October 5, 2010

PHIsics of Kundalini

Sex is the Material worlds attempt to duplicate Kundalini Spirit. Keep in mind that Bliss is charge and causes braiding of DNA. . .

An excerpt from an article by Dan Winter:

Kundalini may be physically measured in among other ways, as a coherence phenomena of collected cellular "blue fire". (Reference our 2 hour video with 3 Medical Doctor's: "The Biology of Blue Fire".) Ultra violet coherence being the motor and currency of cell metabolism (Ettienne, and Lipton). What may be most instructive about this is the degree to which the gathered (and "fractal?) inertia of human attention/focus does specifically direct and steer this waveguide. The mechanism which permits increasingly coherent human focus to steer microwave and shorter bandwidths is very much our appropriate challenge to understand fully.

Interestingly, it was UV spectral emission lines which can measure the braid angle of DNA helical wrap factor. It was this technology which allowed us to prove that electrical lo frequency COHERENCE in the heart beat, associated with the feeling of compassion, does measureably affect the braid angle of DNA. (The chapter in my book, entitled Programming DNA: Is Emotion the Weaver"., and the research done at my suggestion by Heart Math Institute, published in Int'l Society for the Study of Energy Medicine. http://www.danwinter.com/rein )

The point being that an Ultraviolet effect in the DNA is documentably changed by a conscious teachable skill: feeling love and compassion in the heart measured in the power spectral analysis of the EKG (my work at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, first measured EKG coherence associated with emotion).

So now let us apply this metaphor to the activities we know create likely kundalini medical symptoms. Creating glandular coherence creates microwave and ultraviolet cellular coherence. Glandular (emotive) coherence appears teachable with biofeedback or yoga etc. We must ask what is the principle in essence of what permits human conscious activity to grapple with the heart of high frequency cellular fires.

I discussed with Ben Bentov many times the mechanism of the sonic entrainment of the heart pressure waves with the liquids of the brain ventricles (like a can of peaches shaking he would say.) His capacitive accelerometer for measuring this ring relationship between heart and brain liquids was one of th e planets finest feedback devices. Ben described his own kundalini experiences as often originating in the solar plexus area, very different than mine. (His book on the subject: "Stalking the Wild Pendulum", has a chapter - phonon mechanism of kundalini - which is cross correlate to Lee Sanella, MD book "Kundalini: Psychoses or Transendance".)

COHERENT heart sounds pump ecstatic juices to the brain. Think of the geometry of sonic phonons or sound in liquid long standing waves as functioning like a flute operated snake charmer, or the sonic standing nodes moving like the pushers in a peristalsic pump (in which mechanical hands push liquids up a flexible tube.)

The origin of the sweetness tasted dripping from the squeezed amygdala of the brains nut, is the blue dish at the base of the spine. Here foreplay or breath gathers the collected Ultraviolet nectars of cell metabolism. If tantra or kundalini can produce enough Sacra Cranial Pulse (a sonic long wave) up the fluids of the spine, then the stinger tube hole at the base of the spine can begin to pump. When successful of course this produces the positive biofeedback of "permission to taste the sweetness". Sweetness being always and only a measure of braidedness.

There are those who doubted the definite experience of we intense kundalini experiencers, who begin to taste quite literally from the roof of our mouths, whatever is near the tailbone. The end products of digestion gather there, as in the hi frequency massaged "sweetness", highest density content braidedness: at the BLUE DISH. At first in tantra, it takes extreme conservation (abstinence from orgasm) to build the pressure of the assembled cellular hi frequency excipients (foreplay), to back flush them up the just learning how, spine pump. Later, as the passage is opened more, the tailbone tube "straw that sucks", begins delivering sweet nectar to the brain floor 'under the flower' VERY frequently (my experience). At first we visualized a simple opening of the tailbone tube, which Gurdjieff called the 'organ Kunda-buffer', regulated by the (sonic and actual) massage of the peritoneal and prostate ( in the male). Later we realized also that the vestigial HORSE HAIRS of the tail bone, still present at the human spin base, also serve a high frequency coherence light wave guide gathering 'up' function.

When all of this 'sacro cranial pumping' works..(danwinter.com/isthisrecursion/apta.html AND Upledger Institute, and Polarity concepts)

the arrival of these the best biological nutrients to the brain crown produces:

1. an explosion of brain cellular growth at the upper brain. The unfolding of the petals of a magnetic flower there, which then attract images (magnetic waves in phase are identical to perception of 'petals') to the pineal. ...The 'Thousand Petalled Lotus".

