September 30, 2009

A Conversation With Satan~Humour

I’m sitting here with the big guy himself, the one and only King of Bad, Satan. He has agreed to share with us some of his secrets on scaring the Bejesus out of common folk like me and you and how he has managed to stay on top of the human race for so many eons now and still manages to stay in such incredible shape.

Me: I mean look at you Satan. You look great with those sinews popping out and the tight abs. How do you do it?

Satan: Well, you quivering puddle of maggot rot, (sorry it just comes out) I spend a lot of time sweating not just due to my frequent visits to Hell but one burns quite a few calories possessing and manipulating people, manifesting in clouds of dust from catastrophic explosions in pre-orchestrated global events by the elite. It’s quite a workout.

Me: Wow. Could you tell us about your relationship with God and how you see this all working out in the end . . .that has no ending?

Satan: So much of what people believe they know is really distortions and fabrications by the media. I love those guys. I’m one of you really. I am just the collective manifestation of all of the stupid and lazy souls that trap themselves in this reality we call life. Is this a reason to make me the King of Bad as you say? I mean this roller coaster is out of control. I’ve been trying to stop it since the apple incident if you want to know the truth. It’s the damned money thing that has people now. Who would of thought? Money isn’t even real.

Me: What are you saying, that you are thinking of converting to the light side?

Satan: Why not? There’s just nowhere to go from here. I’ve done it all. I could go to a different planet and start over or stay in third dimensional earth with the “Dee di dees” while everyone else ascends but I keep thinking about how nice it would be to just go Black Hole for a while, you know? Maybe I will join the Lighties. Those Pleaidian chicks are pretty hot. How do you think I would look in spandex?

Me: You might want to lose the horns big guy. What is it about the horns anyway? Why do we see Bush, Ahmadenijad, Clinton even the queen of England throwing around the devil sign.

Satan: Those are my homies. (laughs) They have been part of my family for centuries. Don’t be hatin’ the reptilians. Hate is what gets you a front seat at my show.

Me: Ok , Satan, I’m sorry we’re out of time.

Satan: You’ve got that right.

Me: So We will be looking for you in the light. If not have a nice eternity of hell fire and brimstone and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Satan: Peace out, if you know what I mean.

Under the Waves

At the brink of this enormous shift in consciousness we are hearing many voices calling out from every direction. “This is the way!” “No over here!” We are confused and rightly so by the attempts to explain what we are, what to believe, and where we are going. Shakipat Sage, an acquaintance said that we must be aware of catch phrases such as Light Workers and Light Beings because it creates an illusion of separation. As we being to use these phrases it is easy to become attached to the idea that we are this or they are that and become limited in our perceptions as to what we truly are. What we are as a collective is the silence and the stillness under the waves of chaos and confusion in the physical world. Being is in the world is why we are here. Humans Being. Sages and Enlightened ones have attempted to remind us for centuries of this but the waves were to strong and we did not realize that we had wings to fly. Where are these wings to fly and what are they? How can we be beneath the waves and fly above them at the same time?

This silence and stillness at the source of everything is the potent and latent fabric of life. When we feel that we are drowning in the waves of chaos and the illusion of separation we breath and turn our awareness to this silence. We need not stop creating, sharing, dreaming and being in the world as long as we do not attach ourselves to these ideas and things and remain present in the awareness that we are one with all that is. This is flying.

The most difficult thing to address in this world that we have all created is violence and suffering and how to end it. The reason there is violence in the world in the first place is because some seek to control others out of fear. Seeking to control the controller does not solve the problem. Recently I have been sharing my thoughts and ideas in videos about the importance of diversity and compassion when addressing the issues of making the world a better place. First we must realize that everyone’s opinion of better is different. But most would agree that a world without suffering and violence is a good place to start. At first I was very calm and patient with my responses to comments from people who seemed to be attacking this point of view that compassion is a necessary component in making the world a better place. I know that everyone has a right to comment with their own perspective but the irony lies in that fact that I am being attacked for saying that everyone’s has their own views based on their experiences. It may come as surprise to many that there is a sizable group of followers to this very disconcerting thought process that compassion is not required and that only common sense and practicality are required to stop violence in this strictly physical existence

To say that only practicality and common sense is a necessary component in making the world better is a clue that I am corresponding with people who seek control. The fact that they are all throwing these catch phrases at me like “physical is all that is real”, “support life” and “knowledge is useless” completely out of context is another sign of programming. As more and more of these comments began to flood my email I realized that there are people who actually believe that all that is necessary to stop war, rape and feed starving children is common sense and practicality and equality for all as one. This is where I feel the need to make a very strong point. They are mistaking appreciation and compassion for all life with the notion that all humans must have the same things and think the same way. They are assuming that everyone shares the same definition of common sense and practicality and that compassion is separate and useless.

Rape, as I have had experience in this particular arena, is something that cannot be stopped with common sense and practicality. Saying that the rapist and the “victim” only needed to be practical and use common sense to avoid the rape is not only na├»ve it is a disgrace to anyone who has been raped. Eliminating the rapist is one way to deal with the problem but not very compassionate. Nor will it stop another from raping. The rapist needs to learn how to function in the world without inflicting his anger on others. He cannot do this without rehabilitation, self-forgiveness, forgiveness and the compassion of others. Children who are nurtured and taught self-love and respect for others are less likely to seek to control others. Rape is about control.

Out of fear and self-loathing people seek control over others. Wars are waged to satisfy that need. Children are starving because these people who seek control do not care about starving children and everyone else is trying to survive their selves no matter how compassionate or practical they may be. I was told that because I supported my two girls I think that is enough. That is presumptuous to say the least but the fact is that I alone can’t physically feed the world and neither can any one individual. We as a collective can do what is necessary by spreading awareness and serving others with technology and education. If you don’t know a child is suffering how can you assist? If you can’t help yourself how can you help others? If you don’t care why would you assist? Common sense and practicality are the things the brain uses to accomplish tasks in a way that is most efficient for a given situation. Common sense and practicality to governments, obviously is to wipe out all of the impoverished with war. Compassion is what is necessary to assist them with food and water and to let them know that they have worth. If a human being feels he has no worth he will parish regardless of what you do for him.

A dog waits in the traffic by his hurt companion that was hit by a car. Is that common sense or compassion? A mother works her whole life to care for her screaming and many times disrespectful or even abusive children. She stands by them when they are destructive and hateful. Is that common sense or compassion? After going through labor the first time my common sense told me that I was insane for having another child. We have free will to make the choices we make and then we have to deal with those choices. Sometimes we find ourselves in undesirable situations. We can say that it was not our fault or intention to be in that situation but we still have a choice as to how to handle it. As for the starving children or someone with cancer, when everything is gone, your health, food, shelter friends what you have left is the mind. The mind will help us survive horrible things when there is no hope or help. This is why it is important for us to practice controlling our own minds rather than trying to change others. The only thing we can control is our minds or we can let go and return to the stillness.