December 7, 2011

The Dimensions Are Not Luxury Apartments

In response to Channel, Brenda Hoffman's latest post about choosing which dimension makes you the most comfortable. . .

LIFE is about experience not about being comfortable. Spirit consciousness seeking to liberate sentient beings from suffering will bring comfort. But comfort is not found outside the self. EVER!

For the sake of clarity the dimensions are MIND concepts and not places. Densities are determined by the vibratory rate of energy. Everything is relative. Fourth dimension is not a state of matter it is a state of mind. Fourth density is a state of matter that is directly determined by the observer according to its relative vibratory frequency. At the center of all beings is stillness and no time. But that presence generates a time continuum that fractals and those fractals see themselves as beings and the energy around it as the dimensions (concepts of space) and densities (experience of space). The dimensions are illusions. As long as you are lucid and aware that all is illusion your consciousness will settle at zero point while the dimensions spin around you. When you focus upon something with intent your consciousness will resonate with that vibration and you will manifest that reality whether the MIND henceforth finds it comfortable or not. That is why LUCIDITY is important in every moment. All is illusion.

Beware the Bearers of False Gifts and Broken Promises

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES."~Crop Circle 2002 Alien Face Formation

In response to those that wait and count on NESARA and other promises for some future GOLDEN AGE when they think they can finally be happy because they have everything they want and need. Keep in mind please that I am not a bible thumper that throws around archaic ideas without thinking.

"But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness.' (1 Timothy 6:9-11)

Gold has to be dug out of the heart of the earth. She has to be raped in order for the ones who rape her to use her precious metal to continue holding the people of earth hostage. A financial system based on gold is a closed energy system because gold is scarce. Abundance is the opposite of a system based on scarcity? Who holds the gold? Who controls it? What will men and women do to get their hands on it? These are old problems that are not solved by a gold backed money system no matter which way they spin it and colorize it. And who controls the technologies? Who controls the planet? They do. Where is our sovereignty in all of this? How are you a free spirit when you are still depending upon something outside your self for existence? Eternal youth and abundance are material issues for the material world. Only humans that have not left their bodies or humans that have died and are stuck in delusion in the astral realm will believe there is a need for these things and for someone to provide it for them. A truly ascended being does not need worldly things. I can hear people now moaning and groaning "BUT! UH! What is wrong with everyone having technologies and all the money we need until we don't need money anymore?" It is not wrong. It is just a path that is the opposite of the path of ascension.

There will come a time when we will have to leave our material body one way or another. Til now spirits became trapped in the astral realm thinking they were still alive. Some in a hellsh existence and others just confused in a strange new world, others, Summerland. IN this "new GOLDEN AGE" frequencies will rise and technologies will be so advanced that when a person dies they will think they have gone to heaven. But they will still be on 3d earth unable to tell what is real and what is not.

Who says that Hell has to look like a nightmare? You might think you are still walking around on earth when you have actually died and you will not be able to ascend out of this matrix because you are so caught up in the illusion and addicted to sensual pleasures. It can look like a beautiful heavenly kingdom with streets of gold and beautiful music and beautiful people. You could have anything you desire. Does that mean you have no problems? No it doesn't. We know very well that a person can have everything and live in what seems like paradise and still be in mental hell because they do not know how to detach from things and people and situations; because they are not masters of consciousness. This is my message and it always has been. I hope people are beginning to wake up to this awareness. Do not be seduced by these promises. Happiness is fleeting. Material things are fleeting. We even imagined our souls into existence and when we finally fully awaken we will see once again that it is all illusion. The material world is NOT what it is all about. The kingdom is within.

When we let go of the belief that we need to have things to be happy, we instantly realize that contentment is the greatest wealth. If that is the case then we need change NOTHING and do nothing to be happy. While you are here in this body and within the consciousness field of the earth you are a pawn. You are not calling the shots down here or even in the astral realms. They were mastered long ago. All you can do is participate in them or leave them. If you participate in them you risk the chance of being sucked into delusion to the point of continuing existences in bodies of most unfortunate circumstances. Freedom and liberation is not found in your ability to master the game or things or others but your own consciousness.

Much love to you all~

November 14, 2011

Utopia is Not a Place Outside of Us

My name is Cari Eden Kindl.  Cari means to sing (I am a singer/recording artist) and Kindl is to IGNITE (the PHIRE).  According to the Mayan calendar, being born on August 2 1964, I sing the 11th tone (Yohualticitl Goddess of birth) of clarity and flowering (Birth of EDEN). I feel that this perfectly describes what I feel is my driving force in life or purpose.  It’s nice to have a purpose but not necessary.  We invent all things and then live them. And that is what life is about on a personal level and collectively.  For me however my life has always been about creating heaven on earth. What I have come to realize is something that humanity is also awakening to, hopefully, that contentment is a result of release of attachment to the very thing you desire as you focus upon it.  Utopia is not a place outside of us but within us.    
The idea of Utopia or Heaven on Earth is not an impossible feat but it is the system of operation that is important when attempting to create a world of harmony. The illusion many labor under is that a world of harmony can be created through the assigning roles of government to the most capable and managing through political systems of checks and balances. This is an archaic and failed idea. The reason it is doomed to fail is because the leaves of a tree do not seek to arrange themselves in a design that is pleasing to the eye or give them a better view of the world around them. They are pleasing to the eye because they are the result of energy flowing in a way that is most optimal for a continuum of life.  That energy is intelligent and takes care of the needs of the leaves and the plants so they do not have to worry or think about anything except being. Humans of course are far more complex creatures but it is obvious in our design that we are a paradox whereby eternal life force is overridden by the ego that seeks control.  The result is apparent in the world around us; disorder, destruction, violence without cause and insanity.  The key to creating a heavenly existence is not external manipulation.  It is found in the underlying design of every living creature.   It is the Golden Ratio.

