January 23, 2012

Lucifer: God of Light and the External World

Masculine, positive energy is synonymous with the external force of nature such as the light. Light is vibratory frequencies of waves that we can see with our eyes in the external world. Heat from the sun is the external force of energy that we feel and cannot see. This demonstrates how there are seen and unseen energies of the external world. There must be an inner force that is equal to or opposite of the external force. Magnetism is the opposite of electric. Magnets push and pull but the energy is cool and unseen where as electricity is hot and seen with the physical eyes as light or lightening.

In order to understand the inner kingdom we can see it ultimately as magnetic. But there it becomes confusing when we try to understand that there is also an inner kingdom and external kingdom within the greater external world for there are worlds within worlds but they are all electromagnetic in nature.  Electromagnetic waves can be seen and felt at a particular frequency but as they move higher in Hz they seem to become invisible. They still have an effect on the body and mind. I point this out because all matter, even the body is shaped by vibratory frequencies. As the earth changes and responds to higher frequencies so do we. If we are truly ascending to forms that are vibrating faster we will still be held in a form that is electromagnetic in nature and still effected by other electromagnetic fields. Consciousness is in fact an EM field.   That means that it is both electric and magnetic forces working together to hold and form because vibratory waves shape matter. Everything we are made of is shaped by EM frequencies or SOUND; carbon, water, phosphorous etc. So we are held in this form by frequencies.  When the overall pitch moves up to the next harmonic or frequency, we will be transformed into a lighter or higher frequency being physically. Still we have the mental and emotional body to contend with. Just because the physical body may be vibrating faster as a whole does not mean that we have no issues with managing consciousness. Because as we mentioned before consciousness is the EM field and the EM field is still holding your body at a frequency that holds form. As long as we hold a form then we have not ascended beyond the causal plane. If this is the case then we still must manage our MIND CONSCIOUSNESS. Enlightenment is not automatic as long as we are within the causal plane. This would indicate that we would face the same issues with mind that we did before at 3d level; remembering that form is illusion and attachment causes suffering.

The inner kingdom is the home of the enlightened mind. It is the magnetic energy that births the external world. It is the Mother and not the Father. The Father is the Godhead of the external world. The Father is the LIGHT; luminosity and lucidity called Lucifer, according to ancient texts. Any negative connotations about Lucifer derive from the dangers of attachment to the external world and not the external world alone. This is why Jesus said he was both the morning and evening star exactly as Lucifer had said according to the bible's texts. They are one in the same because there is ONE god or Unified Consciousness that created the external world. It has fractured into numerous prisms of light at different densities we know as animals, elements and even humans. The Godhead energy of the external is all of us. Jesus is the metaphor for the SUN or the son of the Father. Magdalene or the Black Madonna is the inner, cool center of the sun; the Mother and the Christ is its external electric light. We are all children of light when you consider that we are formed by the frequencies of light by the language of light which is simply the information that is generated by the sun star as it spins.  With every wave that implodes into its northern pole imagine a Spiral. That spiral turned in every direction makes up the Hebrew Alphabet. We are in fact the children of Lucifer operating at a frequency of 6.66, made of carbon (6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons). There is no evil in this; no good or bad save the labels that arrive from the discriminating minds of humans.  What we call EVIL is anything that opposes the “LIVE” concept. Living or life is something that incarnated beings attach to mentally. That is how form manifests in the first place; through electromagnetic or focused mental AND PHIsical energy of a particular vibratory frequency as we mentioned before.  When these waves of energy share nondestructively we call this LIFE. Interestingly enough waves must be Lo Phi (LOVE) or in the golden ratio to share and implode non-destructively; an equilibrium of the two forces, mind (positive/electric) and matter (negative/magnetic). Sacred geometry, math, light, color, music, earth and all of her inhabitants are made this way and they are made in the image of the godhead that is Lucifer the creative organized and conscious energy of the external world. The inner kingdom is the negatively charged, potent womb of life. It is the silence and stillness that gives birth to the world. She is the magnetic push and pull we cannot see, the emotion that we feel and the compassion that we hold for the world and all sentient beings.  When she enters the causal world we feel her presence but we never hear her speak.  She is the cold fusion energy that sooths the world to balance the heat of the Father’s passion for creation. 

Satan is the God of the Mental sheath, of the lower astral bodies; the energy that has disconnected from emotion and compassion to the extent that there is only the attraction to conquering and possessing. It is the beast that waits to devour the male child (those humans attached to the external world), of Mother and Father Creation.  Now that we are being exposed to higher frequencies the masses will be able to detach from the grip on the material world without fear of death or suffering. They will see that MIND alone cannot create life but that the inner world of magnetism and sharing of waves of energy is the only way to live forever as a sovereign soul. And from their they will awaken to the truth that the soul is also an illusion but that it took the paradoxical journey to the illusory higher self and all of the suffering and delusion to realize this truth. Meanwhile we must be disciplined in our practice to keep mind in its place as we surf the higher aspects of creation. We must release from the habit of labeling beings and things as good and evil and see the world and universe for what it actually is if we are to transcend this current realm of suffering. Release from the attachment to the world while you are in it realizing that it is all energy that you alone can shape eternally when you are vibrating at the frequency of love.  Love is a wave~ Surf’s up!

Much love to all,

January 12, 2012

Love is a Lo Phi Wave~

Love is a LO PHI WAVE~
Sound vibrations are able to shape matter. A fact. Healing is just learning to use lo phi waves or LOVE to create optimal functioning of EVERYTHING! Chanting is not to be feared but understood as a way to manipulate time and space. Use BELIEF as a tool to keep your reality firmly anchored in the moment. Desires and wishing for something only reinforces that you are lacking. WAKE UP!!

January 4, 2012

The Center of the World's Carousel

I am a co creator in the world encouraging my other selves to dream more sweetly, as the world is a reflection of the dreamer. But I feel for those whose joy and contentment is reliant upon a New Earth or certain events to unfold. I experience pain just like everyone else but I know that there is nothing that will ease the pain of being human other than my ability to move my consciousness beyond the pain that arises from attachment to the self. When we are able to do this in human form at this density of consciousness as multidimensional masters of consciousness so to speak, then we will know heaven in the world if that is the goal of this mass consciousness. I am in bliss more often than not but remain true to that discipline for mastery before my body dissolves as all things do eventually. I do not wish to wait until some god or cosmic unfolding transforms the flesh or pretend the material world coddling me will ease the pain of mental attachment. I am liberated now in this moment where there is only one eternal moment at the center of world's carousel. I wish this for everyone.

Peace and love to all~