December 15, 2009

Norway's Spiraling Not So Out of Control

Most everyone by now has heard about the giant spiral in the sky over Norway the day before President Obama's Nobel Prize speech. The media reports that it was "probably" a failed missile launch. Does anyone else find it strange that our goverment does not seem to be the least bit concerned about this even enough to put the general public at ease? I find it strange that the Russian government released no official explanation as far as I could find. Here's where it gets interesting. Hundreds if not thousands witnessed this spectacular light show which appeared to be occurring directly over the EISCAN or HAARP facility. The HAARP system has to do with laser technologies that can make holographic images appear in the sky and also affect/alter the weather. This Project is known as the Blue Beam Project. According to this witness:

"The mystery began when a blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain in the north of the country. It stopped mid-air, then began to move in circles. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre - lasting for ten to 12 minutes before disappearing completely." ~Free Republic. Interesting.

I am no rocket scientist but I feel confident in saying that out of control missles do not make perfect concentric circles controlled spirals and shoot blue beams to earth. Is Russia now launching missiles from the HAARP facility? If this is actually some kind of HAARP test that some secret group doesn't want anyone to know about why did they do it when thousands of people were watching? A hologram requires at least two projection points for the laser beams to inter-react so Project Blue Beam as a way to project holograms of an alien invasion according to some is out or else they are lying and demonstrating advanced technology far beyond what we know for some unknown purpose. Either way no one is coming forward with any kind of satisfying answers.

The world is seeing First hand now that we are being lied to about technologies that can provide basic needs for everyone. And we would have to be complete morons to buy their idiotic alien invasion scheme if it were actully the plan. Malevolent ETs that have the technology to wipe us out would have already done so. Benevolent ETs would be waiting for us to shift or get off the planet (in the most loving way). Humans have been dominated, oppressed, massacred, lied to and screwed with since the beginning of "civilization". Why on earth should we feel threatened by naughty aliens? They can't possibly do anything worse to us than our governments already have. End of the world? It's the end of the world every moment for someone. Is that all they've got to throw at us in a last ditch effort to control the masses? I don't know beyond a shadow of a doubt what the Norway Spiral was really about but I do know that it is part of the final fight for control over 3D existence by 3D beings that can't pull their heads out of their material asses. Got soul? You're gonna need it.

November 13, 2009

Who's Higher Self Is it Anyway?

Higher Self Channeling~ November 13, 2009                 The Objective View of an EGO MIND

Ascension is an ongoing process as is descent. We all happen to be caught up in a big ascension cycle at this time. Some are resisting as usual and some are not. Ascension is not about reaching a plateau but understanding that there are different levels of awareness that can be mastered and integrated into our being. We can be aware of the changes and look back at how we once behaved compared to our behavior in this new awareness. The position of our planet as it moves into the center of the galaxy assists the masses in their individual journeys but there have been humans on this earth in the past thousands of years who have proved to be great masters of mind and body. Even in the darkest of times. Everyone is on their own path but now there is more energy reaching us to make our transition easier as a collective as we accelerate and time collapses into zero point.

An example of 5th dimensional being would be experiencing/longing to detach from identity and actually detaching from identity and actualizing it This is a sign of moving into a much higher awareness than the typical human experience. This new levels of awareness may cause irritability with others which does not seem very much “ascended” but remember that there are multi dimensional experiences happening. This is not a linear process where you are moving in a straight line from point A to point B. When you do reach the awareness that you are not attached to identity but that identity is a great way to express and communicate with others, you are no longer distracted by ego and free to practice other areas of fifth dimensional being. The process unfolds like a flower.

Enlightenment is mindful. Ascending as a human in physical form is being able to master mind and body as an enlightened being. It doesn't happen automatically. Buddha, Jesus cleared the path but did not achieve this in their lifetimes (physical body ascension) or else their physical birth would not have been necessary. Even Jesus had to ascend out of his physical body to return to the “Father”. We have much to overcome and transcend. It would not be an easy task without humanity reaching critical mass at this time to assist in accelerating us all through this process. This is why it is important to stay focused on positive and constructive thoughts, events and people. We are not ignoring the suffering or those who feel lost, we are assisting them in our focus on lightness of being. We are not greater than or less than any other. We are all at different levels of awareness serving each other in the transparency of this truth. How could one find balance without being aware of polarity? How can we put the pieces of the puzzle together without being able to see all of the pieces?

It is all anti-climactic because there is no climax in the eternal now, generation, operation and destruction. There is no beginning and no end. Everything is happening at once, ascension and descent, implosion and collapse, cycles of existence spinning and expanding eternally. You as a soul have already ascended. You exist in many different dimensional realities at once. The physical body is just one of your lower realm existences caught in the illusion of time. As long as you are in human body form you are still learning lessons of third dimensional reality. Ascending in physical form is just another way of learning to control mind and body at a different frequency. It makes being controlled by others operating on a lower frequency impossible unless you allow your SELF to move into lower densities/frequencies, hence, ghosts. A human in the fifth dimensional realm is the same as the 3D human experience but less dense and has more control over mind and body. There is no need to control others. Life is more fluid and easier to navigate. Time and space are no longer obstacles. Through technologies and honed human abilities we will be able to be many places at once. Talk about multitasking. Teleportation, telepathy and levitation will be commonplace as well as replication of material things via nanotechnology. A key point to keep in mind is that the objective is to master your own abilities rather than become dependent upon others, although technologies will assist those who have not yet mastered certain abilities and should be freely available in a world that is based on service to others.

