November 4, 2014

Earth Magic Spirit Dance

When I allow my thoughts to rise and fall away. . .

I am aware of sensations, energy in the form of light and sound, images not seen and sounds not heard. I am able to expand my awareness to encompass all that is without the mental knowing of each component. This intuitive knowing is unhindered by invisible boundaries. Words cannot explain it.

If I were deaf, dumb and blind I would see, hear and express more clearly, the truth. Words fall short of encapsulating what is eternal and undefinable. Sounds are just echoes of a heavy thoughts hitting the fabric of space. Images are mirages of dancing genies tempting us to stay and play in our dreams.

Love is when we ride the waves of these illusions without fear.
Death is leaping into the unknown asleep and Birth is leaping into the unknown awake. We have it backwards because we are sleeping. Our birth is a death and our death is birth. When we are awake we will see that the body is a pillar of death and Spirit is life. Spirit stretches through the fabric of death's veil. The world is a reflection of True Life which is formless and faceless. True Life cuts through the steel cages of the MIND. Spirit/Life eats through the skin, the bones, trees and stones leaving them in the dust of truth. Because flesh cannot withstand the seasons of war that truth wages upon us.

And when we are born again the illusions will pass away. This eternal moment is ever changing and yet here I am. This eternal body is ever flying and yet here I am. This eternal mind is ever dreaming and still here I am. At the center of this storm there is a calm. I can reach out and touch the world as it passes by buy it will not whip me up into its fury. I am firmly rooted in the heart of the universe while my spirit soars, guided by eternity.

November 3, 2014

Free Will and the End of Evil

Will Power

Some people believe that humans do not actually have free will but that everything we do is planned out before we are born. First of all let's get this in the proper context. This belief that there is a higher power controlling us is true in a sense but it is not someone outside of us. We have to look at the human brain to completely understand Will.

The amygdala is the part of the brain that is the center of emotion, fear and aggression. If not for the frontal and temporal lobes keeping the amygdala in check we would be like most other animals not able to control our violent impulses. In this sense we absolutely have free will to manage the fear based impulses and thoughts that arise from events in our lives unless there is something very wrong with our brain.

It is interesting that in the stories of the bible, Jesus was said to have removed seven demons from Mary "Magdalene". Mari is a title like queen. Magdalene sounds very much like amygdala. Is this a coincidence? Was this actually a lesson in how to master one's demons by mastering the amygdala? Seven demons correspond to the seven sins and the seven chakras of the body; lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, vengeance, jealousy and pride. Could it be that Jesus Christ represents the higher thinking processes that allows us to override our animal nature by using compassion and empathy. The Serpent could also represent the Reptilian Brain in charge of our survival instincts.

Without will we would not be human. We need will to control our behavior. We can even control which thoughts we dwell on and whether or not we allow our emotions to rule our behavior. What we call evil could become a thing of the past through brain entrainment. But does that mean we would have to give up free will?

Scientifically it is possible to override the fear based emotions that cause aggressive behavior. Through practice we can learn to choose to tame our impulses and make better choices. But some people are psychotic. Scientists can see where certain areas of the brain correspond to psychotic tendencies. It would be much more difficult to entrain the brain of a psychotic but not impossible. Regardless these tests do not override free will but change one's choices through conditioning. Humans will usually choose a pleasant sensation over a bad one so they use mild shocks to subtly change the way one thinks and responds.

As we delve deeper into the psychology behind free will and what it truly means to live in a world without violence we can see that free will is is part of the equation. How far will we go to control the minds of humanity for the sake of living in a world free of evil? One interesting fact is that there is less evil behavior in the world relatively speaking that in the past according to researchers. How they know this I am not sure. But this seems to be the most overall peaceful time in the history of humankind. Could it be that we are evolving evil out of our DNA anyway?  Only time will tell. The future is wide open and humans are blessed with the opportunity to bridge the sensual world with higher consciousness behavior. Why not take it? Evil is so last eon.  One thing for certain is that we have the free will to choose how we go into the future, masters of our animal nature or victims of it.

July 30, 2014

In The Next World There Is No Battle

The "gods" from legends in cultures around the world were depicted as human-like beings that used technologies to control the elements and matter, fly and other feats considered unexplainable by the indigenous peoples. It is believed that these humans were given technologies because they were the offspring of the same beings that created mankind through genetic engineering with apes. The experiment has never ceased. These beings became divided over the interference with mankind. There are those that wanted humans to be left alone and those that wanted to provide humans with technologies to advance their race. The results of "playing god" led to both beneficial and destructive results. Still they watch over us. I have seen orbs move at speeds that defy the laws of physics as we know them. I so also believe the millions of eye witness to things of this nature. The same thing that happened thousands of years ago is about to happen again. An elite group possesses advanced technologies far beyond what the mass population is "allowed to buy" from the elite. There are beings that will look like gods with these technologies and there are humans that are being born with innate abilities. I believe this is what the war between the "gods" was about and is still about. One faction supports the genetic breeding program for organic abilities while the other is focused upon technologies. This game/battle will never end in the material world.(Based upon physics) It is what the material world is about on a microcosmic level. Even beings that live for thousands of years still play the good against evil game. Imagine this planet where there are no opposing sides. You can't. Because there would be no life if that were the case. No plants. No water (H2O). It takes two opposing sides to find balance. Balance doesn't mean one both sides win. It means one side gives up or dies. Even plants fight it out for space. Someone has to lose.

All of this is a distraction because it is a battle of the material realms which WILL end. Either your soul will leave your body or the earth will end one day because NOTHING LASTS in the material realm. But spirit is eternal. Consciousness means KNOWING. The only way there can be knowing is if there is a way for information to be stored. That is what the universe does and what a soul does. A soul is just an imitation of the universe with a limited amount of information stored in it. We are like a cup in the ocean that believes we are the cup. Then we believe we are the water. Then we realize there is no cup and we are the ocean of MIND. The water inside the cup that is all a mind construct, is programmed like a hologram. We program the construct with our experiences and thoughts and fears and wishes. It can all be reprogrammed. It can be erased.

There is no reason to have innate super powers in the next dimension because anything we can imagine we experience. There is no reason for technologies in the next world. This world will end and we will all either reincarnate or go to the next world where there is no battle. In that world the creator imagines things into existence. You are ONE with the Creator. These things are not bound to the laws of physics as they are here. There is no polarity. There is just an organic holographic design studio of sorts where it all seems just as real as this world but there is no suffering. I believe this because I am able to go there consciously. When I am there I feel no pain yet I am fully conscious. I feel everything MORE than I do here. But there is no pain. Pain is a brain function to inform us of danger so we do not harm the body. When you are pure spirit there is no body to harm. So there is no pain. The colors are beyond anything we see here at this octave. It is all just imagination come to life. But if I fall into longing or self delusions I go back into my body and wake up into this world. It is a RUDE awakening let me tell you.

If you cannot divorce yourself from the addictions of the material world you will remain stuck at this octave when your soul has to leave the body. If you are buried in the longing for money or fame or possessions how can you be flying in a world of abundance? They are two different stations. This is why the teachers, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and many others urged us to release from our earthly longings. We cannot serve that Teacher and the Ruler of this world at the same time. This does not mean there is nothing to live for in this world. We have the opportunity to see the truth of this while we are incarnated as humans. If we do not see this true nature of reality then we remain in the slower/denser and more painful world with which we resonate.

This truth offers us the opportunity to become liberated in this life and feel the bliss of liberation in everything moment. We are free to assist others or not. It is up to everyone what they want to do with their higher awareness. But ultimately we are faced with challenges every moment we are here in this world of suffering. This is why the practitioner is never bored. This is why meditation is a gift. This is why peace is the greatest wealth. I wish everyone Lucidity and Peace