Many are excited about the collective consciousness awakening that will lead to a disclosure of corrupt systems and deceptions and inevitably, the truth that we here on earth are not the only creatures in the universe.  There are beings communicating with many humans now through channels that they are here to assist us in creating a New World. Who they actually are is impossible to know.  How is there agenda any different from the dreaded New World Order of the Illuminati that has become so publicized lately?  It is the "good" version of the "evil" world order that many are buying into as the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM that was a REACTION controllers expect.  Illusory forces of good and evil have been used for thousands of years to control and dominate others when there is no real polarity battle other than the one we create. The polar forces are in place to hold the world together not tear it apart.  Any beings that claim to be Ascended Masters and are leading us in a battle against evil should know better.    They are clever to say the right things but are none the less diverting the attention of those rallying for freedom and transparency away from the true source of liberation, the SELF releasing from attachments to the outside world.  One can enjoy experiencing the world knowing they are not of it. The awakened soul knows that all worlds are manifestation of mind consciousness system that exists only because energy evolved into self awareness. In that sense we are not of the world we imagine into existence but the observer that is also ultimately an illusion.

All information from these sources that are considered OUTSIDE the self reinforces the concept that we are separate when in fact we are all one source tricking itself into thinking it is surrounded by many. The reality we experience is energy that appears more or less dense or separate according to our perspective but is simply imagination trapped in the various densities. In this 3rd density matrix thoughts play out more slowly and the attachment or gravity of the situation is such that we experience pain and suffering. The truth however as quantum physics is now revealing to the scientific community is that all realities are subjective and transient. Beings of higher awareness would know there are many illusory timelines to perceive as reality or choose from and that every action will cause a parallel or opposite reality that are accessible to the trained mind.   They would know that all realities are a reflection of inner reality so why would they spend so much time and effort telling humans that they are making material changes that will make earth a better place? Why wouldn’t these particular beings be teaching people to transcend the material world consciously so that then through our new perspective and abilities we are able to, as a collective and through psychic unity instantly manifest a world without suffering? This approach has little or nothing to do with MANipulation or controlling things outside self.  It is obvious to me that those that are directing attention to outside changes and control of them are NOT directing attention to the internal, eternal source system of creation.

We might become so overwhelmed with a new world of technology and otherworldly beings that we are further seduced away from the work we must do to become sovereign beings masters of our own mind and body.  Outer world is a reflection of inner world.  If the “new world”, financial systems and government changes are the result of outside beings that need space ships to travel, with secret agendas to remove bad guys and distribute, gold and insert certain beings into positions of power, that is not a divine design from source, it is desire to control outside of self. If they don’t see it that way and/or that is exactly their intention they are not Ascended Masters as they claim to be but masters of the Ascension GAME. There is a difference.  They have to have a vested interest in this one particular reality for some reason because as I said there are many realities that exist all at once that we are able to choose from as AWAKENED beings. At this moment there is another Earth where there are no technologies to depend upon because it and its other selves (us) are operating from source. It is pure unadulterated imagination manifested.  If it is imagined then it exists NOW. There is only the matter of accessing it and we can do that through the third eye as well as making a quantum leap into less dense form.  We have been phase locked into this material reality through our own fears which breeds deception and delusion.  Any being that desires to continue the game of control will attempt to keep others focused on the system of limitation and dependency. It can reach into the 5th density because there is still form, at that density, and the ability to be deluded.

The observer can choose to see light either way and the being that depends upon sight would see light as salvation in a very mostly dark cosmos. Light then will appear as two different paradigms.  To the mind that sees the world as a collection of particles the universe if finite. To the mind that sees the cosmos as waves the multi verses are infinite.  The digital matrix is as the particle is to the wave.   It is just like the natural wave matrix but this ego dominated universe is a finite system of operation that those participating in the illusion will believe needs to be micro managed.   It is only logical to assume that many beings are participants in the false (ego dominated)matrix which is a controlled finite reality of the outside world and sad Replica of the true organic EDENIC society which is manifested automatically when we allow naturally balancing system of source to flow through us (Intuitive creation).  The paradox is that it would be natural for an unnatural system of operation to oppose the natural system of life as all actions have an equal or opposite reaction.

If we ALL activated our third eye right now and were in psychic unity as a collective we would see that there is no need for any beings to assist us or to design our world for us as many of these beings are suggesting.  All along it is the collective consciousness that will shape the illusory outside world and each individual will still at the same time be able to experience their own reality regardless of the outside changes.  Any being communicating information to us as a separate identity is reinforcing the concept that they are separate and have access to information that we do not have even if they do not intend to do so. Rather than keeping people in a narrow focus upon events that may or may not happen on this earth it would have been more useful over the past 20 years for higher sighted beings to simply share as many have information on how to activate their third eye.  Once you do, you will know that you are source and there is nothing outside of you other than what you imagine and participate in as a reality. Your physical body would no longer need outside nourishment to survive according to your new understanding and we program our DNA with our beliefs.


 Let earth be a reflection of the Awakened, compassionate self and instantly all is well.   Choose your own reality and timeline. If everyone were sitting at home meditating and opening their EYE rather than watching the news there would be no NEWS to watch.  When we are lucid or what I call awake and dreaming we can function in this density and be in other realities at once. It is called I MAGI NATION. Our design reflects in every way how spirit manifests through the Golden Ratio. We are Lotus Flowers.  We are here as spiritual beings experiencing the material world.   No one can create a heaven on earth for someone else. We can only BE heaven on earth, for others to witness and share in the experience.  Is it that outside changes in the solar system are responsible for our awakening process or is it not the other way around?  Is this what would be so threatening to someone that seeks control outside self; the collective changing the earth to represent balance and harmony without being reliant upon anything outside the “self”?  As we continue to awaken and pull our loving arms in around our earth body she spins faster.  As she spins faster and faster she will no longer waver but stand erect as a sovereign being, a collective unified in consciousness, until she disappears into another realm where there is no limitation; Utopia.  Many worlds exist at once. Which one would you like to experience?  The final lesson for those that cling to the material earth to the point of suffering is to simply let go.   Even attachment to the soul can be the cause of suffering as we enter these higher vibratory realms.  Buddha knew that the only way to rid himself of Mara was to admit that the soul was also an illusion.  How can someone steal from you something that does not exist?  So in the world of limitations and suffering some shall remain in the never ending struggle for balance and control until the lesson is learned that it is not the ability to transcend death of the body but to be awake and non attached through all experiences that releases us from suffering.

