March 19, 2016

Nostradamus and the False TRUMPet

Let's take a closer look at the Nostradamus quatrain:
The false TRUMPet conceals madness
Will cause Byzantine (Greece) to change its laws
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards

"The collapse of the EURO if Trump becomes president? Is the FIRST TRUMPet is sounding?What about a new currency?"  says Cari Kindl​

Michael Estrin of

When the euro was created, there were no contingency plans for a country like Greece exiting the euro. But if that exit occurs, Greece will need to set up a new currency.

"Countries converted into the euro, so they ought to be able to convert out," Sagner says. "But how they go about doing that can be a very complex question."

Greece would need to decide on a name for its new currency and print and issue notes. But beyond the daunting logistics of implementing a new currency, Sagner says the Greek government also would have to revalue assets in the new currency. "That's where things could get ugly," Sagner says. "If a new Greek currency were allowed to trade against other currencies, you could see it losing about half its value."

"Trump added (said) that if Germany didn't fix the Greek debt situation, Russian President Vladimir Putin would step in".- Business Insider.

"We have enough problems," Trump said. "Germany will ... take care of it. Frankly, Putin probably comes in to save the day if Germany doesn't."

Trump added, "So I think that Greece is going to be in better shape than people think."

Are we be prepped for a new global currency that will cause all humans to be micro chipped so that they can buy and sell? Does this sound familiar? You know we have a choice to be tempted by the technologies and currency of controlling entities that bully us into submission. Or we can all stand together and say liberty or death. We are all going to die anyway one day unless of course you choose to transfer your soul into an artificial being. Does that sound ridiculous? Guess you didn't see the movie, Transcendence, a twisted version of real transcendence that can either inspire you to want to play god or to BE the eternal consciousness you already are. If you would only wake up and tune in.