Those who will not let go of the need to control others will find themselves manifesting a reality of suffering and loss and not being able to move out of the 3D realm. Beings such as this may be inclined to go to different planets and continue the ego/polarity game until they have learned their lessons. It could well be that the way they explain the disappearance of the ascended ones will be through the end time, destruction scenario that they create or other negative explanations such as alien abductions. A lower vibratory being will not readily accept a truth or reality that does not validate their state of existence. All souls are where they need to be according to free will.
Keep reminding yourself that you can be blissful at any moment you so desire no matter what the circumstances. You are the master of your SELF.

Cari Kindl
My latest “Higher Self Channeling” submission on ascension to "Light Workers" was rejected by some rather religious folks with comments such as “I don’t consider this true channeling” and “It always seems a red flag to me when people claim to understand the consciousness of beings like Jesus and Buddha”. First of all I have never claimed to understand anyone else’s consciousness. Intuitive thought process is channeling. The universe is information and all conscious beings are able to tap into that information. One does not have to be a commander of a star ship or someone named Magenta Pixie to receive information from the Akashic Field. The type of information one receives is directly related to their level of consciousness. It is astounding to me that there are people who claim to be light workers who do not understand this and insist that there is some kind of hierarchy of spirits. This seems to indicate there are those who still cling to the duality religious teachings and ego. When one is channeling higher self they are being open to receiving information that is not filtered by ego or belief systems. Just because it does not resonate with you does not mean that the person receiving and transmitting the message is being deceptive or fraudulent in any way. You can tell when someone is being deceptive when they are operating from a place of ego and control. Even then no one can deceive you unless you believe and subscribe to lies that you were not capable of discerning because of your own lack of intuitiveness.

I think this is an important point for “light workers” to consider when attempting to “ascend” into a higher dimensional existence. Our ability to live in harmony is dependent upon our ability to understand the difference between disagreeing with a point of view and accusing someone of being a fraud simply because you do not share the same view. It is good practice to allow others to say whatever they think and feel as truth without insulting them or dismissing them but a truly enlightened being would recognize that everyone is channeling information. A truly enlightened being would be able to discern between messages from lower self and higher self. They would recognize the value in all messages from all beings who express their views freely because this is how we all learn and evolve as souls. It is obvious when someone has not yet mastered ego and duality when they feel it necessary to put a label on someone or diminish them in some way. Remember that when you are arrogantly rejecting someone’s views or treating them less than you would treat yourself you are not demonstrating the oneness for which you so aggressively campaign.

Oh BTW, My Higher Self channeled this message.
My lower self is channeling this mesage. . ."bite me"

October 26, 2009

Pineal Stargate and Frequency Secrecy

The Pineal gland is a stargate. When you change brain frequencies through meditation or even with drugs (not recommended) an electromagnetic field is generated around the gland that blocks out this linear timeline. When we drink alcohol we are in the alpha state somewhat and the pineal is activated but we are not lucid in that state so entities (unwanted) can get though and manipulate us. Keep in mind all entities are other versions of our self. We are not separate from anything or anyone spiritually speaking. If someone in this 3D world, like the illuminati (secret societies with this secret information), wants to control you they will use low frequencies.

When you are lucid and have knowledge you are powerful. You can control your own brain body mind and consciousness. This is a threat to control freaks. Hence a society of drugs, alcohol, toxins, dissonant music etc. . .This is why sex drugs and rock and roll were considered "evil" . They aren't evil but if you have no understanding of how to control frequencies you will be vulnerable to energy vampires. All of the vampire movies are literal interpretations of this dynamic. Low frequency beings cannot exist in higher frequencies. It is WE who allow ourselves to operate at a low frequency. We have always had the ability to master this but were not openly taught this. It is always presented subliminally in movies or as cult-like secret knowledge so we dismiss it.

Sound is just what we call the vibratory frequency that we actually can detect with our ears. But everything is vibration. Dark matter is potential energy. Everything is one. There is no separation. Once we realize this we can master SELF and free our SELF from the duality game. Nothing can harm you unless you allow it. Pain is perceived and subjective. Some people can completely block out pain by controlling mind. If you can do this and control your ego and emotions understanding that even death is transitory and you will take your consciousness with you into each existence you have nothing to lose and nothing to fear. This ability alone will not ensure peace in the world. The key to peace is compassion. When you do master self empowerment and these abilities you will see that there is no desire to harm others anyway. You no longer are ruled by the ego that tells you need this and that or that you must control to survive. SO you operate on the LOVE frequency that is oneness.

