November 5, 2008

Got Soul, Mate?

Everything is energy. The world as we are experiencing it in this time continuum, creates an illusion that we are separate from this primordial source of energy. We wander this realm to find each other again through a veil of flesh and bone. We are all soul mates in one respect. Every person we meet will help us evolve in some way, through pain or bliss or subtler ways. But I have experienced the existence of a soul mate or twin flame, an exact opposite match to my frequency that mysteriously intercepted my path many times.

He is moon, female energy and I am sun, male energy. I am female; he is male. He is left- brain, realist and I am right-brain idealist. Ying and Yang. The amazing thing about our relationship is not just the feeling that we have known each other forever or that we are attracted to each other physically. It is the fact that we continually crossed paths for twenty years leading completely separate lives. We traveled to all of the same places near and far. We met when I was nineteen and he was twenty. He had a girl friend and his own lessons to learn about life. I had mine. Although our paths were separate we were overwhelmingly drawn to one another, not just sexually but soulfully. While I was in Nepal in 1997 he made a delivery to my mother’s office back in Florida by chance not realizing she worked there. While he was asking about me, that very day I was in Nepal wishing that he were there to see the Himalayas with me even though I hadn’t spoken to him in 6 years. My mother told me later about the visit. Eventually our paths crossed again and again and twenty-three years have passed. We married three years ago after a chance encounter in a McDonalds, a place I rarely enter. We took one look at each other and laughed. Our timing was finally right and we have been together every day since.

Lets talk about love here for a minute. Love is a word we throw around a lot. Sure love is caring, love is sharing but anytime you refer to your attraction to something or someone, it is not love. That doesn’t mean that attraction is not part of loving someone. Love without condition is the kind of love that releases us from our demons. Some people are looking for success, money power. I was just looking for some one. I felt him. I knew he was there. And I even knew his physical characteristics and mannerisms. Perhaps this is what is referred to as a twin flame. Another you.

I kissed a lot of frogs but I knew the entire time that they were frogs. I knew they were there to teach me lessons that needed to be learned. I’m not saying that I no longer need to learn lessons, just that I am complete with this man by my side in this life. In fact we learn from each other constantly. Whenever I have an issue that I need resolved soul mates are plentiful and they pop up where I least expect them. But it’s nice to have that someone that completes you and if that’s not a soul mate then what is it? Happy chance? First of all I have never been lucky at anything!! Ever!! There are so many subtle levels of communicating with others of which we are unaware. In fact our attraction for someone is in our DNA. What is DNA? When it comes right down to it, DNA is energy and information recorded in light. Hmm what can we call that? Soul?
I could say that I have found by chance a person that happens to have all of the billions of little traits that agree with me and that he and I accidentally bumped in to each other, ten to twenty times in twenty years but it’s much easier to just say that I found my soul mate. For all of those who say it does not exist, this is your reality. Life is like a Magic Eye picture with what appears to be chaotic images and patterns at first glance. If you hold your eyes just right and look in the picture you can see another picture of something beautiful that was there all along. But if you don’t believe it is there or you won’t try to see it, then it is not going to be a part of your reality. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Da Vinci Code: And the Right to Make Assertions

How is it possible the Da Vinci Code has become so scrutinized and provoked so much anger? This book is fiction. Therefore there are no grounds for defending or attacking its assertions in any way. It would be like trying to ban Star Wars for the assertion that a long, long time ago Earth was in danger of being destroyed by Darth Vadar.

For the sake of debate, however, we can delve into the assertions in question. It stands to reason that one of the causes of offense must have to do with the suggestion that Jesus was married. Jesus was a rabbi. Mary Magdalene referred to him as Rabboni. Rabonni is a term of endearment that is only used by Mary if she held a close and personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus as a Rabbi would have been expected to marry. The assertions are reasonable and in no way offensive if one understands that Jesus being human and participating in sacred sex in no way diminishes his purity of heart, or his divinity as in, one with the creator. Jesus himself said that we are one with the father and that the Kingdom was within. He said he was the son of man. This is what makes him able to reach us and give us hope. The Roman Catholic Church does not agree with this because it empowers people to achieve independence from the Church and state. This is exactly what Jesus was trying to achieve for us.