July 24, 2014

The Window

I have been able to see visions while fully awake for several years now. I have been doing experiments to better understand what is happening and what these visions are all about. The third eye is basically your inner screen. The pineal gland projects images onto your eyelids constantly but we have to be in a very relaxed state to see them. The pineal is referred to as the seat of the soul because this is where all of the information that makes up what we think we are and our personality is projected onto our inner screen. Studying Dan Winter and Stan Tennen’s theories and recent quantum physics observations led me to realize that the soul is constructed like an atom. It is a spinning vortex that generates an EM field which stores information just like a cd or film. The pineal gland it the projector producing holographic images that are stored by the soul. The following article explains what the soul is according to the teachings of Jesus and why we need to be able to master the soul/mind construct to return home. I can attest to what is being said here because I see realities playing out while awake that I cannot control but I am also able to pretend and create realities that are not preprogrammed. I am able to fly over a landscape and see trees and forests, castles, horses and cows. I have seen black and white visuals of people from the 1900’s etc. Why would my visions be in black and white unless I was looking at a preprogrammed vision? Sometimes when I am seeing a reality my viewfinder will settle down on the sand and not move again. I am just sitting there awake looking at this image of the sand until it decides to move again and start flying over stuff. It is a virtual reality game. I believe there are an infinite number of realities that are programmed into our soul. How do we know what is coming from our true essence and what is programmed? It is explained in the article. THE WINDOW Learn from your own personal experiences with the soul of good and evil. Become aware of how the soul operates by studying it; for being able to experience how the soul operates leads to self reflection and introspection which leads to catching the soul in action and self-realization. We are a mind living inside a human mammal, a homo sapien design, and we have identified our self with this creature through the contents of the soul unaware of our individuality as the mind. As we move through life various memories are being delivered to our mind from the soul causing us to think, speak and act in specific ways. We never stop to think that we are not in full control of our thoughts and actions and yet we sometimes wonder why we think, speak and do the things we do - but it quickly fades. We believe we are in full control of our life, making the decisions and choices all on our own; but what you are about to discover is something quite different. We have been educated by church and state and thus for the most part we have a "conditioned" free will, the contents of the soul (what we have been taught) directing our mind. For example, you have been reading these teachings of Jesus, agreeing and disagreeing based upon your previous education, thereby at best generating a confused and limited understanding; just like reading a new technical book for the first time on a new subject. However, once you start to APPLY these teachings to your self a clearer understanding becomes apparent. The soul is an entity with great power and ability. It functions in connection with the human brain and the five physical senses of the human body to create an experience for the mind. As such, the soul generates an energy field around and interpenetrating the human form; some call this an aura. Yes, through this symbiotic relationship of the soul with the human form the mind becomes identified with the human container and this world is all it sees. Whether we are awake or asleep we are identified with this world and the contents of soul, to which we add to daily through the human experience. Next we will not only reveal how it all works, but give you the ability to prove it to your self. The soul operates using light and sound to produce a virtual reality and creates emotional attachments to the various images. The light is the substance used to form and illuminate the images; the sound is the essence used to animate the images while providing the sound tracks (voices, music, noise). We experience this stage and screen production in the dream state, while in the waking state we experience "talking to ourself" even arguing mentally with this imagery coming from soul, day dreaming. Up until now you have just experienced it as a part of life, now we hope you are thinking about this subtle operation of soul. All thoughts are but collections of images strung together and/or superimposed upon each other. Yes international and intercultural, completely separate from language, images are grouped together and arranged in specific orders to form ideas, ideals, attitudes, opinions, beliefs, etc. A person's collective imagery underlies their every thought, word and action. These stored images in the soul form the basis of all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and actions. They are us and they are guiding us through life, moment-to-moment, forming our attitudes, opinions, desires, belief systems and habits. Even "supernatural" experiences are just the generated phenomena created by the soul using the light and sound of its stored imagery. This is a tough pill to swallow for those who have had the amazing, belief altering experiences of soul's White Light. Yes those amazing, wonderful, emotional and oh so real experiences were all orchestrated by soul to deceive and control. You went nowhere, you saw nothing real. The soul is all powerful and uses its imagery and energy to produce fantastic virtual realities; whatever it takes to keep you from the truth and under its control. The soul can create anything from seeing fairies, elves, angels, gods, goddesses, saints, saviours, ascended masters, demons, devils, ghosts, aliens, UFO's, unicorn winged horses . . . including images of God or the voice of God, whatever it takes to side-track you! Just keep reading and watching TV. Every illusion from heaven to hell and in between is awaiting the seeker on soul's paths. This phenomena generated by soul can be seen in the dream state as one drifts off to sleep, or in the twilight state of consciousness just before waking in the morning, or during passive meditation, or active meditation. On rare occasions when the conditions are just right, soul's imagery can appear to be projected externally in front of you like a mirage in the desert. One just can't believe that there could be anything better than the White Light experiences generated by soul. The following reference material has been provided to show this information is not new. Researchers such as Jung, Freud, Rampa, Gatz and others have had and found similar findings. These are just a few of the examples of the observations and conclusions discovered by researchers such as Jung, Freud, Rampa, Gatz and others. You see, this information about the mind and how it works is not new, it's just not widely taught or publicized. "Visual and auditory sensory experiences apparently are placed in storage as if they had been permanently recorded on sound film." (Gatz, A. "Manter's Essentials of Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology"; Philadelphia, Pa.; F.A. Davis & Co.; 1970, pg. 112.) "It is possible for thought processes to become conscious through a reversion to visual residues. Thinking in pictures, approximates more closely to unconscious processes than does thinking in words, and is unquestionably older than the latter both ontogenetically and phylogenetically." (Freud, S. "The Ego and the Id"; New York; W.W. Norton & Co.; 1960, pg. 19.) "The years I spent pursuing my inner images were the most important in my life." (Jung, C.G. "Memories, Dreams, Reflections"; New York; Vintage Books; 1963, pg. 199.) "The psychological mechanism that transforms energy is the symbol. The true basis of symbolism is the correspondence linking together all orders of reality, binding them one to the other, and consequently extending from the natural order as a whole to the supernatural order. By virtue of this correspondence, the whole of nature is but a symbol, its true significance becoming apparent when it is seen as a pointer to supernatural or metaphysical truths." (Cirlot, J. "A Dictionary of Symbols"; New York; Philosophical Library; 1962, pgs. xxxi and xxxiv.) "In dreams and half-dreaming states, the mind is filled with a throng of images and fantasies. It is here the natural tendencies and predilections of living stuff comes to expression. More than all, I think, here the organizing power of life fashions into orderly patterns the floating fantasies of the unconscious mind. Among the throng of random images and ideas, the unconscious mind rejects certain combinations as unimportant or incompatible but sees the significance of others. By this means, order-intellectual, esthetic, or spiritual is distinguished from randomness. One must recognize the operation in the unconscious of such an organizing factor, for chance alone is not creative. Just as the organism pulls together random, formless stuff into the patterned system of structure and function in the body, so the unconscious mind seems to select and arrange and correlate these ideas and images into a pattern. The resemblances between the two processes are close. The concept is worth considering that the organizing power of life, manifest in mind as well as in body, for the two are hardly separable, is the truly creative element. Creativity thus becomes an attribute of life." (Vernon, P.E. "Creativity, Selected Readings"; New York; Penguin Books; 1970, pg. 111.) "The creative mechanism within you is impersonal. It will work automatically and impersonally to achieve goals of success and happiness, or unhappiness and failure, depending upon the goals which you yourself set for it. Present it with 'success goals' and it functions as a 'success mechanism'. Present it with negative goals, and it operates just as impersonally and just as faithfully as a failure mechanism. Like any other servomechanism, it must have a clear-cut goal, objective, or problem to work upon. The goals that our own creative mechanism seeks to achieve are MENTAL IMAGES, or mental pictures, which we create by the use of the Imagination." (Maltx, M. "Psyco-Cybernetics"; New York; Pocket Books; 1966, pg. 12.) "Visualization increases when a person enters a state of directionless thought." (Horowitz, M. "Image Formation and Cognition"; New York; Appleton-Century-Crofts; 1970, pg. 30.) "All servo-mechanisms achieve a goal by negative feedback, or by going forward, making mistakes, and immediately correcting cause. Further learning and continuous success is accomplished by forgetting the past errors and remembering the successful response so it can be imitated. You must learn to TRUST your creative mechanism to do its work and not 'jam it' by becoming too concerned or too anxious as to whether it will work or not ... or by attempting to force it by too much conscious effort. You must 'let it work' rather than trying to 'make it work.' This TRUST is necessary because your creative mechanism operates below the level of consciousness." (Maltx, M. "Psyco-Cybernetics"; New York; Pocket Books; 1966, pg. 26.) "This creatively aspect of the psychic nucleus can come into play only when the ego gets rid of all purposive and wishful aims and tries to get to a deeper, more basic form of existence. The ego must be able to listen attentively and to give itself without any further design or purpose to that inner urge towards growth." (Jung, C.G. "Man and His Symbols"; Garden City, N.Y.; Doubleday and Co. Inc.; 1968, pgs. 161-163.) "The mystic experience, brought about by concentrative meditation, de-automatization exercises, and other techniques intended to alter ordinary, linear consciousness is then a shift from that normal analytical world, containing separate, discrete objects and persons - to a second mode, an experience of Unity, a mode of intuition. This experience is outside the province of language and rationality. " (Ornstern, R. "The Psychology of Consciousness"; San Francisco, CA; W.H. Freeman & Co.; 1972, pg. 138.) "Every event in the visible world is the effect of an 'image,' that is, of an idea in the unseen world. Accordingly, everything that happens on earth is only a reproduction of an event in a world beyond our sense perception; as regards its occurrence in time, it is later than the supra-sensible event. The holy men and sages, who are in contact with those higher spheres, have access to these ideas through direct intuition and are therefore able to intervene decisively in events in the world. Thus man is linked with heaven, the supra-sensible world of ideas, and with earth, the natural world of visible things, to form with these a trinity of the primal powers." (Wilheim, R. "The I Ching"; Princeton, N.J.; Princeton University Press; 1967, pg. lvii.) "Place all your faith in your subconscious mind. Don't worry about the 'how' or the 'when' ... relax and mentally visualize a screen, one inch by two inches, right between your eyes. As soon as the screen appears clear before your vision, inject into the screen the image of what you want ... just ask for whatever your heart desires, and have faith ... leave everything else to the subconscious. It's amazing, the way it has of working out your problems and bringing about your desires. As success is experienced, your powers will likewise increase." (Wiekl, A. "Creative Visualization"; New York; Greenwich Book Publishers; 1958, pgs. 67-68.) "Translate the emotions into images, that is to say, to find the images which were concealed in the emotions." (Jung, C.G. "Memories, Dreams, Reflections"; New York; Vintage Books; 1963, pg. 177.) "The ability to visualize easily, vividly, is key, according to the Soviets, in the successful transmission of telepathy." (Ostrander, S. and Schroeder, L. "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain"; New York; Bantam Books; 1971, pg. 122.) "First you will be inclined to put it down to imagination but it is not imagination but reality. If you dismiss it as idle imagination you will dismiss telepathy." (Rampa, L. "You-Forever"; London; Gorgi Books; 1971, pg. 159.) "Knowledge does not enrich us, it removes us more and more from the mythic world in