Time is perceived as well. Where ever there is density there is perceived time. When you break away from the attachment to physicality that creates density, expand consciousness, activate the pineal and learn to steer consciousness lucidly you break the perceived bonds of time. Everything is happening at once. And everything is frequency. Tune into the desired timeline or frequency and there you are. "Everywhere you go, there you are". I AM is eternal and has no boundaries or limitations. Guess what? You AM

October 8, 2009

Master Mind

The prospect of creating a harmonious world is exciting as we embrace the new energies arriving on the earth. There are many channeled messages, scriptures from the ancients and prophesy that tell us we are ascending and evolving as this new cycle gently nudges us to awaken from our long slumber. We are remembering our powers as co-creators and that in order to live in harmony we must be masters of the ego and emotions that arise from thoughts. There is no way of knowing how much of our progress is dependent upon our own efforts and how much of it will be the result of a quantum leap due to the cosmic changes on all levels. But one thing is for certain, that there is still much work to be done in our understanding and practice of mastering mind.

There are many dimensional existences. Each dimensional realm is a soul school or all life forms. Each life form is a grade. All life is fractal and eternal. Our current level of awareness in this third dimensional school is complete and we are graduation to the fifth dimension. This put simply means that our level of awareness is such that we are able to grasp concepts of moving through and manipulating time and space. We are no longer restricted to linear thinking. One of the main problems with progressing out of the third dimensional realm is being able to override the reptilian brain. This primal brain is responsible for keeping us alive in the physical world and served its purpose. But the rest of the brain is waiting patiently for us to use it. Though scientist call our extra DNA and brain mass “junk” it is our extra RAM waiting for us to upgrade. Higher dimensions are not exactly a club for lovers only. A lower frequency being accessing a higher dimension where thoughts are instantly manifested can cause problems. One could manipulate ignorant 3D beings for their own purposes. Does that sound familiar? This is why it is important for a Lo Phi love consciousness to reach critical mass for not only humans but for the earth herself.

The universe is IN FORMATION and so are we. Humans are receivers and transmitters storing and sharing information that we receive from the universe. Our reality and being is determined and sometimes limited by our particular level of awareness or amount of information stored in our system. As our consciousness expands we evolve into less dense forms. It is the focus on our physicality and our limited awareness that keeps us in a holding pattern in a dense realm of existence. As one expands consciousness they will attract like consciousness until there is a mass consciousness vibrating at like frequencies. When critical mass is reached there is a quantum shift into a higher frequency awareness and being. In order to move into higher realms mind must be mastered. Many great masters have attempted to teach us this practice. Siddartha Gautam Buddha explained the quantum physics of the mind construct or consciousness and the physical world is all an illusion. Truth is silence and potential energy zero point energy. It is the place where matter and antimatter meet. A human being is an information system “being”. It stands to reason that humans and other life forms in the density of the third dimensional existence may have difficulty remembering or grasping this true nature as they are wrapped in layers of illusion. Through our experiences consciousness expands and the layers fall away revealing to us the true nature of self. But this can be a long and grueling process since as we all know life is suffering.

To overcome suffering, expand consciousness, become empowered and escape the illusions of mind requires concentration and meditation. The thoughts rush in and one by one we pop them like balloons. The waves calm and silence and stillness wrap around us like a warm blanket. Now we concentrate on an object. That deep and focused concentration erases the outside world and soon we no longer exist. The more we focus the more we see that self is not the body and not our thoughts. We are the universe. We are everything and nothing. How does this help us? We create our reality with our thoughts and intentions. We do not attach to thoughts that cause us and others suffering. We are able to heal ourselves. Emotion is energy in motion. Energy is not good or bad. Tears for example can be from anger, sadness or joy. Tears are the body’s response to emotional overload. When we suppress energy in the form of anger, resentment, hate or even desire it will manifest adversely. Hate is a measurable frequency just like love. But whereas love repairs DNA at 528Hz hate makes the body toxic. The imbalanced ego causes us to label emotions as good or bad but emotion is just the body releasing energy. We consider illness bad but it is the body seeking balance from the frequencies imposed upon it by the mind. As we learn to balance ego and release thoughts, emotions will become less and less overwhelming but we will still be energy in motion. Energy cannot be annihilated or “created” since potential energy will always exist but it can be Generated, Operated and Deconstructed.

As sentient beings progress from lower realms to higher realms, the goal is experience the physical world without suffering. Nature is brutal and violent but then again carnivores in the lower realms in most cases make death as quick and painless as possible for their prey. Humans have the skills and knowledge to create a peaceful world. We do not need to kill to survive. But humans will kill simply to satisfy the ego. Learning to master mind and body alone cannot create a world of peace unless we have compassion. Compassion is freely sharing information and lending support to those who are lost and suffering. We will not be able to do this if we are in fear. As long as we fear loss, pain and have the need to be accepted or better than others there will be no peace. Know that we are all one self, infinite fractals of the creator that has no beginning and no end, experiencing life in different forms, falling and rising waves of being. In our different forms we are learning and experiencing life at our own pace. As long as you are a being, mind, ego, emotions and thoughts cannot be destroyed, they must be mastered. Supporting each other in our journeys and understanding that we are all one is love. Love is the golden ratio, Lo Phi wave that stabilizes the universe and connects us all.

