December 18, 2016

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness For a Reason

Cleanliness is next to "godliness" for a reason.
Disease, dissonance, decay are all unholy in that they are unWHOLE.

There is a LIFE path and a DEATH path. We exist within a paradigm of death because the rate of decay is faster than the rate of regeneration. The frequency of vibration is below that of what is considered holy or heavenly. That is why we are experiencing hell on earth. In order to reach heavenly vibrations we must practice hygiene of holiness. This means sustaining pristine environments on the earth, the sky and our body and mind.

Polluting our bodies with toxic foods, living in filth, allowing toxic emotions to rule us and building structures that do not allow energy to flow are all part of the death path that keep humans living in a hellish existence.  There is a reason why people are afflicted with disease, demonic possession, hauntings, anger, depression and so much more in this world.  We are not mindful of maintaining a healthy environment for the body or the planet. Most people are not even aware of the fact that bad hygiene breeds decay and death.

Religions began to educate people of the physics of life and how to be a true human without "falling" into dissonance, decay and disease. We are not listening. We dismiss it as superstition. But scientists are beginning to realize the scientific reasons for those religious teachings that appeared to be compulsive behavior such as bathing in holy water, rituals to entrain the mind, eating certain foods at certain times etc.

Walking the death path leads to suffering. Walking the LIFE path does not. It is not about right and wrong it is about what works and what does not for a human being. We all have a choice. But to walk the LIFE path takes self discipline. If you cannot discipline your self enough to stop your mind from dwelling on thoughts that cause you suffering how do you expect the world to ever be heavenly? The journey to heaven begins within us and ends within us. The world is just a reflection of that journey. So if you are unhappy with the state of the world, look at yourself first. Do you have good hygiene? Are you disciplined? Do you respect all living beings? Do you live in an environment that supports nature or destroys it? Do you have the will power to only act in ways that support life? This is what prayer is really about. It is about focusing your own mind on what supports life. It is not about asking a god outside of you for shit to make you feel better about yourself. Stop looking to an external god to save you and the world and do the work yourself through disciplined thoughts and actions. God isn't going to do that for you.

December 1, 2016

Eternal Life and the Holy Vessel

You should really think about this.  Atoms can communicate instantly with other atoms regardless of time and space. I am able to communicate with someone in another part of the country in an altered state and subconsciously without a phone or wires. Scientists don't need to prove consciousness exists outside the brain because I have experienced it myself. I don't need their proof. But also wireless communication is possible so that alone tells you that life is possible outside the body. Life is hi phi communication of atoms which are really mostly space. They are LO PHI WAVES or LOVE in action. All any self aware living being needs is a fractal environment to perpetuate itself not an animal body. I am talking about golden ratio as the golden cup of Christ. Crystals store information because they are fractal fields. Christ represents a fractal field or crystalline environment which is sacred and holy as in WHOLEistic.

The body is a trap. The caduceus we are shown by the ancients is the uterus. The Obelisk is the penis. The Oroborus where the serpent eats it's own tail represents is a time loop and that is what humans are doing as well as most life on this plane. We have fallen into this density and are trapped by this time loop because we LONG for it. We are seduced by it. And we are shown this over and over again in the drawings and carvings done by those that have the power to see and remember. The worship of the feminine or the masculine is a delusional game of the ego to keep us trapped. It is the UNION of the feminine and masculine that wakes us up. Without that balance there is no life. But in order to dominate, control and deceive we have participated in these magical practices of entraining the brain through hypnosis and rituals.

The truth is very simple. Love heals because love is WHOLENESS. If we are not whole we are fragmented and sick. Life cannot flourish without harmonic resonance which is only sustainable in a fractal environment. That is why we are made the way we are. Our bodies are the reflection of wholeness but always falling short of the real thing just like Fibonacci falls short of Pi. We are pretending to be life as our cells are constantly sloughed off and our bones shrink and our skin dries up. Our brains fail us, we wither and die because we are not operating in a fractal environment. We build death chambers to live and work in. We eat death. We poison our environment and then long for eternal life.

Life is eternal. The body is not because it is not Holy. Can we make the body Holy? You must be born into a holy body and then sustain it within a holy environment. How you behave and think and feel determines your frequency just like negative emotions shape water crystals. It is more than a word or a thought but the emotion that is held by those words and thoughts that determines how fractal your environment is. Unless we start teaching and learning about the importance of fractal environments there is no point in humanity continuing. We must return to the ancient ways of being in the world where we are one with nature and nature comes first. Because we ARE NATURE. Death of the body is just the natural response to dissonance and imbalance. 

The Seven Afflictions-Lust

 In each moment we are faced with a decision to give in to our afflictions or not. Life should never be boring if you are fully awake to the true nature of reality. Our quality of life has very little to do with situations but more to do with our attitudes. This is very hard to accept when we are in the middle of a war zone or starving. But it is still true.

If you watch reality shows such as "Naked and Afraid" you see that they all are struggling to survive but the ones that are mentally strong are usually the ones that make it to the end. Higher thinking is what makes us human. We have the ability to not respond to our primal instincts but to witness them and make a choice to act or not act. We have the ability to allow fear to rule us or not in each moment.

The most physical of afflictions is lust. The energy of the first chakra is a very powerful energy of attraction. But when we are not in a state of love that attraction becomes lust. Love is a frequency literally that is harmonic resonance. Lust is dissonance. It is seeing the someone as the "object" of your affliction rather than the receiver of your affection. To conceive a child without being in a physical state of love or naturally induced bliss is creating a child with the same afflictions or dissonance of one's current state at the moment of conception. It can be lust, anger, pride etc. Only when all your energy centers are in a state of love and balance can you procreate a true human being as it was meant to be created. This is why it is so important for us to discipline ourselves in this way. It is the original meaning of a virgin birth. To fornicate is a sin because a sin is a dissonant frequency pattern. It is not LOVE. It has nothing to do with permission from god or a piece of paper that says you are legally wed.

November 2, 2016

October 31, 2016

Blood Over Intent

Blood over intent is a magical ritual. It is used for good intention and it is also for bad intent such as manipulation of others. If you don't think that is happening on a global scale you are not paying attention to the world around you and deeply embedded in a false reality.

The way to fight fire is with fire. This idea that we need guns and other weapons to fight evil in the world is idiotic. Do you think we can kill all the evil beings and no more will ever be born into the world? The evil in the world are those that use magic, the power of psychological trickery on others. Evil does not kill because to kill is to leave you with no one to torture or control. No they want sheep to herd and use for energy.

If you want to end this cycle of enslavement through witchcraft on the planet you must learn that you are already a magician and learn how to use magic against evil. If you wish to unite with people that are aligning to bring heaven to earth you have to write your intention on a piece of paper like you did when you were a kid. Remember the blood pact? You pricked your finger and became blood sisters or brothers with someone? That is not evil. It is NOT black magic. Black magic is using secret rituals solidifying your intention to control, manipulate, harm or deceived someone. White magic is a ritual for good.

We all use magic every single day. We entrain our brains and others entrain our brains for us. If you do not program your own mind someone else will. You may not be hungry but you just watched a commercial that had certain symbols and words and now you are hungry. Someone told you they wanted to make America great again by building a wall and getting rid of all the bad guys. They appealed to your fear and ego. This is exactly what the Church has done. They tell you God is to be feared, not to worship idols but they bow to statues and the image of Christ. Their ritual to bind you to them is communion. But Jesus offered his flesh and blood in bread and wine at the last supper. He was performing an ancient ritual.
"Each of the Apostles brought drops of his own blood in their cups and they emptied them into the chalice of Jesus the Christ.  The Beloved had also placed his own royal blood in this chalice.  Thus, this is how the blood of Jesus Christ was mixed within the Holy Grail with the blood of his disciples. . .All pacts are signed in blood.  The Astral body of Jesus Christ remained associated, united with his disciples and with all of humanity through the blood pact." from Gnostic Teachings, Samael Weor.