which we were once at home by right of birth." (Jung, C.G. "Memories, Dreams, Reflections"; New York; Vintage Books; 1963, pg. 252.) How we experience life is based upon the arranged imagery stored in the soul. Life is but the "effect" of a continuum of this fate producing imagery moving us forward to a specific destiny. This imagery is the "cause" and how we experience life is the "effect." So life-like are these images that as they flow into our mind we become upset, mad, angry, laugh or become sad all over again just as it we were having the original experience. We clench our fists, grit our teeth, the muscles tense up and the soul employs its imagination to add to the original experience to make it more controlling in the future. We think it's us doing the thinking and the imagining, but we are just watching the soul at work with its imagery. What we are attempting to explain is the "process of soul" whereby we are constantly being stimulated, internally and externally, to re-live and re-enact memories stored in the soul all day long (day dreaming) - look around at the people around you day dreaming. Better still watch your own behaviour. As one looks deeper into how the soul operates we find that "try as we might" we just can't stop these old memories from surfacing and affecting the ways we feel, think, speak and act. Why? Because our mind has "conditioned" us over many years to operate in this way. Try it right now, see how long you can remain focused in the now before something pulls you away into a thought. The soul has been designed to operate in this way. To stop it from managing our mind we are going to have to become "aware" and stop the "chatter." We are going to have to make some changes in our understanding, and it's not going to be fast or easy. We have been educated with specific political, social and religious imagery. The more time we devote to certain personal belief systems, the stronger mental and emotional identifications we form with those beliefs: they become our favorite images, what we live our life by. Line Narcissus we are in love with our imagery, and the stronger the mental and emotional bonds the greater influence and control they have over our lives. We encounter each experience in life based upon this stored imagery, forming all our likes, dislikes, loves, hates, fears, courage, etcetera. Therefore, understanding how the soul operates and uses its imagery to move us through life on a moment to moment basis comes not only from reading about it, BUT from the practice of looking for this imagery in our life and observing it in the lives of those around us. Seeing how the soul operates is an opportunity for each one of us to understand just how this imagery relates to our present "belief systems" and thus our ability to make changes to those long held, most cherished beliefs - especially the ones that may not be working out for our betterment. Once we start to experience the soul managing our thoughts and behaviour, we can then begin to understand what it is we must do to start the process of retaking control from soul. For seeing the imagery of soul leads to introspection, which leading to catching soul in the act of controlling us, which leads to self-realization, which leads to wanting to be free from soul's control. So, how can we see these images of soul? And the answer is, through the window of the soul. We will look out the window and onto the film clips of the soul and seeing what is being transmitted for us to subconsciously see. The window is located between the two eye brows in the center of the forehead. The film clips appear out there in the blackness as one looks through the window. Window of Soul. Awake or asleep the imagery of the soul constantly parades across this space for the mind to see and indentify with. The next time you are day dreaming catch yourself and see where your attention is focused even though your eyes may be staring elsewhere. Or when you have to search the memory, feel your attention move up to the window. Or the next time you are having a conversation with someone and they have to search their memory to answer the question, watch their eyes move up as their attention shifts to the window. As the mind looks through the window in the forehead an image forms in the darkness. As the mind views the image it becomes animated and begins to play out like a movie on a screen in a theater. If the mind identifies with the film clip it is pulled into a sequence of holographic images and becomes a participant in the soul's virtual reality. The holographic movie continues to run, with us participating, until we are startled, frightened, lose interest or some external stimuli brings us back into the physical, just like in the dream during sleep or the day dream when we are in a light trance. Our life's experiences have already constructed thousands of these holographic movies, while soul's imagination has created thousands more to entertain and control. At any given moment several of these film clips are competing for our attention, pulling us into a day dream. The process is so subtle it goes unnoticed and by adulthood we have become so habituated by the process that we think, speak and act according to these stored film clips of habits, opinions, attitudes, likes, dislikes, beliefs and so on, uttering cliches and rehearsed lines we live life semi-automated, acting and reacting routinely without a second thought as to why we are like we are or why we do what we do, it's all quite natural and normal to us. On a rare occasion there is that moment when we think to ourself, "Why did I say that?" or "Why did I do that?" but soul quickly re-directs our thinking away from such thoughts usually with some convincing rationalization. The soul works on us from the moment we are born, with a massive attack on us as adolescents, and finally quickening control with the help of those already in adulthood. It's no wonder children don't like to be around adults; adults are so superficial, lifeless, automated and unnatural, they are no longer child-like. As an adult the process begins immediately when the soul receives some external or internal stimulation; the process taking place at the speed of light. As the stimulus "lights-up" one image other connected and supporting images are lit up and arranged into a film clip which appears out there in front of the window for the mind to see. It all takes place instantly, so fast and subtly, that we don't notice the process. This operation of the soul goes unnoticed unless someone educates us and we learn how to experience the process so eventually we can take control of it and put a stop to soul controlling us. We really need to educate our self, the mind, through direct first-hand experience with this process; for by doing so will begin the awakening and the realization our individuality as the mind, separate from the soul and its human container. Once we can prove it to our self, through actual personal experience, not reading about it, the awakening can begin. So learning how to see the imagery through the window is most important to an understanding of our self, the mind, and the soul and how it controls us. There is a technique one can use to experience the imagery through the window and the technique begins by imagining an image outside the window, thus providing the stimuli for soul, and then "pretending" to move out through the window and into that image whereby it engulfs you in its virtual reality and the holographic film clip plays out with you inside. The success of the technique depends upon your ability to "pretend" and nothing else. You have to pretend to see the image on the outside of the window. Then you have to pretend to move through the window and into the image. Then you have to pretend what is happening. You have to do this without thinking; just let things develop; go with the flow. Just pretend like the little child does with their imaginary friend with them; talking, listening and acting out with their imaginary friend. The child doesn't question or wonder about their imaginary friend, the friend is just there and playing along with them. If you are startled or frightened by what you experience then just like the dream state you will come out of it. If you are questioning, thinking about, analyzing or wondering why nothing is happening, you will never get anywhere. Be absent of thought and pretend your way out, into, and along with the film clip. At some point, and don't try to catch it or see it, the pretending will be taken over by the actual experience and you will be going with the flow inside soul's virtual reality. Again: imagine an image; pretend to see it, mock it up out there on the other side of the window; pretend to move out and into the image; pretend how things are unfolding until it takes over and you go with the flow as the pretending comes to life. You do it all the time when you are day dreaming about something from the past; when soul pulls you into its thinking. The only difference is this time YOU are providing the stimuli to trigger soul's response. Now you are going to trigger and activate soul's stored imagery, with respect to past lives, and experience it consciously as mind. The more often you practice the technique the sooner you will get results, included the lucid experiences of soul's White Light phenomena. Those with less analytical minds will find it easier; children can do it naturally. Now let us demonstrate the spiritual deception taught by Masters and Spiritual Organizations as an out of body experience, astral travel, soul travel, etcetera; accessing your past lives by viewing your Akashic Record Book on a so-called higher realm. It's simply accessing the imagery of soul, but to the uneducated it's a life changing, beautiful, mystical experience, especially if the experience becomes the lucid White Light experience. Many wondrous experiences await the unsuspecting person with the "white Light" of soul; you can't imagine anything more beautiful, it must be heaven - it's not! The Akashic Record Book is simply your soul. Karma, cause and effect, is just the fate producing film clips of soul which creates and controls our destiny. Life's experiences adding to and altering this karmic imagery. Now let us take a visit to YOUR Akashic Record Book and see one of your so-called past lives. Praise be to the God of the Living for the love of forgiveness in providing us infidels with a means to redeem our self and return Home. Below is a sketch of the "temple of learning" where you will find your Akashic Record Book. You need to look at this visual so you can place it on the viewing screen. Remember, you need not be able to see this image clearly or lucidly on the viewing screen for the technique to work. The moment you first looked at this picture it was stored in soul. You just need to pretend to visualize it to call it up out of soul and onto the viewing screen. Find a chair in a quiet area of your home. Sit up straight and get comfortable. Close your eyes gently and relax from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Squirm around and wriggle in your chair until you are comfortable and relaxed. Take a couple of deep breaths to release any residual stress and focus your attention out onto the viewing screen and visualize the image of the "temple of learning". Now PRETEND that you fly out towards the "temple of learning" and in through the doorway at the front. Inside you see what looks like a pulpit straight ahead (down a long isle). PRETEND you fly down the isle to the pulpit where you see a book open on the pulpit. This is your Akashic Record Book and you may or may not be able to read it or see anything on the open pages. Next PRETEND to dive into one of the two pages which are open before you and a past life will begin to unfold as long as you don't "think" about whether it's happening or not. As long as you don't start thinking about and analyzing what's happening, and as long as you don't try to control or direct the scene, you will start to see a scene unfolding. Just watch like you would a movie or a show and go with the flow like the day dream. When you're finished just open your eyes. Above all don't be concerned if you are not having lucid visuals like in the dream state; the lucid visual is the exception and not the norm. Most people just see it happening in the twilight state as they are unable to fully penetrate the dark void. You see like you would if you walked around your home at night with all the lights off. What's important is learning about the soul and how it operates! Like any skill in life you master that skill and become proficient by practice, practice, and more practice, not by knowing the information or instructions in a book. It's not easy, or everyone would be doing it: and because it is not easy few people can persist long enough to make it work. It takes a lot of resolve to overcome the soul's whispering, "it doesn't work, I can't do it, just more nonsense." Just go to the "temple of learning" and fly inside to your book on the pulpit without any thoughts of who, what, when, where, why or how - without any questioning. Don't have any expectations about what you should or shouldn't be experiencing, after all, why would you have any expectations, you've never done this before so how could you expect anything? Don't even consider, "am I there yet?", just go and do it without any thought. Don't be concerned about how the technique works just know that it does work and do it! Just be there like the little child pretending in the moment and not thinking about whether it's real or not but just making it happen by pretending. Just be like the little child who would pretend s-he is flying up and out of the body and out to the "temple of learning" and in through the front door and up to the pulpit where s-he flies into one of the two pages open in the book and then going with the scene as it unfolds. Just one thought and your instantly back in the head. Keep thinking, instead of pretending and doing, and you'll never get out to the viewing screen of soul. Remember; when you are day dreaming about something, soul has easily pulled you out into the screen where you are focused on what it wants you to think about to the exclusion of everything else going on around you. Look around at the people in life day dreaming, self-hypnotized to the exclusion of their surroundings. These are the original teachings of Jesus which were given to us to help us understand who we are, where we are, and what is going on. These original teachings