Another assertion by Dan Browns fictitious novel was that there is a secret society that has been in existence, since the beginning of Christianity at least, that are the keepers of hidden knowledge. It would take many, many novels to cover this subject alone, as there is so much information and evidence supporting this fact. But is the Holy Grail the secret of the bloodline of Christ? If it were it would only be because they were plotting to bring this person into power as the Christ to rule in the end times in an attempt to fool the masses into thinking that this is the return of Christ; another power play. This is possible and even probably given the scriptures and the trail of bloodshed, wars and abominations that these powers that be have left over the past 2000 years. If this were presented as fact, which it is not, it would only bring awareness millions that the Anti-Christ is the one they will call the descendent of Christ for we all know that true ascension cannot be achieved via earthly rulers. Why do you think the church was so peeved about it?
Despite all of the implications that one may not believe or find offensive it all comes down to this. The Da Vince code is fascinating and thought provoking. It reveals bits of information about Sacred Geometry, Numerology and historic facts that are intriguing to say the very least. For all we know it could all be factual and accurate but Brown is not telling people to believe it or else. How could it possibly threaten someone who stands firmly behind their own beliefs, unless of course they are trying to force those beliefs on others?

October 22, 2008

Santaria and the Desert Dream

I believe in the magic of the desert. The way the sun can make waves of heat on a long stretch of highway appear to be a glistening pool of water; the way a river runs through miles of barren land from deluge to trickling stream, maintaining it’s life sustaining flow to cool the parched earth.

But it was not until I had long since moved away from the vast New Mexican badlands when I came to believe in the powers of the human mind and the magic of Santaria.

I lived in the small town of Carlsbad, famous for It’s underground caverns and subsequently, a spectacular air show put on by some ten thousand bats as they make their impressive departure every night at dusk.

My friend Johnny Rodreguez and I would sit on the bank of the Pacos River and sometimes talk for hours. I was finishing my last year of high school and planned to return to Florida after graduation. Johnny had been out of school for two years and his future was not so clear. He was a very troubled soul, always confiding in me his darkest fears. At the time I had know idea how afraid and alone he really was. He told me many times that his mother never loved him and that he believed she wanted him to die. My reaction was somewhat patronizing. I felt this depression might have something to do with his excessive drinking. But as he began to divulge more and more to me I was no longer so quick do dismiss his behavior.

Josie, Johnny’s mother appeared outwardly to be the upstanding, devout Catholic. Throughout her home were strategically placed Saints and rosary beads. One might be subject to a verbal thrashing (in Spanish) for any blasphemies in her household. But being a frequent visitor, I began to see things that would lead me to question the true nature of her religion.

One such thing was a rope that hung under Johnny’s bed. Tied in it were several knots. The number of knots in the rope were somehow significant, according to Johnny and would change from time to time. He explained to me that it was all part of Black Magic, or what the Mexicans called Santaria. He recalled his mother forcing him as a child to go to the graveyard to collect dirt with his younger brother. Josie would then bury photographs of people, sometimes people he recognized. When I learned of these things I became worried about the emotional and mental effects they might have on Johnny. But it never occurred to me that he might be in any real danger. Tommy, his younger brother seemed to live in a brilliant light illuminated by his mother, unaware of anything out of the ordinary. They were visibly much closer than she and Johnny.

The last time I saw Johnny was about three days before I left for Florida. I was abruptly awakened at three o’clock in the morning by my not-so-understanding step-father. He grumbled that one of my “boyfriends” was downstairs asking for me.

When I opened the door to Johnny’s truck it was obvious that he has been drinking. He began to cry and he told me that he was going to miss me when I left. He was rambling incoherently but I recognized the all to familiar desperation in his tone. I tried to convince him to come inside but as I walked around to his side to help him out of the truck he screeched into reverse and sped away.

Eight months had passed since I left New Mexico. Once I left I made no attempt to stay in contact with Johnny. In fact, I had not thought of him even once. Moving so often as a child I had learned that it was much less painful to cut all ties.

Now, I was hundred miles away from the tumbleweeds and the buckled earth but the mind is a powerful thing and distance proved to be no obstacle in matters of the soul. One night I dreamed I was standing on a caleche road as the morning sun was about to make an appearance over the horizon. Out of the west came a red 57 Chevy truck and as it slowly passed by, I recognized the driver, Johnny’s amigo, Jorge, and on the passenger side, Johnny. As they careened past Johnny looked at me solemnly and almost sadly as though he were an unwilling passenger. The truck continued on down the road into the dimly lit horizon. I turned back toward the west to find the truck coming toward me once again like an instant replay. But this time Jorge sat alone on the passenger side. There was no driver. I remember saying over and over to my dream-self, “Where is Johnny?, Where is Johnny?”

