April 6, 2017

Why Would Anyone Do That?

The flat disc model of the earth has made an enormous comeback over the past few years. After researching it myself I found that no one has ever proven the globe model. It is all based upon theories supported by theories. The math fits the theory because math explains the theory but it does not prove the theory. For example one might say the earth is tilted on its axis 23 degrees to explain the seasons. They have no proof but they base the rest of their theory on that calculation when that calculation has never been proven. The Precession of the Equinox does not prove the earth is a sphere because the sky could be astral light spinning. It makes just as much sense in terms of physics. But they calculate that the earth's precession takes 26,000 years bears no real proof. It is projections based upon hearsay. In order to prove that the precession is a true cycle of that duration, one would have to observe it for 52,0000 years. Extrapolations of numbers are estimates, not proof.

But what I find fascinating is motive. Why would anyone try to hide this knowledge of the earth being an enclosure rather than a sphere floating in space? I have to put myself in the position of a control freak to understand it. And when I do I see that it makes perfect sense. If I wanted absolute control of the world I would convince humans that they were free but also that they were dependent upon me at the same time. That is how you keep your sheep in line. If they are frightened or abused they will bolt. You have to make the animal believe it is better off with you than without. And this is how they domesticated animals all around the world. They are fed, given water but all so that they can be controlled. People even control their dogs this way if they are smart. Kicking your dog and screaming at it will not get you anywhere. Animals on a reserve don't know they are not really free. The purpose does not have to necessarily be for some secret plan to alter our DNA or eat our brains. It could simply be that they like control. After all that is what human love so much. Are we made in the image of our Father or not? If we are then our creator has anger management issues and control issues. Our higher authority is within our ability to put the ego behind us not some being in the clouds or on earth telling us how to behave. If we do not choose to behave then we will not.

The flat earth theory supports the idea that a creator being put us here in this terrarium enclosure for whatever reason and that one day when we learn how to behave he will set us free. We are in training. But I disagree. We cannot all learn at the same time. People are born every day that have to go through the same lessons to learn about their higher thinking and self discipline. If we reincarnate then we do so with our memories wiped. What good is that? So if this was God's plan it sucks. The only way out of this is to not reincarnate and in this life here and now wake the hell up and realize that we are experiencing a dominated illusory material world. The way out is through death of the physical body but there is a catch. Don't go run off and kill yourself. PLEASE!! Before we go we have to become masters of consciousness. We must awaken and practice diligently letting go of attachment to this world, people, things and to FEEL compassion for others. There are humans and perhaps these other beings watching us that cannot feel compassion. Compassion is the key to sovereign consciousness. It IS LIFE. Artificial life is an oxymoron. Their artificial technologies are the reason for their loss of compassion and the need to interfere with nature and genetic engineering.

A flat earth model has an inner kingdom beneath, through the northern opening where there is a black hole sun. This is what generates reality even according to scientists that say a black hole holds information on the surface and projects it out holographically as reality. Interesting correlation with the yin yang symbol and the Vedic cosmological model of our universe. Could it be that our dreams and experiences are captured and projected back at us like a mirror ball? As above so below. And this particular page in our story is where we wake up and remember that we arose from the serpent or waves of light that became self aware and multiplied becoming the multitudes. We must remember that we are only occupying a small fraction of infinite creation and that this is a dream within a dream. It is ground hog day every day until we finally let go of the need to control the external aspect of our dream. Why would anyone do that? We are the dreamers. We are the master navigators of reality. The lesson to all beings stuck in a cycle of birth and rebirth into a nightmarish reality is if you want to control something control yourself.