July 2, 2014

Original Sin- The Soul

The SOUL is the tree of knowledge created by the serpent (DNA) It is the CAUSAL BODY that manifests the gross body. Many people believe they are following the true teachings of Jesus when they are following the SOUL-MIND teachings which are satanic. It takes a great deal of will power and humility to accept this truth. I have been studying the torus physics of the soul's construct for many years. I always say our path is a choice and that evil and good are subjective. But there are so many ways to be confused about these things and words are so inadequate. To be straightforward is the best approach. Without predetermined ideas of what is good or bad see what is being taught for what it is. If you believe the SOUL is a beautiful and good thing you will reject the teaching instantly. This is why Jesus and Buddha's teachings were twisted and misinterpreted. The EGO is fighting with everything it has to survive in this illusory and corrupt existence. The Light of Existence is MIND. It is pure spirit and eternal. I see the visions that the soul projects through the third eye. I see everything from fairies to goddesses to past life experiences and giant cartoon people. That is the soul projecting all of the images and data because we are made of a holographic construct that is programmed to serve the ego. These things we see, feel, touch and taste are not of the MONOpolar LIGHT of the true creator which is MIND. They are soul/mind constructs. After seeking and researching my whole life I have finally experienced a revelation I cannot challenge. When in the proper context Jesus's teachings in the bible, Buddha's teachings shine the brightest light of truth for me. The MIND of the CREATOR speaks I AM. And that is all. The mind of the soul says I am bad, I am good, I am powerful, I am weak etc. Only when there is attraction to something can there be a soul. The souls is created through cause and effect; attraction and repulsion. Only when we return to the "father" or MIND are we without need and fully awake. All the world is illusion but there can be no awareness at all without MIND. There are illusions that we experience as fully awake beings as I said before and illusions that we experience in ignorance of what we truly are. We are not the soul or the body. We are stillness and silence; the observer one with the the highest. Is this truth? This is from EXPIATION The definition used here for expiation is: the means by which atonement is made with God, restoring friendship and harmony after unrighteous offense. Our beliefs have been handed down and given to us by men who likewise received handed down beliefs. Why do we continue to walk in the ways of our ancestors, worship of idols(icons) and believing the same superstitions and lies? The time has come to turn from those false beliefs and superstitions of the past and return to the true teachings of Jesus. Wisdom now summons us to use our mind and "think" for our self. It is time to seek and become more "participating" in our own learning. Take courage and walk away from those superstitions and doctrines of men. Follow no man, organization or religion. Learn about this evil world and the evil soul. Follow the teachings of Jesus and pluck the mote out of your own eye so you can see clearly. Remember who you are, where you are, and why you are here. "The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity, and shall cast them into outer darkness."(Matthew 13:41) And do not confuse yourself with the notion of "taken out of context", Jesus plainly states in John 18:36, "My kingdom is not of this world." Who has bewitched you? Not I; not your neighbors; not your parents or family; but your very own soul. Two-thirds of our brothers and sisters remain on Other Earth, waiting for us to turn from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (soul) and return to the Righteousness of Life. They are ready and waiting to see us through our time of reparation. The time has been fulfilled and the teachings of Jesus have been restored. Repent: change your mind and become righteous once again. Read, study, learn, apply, experience, understand, realize and become born again. Do what Jesus says to do; reading Romans 2:13, "Not the hearers of the word are justified before God, but the doers of the word shall be justified. Not every one shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Therefore whosoever heareth these teachings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken unto a wise man."(Matthew 7:21,23,24) Paul said it differently in his letter to Timothy 2:37, "Ever learning and NEVER able to come to the knowledge of the truth." Jesus says, "My kingdom is not of this world. I came to call sinners to repentance. There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. Search the scriptures (Old Testament) for in them you think ye have eternal life; but they are they which testify of me. Moses gave you not that bread from heaven, but my Father giveth you the true bread from heaven. God is a God of the Living, not of the dead of this world. Why do you not understand? Because you are of your father the devil(soul) and the lusts of your father you do. I have overcome this world. This world hates me because I testify that the works thereof are evil. I came down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of him that sent me. Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart(soul)." (John 18:36; Mark 2:17; Luke 15:10; John 5:39; 6:32; Luke 20:38; John 8:43-44; 16:33; 7:7; 5:38; Matthew 11:29) Jesus came to set the stage for the end time. If this world had understood the teachings of Jesus there would have been forgiveness and not revenge; there would have been understanding instead of hatred; there would have been kindness and not selfishness; there would have been sharing instead of greed; but this can never be for that is not the purpose of this world. If we are not in heaven, where are we and why aren't we there? We tell you now, you are in purgatory, a place for your expiatory purification and an opportunity to return home. Repentance and remission of sins is for all people in all nations. You are a witness to the beginning of the end. Now has true judgment been revealed unto this world. The time has been fulfilled and herein the mystery of the ages revealed: that the cause of all evil in this world is the soul. Once you understand, let no one lead you astray again. "Whosoever is born of God, overcometh this world."(1John 18:36) Even the greatest seerer of the Old Testament could not understand the truth: that the truth should be sealed up until the end time, when men shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased: reading Daniel 12:9, "And he said, Go thy way Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end." If you do not understand is it because you are not seeking? Do you not search the scriptures? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of this creation. Understanding is revealed when the various passages, scattered throughout the New Testament, clouded by synonyms punctuation and paragraphing, are put together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. For once the pieces are found, and put together correctly, the knowledge revealed makes sense as never before. The Bible, although not complete, was written by men who knew the truth and had to hide it: reading John 21:25, "There are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written." We came into Life on Other Earth as minds with wills, capable of making the right choice. We were perfect in righteousness from the moment we were created until we allowed iniquity to enter into our thinking. We allowed our heavenly mind to become polluted and we sinned against our brothers and sisters, before God. And what’s sin? Sin is the transgression of the law of God. And what is the law of God? The law of God is that thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These teachings of Jesus brings an awakening: a realization which opens the door and brings us to an understanding that we must change our mind and become righteous followers of the law once again. "There was a war in heaven;"(Revelation 12:7) a rebellion and we were cast out "because thine heart is lifted up and thou said, I am God."(Ezekiel 28:2). We opposed the law and exalted ourselves above all that is called God. We lifted up our voices against our brothers and sisters as being greater than them. We sought to 'rule-over-others' in heaven. We used our mind to make the wrong choice of trying to rule over our brothers and sisters; to set ourselves above the others. Our thinking became twisted, warped, distorted and perverted. Can you imagine, much to our surprise, when suddenly we were cast out by a higher power and found ourselves in darkness? We were taken out of the way, and cast out of Other Earth because we desired to rule-over-others. We dared to think we were better, smarter, more beautiful and more powerful than others. Look around at this planet: what is the common theme of life here? Is it to rule over others, to control others, to boss others, to be better than others, to get ahead, to get? Can you not see that this is the same behavior that got us cast out of heaven? Look at your self, at your own sphere of life, can you not see it in your own make-up? Look around at this evil world; at how we are behaving. This is what we tried to do on Other Earth when we sought to rule over others. Do you understand? Setting our selves above others got us cast out of heaven, and is keeping us from returning. As Jesus plainly states in John 3:13, "No man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man." When we seek to rule over others we become the slaves of soul. The desire to rule over others is the root of all evil: money is a means to that end here. And so we have been given that which we desired, a place where we can rule over others; except we all being of the same desire, has resulted in this earthly world of evil. Look around this planet. Do you not see men and women seeking to rule over others? Do you not see the more powerful ruling over others? Do you not see the more beautiful rising above others? Do you not see the more intelligent getting rich off the labor of the less intelligent? Do you not see people seeking fame and fortune, craving power and control? The same "war" that happened in heaven is continuing down here! We fell from grace and cannot be restored until we understand and correct our self. Our lofty looks shall be humbled, and our haughtiness shall be made low; because we exalted our selves we have been abased. This world was created for our self-correction, to prepare us to return home to Other Earth. We who rebelled against the righteous way of Life were removed. However, because God is true love, we have been provided with an opportunity to learn from our unrighteousness against our brothers and sisters and return home. Can you see the fulfilling of the 'Law of God' in the design of this creation of redemption? We came from Other Earth and eventually we shall all return; some who were cast out first will be last, and some who were cast out last shall be first. Other Earth, Jerusalem above, is the mother of us all.(Galatians 4:26) To those on Other Earth we are a lesson not to be learned the hard way. God is no respecter of persons. God is unconditional love and thus spared us who sinned. God cast us out into the darkness to be reserved unto self judgment; an example to any who might consider the ungodly. "When I laid the foundation of the earth . . . all the sons of God shouted for joy."(Job 38:4-7) We fell from grace and cannot be restored until we understand our self and correct our self. It takes time to regain our original righteous state of mind. It requires hard work and time. We must use the will to resist the wiles of soul and make the right choice every time. "Will" is the determination to see something through to the end while resisting any and all temptations. The soul causes us to "doubt". The soul has subtly injected its self into our mind to make us believe that its desires are our desires, that its voice is just our thoughts. The soul is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and it uses both good and evil to conceal itself and deceive us. We have been coupled to a soul and given an opportunity to make our self righteous again. While the 'way' was lost, herein has been fulfilled the promise to bring the mystery of God to light again in this the end time; to prepare and make straight the way for the second coming of Jesus' teachings. Go and do not let the soul cause you to sin anymore. Make your self whole; of one mind.