October 6, 2009

Genie Out of the Bottle

When I was a little girl I was fascinated and obsessed even with I Dream of Jeannie. I wanted to be a genie so badly that I ran around in my genie costume that my mother made me for Halloween until it literally fell off of me. To me at the time, being a genie meant being a beautiful and powerful woman who could go anywhere and do anything. Annoying as Barbara Eden's character was, she was endearing, every girls dream and every man's fantasy. Jeannie was a Genie from the magic Jinn of ancient Mesopotamia. Though they hold a slightly more evil reputation they were skilled in the art of the metaphysics. These great powerful Jinns were also the creators of language. The Sumerian language is far more mysterious and complex than some may have guessed. “In the beginning there was the word. And the word was with God. And the word was God”. The letters and sounds of the first languages were magic in that sounds create and influence matter. “Abrabadabra!” is not just a cute word. It means, “I will create as I speak.” Therein lies the first secret power that we all possess.

What’s in a name? Funnily, my last name was Edenfield which I shortened to Eden later in life not because of my adoration for Barbara Eden but because I was a singer/performer and Carrie Edenfield just didn't cut it. Carrie means singer or caroler. Eden of course is the garden or land of plenty. I am a singer and I my passion is to create a beautiful sustained living environment, A Garden of Eden so to speak. My recreated, shortened version of Cari Eden became Cari Eden Kindl when I married my soul mate, Russell Kindl. Russell means red head and Kindl is to kindl/start/youth/little child. So to me, Cari Eden Kindl represents Singer/Gardener/Kindler. And as far as I am concerned Russell is definitely the fire starter for this natural red head. Right. It's all about me. But I digress. This is about the magic of self empowerment that begins with a thought and an intention.

All I ever wanted was to be free to go anywhere and do anything. Is that too much to ask? Since money is the main motivation, travel, gas, food most of our basic needs are not free. We are chained to our responsibilities, bills, family and work. We need sustenance but not necessarily mass produced food. What if our dependence on corporations and government was unnecessary? Some people even practice sun gazing and use the sun and ether to charge the brain and body. What if we are all powerful genies that have been locked in our own bottle of illusion and someone is about to pop the cork? There was a fifteen- year old boy in India who left his home in March of 2005 to sit under a Pipin tree in meditation for ten months. He was seeking enlightenment. He did not eat or sleep or pass bodily excrement. People were calling him the reincarnation of the Buddha, the Buddha Boy. Of course the media attacked, implying that there was no way he could go without food and water and there must be someone sneaking him sustenance or must have been unattended at some point. Discovery Channel documented some of the amazing occurrences during that time and still it was met with such scrutiny. A very important point is being missed here, that the most incredible and undisputed fact in this whole drama is that this teenage boy sat in meditation under a tree for ten months. Believe that he went without food or not but why not entertain the possibility that humans can enter a state of consciousness that allow them complete control over their bodies? This is reality and these things have been achieved before by many great yogis.

So here we are living in a world where everything we say, do, feel, need, want is predetermined by a fear and greed based social system. How can we even begin to test our theory of independent, self-sustained living when we are being told every moment that we cannot survive without someone or something else? This is why the great masters, the sages, the Magi and the gurus from all cultures tell us to abstain. The goal is not to suffer but to discipline our selves and reprogram our selves to live in truth rather than under the spell of fear. Whether we create a world where technology is freely available and provides our basic needs or we master teleportation, levitation and other abilities on our own the reality we create is a result of thoughts and intention. We must be very focused and mindful and understand that it takes a great deal of practice to have absolute control of one’s mind and body. But one thing is for certain, that if you do not believe you are in control then you are not.

Time is speeding up. A cycle is ending and a new one is beginning. Humanity has reached a level of collective consciousness that allows us to be in the moment to communicate instantaneously and to move beyond the restraints of the old. The veil is lifting and we are graduating to the hyper-dimensional beings we were meant to be. Our power is in our intention and the energy we place on that intention. Know who you are, envision and speak your dreams into creation. The brain is just a tool that allows us to tap into an existing mind consciousness system, the information in the eather or Akashic field where all possibilities reside. And the body so far has followed obediently, morphing into the ultimate physical vehicle for this earthly existence. However, the more we expand our consciousness the less dense we become. Shifting and writhing in pain we prepare ourselves for the next birth into the “Magic Kingdom” where dreams come true. Only this time, there is no bottle, we are the master of our SELF and we get way more than three wishes because we are the Genie.

October 1, 2009

Love is a WAVE~Surfs UP!

Addressing the September 30, 2009 Indonesian earthquake and the coming earth changes~

Earth is adjusting as all self aware energy systems do. People pass away. People suffer. They always have. What is different now is that we understand more as a collective that the body may perish but consciousness is eternal. It remains intact through lucidity, peace, bliss/awareness, love and compassion. And now the opportunity to evolve into a new form fully conscious is upon us as well. Embrace the changes. Use your intuition. Remember the SELF and that you are eternal. Earth is not being destroyed it is seeking balance just as all life forms do. Generation Operation Deconstruction. There is no end of existence just the end of the world or realm that is no longer necessary. WE are making that choice and we are making the changes through mass consciousness. The areas that are not stable will stabilize. Those who have fulfilled their objectives will move on to something else. We will all evolve. No one is left behind. Once again, fear not that which does not exist~ death. Release fear of change, everything is change. Release fear of pain. Pain is telling you what needs attention and can be overcome if we can master the mind and body. Fears arise out of the illusion of duality, that we are separate and therefore alone. Love is not desire, it is oneness. Seek not love from others, BE LOVE and those who are still seeking will learn from your example. This is how we heal and exist in harmony.