November 8, 2011

Third Eye Opening Technique~Higher Frequencies

The ancients believed that humans are dreaming their reality.  They believed as many are remembering once again that the true reality is that we are made in the image of the comic creator. If we are to give this reasonable thought and apply modern physics to understand it, then it becomes much easier to visualize. We are, made of atoms but like atoms we are a spinning vortex of energy. I use the word vortex because there is gravity at the center of all atoms.  How else can we explain two opposing forces spinning around what appears to be smaller and smaller particles or waves eternally? The fabric of space is entering a point we call an atom and yet generating energy we call protons at the same time.   Gravity is at the center of the atom and yet it is a stable system, what appears to be Black Hole/White Whole System.  Electrons are considered negative energy and protons are considered positive but they are simply opposing energy fields around what is a core that has no tangible center. If the universe is mysteriously held together by some unknown force to keep it from flying apart then isn’t it logical to assume that, since for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, there may be another force on the other side of the center of that atom as well?  We can call it the anti atom thanks to a British physicist by the name of Arthur Shuster that remembered consciously or subconsciously this forgotten, hidden and or destroyed knowledge back into our consciousness in the late 1800’s.   This anti matter atom does exactly the same thing on the other side in the anti universe and it gets pretty mind boggling but for the sake of argument, this would explain how the universe expands and contracts or “breathes” and how beings or “energy systems” are born.   As we are made of atoms we are made in the image of the creator the Atom, for we are a fractal of the original form and then we expand out again.  The first LIVING FORM would have to be the TORUS because that is the shape that waves of energy would form when to waves of energy touch spin.  The simply perfect Golden Ratio symmetry alone causes the Lo Phi (LOVE) waves to build enough inertia to implode infinitely and explode into a Flower of Life. The first two bubbles merging would look like the Vesica Piscis until the observer finds itself in the middle of a MAGnificent LOTUS Flower of bubbles and every other shape the ONE can imagine because these waves have generated through the spinning waves a information field known as consciousness.  But at the same time everything is mind.  Here is where it gets really weird.  

The Third Eye to many, is a silly dot painted on the head by Hindus.  The idea that we can travel dimensionally by activating the third eye is complete fantasy to many and just written off as a pineal gland hallucinogenic phenomenon due to drug abuse which is also true but only part of the story.  I have spent many years reading about the Third Eye and meditating. I have had many cool experiences where I have traveled out of body into the astral realms while lucid, building mansions, tasting foods and touching flowers, feeling the sun on my face, talking to beings like Manu and my grandmother.  The experiences were as real as I am sitting here typing.  We can say that is just the mind and that is exactly true.   It is just the mind. But even this reality is just the mind and that is what we have the wrap our MIND around.  The all is ultimately illusion, those experiences, though less dense were no less real.  The only difference between a schizophrenic and a Master is that a Master never loses touch with any of the multiple realities.    Recently I was lying in bed and I noticed that I could focus upon tiny dots of light like stars speeding across my eyelids. I also noticed that I could choose what direction I could see them spinning. For example I could focus on a circle or pinpoint within the speeding pinpoints of light and suddenly the stars began to separate as though I was moving into them. They were spinning like a vortex and I was sailing into the vortex at an angle as though I was entering a black hole.  The stars began to slow down, separate and open up into. . .space. There upon my eye lids was a portal through which I was viewing space with darkness and scattered red white and blue stars in the distance. Just within my peripheral I could see what appeared to be the outer edges of the portal which was like a black hole but as I began to look around I realized I could move my eyes and the images did not follow my eyes. In other words, this was as though I was in space looking around. Below to my right was a dark round spot now that I had seemed to shift my position in space and I could see that just beyond the dark disk was a dim white glow around the edge. It seemed like stars were slowly drifting into the dark space. As I continually focused into the smaller and smaller dots of lights I seemed to change frequencies to more of a glossy texture.   As my frequency (the faster I moved) changed the image changed. The sphere went from a reddish glow to very pale white and there was a lot of light with my eyes closed.  Then I began to feel as though I was the sphere and, I was a sun.  I realized the waves rising and falling all around the edge of the sphere were the electromagnetic arms of the stormy surface and the dark I had seen originally was the cooler center.  I could still see the stars in the distance the entire time and eye could move my physical eyes all around while nothing moved in my view. In order for me to move my view I willed myself in different directions but I had no idea where to go or what I was doing. It was just incredible. Keep in mind I was completely wide awake the entire time, not on drugs of any kind. It was about 3am. 

This happened once before with the stars and then again where I felt I was moving through a portal but this experiment was the deal clincher for me. I know now that I can do this, open a portal at will.  What this means to me is that my true location is in zero point in space.  I am experiencing many, many different realities depending upon where I place my focus and currently because I am occupying a 3rd density physical vessel my awareness has been directed to and preoccupied with a dense illusion.   Spirit has no identity; but manifests into dense existences that perceive itself and establish identities.  I believe that we are not only like suns but we are a Sun manifest in the most optimal form for material expression but currently recovering from amnesia, distractions and imbalances that have greatly jeopardized our earthly mission.