May 6, 2014

Reason and Truth

I was just thinking. . .Reasoning is like seasoning. It makes the truth more palatable. Why do we need a reason to make us feel worthy? Why do we have to know there is a purpose for our suffering that goes beyond cause and effect? Why does it matter? If we need a reason to feel better about what is then that means it is our mind that is determining the way we feel. So why not just cut to the chase. If you are suffering know that it will not last because nothing lasts. Know that suffering is caused by our mental attachment to that which we do not want or like. This is brought about by our senses. It is all made up in the mind. So you don't need to know there is a divine purpose for why you stubbed your toe or why you found a twenty dollar bill. All you need to know is that no matter what happens you ultimately have the power to be at peace with it or not. There is no god that will do that for you. There is no circumstance or place that will make it all better. Reasoning is a tool. Don't make it a crutch.

May 1, 2014


If you want to help get this kind of important information out please go to I have been watching and communicating with Brad Johnson on and off for several years and I have seen him go from being a seeker to an creator making incredible things happen. I will always support people like this. Thank you for you help.

April 28, 2014

Four Gates of Consciousness

This article helps so much to clarify the process which is taking place and how important it is to release attachments. Mental attachments are indeed the root cause of suffering as the Buddha said. And we must be responsible for our own release of these fears and issues. No one else can do it for us.

"The Difference between  the Wisdom Mind and the superconsciousness is that in the field of the Wisdom there is supreme all-knowing truth existing without any method of thought or action. The super conscious, being subject to the world of Maya, or illusion, is aware of the essential truth of things but must attempt to make this truth operable  in the world of matter; must find some method of production,  some means  of  taking  the  absolute  truth  and making  it  amenable  to  the  narrow  concepts of  the conscious  mind."

This is why I always say there are many truths. There is no One Truth other than the truth of the Wisdom Mind. That truth that we try to define in the world is the that the world itself is illusion. The conscious mind has a really hard time with that and fights to find the one truth that fits it's own realm of knowing.Information. Facts. But there is a big difference between wisdom and facts or information. Information is fickle. Facts change because the world constantly changes. It is all illusion remember, shaped by the observer and the collective. To operate within that world in a way that causes the least amount of suffering takes not technology, information or facts but wisdom. Information helps to control physical experiences like pain and manifesting things. But to end suffering requires a higher wisdom, higher mind. That is where peace resides regardless of the pain or lack we experience in the illusory world.


4 Gates of Consciousness – Akashic Records (Edit)
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I was doing a channeling for someone recently and she asked me a question about being a keeper of the 4th gate and what it meant. I went to her guides to ask and this is the answer that I have received:
From the third parallel of the third kind, there lays a doorway into the unknown territory of the human psyche, the human psyche that carries the secrets to the ether world. Therein lay the secrets of the human kind.
And so to access the doorway into another parallel of the human psyche and the existence of the truth therein, lays a key, the key which belongs to the one that is gaiting the fourth parallel of the human psyche.
The 4th parallel of the human psyche is not what you consider it to be, but rather a brain wave, and an activity and octave, an octave which exists in the fourth parallel of the human psyche.
And so where you to look at the GigaHertz (HZ) of your known world, you would then discover that the HZ and psyche are linked, and interchangeable, what we are trying to say is that the wavelength upon which the human brain operates separates into 4 equal parts, and yet unilaterally distant parts, akin to the fabionachi sequence and yet different, whereby the second part is then duplicated and enlarged by its first part, and so forth and so on.
Albeit the seeming difference in length, of the these parallels the octaves and the gigahertz arise evenly, and so we must say that  from point zero to point four hundred and thirty two  (432) lays the first door of the human consciousness. From four hundred thirty to (432) to sixteen hundred and thirty six (1636) lays another, from 1636hz to 3216hz yet another and so on until infinity, yet the infinity is where the souls true conciseness dwells.
The fourth corridor is where the magic happens, the fourth corridor is where the true soul and identity arises. And so the on in question is a keeper of the fourth gate of the human conciseness, the human GigaHertz wavelength if you will.
Through her voice, she brings forth the magic, through the establishment of her voice she sends out the waves of the fourth dimensional parallel decree, whereby the gigahertz are expanded into the fourth gate, and the gate thereby opens up. They then proceeded to tell her that she can do so with her own voice and can bring it up high enough to have access to people’s 4th gates of consciousness and by speaking with them, or signing to them she would be able to open up that gateway and awaken each and everyone who hears that pitch. Just like dolphins activate our subconsciousness so too can she do the same but in a different way.
After I have received the channeling I went looking online for any further information I could find on this topic and found this very interesting article that I thought I’d share with all of you…
~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –
The 4 Levels of Consciousness
To establish a better understanding of consciousness, we need to have a clearer concept of the levels of man’s mind.  It is easy to observe man’s waking conscious mind. The mind is always conscious on some level, though man is not always consciously aware of it.  He usually is only aware of the waking conscious portion – but this is a shallow concept of consciousness.
The study of the mind’s levels — the waking conscious, the subconscious, the superconscious and the Wisdom Mind — will require careful consideration.  It will be of benefit to separate the information into segments so that the eye can more easily “see” what the conscious mind is attempting to comprehend.

