots of light like stars speeding across my eyelids. I also noticed that I could choose what direction I could see them spinning. For example I could focus on a circle or pinpoint within the speeding pinpoints of light and suddenly the stars began to separate as though I was moving into them. They were spinning like a vortex and I was sailing into the vortex at an angle as though I was entering a black hole.  The stars began to slow down, separate and open up into. . .space. There upon my eye lids was a portal through which I was viewing space with darkness and scattered red white and blue stars in the distance. Just within my peripheral I could see what appeared to be the outer edges of the portal which was like a black hole but as I began to look around I realized I could move my eyes and the images did not follow my eyes. In other words, this was as though I was in space looking around. Below to my right was a dark round spot now that I had seemed to shift my position in space and I could see that just beyond the dark disk was a dim white glow around the edge. It seemed like stars were slowly drifting into the dark space. As I continually focused into the smaller and smaller dots of lights I seemed to change frequencies to more of a glossy texture.   As my frequency (the faster I moved) changed the image changed. The sphere went from a reddish glow to very pale white and there was a lot of light with my eyes closed.  Then I began to feel as though I was the sphere and, I was a sun.  I realized the waves rising and falling all around the edge of the sphere were the electromagnetic arms of the stormy surface and the dark I had seen originally was the cooler center.  I could still see the stars in the distance the entire time and eye could move my physical eyes all around while nothing moved in my view. In order for me to move my view I willed myself in different directions but I had no idea where to go or what I was doing. It was just incredible. Keep in mind I was completely wide awake the entire time, not on drugs of any kind. It was about 3am. 

This happened once before with the stars and then again where I felt I was moving through a portal but this experiment was the deal clincher for me. I know now that I can do this, open a portal at will.  What this means to me is that my true location is in zero point in space.  I am experiencing many, many different realities depending upon where I place my focus and currently because I am occupying a 3rd density physical vessel my awareness has been directed to and preoccupied with a dense illusion.   Spirit has no identity; but manifests into dense existences that perceive itself and establish identities.  I believe that we are not only like suns but we are a Sun manifest in the most optimal form for material expression but currently recovering from amnesia, distractions and imbalances that have greatly jeopardized our earthly mission.

I don’t know where I was when I opened my Third Eye, if I can say I went through our sun to the anti matter universe or if it was another portal but it was not the lower astral realms; it was not 3rd density and it was not a wish or hallucination.  I do know that it is relaxing. It is good practice for mind mastery, it’s easy and fun and you should try it.   The benefits are that once you have learned to open the third eye at that frequency of the light spectrum you can learn to move to higher frequencies at will.  This technique is different of conscious Third Eye Activation is different than an Out of Body Experience or Lucid Dreaming while in sleep state.   Being lucid is important when creating but being FULLY CONSCIOUS while creating seems like a wonderful goal for a HUMAN BEING.  I wrote a song a long time ago called Awake and Dreaming.  If you want to create Heaven on Earth then you MUST be awake to do so.  It requires a great deal of focus to allow spirit to move through you and your creations and for ego to relax.  That means you cannot dabble in lower astral realm distractions that drag you into emotional imbalances.   Emotion is energy in motion not energy on a roller coaster ride.  Love is a Lo Phi wave, a perfect, sparkling spiral that wraps around you in the warm sunlight; steady as she goes ~surf’s up.