Love is a wave. Surf’s up! Cari Eden Kindl

Higher Self Sessions
A Work in Progress
Just a note: I am conscious of the energy in the words "Do not" fear this or that and the psychological affect on an individual of hearing what not to do as opposed to what can be done. The latter is empowering. This is why I chose to word phrases carefully such as "Fear not". It was not an attempt to sound wise. :) Words give us great power or can work on our subconscious in ways that are damaging. The practice of right speaking is healing.

September 30, 2009

A Conversation With Satan~Humour

I’m sitting here with the big guy himself, the one and only King of Bad, Satan. He has agreed to share with us some of his secrets on scaring the Bejesus out of common folk like me and you and how he has managed to stay on top of the human race for so many eons now and still manages to stay in such incredible shape.

Me: I mean look at you Satan. You look great with those sinews popping out and the tight abs. How do you do it?

Satan: Well, you quivering puddle of maggot rot, (sorry it just comes out) I spend a lot of time sweating not just due to my frequent visits to Hell but one burns quite a few calories possessing and manipulating people, manifesting in clouds of dust from catastrophic explosions in pre-orchestrated global events by the elite. It’s quite a workout.

Me: Wow. Could you tell us about your relationship with God and how you see this all working out in the end . . .that has no ending?

Satan: So much of what people believe they know is really distortions and fabrications by the media. I love those guys. I’m one of you really. I am just the collective manifestation of all of the stupid and lazy souls that trap themselves in this reality we call life. Is this a reason to make me the King of Bad as you say? I mean this roller coaster is out of control. I’ve been trying to stop it since the apple incident if you want to know the truth. It’s the damned money thing that has people now. Who would of thought? Money isn’t even real.

Me: What are you saying, that you are thinking of converting to the light side?

Satan: Why not? There’s just nowhere to go from here. I’ve done it all. I could go to a different planet and start over or stay in third dimensional earth with the “Dee di dees” while everyone else ascends but I keep thinking about how nice it would be to just go Black Hole for a while, you know? Maybe I will join the Lighties. Those Pleaidian chicks are pretty hot. How do you think I would look in spandex?

Me: You might want to lose the horns big guy. What is it about the horns anyway? Why do we see Bush, Ahmadenijad, Clinton even the queen of England throwing around the devil sign.

Satan: Those are my homies. (laughs) They have been part of my family for centuries. Don’t be hatin’ the reptilians. Hate is what gets you a front seat at my show.

Me: Ok , Satan, I’m sorry we’re out of time.

Satan: You’ve got that right.

Me: So We will be looking for you in the light. If not have a nice eternity of hell fire and brimstone and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Satan: Peace out, if you know what I mean.

Under the Waves

At the brink of this enormous shift in consciousness we are hearing many voices calling out from every direction. “This is the way!” “No over here!” We are confused and rightly so by the attempts to explain what we are, what to believe, and where we are going. Shakipat Sage, an acquaintance said that we must be aware of catch phrases such as Light Workers and Light Beings because it creates an illusion of separation. As we being to use these phrases it is easy to become attached to the idea that we are this or they are that and become limited in our perceptions as to what we truly are. What we are as a collective is the silence and the stillness under the waves of chaos and confusion in the physical world. Being is in the world is why we are here. Humans Being. Sages and Enlightened ones have attempted to remind us for centuries of this but the waves were to strong and we did not realize that we had wings to fly. Where are these wings to fly and what are they? How can we be beneath the waves and fly above them at the same time?

This silence and stillness at the source of everything is the potent and latent fabric of life. When we feel that we are drowning in the waves of chaos and the illusion of separation we breath and turn our awareness to this silence. We need not stop creating, sharing, dreaming and being in the world as long as we do not attach ourselves to these ideas and things and remain present in the awareness that we are one with all that is. This is flying.

The most difficult thing to address in this world that we have all created is violence and suffering and how to end it. The reason there is violence in the world in the first place is because some seek to control others out of fear. Seeking to control the controller does not solve the problem. Recently I have been sharing my thoughts and ideas in videos about the importance of diversity and compassion when addressing the issues of making the world a better place. First we must realize that everyone’s opinion of better is different. But most would agree that a world without suffering and violence is a good place to start. At first I was very calm and patient with my responses to comments from people who seemed to be attacking this point of view that compassion is a necessary component in making the world a better place. I know that everyone has a right to comment with their own perspective but the irony lies in that fact that I am being attacked for saying that everyone’s has their own views based on their experiences. It may come as surprise to many that there is a sizable group of followers to this very disconcerting thought process that compassion is not required and that only common sense and practicality are required to stop violence in this strictly physical existence

To say that only practicality and common sense is a necessary component in making the world better is a clue that I am corresponding with people who seek control. The fact that they are all throwing these catch phrases at me like “physical is all that is real”, “support life” and “knowledge is useless” completely out of context is another sign of programming. As more and more of these comments began to flood my email I realized that there are people who actually believe that all that is necessary to stop war, rape and feed starving children is common sense and practicality and equality for all as one. This is where I feel the need to make a very strong point. They are mistaking appreciation and compassion for all life with the notion that all humans must have the same things and think the same way. They are assuming that everyone shares the same definition of common sense and practicality and that compassion is separate and useless.