1.  The waking conscious mind is the mind we use in
our daily living.  It perceives the incidents of passing
time as marked by our everyday lives.2.  The subconscious mind is a portion of the
Superconscious.  This subconscious substance
is divided in its function:
(a)  it automatically controls the functions of the
physical form.
(b)  It is the portion of the superconscious which
stores memories of fears and phobias, and
brings them into the the waking conscious mind.3.  The Superconscious mind holds life’s entire library
of experience.  It is man’s book of life and judgment
in one.  It is divided into three aspects:
(a)  The waking conscious mind
(b)  The subconsious mind
(c)  The causal force field

4.  The Wisdom Mind sometimes called Adi-budha,
the Supreme Wisdom, is the field of consciousness
which, overshadowing each individual, is the home
of the Monad, the seat of incomparable bliss where
truth abides.
The Waking Conscious Mind
The seat of the waking conscious mind is the pineal gland which houses the mental seed atom.  The pineal is also the terminal point of the consciousness cord which extends between the brain and the causal superconscious force field above the head.
The nadis, or etheric nerve threads which project into the mental field, flow into cells located in the posterior and central part of the cerebral cortex where we discover all the sense centers — the sight center in the occipital lobe, the hearing center in the temporal lobe, the speech center, the sleep center, etc,
The waking conscious mind operates through the cerebrospinal nervous system.  This mind, experiencing some incident affecting the senses — those of seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling and smelling — registers a mental impulse which strikes a cell of the brain and travels into the superconscious force field via the nadis.  There it is relegated to its proper file –the causal force field, the subconscious or the waking conscious force field, according to its emotional vibration.
To bring the memory of the incident again into the waking conscious mind from the memory storehouse in the superconscious, a mental impulse, triggered by sense sensations, strikes the mind substance in the superconscious force field setting up a responding vibration.  The impulse travels down the etheric cord of the nadis to strike a specific brain cell or center to which the etheric cord is attached.  The vibration in the superconscious sets up the same vibration in the brain center.  The brain center responds to the vibration in the mental substance — and man remembers.
It is like tones on the musical scale – A tone is sounded in the mind substance which sends its vibratory impulse down through the etheric thread, connecting it to the brain center.  The responsive neuron in turn vibrates to and echoes the tone.
The brain has no power in or of itself to think or to remember.  Memories are not stored in the brain cells but these cells react to impulses reaching them from both the upper reaches of the superconscious mind and from the world around you.  The brain is only a way station through which memories or impulses flow.
Karma  – - Past and PresentThe Subconscious mind substance flows out of the superconscious field into the frontal lobe to  converge into the pituitary.  The pituitary controls the subconscious operations but only as directed by the heart seed atom releasing picture images of past karma and the solar plexus atom releasing karmic images being presently created.

The Mind and Karma
The question now arises: from where do the dark phobias of the mind come from? — The unexplained complexes?
The answer itself is complex. It can be explain better by using an example:  Some neurotics suffer, let us say, from an unexplainable and constantly returning fear, which reaction builds a brain center in a particular brain cell or neuron.  These obsessions rise out of the subconscious force field and flow into the brain cells of the frontal lobe, but only as the heart seed atom sends impulses into the brain cells to activate the flow of these memories.  Remember, the subconscious actually is a part of the superconscious force field — that portion where all the fears and phobias are stored.
The picture images flow out of the heart seed atom and, carried by the blood, strike the brain cells which contain the etheric thread upon which is recorded this particular fear.  The impact stimulates this brain center to discharge electrical impulses, activating a flow of mental ether out of the subconscious where the fear is recorded as a memory.  The “fear” image flows downward from the subconscious field to strike the brain center and the personality “remembers” the “fear” episode.  If the fear is recalled often enough to create a permanent brain center, a phobia or an obsession results.  It would seem that man is caught in a self- created mental hell.
The Subconscious Mind
The subconscious is divided in its operations:
1. That which operates through the sympathetic nervous system, automatically controlling the
functions of the physical form — the heartbeat, breathing, etc -
2. That which operates through the cerebrospinal, bringing the memories of fears and phobias
into the waking conscious mind.
Superconscious mind substance flows through the subconscious force field into the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex of the brain to converge in the pituitary gland.  The pituitary, possessing two lobes, is also divided in its operation:
a. The frontal or anterior lobe is connected with the sympathetic nervous system.  This anterior
pituitary, operating through the sympathetic, automatically controls the functions of the
physical form — but only as directed by the heart seed atom, releasing picture images of
past karma.
b- The rear lobe, called the post-lobe, is connected with the cerebrospinal and the waking
conscious mind, and also with the solar plexus atom which constantly releases karmic
images being presently created through man’s carnal desires.
Thus man’s subconscious activities are definitely controlled by his past karma and by the karma he creates daily.
Let us consider first that portion of the subconscious which causes the functions of the physical form to operate automatically without any conscious thought – respiration, circulation, digestion, etc.  This aspect of the subconscious is completely under the dominion of the life cord which extends from the Monad to the heart.
Prom the anterior lobe of pituitary, the subconscious mind substance travels downward through the sympathetic system which converges in the solar plexus brain, and again in the root brain.
Both lobes of pituitary and the root brain in the reproductive center are, at man’s present stage of evolution, subject to influence by the subconscious mind operating through the sympathetic nervous system.  The pituitary releases the flow of chemical substances which cause the entire glandular system to release the proper hormones throughout the physical form.
Let us now consider the second aspect of the subconscious.  We have already said that the subconscious mind substance flows out of the superconscious force field of which it is a part, into the frontal lobe of the brain to converge in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland – We have said, too, that the subconscious is that portion of the superconscious which is the “filing cabinet” of all man’s fears and phobias.
Let us say that the heart seed atom releases picture images of a fear episode.  The impulse travels to the frontal lobe of the brain.  There the impulse strikes a brain cell through which passes a thread of mental reflecting ether upon which is “recorded” this same fear episode.  The stimulated brain cell projects the picture of the episode into the force field of the subconscious via the nadis thread of ether and the memory of the episode pours into the consciousness,
It would seem, then, that man has two “files” of memories; that which is stored in the superconscious force field and that which is recorded in the heart seed atom. It is well to explain that they are duplicate records. That which is recorded in the heart seed atom simply reflects that which is recorded in the akashic record of the superconscious.
It is out of this heart atom that the picture images of karma move into the blood stream to be carried through man’s physical form. Thus it is through the seed atom that recorded karma is dissipated. “Erasing” the karmic record from the heart atom also  erases it from the cells  in  the  frontal, lobe of the cerebral cortex of the brain, seat of the subconscious — or rather, from the nadis which contain a record of the memory and which is “coiled” in the cells of the frontal lobe.
It is well to remember that as man’s fears and phobias are gradually removed from these cells, more and more superconscious mind power can strike them until this frontal lobe, aligning with the Third Eye, ultimately becomes the seat of the superconscious.
Also, with the dissolution of the etheric web which now divides the post-lobe of pituitary from the anterior lobe, superconscious impulses and impressions can flow into the frontal lobe of the brain.
With the dissolution of this web, the force of the superconscious will pour more of its power directly into the entire pituitary.  Future man then will experience little influence from this aspect of the subconscious — the fears and the phobias — they being dissolved with the purification of the heart seed atom.
The Superconscious, Subconscious and Waking conscious mind