I woke the next morning with no recollection of the dream. I went into the kitchen of my Aunts house where I was living, to make breakfast. The phone rang. Startled, I picked it up quickly. I was surprised to hear my girlfriend’s voice, Suzie Hardin, calling from New Mexico. I could sense that something was amiss from her tone and a poor attempt at small talk. After an uncomfortable silence, she said plainly,
“ Johnny died yesterday.” Suddenly, I remembered my dream and my knees became weak. I sat trans-like, listening to her. She said, according to the newspaper, he had been walking down the hallway of his house carrying his riffle by the barrel, when it “went off”. Well aware of Johnny’s experience handling guns and his cautious nature, I found the story difficult to believe.
His death was reported to be an accident. There was a small write up in the Carlsbad Tribune and no investigation to speak of. The details of his death could be scrutinized and disputed and one might even find that there had actually been foul play but none of these things would bring Johnny back. Regardless of how he died, he believed that it would happen, untimely and undeservingly, and it did. Perhaps there is such a thing as Black Magic, kindled by mere negative suggestions. Perhaps evil is simply a manifestation of our fears, a sort of magic of the mind and soul. I believe Johnny was trying to tell me something that morning, his spirit in limbo, searching for the light. Using the same magic that lead him to his tragic end, in that quiet moment before the sun kissed the sky, he set his spirit free on the desert winds to find me, maybe in a final attempt to be understood, or perhaps just to say goodbye.

October 20, 2008

A Case of Mistaken Identity Solved

Introducing, Cari Kindl. This is no narcissistic attempt to be known in the world but a clarification for the particular ones who mistakenly assume to know me based on what they knew of me in years gone by. I wish to relieve those who are taken aback by my surprising behavior. It is like tuning in to a Soap Oprah that you have not seen in thirty years to find the simple maid is now the madam of the manor. In this case I was the soft-spoken and impressionable girl influenced by an imbalanced male-dominated society who found a voice and courage that has impassioned me and inspired me to speak and work to dissolve the self and nurture oneness.

Who really cares about me and who I am? Perhaps only the friends and family and this is nice but there is no need to be loved and revered by the world to feel complete or worthy. I know I am loved and this love gives me strength but this is not reason for being. Some never experience love or peace but are full of love and peace. Just as those who are blessed with a loving family and wealth can be prone to self-loathing and destructive behavior. The reason we are here is to experience and to understand the world for ourselves through our own changing perspectives. It is not as important to be accepted and loved, as it is to create and share and love. It is not to know what to do based on other's beliefs and rules but to find our own voice and path through creative freedom.

The more I live and learn I see that my identity, character and accomplishments are meaningless when we move beyond being socially accepted and into the realm of egoless-ness and peace. I have sat with lamas in sacred temples and I have partied in Las Vegas but I am no ascended master nor am I a deviant. I do not qualify as an expert in any political or religious domain but I feel and see the world with my heart, mind and my intuition. All I can do at any given moment is share with the interested my views according to the memories and the moment that I am in at that time and hope that it is useful to someone in some way.

Though I possess the skills I so not call myself a barber or a musician or a writer. I practice the fundamental disciplines of self control outlined by Gautam Buddha, but I do not call myself a Buddhist. I understand and subscribe to the Gnostic teachings of a man referred to as the Christ although I know that these teachings were not intended to glorify the man but to educate humans on their ability to ascend and evolve through balance. I have beliefs but I do not cling to them so verdantly that I am driven to aggression.

I have traveled around the world experiencing many different cultures and lifestyles. I have received love and kindness from those in foreign places who are said to hate Americans. And I have seen proof of the horrific acts by our own countrymen on innocent victims. Being an American these experiences gave me the objectivity to see beyond borders and race and country. It has shaped who I am and given a sense of obligation to find my voice on behalf of those who do not wish to play the game. I am relief. I am understanding. I am a witness to justice and an advocate of truth. I am hope and I am a creative force to be reckoned with.