Rape, as I have had experience in this particular arena, is something that cannot be stopped with common sense and practicality. Saying that the rapist and the “victim” only needed to be practical and use common sense to avoid the rape is not only na├»ve it is a disgrace to anyone who has been raped. Eliminating the rapist is one way to deal with the problem but not very compassionate. Nor will it stop another from raping. The rapist needs to learn how to function in the world without inflicting his anger on others. He cannot do this without rehabilitation, self-forgiveness, forgiveness and the compassion of others. Children who are nurtured and taught self-love and respect for others are less likely to seek to control others. Rape is about control.

Out of fear and self-loathing people seek control over others. Wars are waged to satisfy that need. Children are starving because these people who seek control do not care about starving children and everyone else is trying to survive their selves no matter how compassionate or practical they may be. I was told that because I supported my two girls I think that is enough. That is presumptuous to say the least but the fact is that I alone can’t physically feed the world and neither can any one individual. We as a collective can do what is necessary by spreading awareness and serving others with technology and education. If you don’t know a child is suffering how can you assist? If you can’t help yourself how can you help others? If you don’t care why would you assist? Common sense and practicality are the things the brain uses to accomplish tasks in a way that is most efficient for a given situation. Common sense and practicality to governments, obviously is to wipe out all of the impoverished with war. Compassion is what is necessary to assist them with food and water and to let them know that they have worth. If a human being feels he has no worth he will parish regardless of what you do for him.

A dog waits in the traffic by his hurt companion that was hit by a car. Is that common sense or compassion? A mother works her whole life to care for her screaming and many times disrespectful or even abusive children. She stands by them when they are destructive and hateful. Is that common sense or compassion? After going through labor the first time my common sense told me that I was insane for having another child. We have free will to make the choices we make and then we have to deal with those choices. Sometimes we find ourselves in undesirable situations. We can say that it was not our fault or intention to be in that situation but we still have a choice as to how to handle it. As for the starving children or someone with cancer, when everything is gone, your health, food, shelter friends what you have left is the mind. The mind will help us survive horrible things when there is no hope or help. This is why it is important for us to practice controlling our own minds rather than trying to change others. The only thing we can control is our minds or we can let go and return to the stillness.

June 24, 2009

Sun Gazing~A Bright Future

Sun Gazing is the practice of looking into the sun. There is an actual reason for this practice beyond religious fad. Ancient Egypt’s Akhenaton and Nefertiti in a relief found in the tomb at Armana is a message to the world of the healing powers of the sun. Lines in stone represent each ray of sunlight and the individual elements. Staring into the sun allows the sun’s rays containing the elements and energy we need to enter into the iris, stimulating the hypothalamic tract and activate the pineal gland. The pineal gland releases melatonin responsible for healthy sleep patterns and protecting us from harmful ultra violet rays among many other things. The pineal gland is the seat of the Third Eye, our spiritual all-seeing eye referred to by the ancients that allows us to see with our physical eyes closed.

The key to sun gazing is to practice no later than one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset. You start out at ten seconds and progress by ten seconds each day for nine months. It is important to stand barefoot on the earth. This could be challenging for those in colder climates. I live in Florida but my challenge is that I am in dense wooded area so we are clearing an area for better viewing. I have been practicing sun gazing for a little over a week now and have begun to notice quite a few changes both physical and emotional. My mood has been steadily blissful even though I suffer mood swings around this time of the month accompanied by a horrific migraine. Usually alcohol will aggravate the migraine if not trigger it but not this time. My appetite has increased along with the increased energy levels I am experiencing however I feel as though I am burning calories without a great deal of exercise. I am also having very vivid dreams all revolving around the same theme every night. I am being tested on many different levels socially, mentally and physically.

Hira Ratan Manek, Mechanical Engineer and sun gazing guru has reintroduced to us this practice of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. He describes the entire process on his website called Solar Healing Center. According to HRM after three onths of practice anger, greed and jealously disappear, we become confident and our minds are clear and focused. At three to six months the brain is now storing enough energy to heal itself and we are free from disease and physical ailments. At six to nine months food intake decreases and hunger pains disappear. After this follow up is required by walking barefoot for 45 minutes on the earth for six days. Continue to walk to strengthen your immune system. The energy from the sun reactivates the pineal, hypothalamus, thalamus and amygdala. You will develop your telepathic skills, detoxify and diminish hunger and the need for food.

No expensive diets, equipment or pills are necessary to be healthy and free. All that is required to achieve these things is the discipline to walk outside and gaze up at the most beautiful sight in our world, the sun.

May 15, 2009

In Phi Knit I

I have been researching the mysteries of religion and cultures for the past twenty years. Recently I found myself heavily submersed in quantum physics and have believed for quite some time that the art and principles of ancient cultures is all based on quantum physics. For example the Tibetan’s Om symbol was duplicated in a Cymatics experiment whereby sand sprinkled on a vibrating platform takes on the specific pattern exposed to a specific sound frequency. The odd part is that human ear cannot detect this particular frequency. One has to wonder how the Tibetan’s came up with this symbol. All things in nature are made up of these geometric patterns shaped by sound. Dr. Emoto’s water experiment with water crystals reveals that sound vibration and even intent can alter the structure of the molecules and the symmetry of a crystal. The perfect symmetry is achieved through positive intention and emotion whereas chaotic and unrecognizable patterns form with negative emotions and words.