The Superconscious is the seat of the Akashic records, which means it is the memory storehouse.  In this capactiy it holds a record of both good and evil. Only the pure essences enter the causal force field to build man’s eternal causal form. The undesirable sifts into the subconscious to become man’s fears, phobias, complexes.  The frontal lobe presently is victim of the subconscious flow but once the subconscious is cleared of its undesirable karma, this lobe will unite with the Third Eye to become a brain center fo the superconscious.The superconscious mind finds its seat of contact through the entire Third Eye area, including the optic thalamus, the third ventricle, the post-lobe of pituitary, and the pineal gland.Although the superconscious embraces the  subconscious and waking conscious mental fields, it also extends above and  beyond these levels.  This higher aspect of the superconscious contains the causal field. Over and above this  superconscious field lies the mind we call  the  Wisdom Mind.  It extends upward to embrace the Monad, man’s individual “share of God.”
The superconscious holds life’s entire library, of experiences in its imperishable substance. In it is recorded every desire and every act of man. It is indeed his book of life and book of judgment in one, for it has recorded everything that he has ever thought or done, said or heard.
This record is reflected in the physical  seed  atom of the heart and it is out of this heart atom that the picture images of karma move into  the blood stream.
The superconscious is divided into three principal aspects:
1.  The causal force field is that aspect which lies in the heart of the superconscious.This causal
field  absorbs into its substance only the pure and altruistic experiences of the individual soul.
2. The  subconscious  mind is  that  portion of  the superconscious which absorbs into its
substance  the  phobias, fears, anxieties, depressions,  obsessions , compulsions,
neuroses, schizophrenic  tendencies and all the mysterious enigmatical  emotions which
become mental blockages, stagnant pools of darksome forebodings .
3. The Waking conscious mind is the mind we use in our daily living – the surface mind
operating through the cerebrospinal nervous system which sees, hears, tastes, feels and
smells the incidents of passing time.
As daily events are experienced they are noted by the waking conscious mind and pass from it into the superconscious. There events are filed as memories according to their vibrations. The memory of undesirable events is filed in the  subconscious force field, the pure are absorbed into the causal, while the general events are filed  in the waking conscious sensory area,
Some  may be  confused that  the superconscious as the seat of memories, which would cause  it  also  to house man’s evils as well as his nobility and wisdom. But it must be clearly understood that if a  superconscious field is to contain the complete akashic  record, it must file away a record of all of man’s actions  and reactions, both good and evil. Since the superconscious  does contain the akashic record, then every thought, action,  emotion and experience becomes a memory filed in its proper category according to the nature of the experience — whether it is pure evil or general. Thus we have three different “memory files,” in the superconscious mind:
1 .  The Causal Force Field into which pass thoughts which  are pure, untinged with carnality,
selfishness, hate,   greed, there to become the “bricks”  with which you build your “house
not made with hands, eternal in the  heavens” – your causal body. Only altruistic thoughts
tinged with divine Love will enter this field.     Once you have completely built this celestial
form by your own spiritual efforts, you need not  again incarnate in the world of matter.
2.   The subconscious force field into which carnal thoughts are absorbed to become your fears,
phobias, obsessions, and to create your kama rupa  the lower desire  body.
3.   The Waking Conscious force field into which flow thoughts neither pure nor evil – only those
which are the fruit of “common knowledge.”  This field contains your general store” of
information, and accumulated  knowledge as experienced  “’through every day” living, thus
becoming” your  immediate finite memory reference.
Your Third Eye – Superconscious Contact
It should be noted that the pineal gland is not only  the seat of the conscious mind but also a part of the  superconscious point of contact since it is a part of the  Third Eye, and since the Third Eye in its entirety is the seat of the superconscious in the physical brain.
The superconscious also embraces the post-lobe of pituitary which, when spiritualized to any degree, exerts its influence upon the anterior lobe – the seat of the subconscious mind.  The superconscious does not “extend downward into the physical form.  However, it can be  reached  through the vagus nerve and the spinal cord by the  fires of kundalini so that, once man’s desires become  tinged with aspirations, there is a constant upreaching  toward the superconscious state.
This, then, clarifies how both the conscious mind and  the subconscious mind have a connection with the superconscious mind, although at man’s present level of consciousness the waking conscious connection is almost imperceptible.
With his future spiritual development, the anterior lobe of pituitary will be influenced by pituitrin, the “love” hormone released by the post-lobe – and man will automatically begin to express good will in general through the subconscious.
The pineal gland, under future stimulation, will allow more definite and controlled contact between the conscious and  superconscious  minds. The tiny pineal antenna makes the pineal gland not only a receiving set for the superconscious, but a sending set as well, as It attempts  to relay to the brain inspiration received from the Oversoul.
The Wisdom Mind – Adi-budha
The wisdom mind, called the Adi-budha, extends above the superconscious and embraces the Monad.  It is the field of supreme consciousness.  It is the center of bliss; the realm of the Word; the region of the Divine Life stream of the Holy Nahd; the home of the Christ Substance overshadowng each  individual.The Wisdom Mind is a heritage of every individual: the mind which is the God-mind of the individual – his own portion of the Universal Divine Mind of God.The Wisdom Mind of each man, called the Adi-budha, extends above his superconscious and embraces his divine Monad; it is that mind which becomes the seat of wisdom permeating his mental aura.  It is the field of the supreme consciousness of man – an estate of rare quality of which he is almost completely ignorant. It is the seat of supreme bliss, the realm of the Word, the field of the Christ Substance, the region of Divinity overshadowing each individual.  Adi means supreme, budha interprets to mean wisdom.

Adi-budha is in possession of pure truth while all other aspects of the mind are hampered by their imprisonment of the obscurity of life in the physical form. Even the superconscious, an intermediate force operating between the waking conscious and the Wisdom Mind, is tinged with the ignorance, the maya, the illusion of physical life.

Since there exists what mystics call  the  universal Mind of  God, or the Divine Mind, how then did the consciousness of man become  separated from it?
Throughout the ethers of space we know that, pervading every atom, is a mental substance — a substance of the Mind of God, a quality of the Divine Mind.  We know that pervading the aura of man is also a quality of mental substance- We know that the atomic particles of this substance permeate the cells of man’s brain, yet its quality does not seem to bear the stamp of divinity which is contained in the Divine Substance.  We know that the mental aura of the individual contains some portion of the Divine Mind and some quality of the Divine Spirit,
Yet there seems to be a gulf between that innate Divinity and the manifesting consciousness of the individual.  Man seems only dimly aware of the presence of the Higher Quality.  Even so, he perpetually gropes to unite with it. His life seems to be a constant chasing after shadows, which could equally be described as a search for light.
Man’s consciousness seems to be limited to a certain octave of sounds and colors.  He is unable to distinguish that which is above that scale or that which is below it.  The range of sound above and below it is inaudible to him and the colors above and below his range of perception are invisible to him.
So is his mind also tuned to a certain octave of awareness, and he seems unable to soar above his personal range of perception.  His only means of communicating with the animal kingdom is through vocal tone and the quality of his emotions.  The animal thus feels his love or his hatred, not through words but through intuitive feeling.  The same is true at the other end of the scale. Man can only communicate with God through intuitive feeling.
Man can no more deny the presence of the Higher Mind than he could deny the presence of animal devotion, even though the animal cannot say the words, “I love you.” The qualities of the Higher Mind are there, but must be perceived by the normal consciousness through Intuitive perceptions.  Man must know the love of God just as he must know the love of the animal.
This knowing we call intuition.  The rare flashes of communication between the normal mind and the Adi-budha result in our inspiration, our visions, our intuitive discernments, our moments of genius.,. more, rarely yet, the spiritual ecstasies the mystics experi-ence when the veils of consciousness are momentarily parted.
Every mystic, every genius, every scientist, every inventor is aware of temporary penetrations of his consciousness by the Wisdom Mind,  He is aware of the action of intuition which darts like a lightning flash piercing his ignorance with knowledge, with understanding and with mental power.
The light of this superior consciousness must act within narrow limits; must subdue and adapt its force to the normal mind substance of the individual; must modify or diminish its dynamo until the original divine luminosity becomes the quality of inspiration rather than pure wisdom.  Still the receiver, the mystic, is quite aware of the source of his revelatory vision or his intuitive perception.
One road to attainment of this superior estate lies through the practice of meditation, the inward movement of the mind in constant and ceaseless effort to pierce the web between his external and his super-Self.  Breaking this consciousness barrier causes a double action of the cosmic forces of consciousness an upward sweeping of the normal mind into the immutable status beyond and embracing the universal and, at the same time, a descent of light and bliss which, pouring into the lower consciousness, illumines its mental energies.
Only the mystic who has experienced this union of consciousness can be truly aware of the existing gulf between his potential wisdom and his everyday mental level.  And yet, the disciple also becomes aware that his higher mind seems to be a reservoir of truth, and that he need not go from his present environment to find the whole of it.  He need only unite consciously with his Oversoul in order to find the hidden secrets of the universe.
Receiving the downpour of Wisdom, he is aware of an automatic and spontaneous knowledge flowing in from the higher mind.  He is aware of a difference in the process of thinking.  There is no need for speculation or for attempting to find answers — the answers are simply there, for the Wisdom Mind is in possession of full truth, remitting vast degrees of knowledge in a single moment.  The mystic is aware of the stream of knowledge – energy pouring in like a ray of sunshine, bringing with it true vision, true thinking and true feeling which, for want of a better word, we call intuition,
In this expanded state of awareness the mystic is conscious  of  the  presence  of  the Adi-budha  lying  above his  normal  consciousness  like  great outspread wings  of light. He is aware that the veil of  the  superconscious, which usually hides the Wisdom from him, has parted.
The  mystic is aware,  then,  of the presence of not only  the superconscious  but  the Wisdom consciousness that  lies  above  it —  the  seat of  the  supreme  cosmic power of which  the  superconscious  is  only an  ambassador. The mystic  realizes  that  the  superconscious  is  only an intermediate  force between  the waking  conscious  mind and the  seat of  the wisdom Mind,   acting  as  a protective screen  to shield the waking conscious   from an  unbearable  light;   for indeed,   the  conscious  mind is  engulfed in  a darkness which  could not receive  the  direct
impact of the  supreme  light,  except  as  it pours  down through the  shield of the  superconscious.
.The Difference between  the Wisdom Mind and the superconsciousness is that in the field of the Wisdom there is supreme all-knowing truth existing without any method of thought or action. The superconscious, being subject to the world of Maya, or illusion, is aware of the essential truth of things but must attempt to make this truth operable  in the world of matter; must find some method of production,  some means  of  taking  the  absolute  truth  and making  it  amenable  to  the  narrow  concepts of  the conscious  mind.
It must find some process of transforming the dynamic power of the Wisdom light so that it will illumine and not destroy the limited field of the conscious mind. It must, in other words, convert the Wisdom into the ignorance, the light into the darkness, releasing only that portion of Wisdom that the conscious mind can contain.
In our separative normal consciousness, for example,  all religions, all philosophies, all political theories exist as opposites. Each of these opposites claims to possess that which is right, to be superior in all ways. Each  blames  the other with falsehood.  Each feels a destiny to destroy the other so that its own truth might survive.  Each claims to be in exclusive possession of the true  path.
The light of the superconscious, if permitted to pierce the ignorance, would refute this claim to exclusiveness. Reflecting the light of the Wisdom Mind, it would permeate the conscious mind with the knowledge that all are necessary to the whole, and it would assign  each to its field of endeavor in order to fulfill its rightful place and attain its own realization.
The superconscious, being in some possession of truth, would destroy the concept that all is false except one’s own affirmations.  But the superconscious, being only a delegate of the Wisdom, cannot cause a change in the concepts of the  conscious mind.  Only a down pouring of the bliss from the Wisdom Mind, only an attunement with the stream of the divine Word pouring down from Adi-budha, can bring an immediate dissolution of the ignorance and darkness, and a complete surrender to truth and right understanding.
Thus we can say that the conscious mind is the mind of  ignorance, of illusion.  The super conscious is the possessor of partial truth, harmony and knowledge, the “Home” of the waking conscious, the subconscious, and the causal force field.  The Wisdom Mind is the possessor of pure wisdom, bliss and delight…the Word not yet made manifest in the world of form, the place of the hidden Mysteries where the divinity of the individual resides, reposing in splendid patience awaiting the Becoming of the transient soul.
It is “the Father which art in heaven” of which the soul — groping its way through the depths of Maya, the world of form and matter — is so completely unaware.  When he attains the ultimate awareness, man will no longer be “a god in ruins.” He will no longer beg alms from a universe of which he is master and king.
And also I read this article…
Perdido Bay, Alabama—A series of sounds played to oil polluted water from the Gulf of Mexico has “miraculously” cleared test samples of the deadly petrochemicals, says a well known Canadian researcher.