Rather than be a celebrated participant I choose to stand back and watch the world quietly, not silently but knowing that I have the power to change it in every action I take from a word to a smile. Very little is required from me and yet I see how great an affect I have in every small way. I will not be a CEO or the president. I do not have to be nor do I wish to be a millionaire. My kingdom truly is mind. To sum it up, I simply am. So in regard to all of your misconceptions, labels, presumptions and for being insulted or slighted, mistaking my candor and enthusiasm for truth as rudeness, if you were expecting your own version of the girl you used to know, with love and compassion I am happy to disappoint you.

January 25, 2008

Peace In?

How difficult can it really be to live peacefully, peaceably amongst each other? What is it that causes so much suffering in the human realm? Our attachments to the thoughts and things we do not have and even the people we “love”, when ironically love is actually non-attachment in the awareness that everything is “one” and we are all connected. We can never truly possess anything. To be human is to suffer according to the wise revelations of Gautam Buddha but does this mean that we are all doomed to suffer as individuals or as a species in an endless cycle of birth and rebirth? No. A very simple and clear message has been written, spoken and practiced by many accomplished and great humans throughout the span of human existence. It is not a battle between good and evil. The battle is between a man and his ego. We do not need a great messiah to tell us that our attachment to things causes suffering. We know this intellectually. But in order for us to overcome this reality as a species and as individuals we must practice. The art of balancing the ego must be an experiential part of our lives in thought, speech, actions and in all concentrations. This practice and wisdom that still exists is Asian cultures and other indigenous groups around the globe has been methodically undermined and in most cases eliminated by those who are the most afraid to let go.

The ancient wise teachers of the past used color, sound, light, parables and some really good drugs to express in terms humans can more easily understand, the multi- dimensional realities and complex physics of creation. The Tibetans for example, have maintained a rich and colorful historic record of this ancient wisdom and knowledge expressed in the form of mandalas, thankas, scriptures and statues. The Tibetans successfully established a balanced, natural way of living in peace and in good health as a community. Buddhism and earlier versions of the life practices were not religious in the sense that all power and control over the self surrendered or attributed to an outside force. They hold the secrets of free energy technologies from a purer time when humans were more in tune with the workings of nature and the secrets to self-empowerment through compassion and contentment, a huge threat to anyone whose purpose is to dominate and rule over others. This is why their people have been persecuted, tortured and murdered and their rich cultural heritage, if not twisted and demonized, almost completely erased.

The way to deceive is though reversion and disguise, secrets and lies. The greatest deception of humanity has been seeded and nurtured consciously through organized bloodlines and soul families that have grown into an entity of what we would call “evil”. It is important to keep in mind that good and evil are relative but for context’s sake we humans describe the intentional infliction of pain and suffering on another as evil. We have read bits and pieces of the revelations, the truths revealed in the ancient scriptures that vaguely outline the cyclic polarizing of cosmic and microcosmic consciousness, eternal fractals of the image of the creator. Through astronomy and mathematics the secrets of the universe unfold but these truths have been obscured and/or erased by whom? By those who want power. What we have been left with are so many cryptic writings and metaphors that the average person can be easily confused and frustrated. The mixed messages and confusion in the language of politics and religion is often intentional. If we understand that the underlying cause of this chaos originates with the deceptions of those who wish to have power over others, we can begin to lift a fog that has blinded human beings for so long and entrapped our souls in this unnatural condition. Any belief system that places one power above all is unstable because it directly contradicts the nature of the universe. The universe finds equilibrium in everything. Every where we look we can see the golden mean from sea shells to galaxies. And everywhere there is imbalance there is a man with a plan, a god with a rod from the pyramids to the dollar bill. The symbolism is everywhere. Those who create fear and chaos will gloat and revel in their symbolisms and secrets. They know that their victims have become so subservient and brainwashed that nothing can be done to stop them. So they weave a web of lies through symbols, rituals and belief systems that are so tightly entwined that no one can tell truth from lies. But we can always tell “good” from “evil”.

The “us” against “them” mind game tricks people into believing there are two sides, the goodies and the baddies. My side is always the good side of course. As long as people are taking sides they fail to see that the true villain is the ring master. As parents we use this trick to get our children to do what we want them to. Offer a child a choice of broccoli or carrots. You have just given them the illusion of power. They choose the carrots over the broccoli but you have just gotten them to eat a vegetable. Either way you get what you want. This is a harmless version of manipulation but an example of how others manipulate to their own benefit. On a grand scale we little children have been manipulated with every type of distraction from football teams to political parties. It’s the elephants against the asses, when we all know that they are all asses.