2. an extreme plumbed removal of lingum excipients /mucosal crystalizations blocking flow, from the cerebrospinal and connected lymph passages. The psychological correlates of which include however many months of tears required to excise every unshareable (less than VERY symmetric/ recursive and thus eternal) stored emotion. The geometry of emotion's electrical library being the phase disciphined foldedness on surface of cell and piezoelectric muscle. (The notion that cell surface SHAPE is no more than an index of whatever electrical waves could stand together musically in phase, as in "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" -mathematic biophysics text, and depicted more romantically at http://www.danwinter.com/cancer - shape fold index to cancer and aids.)

3. a potentially dangerous over excitation/ metabolic speedup of the glands. the skill to move nutrients from the cells entrance to High Quality UV, and then out to glandular and ecstatic operations goes to its limit. Essentially, metabolisms baud rate can speed up to beyond the glands ability to withstand the fire. In my case, fifteen years of nutritional honing permit a kind of thin survival. (Specifically I believe the higher amperage and higher frequency densities pushing thru the cellular cores, stress the mineral to water bond structure as at Albert Szent Gyorgyi "Electronic Biology and Cancer", necessitating trace mineral replacement and the bliss capacitance necessary to hold those minerals soluble and funtional as geometrizers for cellular electrical conductive efficiency.. Also I emphasize the quality of the critical raw oils {"Lorenzo's Oil"} {heat kills them} which create the myelin sheath dialectric insulator so stressed by hi amperage and voltage at the synaptic level. If nervous tissue as optical hologram waveguide does not get the electrical insulator quality necessary to hold hi pressure/voltage, then psychokinesis becomes unsustainable.) Important instructions for hygiene here, at Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle

4. an overflowing of sweetness dripping onto the back of the tongue, resulting in a different appreciation of what sweetness is (the girl after kundalini or tantric ecstatcy prefers lentils to chocolate because their deferred but self braided sweetness is tastier. ersatz sweetness only a substitute for ecstatic process is no longer desired)

5. the perception of a magnetically implosive current traveling spinally. Moving ones attention to the core of this magnetic current, can with shamanic practice create an organ of perception (look through the eye of the serpent.)

6. a potent magnetically converging atmospheric and earth current force precipitating moisture from above, and creating new springs below. Herein comes the in-tube wormhole song-line entering force which Aboriginally glues tectonics together. Drawing the magnetic current energy line from the energy going in circles which we cutely label mass, is the ss word from ss tone : the raised djed, and djedi knight.

7. a dramatic improvement over the perception of simple orgasm; the passage of hapliod DNA seed up the spine in the male: prostatic thick but clear fluid can come out the penis, the semen went up. In the female noteably, recurrent descriptions of "virgin" birth (conversations with Sannella, Drunvalo). The point is that it is the carrier of capactive charge which instructs the eggs membrane to turn inside out/donut and become fetus. (The ""MOMENT"" of fertilization). The source of the charge spin must inherently have enought recursion (awareness), to feed DNA it's complement message. See how whatever causes the spherical egg membrane to BEGIN TO DIMPLE, is the agent of the onset of the fertilization. (see also egg dimple at pic at danwinter.com/torrent ). Article with pictures at www.danwinter.com/superDNA The point being that, the lightning light spike of kundalini charge, able to COME TO A POINT, literally because its harmonics are in PHI golden ratio nesting (see our ekg spectra work), can actually trigger an egg to split... (turn inside out).

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE ECSTATIC INDUCED FREQUENT REPORTS OF VIRGIN BIRTH have NO father. It is important to realize that what we have been calling an ECSTACY TUBE or wormhole up the spine (see also the wormhole transport function in the movies "Contact", "StarGate", and TV's "Deep Space Nine"), becomes quite literally a blood artery of what we have childishly been calling ANGELS. (Timeline/ event history trajectories or splits, like at Montauk, can be healed or reconverge nondestructively for example, only when the subsequent event histories themselves are arranged into a Phi-lotaxes based temporal fractal, -math for time histories in log phi geometric in "Spiral Calendar" by Carolan - descriptions by the Templars under "Repair the Fabric of Time" - so "Angels Don't Bleed - see also danwinter.com/buehler Templar Ruta Time Continuum.. Oritronic vs Metatronic).

