April 8, 2016

Doing Unto Others What You Will

For the anti abortionists out there:

There are cases where people discover there is a twin living inside of them. It is a living fetus that is developing but like a tumor to the twin host. It can happen to a man or a women. Would you still be so sure that you don't have the right to abort that fetus because it is considered murder? Still want someone else making decisions for you about your body. It is the very same thing. The condition of the fetus is not the issue. Obviously if it was not living there is no moral issue removing it. If it is alive and dependent upon the "mother host" for its existence then it is the same as a normal child. People can debate til the end of time over whether it is wrong to abort and terminate the life of a deformed fetus but that has nothing to do with them unless it happens to them. The debate is about the right to decide what happens to your own body. And the same conservative right groups that oppose abortion are the ones that bitch loudly about too much government interference. How is that rational? Well it isn't. It is just a case of people being afraid of not being able to control everything and everyone and a matter of imposing one's beliefs on others.

If we start making laws based upon religious beliefs then amonst every human being would be in prison. Everyone kills for their own selfish reasons because everyone eats plants and most eat other living beings. Yes it is not meat, it is a living being killed so you can enjoy a nice meal with a glass of wine.  People kill bugs and even innocent rodents because they are afraid of them. We kill trees because they block our view. Many have no problem killing murderers. The bible clearly states "Thou shall not kill". So the devoutly religious who ignore that commandment when it is convenient and enforce it when they feel self righteous are hypocrites of the worst kind. They can say that God was referring to the murder of human beings but we all know that is also hypocritical because wars were fought in the name of God for centuries.  And still the far right Americans with "I love Jesus" bumperstickers and a gun rack on the back of their truck scream death to Muslims because they are too stupid to understand that just because some terrorits are Muslims not all Muslims are terrorists. There is just as much reference to violence by the command of the Christian God in the bible as in the Quran because ego driven men wrote those documents. And that is why sane people understand that we cannot follow every letter of religious documents if we want peace, compassion and freedom. We have to use our common sense and higher thinking abilities to make good judgements.

If religious people understood that the bible contains both esoteric wisdom and idiotic laws of men from a different age they would know that discernment is crucial and our society cannot simply adopt every word of the bible or any religion as absolute law. Most of it was not meant literally in the first place. Those with the "eyes to see" understand that. The rest use religious texts to justify their own hangups, desires and fears. If you are someone that believes aborton is wrong that is your right. But it is not your right to enforce that belief on oether in the United States of America. If you want to enforece your beliefs on others join a terrorist group.

I personally am PRO QUALITY of life not just pro life for the sake of life. Pro Life is a prettier and simpler phrase than anti abortion or "I get to say what you do with your body and the body inside you". Its always easier to tell other people what is right and wrong until its you walking around with a malformed twin inside of you.