If any given religion is truly an organization established to provide comfort and bring people together in the name of peace, there would be no denominations, churches, no wars in the name of god, no hierarchy, no priests and no rituals and no need for funding. All that would be required would be that a human being come forward to ask for help and that a group of human beings helped with compassionate words and actions. Jesus and Buddha did not promote their religious backgrounds. Buddha was not “a Hindu” and Jesus was not an orthodox “Jew”. In fact Jesus was a Gnostic. The Gnostics believed that the Father (masculine) was the Spirit and the Mother (feminine) was the soul. Sophia was the awareness of being and the trinity was the Holy union of the soul spirit and Holy Ghost. In this there is heaven on earth. Earth is a hell created by those who have lost their way and continue to turn away from the light at death. This is not superstition nor is it religion. This is the secret knowledge that is the Holy Grail; the Arch of the Covenant; the physics of the universe.

Anything that requires giving away your power is a deception and a lie. Any person who claims to have power over all things is a liar and a fraud. We all have free will. There is no god that possesses power over you accept “you” the god. In the Spirit there is no sex, no craving, no jealousy, no hunger, no fear and no hate. Be one with the Spirit and your soul will be free.

Would Jesus Eat That Much?

Americans are the fattest people, generally speaking, in the world. Why? It is not the kinds of food we eat. Americans eat everything that every other culture eats. It is the amount and the fact that our society is centered on automation and convenience. We get very little exercise in our culture. Florida schools only require 1/2 of a credit in Physical Education to graduate from High School. Children are not required in some schools to have Physical Education or even recess. In addition to this legislation is being passed that no Degree is necessary to teach physical education. Maybe that is not a huge deal as long as children are encouraged to get out and move.

What we have forgotten or fail to see is that balance is ALWAYS the key. If we are spending most of our day at a desk and eating large quantities of food we will accumulate large amounts of fat on our bodies unless we are like some freak of nature with an incredibly fast metabolism. We will develop diseases and physical impairments. This is common sense. Naturally, moving all day getting moderate amounts of sun, bending stretching and walking burns calories, builds muscle tone and reduces stress. This is a balanced way of living. Moving very little and eating large amounts of food is taking it to the extreme in the American tradition and as we all know, extremes are never good. It’s just another example of how, worldwide, commercial gain is more important than common sense behavior and good traditions.

When you think about it we are completely at the mercy of the "man" who controls the food, right? Nobody grows their own food anymore because corporations and governments have all the land and all the killer wee. . .seeds. So we depend on producers, distributors and grocery stores to supply us with our daily bread, milk, beer, twinkies and artificial flavorings. It's a racket just like everything else. The fact is that we could survive on very little and not feel deprived. Tasting, touching and smelling food is 99% of what we love about eating. Not very many people say, “I love the way my fat belly feels while I am trying to digest 9 ounces of cow”. How much do we really need to eat to stay healthy and happy?