The magnetic implosion vortex (up the spin) in the very process of becoming self organizing as a wave function (KUNDA HAS A "MIND OF IT'S OWN"), becomes self aware. Steering this worm (ORMes), is part of the coherence body which becomes angelic. The Saraphic here (See the role of Angel Gabriel at Mary's conception, and Moroni gold plate guardian), being the hi Reptilian, (Mag), while the Ophanic being the hi source of the "bird' brain genetics. Remember "Myth of the Birth of the Hero" (Otto Rank) requiring all avatars to be virgin birth.."So Moses Was Born" (Joan Grant), did not mean the Magnetix X chromosome was without trigger,(XY cross then BRANCH eugene), it meant 'Dad was ET'.

8. the long term impact of kundalini on DNA braid coherence is such as to add another harmonic series of frequecies to the enveloping. This is commonly and erroneously referred to as adding another strand. More correctly entering another dimension never referred to anything which was not topologically the superposition of another axis of symmetry (braiding). This is exactly what happens when the ratio of a carrier wave length, to the wave length of the envelope which contains it, becomes sacred, or recursive, or phi. (Long wave PHI ratio-Golden Mean- the perfection of recursive nest). Genepool spin densities become potentially entirely fractal in this way, and thus reach stellar awareness. This is harvest of sweetness which genepools potentially deliver as milk to gaia's lactic core. (Sweetness in chemistry being merely a name for HOW MUCH BRAIDING..).

9. Kundalini is schizophrenia only when the urge to fractality is fractionated, in nutrition and environment totally lacking in spin density/context richness/braidedness. (The appendix to Lee Sannella, MD book on kundalini showing the huge proportion of Kundalini experiencers who are diagnosed schizophrenic is a VERY sobering diagnosis of our Medical profession). This then relates to the microcosmic orbit skill to return/rotate the magnetic, microwave, and UV broad spectral currents back down the spine. (I believe were the microwave map of the spine to be resolved, the IDA / PINGALA up and down currents would be visible around the SUSHUMNA core). The psychological import of this is that once you see God (light explodes), if you cannot return and create a service with your new phone line to the spin of one mind, then you will go insane. The geomantic law here is that true ecstatic process is unsustainable and produces insanity unless you live in a magnetically fractal landscape. This is why Magdalen had to create a zodiac fractal when she directed the (Templar dreams) siting of the gothic cathedrals, to distribute the spin force of the charge of her tantric swoon with Jesus Christ, fractally to the nearby zodiacal landscape. Awareness is distributed only as wave. Waves can change scales by perfected ratio only in the presence of the Lo-PHI Golden Mean Fractal. Mygdala is the name for the journal on fractality and the nut squeezed in the brain to make sweetness, by the hearts sonic fractal. Rosy foldedness perfected. Come here to die, and you won't. ... All sensitive and sustainably psychokinetic, particularly women, MUST bond (phase lock) with their LAND, in order to get leverage on the collective DNA field effect (collective mind / 'God') .. and that landscape must be fractal/recursive/embedable/geomantic in order to hold her charge/awareness).

The heart of the matter of principle which enables awareness to attract the force of such currents is contained in the 'recurring' harmonic whisper of the heart at the moment of love. We look at the harmonic content of the EKG, as the rush tingle of compassion sweeps, we find not just COHERENCE in the EKG between 0-35 hertz (exactly the coherence bandwidth in the EEG and the Earth's Schumann resonance.) WHAT WE FIND IS A PARTICULAR KIND OF COHERENCE (MUSICAL CHORD). WE FIND THAT WHEN THE HARMONICS OF THE HEART'S BEAT ARE MOST LIKELY TO CAPACITIVELY ENTRAIN THE BRAIN AND EVEN ENTRAIN A TREE AT A DISTANCE....... AT THAT MOMENT THE HEART'S FREQUENCY HARMONICS WILL BE A RECURSIVE/SELF EMBEDDED/ FRACTAL IN THEIR NON-LINEAR HARMONIC NEST.

More specifically, the physics here is that the frequency harmonics (power spectra / fft) of the EKG will show the heart change from normal linear harmonic intervals between contained frequencies (multiples of 2), to a situation where the INTERVAL BETWEEN CONTAINED HARMONICS BECOMES MULTIPLES OF GOLDEN MEAN. (THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE NON-LINEAR, and therefore implosive cascade called LO-PHI.. love..) ~

By Dan Winter

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