October 5, 2011

Ascension, Enlightenment, Densities and Dimensions

When you have dissolved your SELF. . .you will be free. You will know it when you no longer seek the right path. The only reason we seek the right path is because it feels better. The only truth is that everything is illusion. We live with what is real and unreal at the same time because the mind chooses between the two in a blink of an eye. We are emptiness and fullness all at once. When we live our lives from that truth we are free. No one can save us and no one can take our souls because we manifest and dissolve our own soul at will. We are ONE peeking through it's own prism in the grand matrix of its own design that has been highjacked by one of its split personalities.

In my last entry Two Kinds of Ascension I didn't really make it clear that density and dimensional ascension are also very different aspects of ascension which is why people argue so much about it. When you think of being in a physical body and ascending to 5d or 9d you have to be thinking of 5th dimension and not density obviously because there is no physical form above the 5th density and technically a human being cannot really even perceive beyond the 5th dimension very well. Most of us have trouble with the concept of TIME which is the 4th. So You may find yourself in the very near future, a physical being that is less dense but still in physical form existing on a planet where everything is instantly replicated and teleported and you understand the higher dimensional levels much more astutely. You are telepathic, you can levitate, there is no hunger, no fear, no worries, but you are still playing in a duality world with a physical form where there are things and a certain amount of gravity, space ships, other planets, galactic travel, weird creatures, whatever you can imagine. I am not saying it won't be incredible and wonderful if you make it there and I believe everyone will whether they leave their bodies the old fashioned way or not.

What I am saying is that this is still a lower lever of physical ascension and mental ascension in the lower mental realms where there is still mental attachment to the "world" therefore there is still the possibility that an individual can be just at attached to that world as the 3d world. Just because you are able to perceive the ninth dimension as we can understand it somewhat now if we read about it does not mean we can actually be in it in a body because there is no form in the 9th density. There are no material things and it is beyond the lower mental realms. We are talking about light. What we perceive as matter is actually just light that appears to be solid but it is waves of energy moving very slowly. You can imagine 3d is like a 3rd grade reading class with big pictures and the teacher holds the book up for a few seconds compared to an advanced reading class where they just flip through the pages and retain every word.

Ascension happens every time you are enlightened. It is an ongoing process and there are quantum leaps such as the one we are about to make. That doesn't mean you are fully awake. You can become FULLY AWAKENED at any moment. That means you are aware that you are dreaming your existence. You are a non self. It is a practice to remain awake and remember that we are dreaming our world regardless of what world or density or dimensional existence that may be. To allow another aspect of self to make the calls is not only delusion but risky business. That is like a man letting his penis decide when to cross the road when there is a pretty girl on the other side. Sorry but that is what it's like when we let one aspect of self make the calls and we are all one organism. That doesn't mean all of our parts are fully awake.  Go on and play Captain of Galactic Star Fleet and New Earth all you like. It's fun but also practice being awake while you are doing it. This is what I ask. This is why I am here.  The body will not last in this world. Though I say not even the soul truly exists we make it exist with the mind so we WILL carry it into an undesirable existence if we are not awake enough to know how to steer it beyond the reach of magnetic pull that is created by other beings. Just because all things are illusion does not mean cause and effect is not REAL. Are we clear? How can you be certain your consciousness will remain in tact so that you will not reincarnate into an unfortunate existence again before this "Ascension" or New Earth" happens? Every moment is an opportunity to be awake. Every moment is the only moment. Be the master of your own domain.

You are almost there, Bravo.