It is increasingly impossible to ignore the rising frequency on the planet, the shift in consciousness light buzz that is shaking the old regime out of their lower density boots. Change is a handy word to throw around but it comes with two easy attachments of good and bad and no guarantee. We are nervous about this new era but still our spirit is fluttering around like a little kids on Christmas morning. Could it be possible to see a world where people are allowed to feel bliss and freedom? The fears that have been so effectively embedded in us via the media, unwanted wars, corporate and government bullying and a history of horrible atrocities that leave such a strong karmic stain that we can’t seem to scrub it off with the usual abrasives. It’s time for a good Oxy-cleaning. Our breath of fresh air is the unprecedented election of Barack Obama has challenged America to embrace every polar opposite one can imagine. Race and country, the sexes, cultures, political parties are all just fleeting bad ideas now melting into the background of a bygone era. We want to believe with all our hearts that this was a pivotal opportunity for us to restore power to the people and heal the earth but something even more incredible is happening. A cloud of confusion is lifting and we are questioning all of the insanity that brought us to where we are in first place. What were we fighting for? Why do we spend the majority of our lives working for a company that means nothing to us to make money to pay bills and barely survive? Why are the wealthiest and most popular people on the planet in the movie, pharmaceutical and legal industries? Why is our income taxed? Why are people starving while others can and do spend $100,000 on a car. Why do we use gas to fuel our cars? The list goes on. But the most important mystery in all of the history of mankind is about to unfold due to our awakening from a long, sleepy slumber and largely to do with the actual realignment of our place in the galaxy.

The Mayans predicted this alignment in their calendar. It synchs up with the 1012 date that most people now know about. Though it is referred to as the End Times Prophecy as there is a tendency in the main stream to spread fear, we all know that there is no such thing as THE END of anything. Even if the earth were to explode and all humans were scattered to the four corners of the supposedly “flat” universe (yes, and they said the earth was flat as well), so what? Do we really actually believe that our electromagnetic, 1 percent matter bodies are significant in any way other than to experience the 1 percent of space that we actually perceive? 99.999 percent of the multi-verse is undetected by human senses. It is dark matter that is pregnant with information that our Nano pea brains cannot begin to comprehend, so far. But that is about to change.

Everything is cyclic. The only way to predict the future is to predict general energies as orchestrated by the cyclic nature of the universe. As above, so below. Everything is a representation of something else fractaling into infinity. The players and the stage, the props may all change but the stories are all the same. “We are merely players and all the world is a stage”. People like Shakespeare, DaVinci, Jesus were not ordinary people. They were privy to wisdom and knowledge that set them apart from the rest. What at first, appears to be metaphors from wise men to help us on our journey through life is actually evidence of far more advanced knowledge than we ever imagined. This secret knowledge was guarded and shared with only a select few, the Elite. They have been called the Templars and the Illuminati whose reputation now is less than holy. Rather than resign them immediately to the dark side we have to remember that knowledge is neither good nor bad. It is what we do with that knowledge that matters. Apparently the powers that be have polarized though in this game and there is a definite organization of power hungry control freaks with this ancient wisdom that are using it entirely to satisfy their own personal agendas. Meanwhile, the “goodies” are assisting humans in their ascension or awakening to this information in an effort to finally tip the scales and end the cosmic nastiness. It sounds like science fiction but what I am about to reveal and propose will make it very difficult to deny that all of this is absolutely true.

I was inspired by my eighteen year-old daughter a very artsy and quiet, sweet girl, not religious or obsessive about anything but she is extremely empathetic to where she feels other people's pain and emotion. I have been trying to talk to her about these kinds of things for years but she always seemed frustrated with me when I would start, so I did not pursue. After going through a very bad experience in the school she was attending she wanted to drop out, move back Jacksonville where she was born and get her GED. I decided to treat her as an individual and to not try to control her so I gave her my blessing. She got a job at sixteen, held it for a year and got an apartment just this month. Out of the blue she called me with this excitement in her voice that was electric and said "mom, I just realized why we are here in this universe”. She went on to tell me all of the revelations she had the night before and how she managed to put it into one sentence. “The moment of chance is proof of randomly consistent progression!" That sentence just came to here at 4 in the morning. And she said that everything is made up of these smoky spirals of energy and there is no time really and we are eternal. WOW I almost fell out of my chair. I had just been working on all of this through Richard Hoagland and Dan Winter and David Wilcock’s research. I have been studying this for 20 years. And she just pops that out at eighteen. So I decided to focus now on the main thing that I have been seeking all my life and that is unveiling the mystery behind the bizarre connectedness of all cultures and religions expressed in geometric shapes and metaphors. I knew it had to do with quantum physics and not actual material things. It is too insane to believe that the wars and control that has sucked the life out of this planet for so long is only about gold and land and religions. When I factored in the possibility of time travel and sacred places around the world it all made sense. THAT is worth fighting for if you are a control freak "god", keeping others from time traveling and actually BEING gods.