According to John Hutchinson, an electro-magnetic energy expert from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, a selection of “music” has helped purify poisoned water. The frequencies included the “sound of Jupiter,” recently recorded by NASA, vibrating close to 528Hz frequency.
That sound energy has been determined to match the color greenish-yellow–the heart of the rainbow, the electromagnetic color spectrum, celebrated by the botanical world, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who has published most on that pure tone. Nature obviously celebrates that shade, the pigment chlorophyll, to produce oxygen and energy needed for life.
According to Dr. Horowitz, Hutchinson’s study results are most promising, as they were certified by the Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. of Mobile, Alabama, and are consistent with studies and predictions based on the most advanced discoveries in mathematics, physics, and biophysics.
528Hz frequency, the “Miracle” note of original Solfeggio musical scale, is only one of nine “core creative frequencies” in a “Perfect Circle of Sound” that animates physical reality, like atomic energy technology, using spinning electrons vibrating with electro-resonance.
This is an image of one of the most perfect, detailed, pure water crystals ever photographed. It formed to reflect the sound of the sun
In 2009, researcher David Sereda sent Dr. Horowitz NASA recordings of the sun along with this crystallograph produced by researchers in Russia. Later, Dr. Horowitz compared the sound of the sun, and jupiter to the pure tones of “The Perfect Circle of Sound” frequencies, including 528Hz. The Harvard trained public health expert noted 528Hz was most obviously harmonic to both recordings.
Dr. Horowitz believes 528Hz is also fundamental to “LOVE”—the “Universal Healer;” and he recommends combining the frequency of “LOVE/528,” with the “Universal Solvent”—Water—to advance “the future of medicine”—LOVE Hydrosonics. To this end, the award winning author and film-maker publishes two online journals Hydrosonics, that discusses the powerful impacts of sounds on water, and Medical Veritas, heralding advances in natural ways to end pollution and advance healing.
John Hutchison, is a well known scientist best known for examining The Bermuda Triangle, and explaining strange occurrences in this infamous area of the Atlantic ocean, called the “Hutchison-Effect,” all associated with electromagnetic disturbances of unknown origin. The Canadian Government has persecuted Hutchinson heavily over the years, the last time for supposedly causing his neighbor to levitate without consent.
Hutchinson’s partner, Nancy Lazaryan, a journalist from Minnesota, said their research was “intuited” to include the 528Hz sound that they observed causing oxygen to bubble up heavily from the bottom of the oil soaked Gulf  and Perdido Bay, between Florida and Alabama.
The couple started their research requesting samples of polluted Gulf water be sent to Hutchison’s lab in Vancouver.  There, Hutchison and Lazaryan experimented using ancient Solfeggio sounds and Gregorian chant frequences that have been traditionally used for healing. The frequencies were applied to several polluted water samples using audio and radio waves, with wonderful results.
So Hutchison and Lazaryan packed up their lab equipment, borrowed a trailer, and farm truck, and traveled from Canada to the Gulf. Their chemical analysis from their first “open air frequencies” experiments in Perdido Bay proved to them that, “the Gulf water can be healed.”
To date, the federal government has relied on the deadly oil dispersant, Corexit, a Goldman Sach/Boots & Coots chemical causing a lot of people, and wildlife, to get sick and die.
Alternatively, Hutchinson and Lazaryan recommend a harmonic “stream of sound” to completely purify the polluted water. The couple claims the inspiration for these harmonics came from the Essenes, a sect of Israel where Jesus was a member. The Essenes “inner circle” taught the “stream of sound” as part of the Creator’s power to create.
The 528 hz tone is known by the ancients to be a “healing frequency,” and many people believe it can be used to repair damaged DNA. Most recently, Dr. Horowitz, working with mathematician Marko Rodin, advanced the mathematical relationship to genetic structuring, as DNA segments reflect Rodin’s “infinity pattern,” that others predict will revolutionize everything. (CLICK HERE for a YouTube presentation on this knowledge.)
In 2009, Dr. Horowitz produced Live H2O: Concert for the Living Water , in which groups from 72 countries participated by singing and chanting in 528Hz, praying for all polluted water to be blessed worldwide.
One of the honorees at LIVE H2O was Dr. Masaru Emoto who conducted years of research sending purifying intentions and “LOVE/528Hz frequency vibrations into water with astonishing results published in dozens of languages and two New York Times bestselling books.  Dr. Emoto actually filmed the molecular structure of the water changing from disorganized arrays of crystals in polluted water, into beautiful snowflake formations included visible “messages” as through the water was actually “conscious.”
Dr. Horowitz, among Dr. Emoto’s leading scientific supporters, explains this metaphysically by relating the power of LOVE in human hearts to the power of the Creator to respond to prayer and heart-felt loving intentions to heal the world and be helpful to one another.
Hutchison and Lazaryan, likewise, are hoping to bless the planet with their new discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico.
“We declare PEACE,” says Lazaryan, “the war upon the Gulf is over.”
- See more at:

April 14, 2014

Golden Ratio, Creation and Ego's Purpose

This is from a conversation with someone about objectivity in Universal Law.  It is a good summation of my views on Purpose and Intentional Creation as a mental concept created by the ego.

Golden Ratio is the basis for all creation. In math language it is PHI which is an infinite number. In geometry it is symmetric patterns. Atoms are opposing waves of energy circling around each other. They only way we can see them is when we focus on them. That focus creates the illusion of matter. Everything is energy. Atoms form molecules and elements. They are just more complex atoms because they are all the same thing. A flower of life is woven as things attract and repel creating a balance. It is natural and the only way matter can form. Otherwise nothing would stay together or everything would explode. It's all collections of waves at different densities. Different elements have different what? Properties. What is property? REAL eSTATE. How real something is. All elements are waves of energy vibrating at different frequencies. It is the frequency of vibration that makes something appear different than something else. But it is all the same thing. We are all the same thing with different parts vibrating at different rates. GRAVITY holds it all together and gravity is what happens when two opposing fields spin around each other creating inertia that speeds them up and causes implosion. When that spin goes faster than the speed of light it becomes a black whole. All that means is that the energy is spinning so fast we can't see it from our perspective. It's still there and still has the same information as Stephen Hawking finally realized. That is Universal Law. Golden ratio allows cause and effect to create infinitely through balanced attraction and repulsion.

The question was regarding objectivity in Universal Law as though the Golden Ratio has an ego that needs a purpose and reason to create.  Purpose is an concept of the duality mind. Golden ratio is the divine proportions (symmetry) of waves of energy in action. It creates gravity and therefor matter. The mind or consciousness of that energy system we call matter is the information it stores in its EM field. The higher consciousness is self aware but knows it is one with all that is. But it's copies become self deluded eventually and more "dense" so to speak. It forgets what it really is and allows the SELF or ego to take over. Hello HUMAN. Whether that action of creation has a purpose or not is a mental concept that is up to the mind of the creator. Otherwise it is just energy creating illusions of self and external worlds. 

That is part of the awakening process to realize that we invent purpose and the self. When you merge with oneness you don't stop being you, you just realize the "self" is an illusion. So you are no longer deluded. You are liberated and can overcome any suffering that is caused by these delusions of grandeur.  It is an age old debate. People want to believe they have purpose. That is why they create religions. That is all self delusion. We simply are what we are. And BEING is the most beautiful aspect of LIFE. When we say just BE that is what we mean. Don't allow the mind to play games with your emotions. When you are the master of your mind you can steer your emotions and the biggest secret of all is not about how the universe was formed or what it really is. The big secret for the sentient beings is how do we steer our fully awakened consciousness in and out of realities? That is what has been kept from us. But all of that is also distraction. Its all fun. We create all of it.