I don’t know where I was when I opened my Third Eye, if I can say I went through our sun to the anti matter universe or if it was another portal but it was not the lower astral realms; it was not 3rd density and it was not a wish or hallucination.  I do know that it is relaxing. It is good practice for mind mastery, it’s easy and fun and you should try it.   The benefits are that once you have learned to open the third eye at that frequency of the light spectrum you can learn to move to higher frequencies at will.  This technique is different of conscious Third Eye Activation is different than an Out of Body Experience or Lucid Dreaming while in sleep state.   Being lucid is important when creating but being FULLY CONSCIOUS while creating seems like a wonderful goal for a HUMAN BEING.  I wrote a song a long time ago called Awake and Dreaming.  If you want to create Heaven on Earth then you MUST be awake to do so.  It requires a great deal of focus to allow spirit to move through you and your creations and for ego to relax.  That means you cannot dabble in lower astral realm distractions that drag you into emotional imbalances.   Emotion is energy in motion not energy on a roller coaster ride.  Love is a Lo Phi wave, a perfect, sparkling spiral that wraps around you in the warm sunlight; steady as she goes ~surf’s up.

October 5, 2011

Ascension, Enlightenment, Densities and Dimensions

When you have dissolved your SELF. . .you will be free. You will know it when you no longer seek the right path. The only reason we seek the right path is because it feels better. The only truth is that everything is illusion. We live with what is real and unreal at the same time because the mind chooses between the two in a blink of an eye. We are emptiness and fullness all at once. When we live our lives from that truth we are free. No one can save us and no one can take our souls because we manifest and dissolve our own soul at will. We are ONE peeking through it's own prism in the grand matrix of its own design that has been highjacked by one of its split personalities.

In my last entry Two Kinds of Ascension I didn't really make it clear that density and dimensional ascension are also very different aspects of ascension which is why people argue so much about it. When you think of being in a physical body and ascending to 5d or 9d you have to be thinking of 5th dimension and not density obviously because there is no physical form above the 5th density and technically a human being cannot really even perceive beyond the 5th dimension very well. Most of us have trouble with the concept of TIME which is the 4th. So You may find yourself in the very near future, a physical being that is less dense but still in physical form existing on a planet where everything is instantly replicated and teleported and you understand the higher dimensional levels much more astutely. You are telepathic, you can levitate, there is no hunger, no fear, no worries, but you are still playing in a duality world with a physical form where there are things and a certain amount of gravity, space ships, other planets, galactic travel, weird creatures, whatever you can imagine. I am not saying it won't be incredible and wonderful if you make it there and I believe everyone will whether they leave their bodies the old fashioned way or not.

What I am saying is that this is still a lower lever of physical ascension and mental ascension in the lower mental realms where there is still mental attachment to the "world" therefore there is still the possibility that an individual can be just at attached to that world as the 3d world. Just because you are able to perceive the ninth dimension as we can understand it somewhat now if we read about it does not mean we can actually be in it in a body because there is no form in the 9th density. There are no material things and it is beyond the lower mental realms. We are talking about light. What we perceive as matter is actually just light that appears to be solid but it is waves of energy moving very slowly. You can imagine 3d is like a 3rd grade reading class with big pictures and the teacher holds the book up for a few seconds compared to an advanced reading class where they just flip through the pages and retain every word.

Ascension happens every time you are enlightened. It is an ongoing process and there are quantum leaps such as the one we are about to make. That doesn't mean you are fully awake. You can become FULLY AWAKENED at any moment. That means you are aware that you are dreaming your existence. You are a non self. It is a practice to remain awake and remember that we are dreaming our world regardless of what world or density or dimensional existence that may be. To allow another aspect of self to make the calls is not only delusion but risky business. That is like a man letting his penis decide when to cross the road when there is a pretty girl on the other side. Sorry but that is what it's like when we let one aspect of self make the calls and we are all one organism. That doesn't mean all of our parts are fully awake.  Go on and play Captain of Galactic Star Fleet and New Earth all you like. It's fun but also practice being awake while you are doing it. This is what I ask. This is why I am here.  The body will not last in this world. Though I say not even the soul truly exists we make it exist with the mind so we WILL carry it into an undesirable existence if we are not awake enough to know how to steer it beyond the reach of magnetic pull that is created by other beings. Just because all things are illusion does not mean cause and effect is not REAL. Are we clear? How can you be certain your consciousness will remain in tact so that you will not reincarnate into an unfortunate existence again before this "Ascension" or New Earth" happens? Every moment is an opportunity to be awake. Every moment is the only moment. Be the master of your own domain.

You are almost there, Bravo.

September 12, 2011

Detachment With Compassion

Karma is the accumulative energy in the form of emotions and beliefs we cling to when we judge the effect of an action. If we are detached from our actions we can simply be observers but there is still cause and effect at work. Immediately this leads to the question, "but if we are detached and don't have to worry about karma then what is stopping bad people from doing bad things?". Nothing stops people from doing things that are considered "bad". But when you speak or act in a way that cause destruction or suffering for someone else you are creating a world of destruction and suffering of which you are still a part whether you have mentally detached from it or not. It seems logical therefore to act in ways that do not create a world of suffering. But don't think that only good actions will create a perfect world. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction regardless of whether or not those actions were consciously intentional or the result of not paying attention. We can be detached and make an effort to only do our very best and STILL we will see both good and bad results from those actions because good and bad are subjective and this is a world of opposing forces that are labeled as such. You can save a dragonfly from drowning in the pool and then he will fly away to attack and kill another insect. You can give money to a homeless person that uses the money to buy a gun and kill the person that fired him and caused him to lose his home. Compassion allows us to accept the world and people for what they are and do our best to make it better, but it is not a magic glue that holds a magic kingdom in place. It is more like good shocks that make the ride a bit smoother. Peace is a state of mind and our state of mind is what shapes our reality. You can do your best to ease the suffering in the world for others and do you best to create only beautiful things but as long as there are other people in your world you will have to deal with their manifestations as well, good or bad. Do your best and be at peace.