I realized that Dan Winter's work on IMPLOSION spin torsion creating a vortex like a tornado was the key to everything. It is self awareness in motion. So when the yogis and channeled masters are saying it is all about love that magnetic spin is what they are referencing to. The question is how do we take the physical body through a time portal? Apparently St Germain did it. The body will age but we can slow aging if we can control time. He managed to stay young for hundreds of years. This is a reported fact from very important people in history. I just learned that he hung out with the Cathars on some travel show. I went to Rennes le Chateau several years ago to research the Holy Grail. I saw the church where the priest Berenger Saunierre went a little mad and redecorated by placing a lovely demon statue in the entrance of Asmodeus, the “keeper of secrets”. Over the doorway it reads in Latin, "This place is terrible". There is a castle nearby where the Cathars gathered. It turns out our eternal friend St. Germain hung with these dimensional travelers. There are 12 12th dimensional portals in the Pyrenese. As it turns out Pyrenese means fire people. Talk about a revelation. That is what this whole stupid thing is about. God placed two flaming swords at the gates of Eden. Either that is the Aurora Borealis protecting the inner dimensions of earth or it is a metaphor for all portals that will not be accessible until our DNA changes. It could be both.

What is the meaning of all this? Rennes le Chateau was said to have been the location of the Holy Grail at one time. As the story goes the Cup that contains the blood of Christ is the Key to immortality. Dan Brown’s books, DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons have the religious community in an uproar implying that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene and the Holy Grail was the bloodline of Christ. I almost bought into that too after my trip to France. I knew it could not simply be a cup with blood in it that you drink of to become immortal. If we have learned anything we must know that elite love metaphors. Here is a riddle for you. What is invisible to the naked eye, is shaped like a cup, spins and has a hole in the middle? The answer is those little smoky circles that my eighteen year-old spoke of that exists in everything, a vortex that takes you beyond time and space. Once you drink from this cup Dorothy, you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. Holy Grail means Royal Blood. The cup is a hyper-dimensional vortex created by bliss. Ecstasy (Christ Consciousness whom Jesus represents) In Phi Knitly (INserts PHIre and KNITS the web (chalice) that creates the spin torsion compression that magnetizes (Magdalene) the royal blood (Holy Grail), activates the DNA (serpent) and makes us immortal. What is the best way to keep people from being blissful? Guilt. Fear. Hatred. Suffering. All achieved by the Elite through oppression and war and injecting all of these things into religion. They turned Jesus, the man with the message into a god to be worshipped making us unworthy, prayed to, telling us to seek outside ourselves to be saved and made us feel guilty for his sacrifice. They are the masters of reversal.

Suddenly it all makes sense. All of the sacred geometry found in every religion and culture, the obsession with music and chanting in prayer are the haunting sounds and visions of a hidden God awaiting our return to the source. Not the “gods” who were “mighty men of renowned who came unto the daughters of men” but the faceless, formless and nameless divine spark that connects us all. How easy it is for those with the knowledge and the will to control, to deceive us while we meander through the labyrinth of our own design in an attempt to distract us from our selves. We are easily convinced that we are separate, unworthy and should be ruled by someone that knows better. They awed us with their Magi magic tricks making us fearful of the unknown. They told us to worship, pray to and sacrifice to an angry, punishing and murdering god of the old Testament of which we were unworthy. I say, “Never worship any god who needs more therapy than you do”. We were taught to seek for forgiveness from this judging god rather than self-forgiveness. We were little children, lost and afraid and waiting to be shown the way. We were told what to think, how to live, what to believe but that time has come to an end. That is the true End Time. It is the end of an age of darkness. Jesus said that we must all drink from our own cups. We are all responsible for our selves and our souls. He said, “Ye are all Gods”. We have free will. We are not subject to the will of a god who rules and punishes. Jesus was teaching us through metaphors the secret hyper-dimensional physics of eternal life.
What brings this age to an end is a natural 26,000 year cosmic cycle that aligns our solar system with the Galactic center and what the Mayans refer to as the Dark Rift. Scientists call it the photon belt, a band of super dense matter from which light cannot escape. As the earth moves into this new energy our DNA is being altered. It is the mega version of the human organism version of spin torsion field. Our blood is magnetized, the earth’s magnetic field weakens, gravity reaches zero point, and we are immersed in the heavens. When the earth beings to move away from the light and back into the dark ages, once again there will remain the secret vortices, wormholes/portals like lifting a sponge out of the water. Eternal beings may or may not continue the game of physical manifestation in the lower dimensional levels. But this is an amazing an awesome time to be alive as we transition from third dimensional reality existence to the fifth and higher dimensions. By releasing and shaking off what I call the magnetic karma goo of the past and living in the present we are now able to experience human existence in a world that is moving beyond space and time. It is important not to give up as we witness the cleansing of the earth during this process as our own cleansing process. We are playing out all of our karmic lessons in this one life here and now. We will manifest illness and death if we are not focused on release and bliss. Release your fears and rid yourself of the toxic people, foods and situations that are causing your slow death. The world is lighting up with the flames of what is known as the Christ Consciousness. It is not a man. No man or god can save you. It is the eternal flame that is sparked by bliss. Find your bliss and light your fire.