Christ is within you already. You need go through no one to get to Christ. And the Kingdom is within you. Jesus told you that. Yet the Church still asserts power over you unless you have awakened from the spell.

That is trickery and deception. No one can make the world great by lying and inciting fear. And you will NEVER get rid of all the bad guys. The power to create heaven on earth lies within us. We must realize our own power. We must not be afraid of using psychological tools and physics which is "magic" because we are told by the control freak magicians that magic is evil. Is science evil? Science is observing the phenomenon. Distorting truth, facts, using technologies against others is evil, not science alone. The magicians that do tricks for money will tell you there is no such thing as magic implying magic is beyond cause and effect and what they are doing is a trick. Like it is different somehow than magic. Knowing secret causes and effects using alchemy and physics is magic. Everything is due to cause and effect. Magic is magic. Withholding your knowledge as ransom and deceiving people is black magic. Do not be afraid to take back your power as a magician. That is what a human was designed for. We have hands, higher thinking,compassion, abstract thoughts. We were not put here to be slaves to ego and fear and to those that know their own power and use it against us.

When you have sex and you deeply lust someone thinking only of possessing them or using them you are practicing black magic. You are made of water, salt, fire, earth, air, flesh and bone: the elements and spirit. Your thoughts are energy and you direct your energy when you place your intention on what you lust or what you revere. You are already a magician. Now you have to learn whether you wish to use your powers for good or evil. That is your choice. It is time to teach our children that not only are they extremely powerful but they must use their powers for good and not evil if they wish to create heaven on earth.

State your intention. Make a pact with the rest of the awakened ones. Take back your power and stop believing in the lies of the evil ones in this world using us for energy and entertainment.

I intend to create heaven on earth
I intend to love all excluding no one

If God is in all that is then to love all that is, is to love God.
God is love.

October 30, 2016

Healing Lust, Sexual Deviance and Restoring Divine Feminine

Young women should be told from day one that they will be preyed upon sexually. It is not debatable. It is a fact. Sex is a part of life. The one thing young girls need to know above all else is that it does not matter what they look like, plain or beautiful, how sweet or sexy they can be or how popular they are. All females are seen as a possible sexual conquest by someone. And if a guy is not interested in you, trying to seduce him is not going to make him interested in YOU. It is going to get a guy with no values laid or worse put you in a dangerous situation. That's it. Women often try to justify their longing to be loved or desired by saying "Oh I am using them it's not the other way around" as if using someone means they can't use you too. If it is all about using each other then fine, no one can judge you for that. But often it is really about the need to be loved and accepted and cherished not used even though young women often tell themselves it is not. And even if a girl truly believes it is about her right to express her sexuality then you cam compare it to carrying a gun. You may have a right to carry (in most states)but that doesn't mean you should flaunt it or go around shooting people for attention. You should never use sex as a weapon. That has a tendency to backfire on you. We have to teach our young girls that their bodies are works of art to be revered and taken care of. Nudity is not shameful. What we do with our bodies and how we think about them is often shameful.

Lust is the first affliction. Society has suffered such degradation now that we overlook and even revel in the seven deadly sins. It's prudish to preach about lust and greed and vengeance right? It is all over reality tv. People lap it up. And that is the beginning of the end of civilization. We turn our backs on reverence and decency because it is "not cool". The mind game played on women has been so successful in the middle east that women actually believe covering from head to toe is necessary so as to not tempt a man. Some do it for their religion but it is only a practice because men wrote it into the laws, because they blamed women for their lust. And in the west women believe they are so empowered that they can get naked and twerk and there is nothing wrong with that. Oh yeah, you pulled one over on men. Right. That is not empowerment. That is like making a dog sit and stay while you scream at him angrily to fetch a steak. That is immature, and sorry for comparing men to dogs. It was the first analogy that popped into my head. Of course not all men are unable to control themselves but they can spot a needy woman a mile away. In fact I believe they have a built in radar for that.

Women are not responsible for what a man thinks of her body whether they are fully clothed or naked. Woman can be responsible for putting themselves in the position of being judged by others but they can never ever be blamed for being physically touched or attacked due to their appearance. I remember seeing Miley C. doing her thang on the MTV awards and I said something about it because people criticizing her were completely missing the point. Nudity is not a problem. Behavior is. It is the context of what is happening and necessarily what is said or done. Not being ashamed of one's body is different than publicly degrading yourself sexually. Young women reach an age where they are very eager to express their sexuality because it is nature. But if they used their frontal lobes they would see that there is plenty of time and they are not in danger of never having sex. You are in danger of never getting respect. You don't have to degrade yourself or beg for sex ever. "All a woman has to do is show up". Harrison Ford said that once. When you are loved and cherished by someone, they think you are beautiful without makeup, in sweats or cleaning the toilet. That is love. Sex is about reproducing and having fun all of which is your personal choice so you should treat it as a great responsibility and blessing to find someone to share that with. The intensity of the sexual drive and experiences will not last but true love will even if you part ways. Love is not desire to be with someone. The desire to be with someone is because you like them and enjoy their company.

When you get older the fired up hormones will start to mellow out because you are no longer all about sexually attracting a man to get pregnant.  As you mature regardless of your age you start to realize pure bliss of being is far more precious that a 2 to 8 second orgasm. Being on the same frequency as the person you love is the best feeling there is. But corporations capitalize on lust so they shame men into keeping it hard with pills and pressure and shame women into buying products and having surgery to stay young and sexy. And society laps it up. The mutual respect between men and women is the answer to healing the sexual repression of the past and present. Covering a woman from head to toe is not the answer. Men must not see women as a threat. Men and women must not see each other as objects. Lust, insecurity, low self esteem and ignorance are really the root cause of issues with sexual abuse and sexism. And there are very strong social and religious stigmas in place that cause hangups with nudity which is a distraction from the real issues. It is not just women facing the brunt of the abuse. Sexual deviance effects everyone. It is a mental illness. It is not a matter of right and wrong. It is about acceptable and unacceptable behaviors according to what we believe is healthy or not healthy. Rehabilitate. Educate. And you will alleviate much of the pain and suffering in our world.

September 20, 2016

Cause and Effect By Lisa Renee

Cause and Effect
By Lisa Renee                                                                                             Original post August 2016