Learning to Surf Parallel Realities in "No Time"

The other day something very strange happened. I was talking to my husband about something as we were driving in the car and I saw a vision of something. I can’t remember exactly what it was but I was definitely in another reality, and for one moment I it was just as real as the reality that I was in the car with my husband. It was just substantial to me and I knew I was there and here at the very same time. Now I have read about this and even written about it before but I have never experienced this while being awake and up and about. I have had out of body experiences from my bed and various astral travels while sleeping. This was completely out of the blue and for the first time I truly understood that I was not my body. I understand now that I am pure consciousness weaving realities as I shift my focus. I feel that these experiences will increase for me as well as everyone else as we near the event horizon where time will seem to stop. Most people by now understand this event to be the 2012 event as predicted by the Mayans and illustrated by Terrence McKenna’s I Ching chart where the collective consciousness life line suddenly crashes at December 21st, 2012. Now I am claiming to know exactly when this collapse of time will occur but simple life experience shows me that all cycles renew themselves and we are part of a major cycle that is about to renew itself in a really big way on a mass scale. The main part of all of that is that humans are waking up to the true nature of reality.

People have their various theories about parallel universes and time travel but I have never been sold on the idea that the physical body can “travel” to the past or future because time does not actually exist. The easy way to go back in time is to stand on one side of the time zone line and jump to the other. What’s even easier is going back in time with your mind because that is where time really exists. Light does not travel it is just seen or unseen, moving really fast or really slow all depending upon an observer. It is consciousness shifting its focus that creates the illusion of travel. The past is not a place. It is a dream. And when we see photos from the “past” it is just that we have slowed one tiny part of the dream down using light and paper which are just as impermanent as the figures, clothing and things in the photo. We construct buildings to reinforce the illusion that the dream was real. But buildings crumble and the earth is ever changing. Nothing stays the same and nothing lasts. If you wanted to travel to the past you must do it with your consciousness and even then, what defines the past? In what moment at what place is the past, the past? Right now it is the next day in Nepal. Are they living in the future? No. Even if you were to physically return to the house where you were raised as a child and could somehow manage to recreate a moment with the same people and the same things the same actions what good would it do? We just can’t pin down the future or the past with styles, trends, collective consciousness, cars, wars or even a newspaper. None of those things define time. Time is a mind construct to help us to deal with cause and effect changes. This very moment is the end of something and beginning of something else. In no time the world disappears and reappears all at once. This reality of changing and unfolding is eternal. If you could physically go back in time or into a possible future in your same body there would be no need for reincarnation and no one would ever die. Buddha and Jesus would not have incarnated. Is it that Jesus and Buddha just didn’t have the technology to time travel or that they knew better? My main point is that the Buddhist teachings, which was what Jesus studied according to the evidence, is that the body is a temporary vessel and that the kingdom is within. We do not need a body to experience the endless multiverse we only need the mind. Consciousness is not in the brain so how does the mind consciousness system exist after the body is dead? The universe is mostly plasma and plasma holds information. My personal experiences while being out of body and lucid and the experiences of those that were clinically brain dead lead me to believe that not only is consciousness non local but there is activity similar to thinking going on outside the brain and body. Obviously there are creatures that do not have brains that create and exist in their own beautiful world right here on earth. It could be that consciousness creates by attaching to a particular vibration and rides that wave all the way until it becomes aware of something else. All along information is being stored in the cosmic mind for all other creations with various levels of awareness to tap into. Is the universe itself not a brain? What we experience when our body dies depends upon what are consciousness clings to.

Every action and thought creates a parallel reality eternally. Therefore there are endless universes with endless you(s) and me(s) from the most dense to the least and everything we can possibly imagine happening all at once. The other worlds that arise may or may not be as dense as this one but the only way material beings arise is when consciousness vibrates at a particularly slow rate. It is said that god enticed the spirit to enter into the form with music or sound and sound shapes matter. We are all here because we are drawn to the material world. If we, as pure consciousness can choose our lives as the Buddhists believe then why is it that we do not choose to incarnate in the past or future? Because there is no past or future. We can perceive the past and the future but we are not limited by them once we learn to move beyond the 3d mind construct of time. Many channeled messages have tried to explain this. We will begin to start to see that all realities are imagined and all realities are happening NOW. We don’t need to travel anywhere to interact in those realities. Just like recording a program we can pick and choose which event we wish to observe. We can stop and rewind, observe, partake in or we can change the event all together and rewrite the script. So there is no need to return to a past that does not exist or to attach to one particular future event among the infinite possibilities. Traveling by spaceship to planets and learning to time travel are fun concepts but they are linear 3d concepts that controllers tend to lean toward because that is where they can pretend to have power over others. Things happen much more slowly in this realm so it is a place to learn how to create without causing a great deal of suffering. It’s too bad we don’t have the hang of it yet. There is no need for material things when you fully integrate that consciousness can create any reality. We just have to learn to do it without that nuisance brain getting in the way. That is our goal now as we ascend to this next level in the material world. We have no way of knowing how much “time” we have to do this because as we know, we can go at any moment.

Your experience is completely up to you and that is what free will is really about (not stickin' it to the man necessarily); choosing not only your experience by imagining it yourself but choosing how you wish to experience that reality. Turn off the television and tune into your own mind. That is where it’s at. That is what controllers (that includes all of us) have been trying to keep us away from. Once we figure out that the world is within us there will no longer be an outside world to control. Practice practice practice so that at any moment you can switch stations and lucidly interact in a completely different reality or multiple realities at once. Talk about multitasking! Encourage your children to pretend and dream. No more yelling, “Get used to the real world!” or “stop being silly”. Why not be silly? Why not pretend you are a genie and that you are flying on a magic carpet. If you can’t control your dreams right now then you won’t be able to control your part in these realities as they begin got unfold and the veil comes down. Now is the time to release the old inhibitions and find the little child within you again. Just remember that the physical body in the physical world is still subject to physical laws. Don’t jump off your roof thinking you can fly. This is reality here! LOL What is the difference between a crazy person and a shaman? The crazy person can easily surf the different realities but not know which reality they are actually in. A shaman not only knows how to navigate the parallel realities and that this density has certain limitations but also knows that all realities are illusions at the same time. One day you will see yourself in a different world while you are shopping for cat food. As long as you don’t call the cashier Roberto and ask her to please refill your champagne glass you’ll be fine.