The San People of Africa use Hoodia to ward off hunger. Hoodia, the appetite suppressive natural herb is now the big craze thanks to Oprah, but it has been used in Africa for thousands of years. San refuse to till the soil as it is according to their religious beliefs, contrary to the world order that is established by god they rely on hunting and gathering which provides very little food. Their diet mainly consists of small animals, nuts and berries. And have you seen them? They are tall, dark, toned and healthy. They dance, make love, eat berries and build stuff with their own hands. This is my dream life. These are happy people, or were happy until their government began to relocate them to clear land for tourism and diamond mining. What’s new? The point is that if these people can live on very little to nothing and be as healthy as they are, the question needs to be asked, what IS the necessary amount of nutrients humans needs to survive? Taking it a step further, do even need to eat at all?The ancient Vedic traditions tell us humans DE-volved from far more spiritual creatures due to a lack of SELF control. Eventually we would find ourselves consuming other life forms to survive. Gross. We’re like giant parasites consuming everything in sight. What if we could receive all of the nutrients and vitamins we need from the sun and the air and the water? Does that sound crazy? Well, Breatharians say "NO!" Humans can actually absorb all of the nutrients and energy we need from the sun and the air. “Tastes great, less filling” I personally like the idea of living off of air and light. There are so many perks. Everybody's thin so we can all be supermodels; we no longer have to kill things (so the Christian god is happy. This is sarcasm); we can save money, time and have much fewer visits to the dentist. But most importantly we would not have to rely on anyone for our existence. Research in the area is not even considered by legitimate scientists. But in 2006 a 14 year old boy in India challenged mainstream science when he was discovered meditating in the hollow of a Pipin Tree. He remained in lotus position for ten months in and out of deep meditation without eating or passing. The story of Rom Bomjon is fascinating and mysterious. His presence attracted pilgrims from around the world to see the boy to which many were referring as the reincarnation of Gautam Buddha and/or Jesus (some people believe Jesus was the reincarnation of Buddha). The hilarious thing about the whole to do is that people are actually criticizing the boy, saying that it is a publicity stunt and there is no way he could go without eating or drinking for ten months. Namaste! Hello! It is a miracle alone that a teenager sat still for ten months! He was bitten twice by a snake from which he apparently, miraculously recovered on his own and with no complications. People who want attention do not disappear into the jungle as he eventually did with a parting message that he will return to society in six years (2012-Mayan end of an age, equivalent of Prince’s 1999-Party time!). In addition to this, on one of rare occasions that he made a statement, he told the monks that he was not a Buddha but an "austere sage", that he had not yet reached the level of awareness of a Buddha. He survived on light and air for ten months and perhaps longer now. I am NOT suggesting everyone stop eating and drinking. Food is great, food is good. BUT for example, sitting in meditation actually gives you energy and you consume very little therefore you need very little fuel to get by. An average person with no mediation practice, who is active and eats three meals a day can not just stop eating and remain healthy. According to the laws of balance each of us would have to tune into our SELVES and gradually change our habits until we find a way of life that best suits us as an individual. But we have to at least consider the possibility that we do not have to remain enslaved to our cravings and overindulgences, that we can reel it back in and re-evaluate what we have become.

Pyramids~Even A Caveman Can Do It

Now the pyramids are something you can really sink your brain into. Scientists have logical and rational explanations and answers to this great achievement. These colossal geometrically perfect structures were built by human beings or aliens or someone with the IQ of Stephen Hawking. Scientists say they achieved this by using trees to roll 70 to 300 tons stones of granite and limestone up a ramp. Apparently, there is no way that a 300 ton stone would crush a tree. Remember that trees in abundance would had to have been around 10,000 years earlier than when scientists say the pyramids were built. The workers would have to have been extremely muscular. But you have seen the paintings of the supposed workers. I could kick these guys’ asses. They’re scrawny little things. And they never look you in the eye. They’re always looking to the side. Are they telling me that these puny little bakers and candle stick makers built the pyramids. Come on. That’s like saying the guys in the Village People actually did construction, firefighting and a police work.

The pyramids are not just in Egypt, there are pyramids here in the United States, South America, Australia, England, Scotland, Italy, Mongolia and Tibet and many many more all were built around the same time according to scientists. HMMMM. Sometime around 3100 BC all of the stone age morons on the entire planet, walking around with their groovy crude tools made of a rock and a piece of wood, draggin their women around by the hair were sitting around the fire one night scratching their asses and said “Hey, I just thought of something. If we take the radius of a circle, then the circumference of this circle which is the same as the perimeter of the base it provides the complimentary squaring of a circle and circling of a square. The key to this relationship is knowledge of the value of Pi in designing the angle of a pyramid which would be equal to exactly 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 14.3 seconds. We can take this information and use it to build a huge ass pyramid so that we can put our dead bodies in it while we go on to the after life. (Not that there is any evidence pyramids were tombs).Yeah man. Let’s do it! Oh yeah and let’s not show anyone else how we did it.”

Here we have one of the greatest architectural accomplishments of all time supposedly achieved by these egocentric Kings who recorded every freaking thing from how to cure a snake bite to, how to grow wheat, embalm the dead in gory detail, but absolutely no record of how they built the pyramids. Nothing. They did leave hieroglyphics carved into stone of really cool space ships and planes but that was just to fuck with our heads. Ra and Ka and Thoth. Come on. This is what happens when we let the egocentric male artists rule the country. We end up with Phallic shaped monuments and Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor. The problem with suggesting our ancestors were aliens that built these structures and genetically engineered humans pisses of the religious people. I mean come on, a higher intelligence artificially inseminates a woman to create a more advance race. . .wait a minute. Isn't that how the story of Jesus begins?