 Cause and Effect

Dear Ascending Family,
During this time of bifurcation our inner energetic integrity is being tested.  This is the time to take stock of how well we are coping with the madness of the earth, as the collective mind of humanity travels the Dark Night of the Soul. Whether asleep or awake, our self-mastery is measured through how we personally deal with stress and chaos. No person on this earth is exempt from exposure to the massive fields of chaos, confusion and darkness that exist in the collective mind of humanity.
If we are not doing well with adaptability, flexibility and neutrality in our life situation, we must make adjustments to gain strength with this skill set. All people must take responsibility for the quality of their thoughts, behaviors, and actions.  This month we explore the principles of Cause and Effect
As we undergo the bifurcation of time during the Ascension Cycle, it is supportive to understand that the current planetary consciousness shift radically magnifies and speeds up energetic forces that are governed by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. As we move into the next Harmonic Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect manifests much more quickly, more accurately with the frequency being matched, and with more intensity on the material plane of earth than it ever did before.  In every area of our life, when we generate belief systems, thoughts, behaviors, emotions and actions, this accumulates into energetic content that combines with the vibrationally matched consciousness fields that are in the environment. Moving forward, the energetic content that we send out will return back to us with increasing immediacy, and even instantaneously. Whatever the quality of energy that we broadcast out into the Universe, it sets into motion the accumulative frequency of the energetic content that will be directly returned back to us. This is why it’s crucial to be able to find our inner stillness in meditation, and broadcast as much unconditional love, forgiveness, peace and gratitude to the Universe, as possible.
The third dimensional timelines to which we have been accustomed, are much more dense and infected with layers of artificial intelligence, subconscious mind fragments, phantom spaces and dark entities. As a result of the density, the return of the corresponding reciprocal energies that occurs in the process of Cause and Effect, is slowed down in the lower density, has less energetic concentration, and takes longer to manifest in the sequence of our personal timeline. It was harder for us to connect the dots between the causal event and the actual effect our thoughtforms and emotions had upon the environment, because it took much longer, required more energetic strength and willpower to bring it into manifestation.
During the Ascension Cycle, Starseeds and Indigos have been especially targeted with superimposed karmic loads and implants, for the purpose of slowing us down and requiring incredible spiritual strength in order to be in positive alignment with the Law of Cause and Effect. Our group experiences the boomerang effect of the planetary miasma, as this collective race karmic backlash is directed from dark entities, to keep us weighted down and trapped in this lower density. The tendency to experience more interference on our path to derail our mission, forces us to learn more quickly the necessity to maintain clear and pristine energies through spiritual housekeeping. However, the capacity of dark forces to circumvent the Law of Cause and Effect to their advantage is radically changing now, which is highly supportive for our group. In the new timeline shift, the people feeding the lower mental body constructs are receiving rapid repercussion from the Law, while those awakening people that are working to open their heart and be loving, are reaping the positive energetic rewards much more quickly.
AI Systems Bypass Natural Laws
Planetary gridworkers understand the 3D reality was rigged, through the insertion of the holographic inserts, implants, mind control and artificial timelines used for the Controller agendas. In the previous cycles, the groups of people actively feeding the NAA artificial timelines, implants and dark entities, were massively rewarded with power and resources.  These groups were effectively taking shortcuts with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Taking shortcuts means they were stealing the consciousness energy of other people through alien machinery and AI technology. They were inserting false holograms to create the causality for their desired effects in the timelines, and then reaping the rewards of others hard work and consciousness energy. They did not generate this consciousness-energy themselves. They either stole it from other people or it was given to them from higher ups. This included stealing through blood sacrifice, wars and astral binding.   They were rewarded as long as they adhered to the NAA plan to carry out the Controller agenda.
Some people do not know that consciousness energy exists, so are not aware of the extent to which these dark forces exist. So human parasitism has been able to thrive on the earth plane. Simultaneously, the ascending people that are working for planetary consciousness freedom from the AI technology are getting psychically attacked. They are encountering obstacles of interference and getting heaped with the karmic loads, which these Controller groups were generating as a waste product. Artificial intelligence and Satanic forces generate a tremendous amount of toxic waste product. This pollution damages and infects the consciousness-energetic matrix of a structure. This collective karmic exhaust is returned back to the individual people of the earth, in order for them to work it off, when it was not exactly being generated by them.  AI systems are used to bypass the natural Laws of consciousness, and this is one method for creating consciousness slaves on the earth. Those chosen to be the slaves are used to energetically process all of the collective waste product, while they lose their privileges of accessing consciousness, as it is being stolen from them. The Masters use the collective energy to maintain their power and rank, while they generate even more polluted waste by setting up anti-life systems that operate in reverse to natural forces, while accusing the slaves of being nothing more than imbecils and eaters of resources.
The Law of Cause and Effect in a natural consciousness system, without AI mind control, works in alignment with the consciousness energies of each person, so that our own deeds and actions bring our own results. In the previous cycles this was not happening in many cases in the shorter term, because of the abuses of technology, and the AI machinery intended to create slavery. This alien technology being targeted to awakening people, made it much harder for those who truly wanted to support humanitarian freedom. In the previous time cycle, we’ve had to work much harder to get past the enslavement system, because the lower dimensional fields on the earth are rigged with many varieties of AI technology.
Most of humanity is not aware enough to discern the energetic signature of AI, or sense the difference between artificial intelligence that operates in reverse to the natural laws, and the organic state of consciousness architecture that operates in harmony with natural laws. The regressive entities and much of humanity continually defy the Laws of Nature, which manifests as grotesque, defective and diseased creations in the earth body. However, this shift in the planetary architecture is beginning to change now, as the natural laws are being reinstated on the earth, via Guardian Hosting, which means accountability is made for every action at the end of the time cycle. No one ultimately gets away with anything it is just a matter of time.
Laws on Earth are Changing Now
To be in alignment with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, and to have the Law work to return an abundance of positive and loving energy to us, comes with an important caveat. We must be governed from our heart based qualities, and be willing to discover true compassion and empathy for everyone, digging deep into our heart in even the darkest moments. Practicing loving kindness and forgiveness in every moment possible. Every decision we make, every direction we take, must be based upon our heart based feelings of higher spiritual guidance, and in alignment to the service of the Universal Laws. When we are in harmony with the Laws, we are in harmony with creation, and our life takes on greater ease, grace, comfort and fulfillment in ways not thought possible. The way we make decisions in the outer world has changed forever as our spiritually initiated heart is aligning with the Laws of God. This divine source connection is what protects our aura from enduring the types of intensely concentrated dark interference that some of us have endured in the 3D timelines.  We may continue to bear the gaslighting methods that are used by the dark forces to assassinate our moral and spiritual character, but the truth will always reveal itself and be made known over time. Dark forces and people that are dark portals are predictable as bullies, victimizers and control freaks that manipulate. They seek to use intimidation, deception and manipulation, through fear based false narratives in order to maintain control over reality because that’s the only trick they have left.
If we persist in needing to use control or manipulation methods in our daily life, we will experience the Cause and Effect backlash, or the karmic return of mental bondage to the old destructive patterns of egoic behavior. This is confusing for many people on the earth receiving the Cause and Effect backlash now, because they are being returned to the energy that they have repeatedly created with their false identity, in the planetary field. The more a person has deliberately deceived others, the more energies of self-deception and confusion they will face in the external. The methods that used to work very well for them in the material world, when they were rewarded with lots of money or power, are not working for them anymore in the new timeline. They do not realize the Laws in this reality are changing to be based on the forces of love, therefore the beliefs, behaviors and actions must become more transparent and honest to accommodate this change. The backlash of receiving negative energy that a person has sent out into the field is happening with greater intensity and quicker timing. Dark entities jump on that negative energy as its generated and amplify it into the collective fields, as large as they can. This intensifies the impact of the negative energy, which can be seen as the manifested forces of chaos, confusion and insanity, as it is being returned to its causality in the collective field. From the collective field, those people resonating with those negative forces become individual conduits or vessels of chaotic expression. Because they do not know what to do with the incredible amount of negativity building up inside of them, they are confused, lost and acting out in self-destructive ways.