September 1, 2011

The Difference Between True Heaven and the "New Earth"/"New Word Order"

The goal of the "ANTI CHRIST" or Control Addicts is to make humans believe that HEAVEN ON EARTH is this perfect 3D world even though they call it 5D where technologies provide us with everything we need. We will HAVE food, clothes, things and never be in need again. I don't care if it is 3D or 5D it is not the same as true heavenly existence where there are no clothes or food because you are pure energy. The trick of wording is "you will need nothing in heaven". That is true but in their twisted context that is because THEY provide you with all you need. A truly sovereign being needs nothing because they are pure energy. I want to be perfectly clear because people just don't seem to get this. It was said that the Anti Christ would come first and then the true kingdom of CHRIST meaning the kingdom within not the external Disney Land that everyone dreams of. Being a Christed being is to be a sovereign creator that KNOWS all creations are illusions and does not depend on any outside source for its existence. This why the author of Revelations seems to have this pretty scary aversion to material things. It isn't because material things are bad or evil. It is because they are a tool to keep people enslaved to the illusion. Control freaks are not using technology and peace and love to reel in the ignorant so they are part of this mind consciousness system in the matrix that THEY control. To give power to the beast is to give into your lower glandular system/chakras that are ruled by fear of loss/not having/death. The dragon (Serpent energy/EGO) gives power to the beast. When we worship idols/corporation/military/football team/self/Jesus/Justin Beber we are empowering the lower ego. Jesus and Buddha did not want your worship as men. They wanted us to respect the CHRISTED BEINGNESS of all Souls. That means the non discriminating life force that pervades all living things. NOT THE IDENTITY of ANY INDIVIDUAL including them. "When you see the Buddha, kill the Buddha" means do not attach to that which is not real. Nothing is real but your perspective of reality.

July 30, 2011

Avoiding a Nightmare Scenario

I talk a lot about being able to master the mind. How many of us are able to dream lucidly? How many can even remember our dreams? I personally remember most of my dreams but I have had and still have nightmares, mostly about snakes and demons. Everyone is so happy about moving into a 4th or 5th dimensional existence where it's all instant this and that but what makes us think we are anywhere near ready to handle that kind of reality where it is all instant manifestation of thoughts? We say not to be in fear but that is easy to say when you are awake and safe in your room and have a good bit of reaction time do deal with whatever may arise. But when you are in a less dense reality, there is only you and your mind and there are no more excuses or others to blame for what you manifest. If we have trouble now maintaining lucidity while dreaming what makes us think it will be any different in a 4th and 5th density body? People have been known to hang around as ghosts in the 4th dimension because they are stuck in some nightmare scenario that they can't seem to escape and the event just plays out over and over.

I am not trying to scare anyone, I am trying to encourage people to really get disciplined about mastering the mind through meditation and mindful living. Practice lucid dreaming by telling yourself before you go to sleep to be lucid. Lucid dreaming is extremely refreshing too. Practice astral projection. These things may be considered distractions to some but they have helped me a great deal. When I wake up from a bad dream and my husband is out of town I STILL feel frightened sometimes at the age of 47 (August 2 yay!). I don't live in fear but I do feel fear as everyone does. It is not the fear of pain or death but the fear of not being in control of my self. The imagination can conjure up some pretty horrific things as we all know since it is manifested in this reality. These bad dreams are the lower ego working out fears metaphorically and sometimes literally but knowing this intellectually does not help one bit when you are in the middle of what seems like a real event. I would hate to think that when I leave my body I will have this same problem because that will be one long ass nightmare (HELL). So my goal is to practice, practice, practice mastering the altered states of consciousness without the help of drugs of course so that I am better at my "creation through imagination" process. And let's not forget that we are not the only one's contributing to the astral movie. There is no telling what we will encounter "in" there. I believe this is why there was and is such a great deal of focus from the masters on releasing attachments and seeing that all is illusion.

Now I know that Christianity has put a different spin on the whole life after death thing with more emphasis on looking for Jesus and the white light (HEAVEN)and if that works for you then go for it. One of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had was when my grandmother met me in a brilliant white light and held my hand. There was another presence there but I don't know who it was. All I know is that it was a safe place and I think that white light is the best imagery we have come up with yet that symbolizes peace and love even though I am constantly saying light and dark are illusions. They are, but using the imagery lucidly knowing that you are creating it is the point. To all sentient beings in this world and the worlds beyond that suffer the manifestations of the lower mind I wish you peace and liberation, full consciousness and love but above all I wish you lucidity.

July 27, 2011

The Battle is Complex

This is an excerpt from the entity RA of the Law of One readings in regard to the drama that is said to be playing out in our universe on a micro and macro cosmic scale:

Ra: I am Ra. At the level of time/space at which this takes place in the form of what you may call thought-war, the most accepting and loving energy would be to so love those who wished to manipulate that those entities were surrounded and engulfed, transformed by positive energies.

This, however, being a battle of equals, the Confederation is aware that it cannot, on equal footing, allow itself to be manipulated in order to remain purely positive, for then though pure it would not be of any consequence, having been placed by the so-called powers of darkness under the heel, as you may say.

It is thus that those who deal with this thought-war must be defensive rather than accepting in order to preserve their usefulness in service to others. Thusly, they cannot accept fully what the Orion Confederation wishes to give, that being enslavement. Thusly, some polarity is lost due to this friction and both sides, if you will, must then regroup.