It is imperative that the Law is understood, that every Cause has an Effect, every Effect has its Cause, and there is no such thing as random luck or chance. We all have to go deeply within our heart to study our real authentic self, to figure out the causality links in our spiritual purpose, by understanding the lessons we must master in life. To find the deeper causality of our incarnation on the earth at this time, we begin by looking at the patterns that repeatedly show up as lessons. If we look at the causal patterns present in our life since birth, we will see the arc of their effects threaded throughout our personal timeline. These point us towards the lessons we must master in adulthood to go beyond the pain and obstacles that we have experienced, which lead us to graduate into higher competencies that ultimately help us to achieve energetic balance and consciousness freedom.  Everything we experience in life, has jewels of strengthening virtue hidden within it, to teach us to become better and stronger people, so that we can gradually learn how to conquer all of our fears and conflicts. These are principles of self-mastery, inherent in the process of spiritual initiation, which is achieved over time by learning lessons and developing virtues to gain higher spiritual wisdom. No matter what is happening in the outer world, we must come into harmony and peace inside ourselves, so that we can live within the same quality of harmony and peace with the world, even when the external is extremely discordant and chaotic.
Causality is a Universal principle that everything has a cause. It is the active relationship that exists between Cause and Effect and it is the relationship of bringing new creation, new life, and manifesting something that turns possibilities into actualities. Causality is the continual link made between all of the Cause and Effect connections that are made throughout time, the chain of causal connections that have no beginning or end. The consequences of effects that are made from this infinite causal chain of connection simultaneously ripple forwards and backwards in time. When our consciousness connects with the many causes, which had created the ripple of effects over time, at the point of energetic association, this may modify, transform, or intensify the forces, which interact with all of those same effects in time. We have a unique opportunity, during the bifurcation, to influence these causal chains.
During the journey of spiritual ascension, we are designed to grow towards increasing our self-awareness. All of these connections that we have made through the stations of identity that exist in time, these accumulative experiences manifest into links of association that become remembered, thus, witnessed and increasingly self-realized. The continual progression of gaining deeper self-realization of our consciousness experiences, bringing consciousness to unconsciousness, is what allows us to embody more of our higher consciousness intelligence in the physical world. Spiritual links of association that we reconnect with, in order to remember throughout time, are experienced as energetic animation, the direct cognition of sensory experiences that exist beyond the five senses. This is the course through which we gain deeper cellular knowing that reveals information about our true selves. The process of synthesizing our consciousness experiences with the alchemy of forces, that are created from the cause and effect chain, is relative to the current self-awareness and potentials that exist in the emerging consciousness within that person, place or object.
All of these combined interactions that are the result of the continual Cause and Effect chain, engender shifts and transformations in the consciousness state and in the forward direction of a person, place or object. For many on the earth, the combinations of the Cause and Effect chains remained static and unmoving, from excessive negative energy blockages. However, when the result of these many interactions induce effects that manifest significant changes, which alter or shift timelines for that person, place or object, the point in time where the consciousness shift occurred is called a Trigger Event. Trigger Events can be positive or negative in their effects throughout time. If we return to observe a Trigger Event in a personal or planetary timeline, whether in the past, present or future, we can potentially alter or change the causality, and its ripple effects that contribute to the series of interactions and forces that were energetically connected to manifest effects into events.
Everywhere in the world when there is an event that occurs, there is a specific energetic relationship to the many consequences of effects that were also caused by preceding events, which have transpired throughout time in order to manifest that event in the future. And that event is also connected to the collective causality, which is the state of consciousness conditions that exists within the people, place or object, at that point in time. All of these causes, effects and conditions interact in some way with those same energies in order to actualize that specific event. Causality in one timeline that may have consequential effects in the future, is blending with higher consciousness and forces of interaction that are connected with that same causality, in many other simultaneously occurring timelines. This is changing the conditions involved in the infinite chain of cause and effect throughout time.
We could visualize causality as operating more linearly in the conditions that existed in the previous 3D time cycle, a chain of preceding events that are building up consequential effects for the future. Currently, causality is evolving into a purely spherical system that is connecting into the chain of causality that exists in past, present or future, and all the way back to the source. During the Ascension the earth experiences multidimensional blending throughout simultaneous timelines, which act to merge with the series of chains of causal events and their effects throughout the Universal cycle. These combined energies integrate in order to change conditions that reach the full completion of the previous consciousness time cycles, whether we want to participate or not. It helps to remember that the state of consciousness experienced is also relative to the same conditions that exist in the time cycle experienced. The planet is coming to the end of the 3D consciousness time cycle, so this fact will shift our consciousness to perceive something else. If we are severely energetically imbalanced or refuse to adapt, we can self-destruct from pain, if we persist in the old ways. Now we have the opportunity to complete old time cycles and not have to repeat them, by returning to the links of causality that are relative to the changing conditions produced by the multidimensional blending. As the multidimensional blending is occurring while our body is in the lower density fields, we are able to spiritually link and connect with our infinite source consciousness. This completion of time cycles is occurring now as we are able to retrieve the most ancient and eternal aspects of our being, by linking with its chain of causality in and out of time, all the way back to God Source.
If we consider how the Law of Cause and Effect is impacting our consciousness, we will want to become more responsible for our thoughts and behaviors, in order to be aware of what quality of entity is the cause, and what quality of entity can be an effect. When we shift our consciousness state to pay attention to this causal chain of interaction that plays out in between the forces existing in our world, with our clear intention and witnessing, we can change the quality of impact these forces have through understanding how this Universal Law is operating in our lives. This is responsible co-creation with the world of forces and the God Source. Our ability to consciously choose between the different possible courses of action, moment to moment, is how we practice the principles of self-determination, which is required to develop the spiritual maturity that embodies as real spiritual sovereignty. This will lead us to take responsibility for everything that happens in our life, because we know how the Law operates, even when the matrix of reality is being controlled with harmful agendas that are impacting the mass consciousness.
Self-Responsibility as Child Abused Adults
All human beings are responsible for their thoughts, deeds, actions and behaviors, in all conditions of which they are exposed. All of these are direct choices that are made by each person in the moment that will have direct consequences that impact them. We must remember that at some point, we chose to come to the earth to experience and observe the control matrix, phantom spaces and deception that has happened here. We came with specific spiritual missions to help heal that negativity in the earth through our higher consciousness body. For that, we must take responsibility for the purpose that we are incarnated on the earth, no matter how difficult the outer world may appear to be. There are profound reasons for being incarnated during the Ascension Cycle, and we must find greater acceptance for this fact, so as Adults, we can accept full responsibility for being here. Taking responsibility for our life situation and removing blame, correctly aligns us to the Law of Cause and Effect, so the Law will be able to work more positively for the results of healing and actualization of spiritual purpose.   
This can be very difficult to accept when we are unable to understand the direct causality related to child abuse, and the trauma inflicted during childhood, that emotionally and spiritually stunts many people into adulthood. In our community, we are aware that this is the Archontic Deception Strategy that is carried out specifically to abuse the children of the earth. Many adults on the earth today have experienced childhood trauma and childhood abuse that results in shutting down their heart and oppresses their emotional and spiritual growth. This is designed to impair and damage their emotional competency and self-esteem in life. As challenging as it may be to progress beyond this childhood pain, it is imperative that the adult take actions of Self-Responsibility in order to free themselves from the bondage of continuing to carry that pain.
To begin to free ourselves we must open our heart and be vulnerable in order to really look at our hurt feelings and process those emotions. The more we hold back expressing emotional hurts, the more this festers as internal conflicts, that build up tensions and energetic blockages in our pain body. Many times taking the action of self-responsibility to process and forgive painful emotions will dissolve the energetic link that the child had bonded with their False Parent, during the abuse cycle that they had suffered from in the past. These energetic links can form into attachments that feed into destructive energies such as; co-dependence, addictions, and a variety of self-abuses that attract dark entities.  We can make this choice at any time to forgive our past, forgive others, and forgive ourselves from the abuse that we have suffered, which dissolves the destructive links and negative attachments.