It has not been fruitful for either side. The only consequence which has been helpful is a balancing of the energies available to this planet so that these energies have less necessity to be balanced in this space/time, thus lessening the chances of planetary annihilation.

Questioner: Does a portion of the Confederation then engage in this thought-battle? What percent engages?

Ra: I am Ra. This is the most difficult work of the Confederation. Only four planetary entities at any one time are asked to partake in this conflict.

Questioner: What density are these four planetary entities?

Ra: I am Ra. These entities are of the density of love, numbering four.

Questioner: Would an entity of this density be more effective for this work than an entity of density five or six?

Ra: I am Ra. The fourth density is the only density besides your own which, lacking the wisdom to refrain from battle, sees the necessity of the battle. Thus it is necessary that fourth-density social memory complexes be used.

Questioner: Am I correct in assuming that both the Confederation and the Orion group utilize only their fourth densities in this battle, and that the fifth and sixth densities of the Orion group do not engage in this?

Ra: I am Ra.

It is partially correct. Fifth- and sixth-density entities positive would not take part in this battle. Fifth-density negative would not take part in this battle. Thus, the fourth density of both orientations join in this conflict.


Being as objective about this as possible we can begin to see that there are two forces at work and the details revolving around this battle are not BLACK and WHITE; but it is extremely complex.

RA is saying that these entities (controllers and the liberators) that are actually fighting a thought battle for and over us are 4th density. This means that the higher entities of the Confederation have allies in the 3rd and fourth densities that can engage in this battle physically AND mentally and technologically. A controller would want to focus on harvesting the 4D beings when they leave their bodies or take them in ships in or out of body. 3D controllers on earth just want to survive and don't care about their souls or anyone else's. The controllers AND the liberators have the ability to use technologies but the 5th density liberators and up do not NEED to use them. 5D beings will have no need for their technologies or their ships; only 3D and 4D beings do. So if Salusa is talking about the earth and ships and technologies as part of our reality after ascension then they MUST BE addressing the 4D beings that do not ascend to 5D.

Apparently there will be a learning curve for us as we try to function in these higher densities and regain our own abilities. I have maintained that there is always a danger of becoming dependent upon technologies and of forgetting your own abilities as a sovereign being; of being lost in the illusions as we create in the many realms. We must remember that all that matters is learning to be lucid/fully conscious when we leave our bodies. FEELING what is in the moment is more important than words and promises. Knowing that you are capable of ascending without the aid of anyone else is more important than attempting to create a peaceful world on the 3d earth because one day, apparently there will be no more 3d earth and even if there was the only way to live in peace on a 3d planet is to MANAGE everything and everyone, hence the GOD complex. The only other way for all 3d beings to be in peace constantly on a 3D planet is to be born with the ability to not feel pain or care about controlling the world around them. All beings would have to not struggle to survive by killing and seeking what they lack. Is it possible for animals to stop killing each other even if humans do? Can human babies be born without pain, never hungry, never wanting for anything, never disappointed? Some of the New Age concepts of a Utopia seem to revolve around abundance of THINGS and MONEY and free transportation but no one every talks about the fact that suffering starts in the mind due to the attachment to those very things whether they are abundant or not. The wealthy are not immune to suffering or sickness and death or the pain of losing a loved one. “Whatever happens there will always be some strife between people. . .” Salusa admits and we can clearly see. Absolute peace is not part of a 3D planet program and I don't see how it can ever be as long as there are creatures on it that are born into suffering caused by the duality nature of creation. That is WHY we graduate to the 5th density. We as spirit beings will still be aware of the 3rd dimension but are no longer limited by a third DENSITY body where we experience pain and suffering.

The goal of the liberators has been to make sure humans were not annihilated before they had a chance to expand their consciousness enough to ascend to the 5tth density. It may be that the controllers are just hanging in there to the end so that they can at least try to keep the GOD complex alive in the 4th density with the souls that still have not learned to let go of their attachment to the material realm and still choose worship/dependency over sovereign creator.

We are one spirit, the weak force called LOVE but we are still individual beings that have the right to express and create as sovereign creators. We are all one does not mean that we must conform to another being that claims it is the ONLY one. We do not have to be assimilated by any other creator god being. Unite in the right to be sovereign. Unite in the goals for transparency and liberation. But do not be tricked into uniting in worship of a GOD of EGO. There are many universes and many worlds but they are all fueled by one stream of consciousness that fractal into infinity. Your kingdom is within. It is designed by your "i'm a gin"ation and you don't need a body to rule it, you just need to be a master of your own consciousness which is the eternal cup of life; the smoke ring of the GENE-ee; the Lord of the Ring. There is not just ONE lord of the ring. Only someone that wants to rule your world and scare the hell out of you would imply that the ring is evil and there is only one evil master. The only evil is the opposite of LIVE and if there is no death then there is no evil. We may think that torturing another is evil but that is not possible if the other person is a sovereign soul (master mind). 3D beings are not sovereign but enslaved. We are in a death realm. Even though it is illusion it is still very real to us. Only when we wake up and learn how to steer our own consciousness will we be sovereign creator beings and that will never happen in the 3rd density. That is why we are ascending to 5D to recreate whatever we like, even a new earth. That is why the GOD of 3d (ISis/RA/EL(Satan)is pissed. Yes RA is the collective; hive mind that controls and harvests souls as they well admit. (Read the Law of ONE) That doesn't mean the words from I AM RA are evil, or even a lie, just not the desirable path of a sovereign soul. Great point about discernment. Just because something does not resonate with you as a desired path does not mean the information is not accurate or true. That is why we must move beyond automatically dismissing information because we think it is from an "evil" or controlling entity. There are paradigms and paths and systems of operation and whether they are good or evil is in the eye of the beholder.