The False Parent is the main Victimizer Archetype that is used to create pain and trauma in the child, when that child is totally dependent upon that adult person. When abuse is suffered in childhood, destructive attachments and negative bonds are formed within that child that carry into adulthood, if they are not cleared. To free the body, mind, emotions and spirit from the bondage of trauma induced by parents or others when we were children, we must take responsibility to learn how to love ourselves and unconditionally forgive what has happened to us. This action dissolves the causality and the consequential effects, as well as later entanglements that this pain has created throughout the child’s timeline, all the way into adulthood. Unhealed childhood trauma and pain is commonly carried over into our adult intimate relationships, infecting them with pain and leading into unhealthy and destructive relationships. When we are able to unconditionally forgive the situation and love ourselves, we learn that what happened to us as a child, had nothing to do with our real self. We shift our thinking to reflecting upon what lessons we have learned, and what strengths we can take away from that experience. We must shift our concept of the Parent that exists on the external, to become the Parent that exists in the internal self, and know that we are the true spiritual parent for ourselves. Our self-worth is not relative to how our biological family or adopted parents treated us as children.
When we change the way we perceive our negative experiences, we are able to own our own emotional conflicts without blame, guilt or projection upon another person, by needing to make it their fault. The set up on earth is to disempower people into always thinking that their misery is someone else’s fault, so that they are always in a state of blaming something else outside of themselves. This creates powerlessness and cycles of victimization that trap the person into compliance with the enslavement programs. Do not assume that you know anything about that person that can be judged for what you cannot see or really know, as you have not walked in their shoes. Many people on this earth live with a broken heart, experiencing a large amount of isolation, misery and fear throughout their life. Chances are you had a parent or other people that acted these feelings out on you.
When feeling emotionally upset, we can restore balance to our heart and aura, by lovingly holding our personal boundaries, without violating others boundaries, by expecting them to resolve our emotional conflicts. This requires that we are willing to be open to learn what the real issue of conflict or pain is, and why it is there. The source of pain will reveal itself in your unchecked behaviors, blaming others or in unconscious reactions. Most of the time what you think is causing your pain, by judging it from what you see on the surface, is not really what is causing the pain you are feeling. It is much deeper than that. By going deeper and reflecting on unconditional forgiveness of yourself and others and allowing the time required to heal, helps to neutralize the inner conflict. Learning how to become responsible in recognizing when we need to process emotions and hurt feelings is a major step, in productive negative ego clearing and spiritual maturity. When we have been severely abused as children, we grow up into adults that have very little reserves of unconditional love for ourselves. As we develop into our own spiritual parent, it will be up to us to grow as much unconditional love reserves as possible, to help restore the depletion of love that this abuse has created in our heart.  This is why having a direct relationship with the God source in our life is so important. It is the most pure source of unconditional love we will ever experience.
Our Actions bring our Results
Whatever quality of energies that we prepare our body to be resonant with or express as a spiritual conduit, whether it is positive forces or negative forces, is what we allow ourselves to be in consent with. We all want to understand the difference between positive and negative forces, so that we can determine the positive and negative effects that these forces will return, when they manifest in our life. If we do not understand the causality of effects that happen in our life, and if we cannot determine the difference between positive or negative forces when they are acting in our life, we become very confused and unhappy.
  • Positive actions bring positive results.
  • Negative actions bring negative results.
  • Our actions bring our own results.
A positive cause will reap a positive outcome. This may not be visible in a specific event, especially if you are trying to control the outcome toward something that you have labeled as positive. It is not up to us to decide the outcome of events by intentionally manipulating to get what we think we want, because that interferes with synchronicity of the Law. Interference attracts more interference. Getting what we think we want to make us happy is not always positive. Many times this can bring negative results. We must learn to use our heart and feel into it first. The goal is to know that the more positive deeds and actions we generate, the more positive effects we will accumulate, to bring more positive results in our life. Positive results are not purely materialistic objects, but the heart source inside of things that truly bring us happiness, peace and fulfillment. If we choose to be in consent with positive forces, and we want to multiply them in our life, we understand that our positive deeds and actions will create more positive forces, and this causes the ripple of positive effects that will return good results back to us.
A negative cause will reap a negative outcome. If we dwell in the negative forces, and if we carry out negative actions, this generates more negative results in our life. Negative effects that seem to be repeatedly occurring are coming from negative causes. If this is occurring, our job will be to really study our behaviors and actions to be able to determine what negative forces or negative causes are contributing to the problem, so we can clear them out. The biggest problem with negative forces is that most people have been conditioned to think negative forces are actually positive forces, so they are very confused about how these forces actually impact them. Sometimes people are doing harmful things to themselves that make them feel good or comfortable in some way, such as refusing to face the unpleasant truth, or taking recreational drugs to get high. Refusing to face the truth in situations contributes to self-deception, and deception is a negative force in our life that generates negative results. Getting high on drugs is not a positive force, no matter how it makes us feel, it is a negative force. The more the negative force is thought of as a positive force, the person is getting more negative results in their life, but is confused as to why this is happening. The negative forces on this earth are imposters, and they represent themselves as positive forces, when they are not. These forces deceive people into believing that they are something that they are not. This is why learning how dark forces work to spread negative forces in the world, is very helpful in discerning the difference between positive forces and negative forces. Most people do not want to have a series of negative results that are repeatedly coming from negative causes in their life. But until they understand that negative forces have negative effects on our entire human being, they are stuck in the painful cycle of yielding negative results. 
Our actions bring our own results. On planet earth to keep people in the negative cycle, they are taught to blame other people for their misfortune and unhappiness. When people suffer negative results, they immediately blame other people. This is wrong thinking that leads to disempowering beliefs and only creates more personal suffering and unhappiness from more negative results. We must change our thinking to accept that our actions bring our own results, and that other people’s actions are not responsible for the effects or conditions that we experience in life. This does not mean that we should accept blame for other people abusing or mistreating us. It means we always start with taking responsibility for our own actions first, and then focusing on what we can do to generate as much positive energy in our life, no matter what the conditions. 
We may see what is happening in the collective, but we do not allow the collective programs to infect us with wrong thinking, that will bring us more suffering and negative results. We must study our life to truly understand that we cannot compare our life to any other person. We all have specific spiritual lessons and tasks, and we reap only what we have made the effort to plant, in the conditions we have. If we want to change the conditions we are in, we must plant the seed of change that we want to grow. If you do not know exactly what the seed is that you need to plant, you ask God to do it on your behalf. Then continue to generate as many positive actions for yourself and others, and follow the higher guidance coming from your heart and trust it is leading you to yield more positive results in the future.
Law of Intent and Consent
Whatever kind of force we are in consent with, whether we know this or not, is the quality of energy that our body and Consciousness is subjected to in Universal Law. The quality of spiritual force will have corresponding dimensional laws, which govern the actions of that quality of that spirit. Negative forces are in the lower dimensions and create servitude and bondage to time, while positive forces of the Spirits of Christ are in the highest dimensions and create sovereignty and freedom for the Soul and Spirit.
What we think with our intent will be in consent with the frequency match of the forces that we generate, and the force we create with is our Authority in the structure that we are building.
What we build in the Law of Structure is what we have created with accumulated or combined forces. This creation, whether perceived as intangible or tangible, will have an energetic Cause and Effect upon our body, mind, consciousness and all of our life experiences.
When one has the knowledge of the Law of Intent, they naturally develop their consent with whatever energy, force or structure they are interacting with or co-creating with. That force of energy, whether positive or negative, is used to create a structure, and that will determine the Authority with which that structure has been built. As long as that structure has been built with that same Intent, Consent and Authority, it will remain as the Governor of that structure.
This lack of knowledge is the most common reason why an individual that has unknowingly co-created with the negative causes, that are the Imposter Spirit forces, becomes increasingly entangled with these negative forces, creating more negative results from Law of Cause and Effect. Many people cannot discern negative forces and the levels of deception carried out by the Imposter Spirits.  This is a loophole created from the Alien Machinery and its inorganic AI architecture that has manipulated human beings to co-create with these negative forces, in order to grow and spread their negative effects on the earth plane and in other dimensions.
Uncleared Conflicts create Mental Anxiety
The lower particle fields in the third dimension are rolling up into higher dimensional spaces, and are ceasing to exist in the same way that they were. The contents that were in these lower particle fields include the collective unconscious mind and pain body of all of humanity. All of this content of unconsciousness and pain is coming to the surface of the earth to be made visible, and people do not know what to do with the painful content when they are feeling it, or when it is pushing to be expressed through their body. This shift is unseen in the visible light spectrum, and although many people cannot see the dimensions rolling up, they can feel it happening. When people cannot see something occurring externally, they can still feel it occurring internally. If there are no words or context to describe the feeling, and no one else is talking about it, this unknown feeling can bring anxiety, doubts and fears. If this accumulated anxiety is not addressed, it builds momentum and the unprocessed content can be emotionally or physically explosive. In the extreme, we can see many lost and confused males under 30 acting out the unconscious rage surfacing from these lower particle fields. They are used by dark forces to magnify the victimizer programs through inflicting pain and hurt on many more people near them.
Many people can feel that the energetic root in the third dimensional foundation of the earth field has shifted, which lends to sensations of great anxiety, tension and stress. This is the feeling of having no secure foundation or safety, as if the floor and walls are crumbling away. When the foundation of our third dimensional identity is crumbling, the consciousness of the body feels anxiety and stress, through the confusion of not comprehending what is actually occurring.  The earth is entering an amplified state of multidimensional bleed-through, as many other realities are spilling into this reality, and the accumulated energies, entities and experiences are very confusing for many. People do not know how to process what they are feeling, what they are experiencing, and how to give it proper context, from all the lies and deceptions they have been told about the nature of reality. As a result we see the outward manifestation of constant mental anxiety and exhibiting imbalanced to extreme negative behaviors. These are the uncleared mental and emotional conflicts, which exist inside that person, which can further create fragmentation and attachments.
Sadly, this is resulting in the extreme mental and emotional imbalances that are manifesting outwardly in many of the earth population, who are being suppressed from accessing multidimensional consciousness anatomy, as well as Ascension knowledge.  People that are unprepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to comprehend the impact of these Ascension changes made upon our body, are subjected to excessive sensations of emotional tension and mental anxiety. Unfortunately, the suppression of consciousness information has been made successful by labeling multidimensional consciousness experiences as psychological or emotional diseases. Nonetheless, with nonjudgment and unconditional love, it is imperative to address unresolved conflicts that create anxiety in our mind, emotions and body, and apply clearing and healing tools to remove discord, and replace these negative feelings with neutrality and inner harmony. With some basic energetic context and proper meditation tools, this can be accomplished. When personal effort toward healing or improvement is made, it does not matter what kind of belief system that person has.
Dissolving the 3D Personality
The incarnated station of our identity that was our personality matrix, the aspect that was enmeshed with the lower three dimensional frequencies, is also dissolving. What this equates to is the dissolution of our personality matrix or station of identity that was located in the lower three dimensions, and moving that aspect of our identity into the higher frequency bands of our soul matrix or higher station of identity. What happens to the people on the earth who believe that they are only their personality identity, when it begins to dissolve? We can see the effects of that consciousness shift now in the global scape. The range of experience for some people is from sensations of great anxiety, stress, and mental confusion all the way to the descent into madness and insane behaviors.  Most people are not aware they are losing coherence, and are unaware of the causality of what is actually influencing the way they think and behave.
The lower dimensional contents that exist in the planetary collective consciousness fields are undergoing massive reconfiguration in multiple ways. This energetic change in the 3D reality has reached critical mass, which means it is greatly impacting all people of the earth. Whether asleep or awake, the self-mastery that has been either lost or gained is measured in how you personally deal with stress and chaos. No person on this earth is exempt from the exposure to the massive fields of chaos, confusion and darkness that exist in the collective mind of humanity. During this time, our inner energetic integrity is tested in order to hold neutrality, while facing the great forces of chaos. This is being tested in every person, just from the mere fact of being on the earth at this time.  How well are we able to adapt to change and hold neutrality in every kind of stressful situation? We have to measure our competency level now.
If we are not doing well with adaptability, flexibility and neutrality in our life situation, we must make adjustments to gain strength with this skill set. This is the time to take stock of how well we are coping with the madness of the earth, as the collective mind of humanity travels the Dark Night of the Soul. What does this take and what is being asked of us? All people must take responsibility for the quality of their thoughts, behaviors, actions, as all consciousness that is created has a direct cause and effect. 
Since 2009, we have consistently emphasized the necessity of moving out of the 3D consciousness fields, and from feeding those energies, by identifying and clearing the three layers of the negative ego that are run in the lower dimensional fields. The clearing of negative ego is mandatory in order to adapt to the shifting timelines, and to maintain coherence and sanity. It is imperative to address unresolved conflicts that create anxiety in our mind, emotions and body, and apply clearing and healing tools that replace our previous ways of thinking with neutrality, love and peace.
Grail Point and Stargate System
Planet Earth has a Krystal Body anatomy that holds many energetic constructs, which form into Chakras, Axiatonal Lines, Ley Lines and the many energy vortices that make up the layers of the entire Planetary Auric Body. The fact this planet was originally created from the Diamond Sun architecture, reveals the true creator of this planet and the progenitor of the human species. This remains the truth no matter what extraterrestrial race has planted its flag on the earth surface, claiming the earth as their territory. Starseed gridworkers may sense and work with many of these holographic constructs in the earth grid, which form the basis of understanding the energetic architecture of the earth consciousness body, and how this structure creates the many realities and time fields. The many dimensional layers in the earth’s auric body are the container for entire collective consciousness on planet. These structures hold the content of all of the consciousness that manifest into the many different kingdoms and species that exist on the earth. They hold the point of origination for all of the collective consciousness energy that was originally seeded onto the planet, and entered the material realm from the Grail point. The Grail point is located within the planet’s second dimensional Stargates, with its primary access being within Temple Mount. 
The Planetary Chakra system, also called Stargates, acts to step down the higher energies transmitting from the Source field into the Sun, which is then directed into the many Stargates. The Stargates transmit an energetic spectrum of frequencies, moving from the higher to lower dimensions, in order to reach the matter fields and circulate them throughout the planetary grid network. Stargates create spirals of these energies, which are designed on a frequency scale to circulate the God Source energy into reciprocal exchanges with multiple dimensions of creation. The frequency scale of the spirals of energy feed into the manifested realms of space and time, returning back into the center point of the feedback loop, thus, returning to unite with the God Source field. The Planetary Stargate that receives the transmission of the Source field for distribution into the rest of the planetary grid system, is the Grail Point or Grual Point. As many of us may be sensing, the transmission of the intergalactic plasma waves from the Source field into the Grail point and the Planetary Stargates, is greatly accelerating now.
This intensifies higher sensory experiences of multidimensional bleed through, lifting the veil between dimensions, thus, more people are sensing an array of dark and light entities, sensing people that have passed their physical body, but are still existing in other dimensions on the earth plane. Moving forward, more people will have experiences with passed on relatives, people existing in other dimensions, seeing a variety of spiritual entities, orbs, elementals, etc. The intensity of the current shift amplifies an array of multidimensional experiences, and we are the experiencers in the changing of the guard to help the masses know that this is a natural result of Planetary Ascension. We must normalize multidimensional experiences as a healthy perception of reality in a humane society.
The planet’s lowest density dimensional frequency bands and their energy vortices are gradually rolling up and dissolving into the Grail point. As the energetic contents that had existed in the lower three dimensions changes its location and frequency level, it is reconfigured or it is processing through the Grail point. The Grail point in our personal body resonates with the sexual organs and sacral areas, and it holds the unprocessed content of our pain body. Therefore we must address this pain body, in all ways to find unconditional love, healing and forgiveness for the contents of the pain that was recorded there. This is similar to saying this cycle constitutes the separation of the wheat from the chaff, as the debris or lower energetic constructs in our pain body and unconscious mind are being dissolved, then harmonized, and what remains is shifting with us into the next Harmonic Universe.
If we are flexible and cooperate with the Ascension process, we can experience a massive pain body healing and release of bondage from pain. This changes previous trigger events based on pain that had been recorded throughout our personal and planetary timelines. This has a chain reaction that changes the relationships between Cause and Effect, meaning the causes held in the lower dimensions can be dissolved, and no longer have an effect in future timelines.  
Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.
I am God, Sovereign, Free!
Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!
With a Loving heart, Lisa

August 21, 2016

Wide Awake in Dreamland

Above is a photo of a light particle which how holograms are created. Below is the templar cross. "As above so below" They KNEW exactly what the sign stood for. This is how I SEE IT. Jesus is the SUN of the FATHER which is the LIGHT of the WORLD. The external world is the excretion disc from the inner I/EYE. To get to the inner kingdom you need to leave CAINES ASS Dorothy, You need heart, courage and brains to follow the golden spiral path into the HEART of the tornado or black hole (MOTHER) at the center of the disc. If you are one with the creator you are not creating with lower ego but through LOVE. The codes were written into each of us through the SUN of the creator. That is how Christ is returning in the clouds of our minds. Not as a man in a space ship cool as they may sound.

 The external world is a hologram of light that has been hijacked by the REPTILIAN BRAIN. The world is structured like an EYE of RA and dreams come from the Father. We are ONE with the Mother and Father of Creation. We are ONE with the Dreamer. The Dreamer is finally waking up. I am wide awake in dreamland. Won't you join me?

July 21, 2016

Transforming America Without Fear or Violence

People that support war and gun power while claiming to be Christians do not seem to get the real message of Jesus. To conquer death you only have to die. This does not mean go kill yourself. It means do not fear death. You will never stop violence with violence. If you kill someone before they kill you guess what? You will die as well somehow, some way and YOU will have to deal with the energy of violence in some way. Death does not stop chaotic energy patterns. Consciousness does.

Our ability to be in a state of flow and peace in the face of adversity and even horror is our great human gift. Here is wisdom and where it gets very tricky. The ZEN of the matter is that killing is both right and wrong depending on how we see it and the circumstances so there is no point in arguing over whether killing is right or wrong. The main issue is to understand fighting for peace by killing others is impossible to achieve and flawed thinking.  It is an oxy moron and so are people that think that way; morons. If you are driven by fear, any martial artist will tell you that you will fail and you are in danger of harming innocent people. Pretending some must be sacrificed is a self deception. The Ego has all kinds of mind games to keep it winning.A suicide bomber condemns him or herself to suffering because consciousness is not destroyed in death. And the energy of that event lingers. To kill in hate or even through mind controlled states leaves the assailant in a state of chaos that is hard to escape as it will repeat over and over as a frequency that has been looped or SINe waved into eternal dissonance. That is what sin is really about. It is a wave that is out of SYNc. We are all sinners because we are all sine waves that have fallen out of Sync with the mother  wave. Our salvation is in maintaining a harmonic resonance for the sake of others, the planetary environment and at the moment of death we are free from this fallen world. Some believe the earth is going to lift all of us up into a higher frequency that is void of pain and suffering. I hope so but until then we all have to work at it and there are no guarantees or promises that we will not suffer in this lifetime because suffering is caused by our own inability to stop the mind from grasping at what does not exist.

The reason we should choose compassion should have nothing to do with what is right or wrong but because it FEELS better and has better effects than the alternative. This overrides religious debates and wars. We all know the biblical God or gods lacked compassion often and encouraged killing and war and even had no problem wiping out mankind. If it is about PEACE then we must break the cycle of suffering and violence by mastering our emotions and thoughts and actions. That does not mean being a robot. It means not allowing emotions to rule higher conscious thinking and actions. If there is a bad child that is destroying things in the neighborhood or even killing people you do not bomb him and take out innocent people. You do not machine gun him to death. There are other ways of addressing mental illness. And that is what all of the violence is about, mental illness. Animals attack out of fear or hunger. HUmans have the higher thinking to restrain themselves and THINK through their predicament. Are we HUMAN's or beasts? Which is it?
 In order to heal the mental illness around the world it requires a great deal of effort and patience not weapons and fear mongering. Soldiers should be transformed into teachers and healers that are physically prepared to defend themselves and others without the need for bombing an entire country. A martial artist learns to redirect his opponent with gentle touch and to outwit him with a sharp mind. When I look at American culture today and compare it to the Asian cultures I see that Americans are still very young and have a long way to go in maturing as a nation. It all starts at the roots as ancient wisdom dictates. Do we want to teach our children to be armed and afraid and build walls? Or do we want to see them as  wise, physical and  mental freaking NINJAs that believe compassion and discipline are the key to a brighter future?

July 19, 2016

For Our Next Trick/ An Orangutan and a Woman

YOU MUST UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA NOW. This is not about who the people vote for. THE ELITE RULERS do not care about your vote. Votes are easily manipulated as we have seen. I feel that I am correct in my belief that most of the country is wise enough to know Bernie Sanders is the most competent of the choices for presidency. But also we know that the game is rigged and it always has been. I mean come on this is so far beyond a conspiracy theory at this point. We just have the eyes to see what is going on finally.

The elite rulers created the Federal Reserve which morphed into NATO and the American military is owned by them. Don't believe me. Just do the research yourself. Put the pieces together. There is a concerted effort to use average people to make tons of money and hoard resources. They control every aspect of America the Corporation. These are facts. But people will sit there and still actually play into this illusion that we have CHOSEN these two current candidates for president, an orangutan or a woman, yeah just "a woman" because that is really all she has going for her if you know her history. Their candidacy was paid for by corporations. She is an elitist pretending to be a Democrat because the Democratic Party was moved so far over to the right that her Republican views appear left up against far right Republicans. And a true Socialist Democrat like Sanders is actually where Democrats were years ago. Even Trump's campaign was paid for by his own corporation. But he claims he is paying for it himself. He didn't pay for it his corporations did and then he will pay himself back.

If you want to be part of the creation of a new paradigm where we do not rush off to bomb terrorists out of fear and say oh well so what if we kill millions of innocent people, or part of a world that likes to build walls to keep out the undesirables then it is time to revolt and say no more to this absurd display they are pretending is a real political "election". It is not. We are being played.  The question is who is going to allow it and who is not? I predict and even hope we will not see another president in America but a new kind of government based upon compassion and not fear. Something is going down in a big way and for better or worse nothing will be the same. 

July 11, 2016

Saturn's Influence on the Moon Matrix: How to Exit the Matrix

By Michelle Walling, CHLC
The matrix is tied to the moon which is tied to Saturn, or in astrotheology, “Satan”. The purpose of the matrix is to keep humans tuned into a specific frequency which keeps us tied into the illusion in order to allow for energy vampirism. The matrix is a holographic projection that emits from Saturn and is assisted by the satellite we call the moon.
Our reptilian brain was engineered to keep us tuned into the Saturn moon matrix hologram. The matrix is projected from Saturn and is tied into the moon as a reflection and continuous regenerator of the matrix experience. Look at the picture in this video to get a better visual of the matrix:

Everything and everyone gets their energy from the sun. We have been told to not look at the sun and we have also been told to stay out of the sun when the sun is high in the sky. We are energy generators- taking in the energy from the organic yellow sun and giving it to the black sun- Saturn. We take in the sun’s energy through our eyes and through the food that we eat. We are barely being kept alive by the fake food that has become a part of our world.
Everything we have been taught is a lie. Our whole existence is a video game within a cube where we are recycled time and time again through the reincarnation process which probably occurs on the moon. David Icke explains more about this in this video:

We must exit the same way we came into this reality. The heart is the first thing that brings life to the fetus in the womb. The heart is a wormhole that leads to the singularity of our creation. As things seem to continue to get worse on the planet within the hologram, going within the heart and living your life in love and gratitude will begin to change your reality.
We have been cubed- a circle inside of a square cage- or the earth is inside of the cube hologram from Saturn. We can be seen from each dimension but we cannot see into other dimensions. The dimensions are just different levels in the cage. We have been programmed to close our hearts with fear and only those who bust down these walls within the heart will exit the matrix.
“The moon is the foreign satellite that guards the interests of the gods of the underworld”~ The Golden Web Series, Part 3, 1:13:23
Selfless acts of kindness and love for each other will be the key in dissolving the matrix. It really isn’t that difficult to love unless you have never done it before. Lust, neediness, and longing has been the fake reality of love that has been shown to most people through television.
Busting the heart wide open for clearing is one of the hardest things to do because of our programming. Once you face yourself and your emotions, the clearing that can take place will open up new doors in your life for you to begin to see through the veil that is blocking the truth about our existence. When you look around and see the monotonous zombies, be reminded that this is a plan playing out on a stage and you are in the play. You signed a contract under duress to be here and now that you see the truth, you are able to make a different choice.
More and more people are waking up to this choice every day. It is a choice to be free of this video game- the hologram that recycles us over and over in a web of deceit. We are going to re-program this video game and this starts with awareness. If you end up crossing over before we accomplish this, do not go into the tunnel with the bright light. Instead, “click your heels” and think of home, and that is where you will go. You can always come back to Earth and hang out anytime, but going home will give you the recharge and knowledge you need to be able to make informed decisions about what to do next.
We need to stay in our bodies as long as we can to help the collective wake up. Being in a body and doing the inner work necessary to clear and open your heart will help everyone on the planet have the opportunity do the same. Raising your vibration or frequency will help you to ride the waves of energy coming from the sun a lot easier than most. The outside world is topsy-turvy; the apple cart is being upset so that people can see that there is something that needs attention. Stay centered and grounded and know that because this is an illusion and we never really die, there is no need for fear or worry, and stay informed through and

July 6, 2016

The Root Cause of Violence and the Cure

The root cause of intentional violence is mental illness caused by fear programming. We DO need gun control and programs to address mental illness but the cure for violence begins in the early stages human development. We are all programmed but there are those that believe in programming others with fear. There are those that seek to control others through mind control tactics. This desire to control others using fear has created a society of imbalanced humans that are unaware of their own authentic power.

A child that is taught early in life how to be a master of his own mind and aware of his own power cannot be manipulated and used by others to serve evil agendas. This is the entire reason for the enslavement of humanity in the first place. You cannot control people if they are empowered and fearless. Fear creates hate, anger, jealousy, greed etc. And if a child has no confidence that he or she is the master programmer of their own mind, they are easily manipulated by others. Someone with no history of violence of criminal record can easily be programmed to walk into a school and open fire. This is what controllers do. They use the weaknesses of others to serve their evil agendas. It is not a fantasy plot in a movie. This does happen and whether you believe it or not you should entertain the probability that it can happen.

The most important part of the rehabilitation of humanity is compassion. We have used social programming to keep our children in place, used fear and even violence to make them obey the laws of society. Obviously this does not work. Compassion, love, mind mastery, self discipline, encouragement will all lead to self empowerment and this should be the first things we teach our children. An empowered child cannot be programmed by anyone or anything unless they allow it. A child that is shown and feels compassion can never harm another living being. This is the power of love. It all begins with each new born child. A tree is cured at the roots not by trimming the leaves.

June 30, 2016

Vedic Cosmology-The Planes of Existence

These other worlds are accessible without some kind of craft or technology hoarded by elite corporate rulers. The Mayan oracle states that I was born under the time signature that allows me to have the power of magical flight, which is true. I have the ability to see other realities as I fly over them virtually. Anyone can do this. We have been systematically mind controlled to forget our true abilities and to see the true nature of reality. No I am not on drugs. lol Free your mind and the rest will follow. If I were God this is something I would want everyone to know. We are not supposed to be slaves and we are not supposed to suffer.

April 8, 2016

Doing Unto Others What You Will

For the anti abortionists out there:

There are cases where people discover there is a twin living inside of them. It is a living fetus that is developing but like a tumor to the twin host. It can happen to a man or a women. Would you still be so sure that you don't have the right to abort that fetus because it is considered murder? Still want someone else making decisions for you about your body. It is the very same thing. The condition of the fetus is not the issue. Obviously if it was not living there is no moral issue removing it. If it is alive and dependent upon the "mother host" for its existence then it is the same as a normal child. People can debate til the end of time over whether it is wrong to abort and terminate the life of a deformed fetus but that has nothing to do with them unless it happens to them. The debate is about the right to decide what happens to your own body. And the same conservative right groups that oppose abortion are the ones that bitch loudly about too much government interference. How is that rational? Well it isn't. It is just a case of people being afraid of not being able to control everything and everyone and a matter of imposing one's beliefs on others.

If we start making laws based upon religious beliefs then amonst every human being would be in prison. Everyone kills for their own selfish reasons because everyone eats plants and most eat other living beings. Yes it is not meat, it is a living being killed so you can enjoy a nice meal with a glass of wine.  People kill bugs and even innocent rodents because they are afraid of them. We kill trees because they block our view. Many have no problem killing murderers. The bible clearly states "Thou shall not kill". So the devoutly religious who ignore that commandment when it is convenient and enforce it when they feel self righteous are hypocrites of the worst kind. They can say that God was referring to the murder of human beings but we all know that is also hypocritical because wars were fought in the name of God for centuries.  And still the far right Americans with "I love Jesus" bumperstickers and a gun rack on the back of their truck scream death to Muslims because they are too stupid to understand that just because some terrorits are Muslims not all Muslims are terrorists. There is just as much reference to violence by the command of the Christian God in the bible as in the Quran because ego driven men wrote those documents. And that is why sane people understand that we cannot follow every letter of religious documents if we want peace, compassion and freedom. We have to use our common sense and higher thinking abilities to make good judgements.

If religious people understood that the bible contains both esoteric wisdom and idiotic laws of men from a different age they would know that discernment is crucial and our society cannot simply adopt every word of the bible or any religion as absolute law. Most of it was not meant literally in the first place. Those with the "eyes to see" understand that. The rest use religious texts to justify their own hangups, desires and fears. If you are someone that believes aborton is wrong that is your right. But it is not your right to enforce that belief on oether in the United States of America. If you want to enforece your beliefs on others join a terrorist group.

I personally am PRO QUALITY of life not just pro life for the sake of life. Pro Life is a prettier and simpler phrase than anti abortion or "I get to say what you do with your body and the body inside you". Its always easier to tell other people what is right and wrong until its you walking around with a malformed twin inside of you.