April 6, 2011

The End of One Existence~And a Star is Born

There are not many people on Earth at this time that are not aware on some level that we humans and our beautiful Earth are about to experience a global change that goes far beyond the melting of the poles and evolution of species. According to David Wilcock’s painstaking efforts to sort through comprehensive material of the Law of One readings which are channeled messages from the entity known as RA, there is a specific time period and a specific process for this shift and it is between 2011 and 2013. For those that have been sleeping, this is also the Gregorian date that aligns with the end of the Mayan calendar and the hype that of course has been twisted into the most negative meaning of the “end of the world”. Of course there are many views about what is happening from the scientific and religious communities and we all have our own opinions but no one can deny that as Terrence McKenna said, “life is preparation for a transition to another dimension”. This essay is not so much to prove a paradigm shift will happen or explain how it will happen according to science or religion but to address the significance of mastering our minds as our physical bodies undergo a transmutation into a higher vibratory frequency a.k.a the fourth density.

According to RA’s Law of One, there will come a point in our time line when all remaining physical bodies in this 3D realm will instantly transform into “light bodies” via our collective entrance into the frequency known as the Green Ray. Colors and sounds or tones are energy vibrating at a particular rate and this energy is what shapes all matter including our DNA. As the earth increases vibration the physical body must also adjust to these higher frequencies to sustain itself. Some refer to this as the Ascension. Some will not be able to take their bodies consciously through this mass shift but have no fear (literally). There is no such thing as death and no one will be left behind.

When we are in fear or a state of mind that lowers our vibration such as hate, sadness (depression), unworthiness, or negativity this blocks the flow of energy and causes illness and/or what we know as “death”. We have a choice as to what path we wish to follow and neither our belief in god nor our belief that we are “good” can prevent the body from deteriorating or the mind from being confused. Only mastering our mind and being at peace can help us through this process.

What we are observing at this time are two worlds polarizing and two mindsets that will determine our path. The two worlds branching, as predicted by the Hopi Indians are 1) the world of chaos and destruction that we create out of fear 2) the actual fourth dimensional world that exists now, that is to be “solidified” after we shift from “orange” (seduction) to “green” (heart center). Gives new meaning to “Going Green” doesn’t it? I just hope there is no “reptilians dominating the fourth density” metaphor in there somewhere.

Polarities are becoming more obvious to us all. This is why there seems to be simultaneously waves of disease and disaster in the midst of freedom and peace, revolution and positive changes amidst so much chaos and fear in the world. Our bodies cannot withstand lower energies and this is why, if we desire to be a witness to this epic event of transmutation into a higher dimension and evolutionary change, we must make a conscious effort to find peace within. As the old falls away, as it always has, the reaction tends to be fear and panic. Change happens whether we like it or not but our ability to ride the wave will put us in the driver’s seat to higher realms. Our physical bodies according to the Law of One texts will be transformed as the result of an energetic change as the earth ascends unless we cannot withstand the vibration and the body “dies” before 2013. But those that know that there is no real death will be lucid as they enter the 4th dimensional planes waiting for what will be a final shift for everyone. After this point there will be no more third density earth and no more 3D bodies but fourth density light bodies and “Earth Lite”, a less dense playground for the great pretenders. There is a faster vibrating reality above the lower realms of the earth that we cannot currently experience because to do so as a 3D being would cause us to fry our circuitry. However, many masters have been said to have achieved their light bodies and ascended to higher realms, and that they could even reappear in this 3D world but now things will be different because Earth is also ascending and her vibratory frequency will not sustain a 3D body. Light holds information including DNA. As we move into the center of the galaxy we are entering a photon belt of light. Recently scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev demonstrated that by directing a laser carrying frog DNA code into a salamander embryo, the salamander could be re-encoded to become a frog. So it is possible that the frequency of this “Green Light" can give us the go ahead to change our DNA. What we have been told by the ancients in scriptures and oral traditions about the light of god and being raised up out of this material realm can be validated with science and not is just a “colorful” myth.

Remember that this is only the next level up from the lowest state of existence a human can endure. We have much more to experience as we reclaim our powers as galactic citizens. We have all been very brave but now we are going home. My wish is that all souls will realize the importance of being lucid in and out of body so that they can take their rightful place as masters of consciousness and of their own creations. If there were one most important goal in this physical existence beyond the obvious lessons we must learn about compassion and mastering self, for me it would be to experience the quantum shift of one state of existence into another. This is by no means the end. There is no end to anything only eternal experience and/or silence and stillness. We all make our own choices as to what we wish to experience.

I hope to spread a message of joy to all those who have fallen into the trap of self pity, low self esteem, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, and all of the other lower ego diseases that may arise at this chaotic time. The cure is not in a pill or in changing your circumstances no matter how horrific they may be. The cure is in mental release. Suffering is caused by our mind’s attachments, hence blockage. Love is the non-destructive flow of life force. Love is going with the flow. Attraction and attachment are not the same things. We can love to surf but to attach to it to the point where we waterlog, neglect to sleep, eat etc., can cause problems. Attachment to anything is the path of entropy, illness, destruction and death. Non-destructive interaction is what makes life and what makes life fun. The problem is that many people do not realize the fact that attachment to thoughts and perceptions can be just as destructive as material attachments. Some people cannot see that their attachment to being loved, liked, needed, useful, desirable, things that seem positive are actually still attachments that cause suffering as well because they too are products of the mind and not tangible. All that is permanent is eternal change. You do not need approval or to be loved by others. You do not need to be loved to love others. You do not need things or money to make you happy. There is literally no more time left to take control of yourself and be your own creation. Let go of everything that does not serve your highest purpose to be in the blissful state that comes from being the center of your own universe. How can you assist others if you are not complete? How can you show someone the way if you are not shining? We are all stars. The prime creator is the spark of awareness that set all life into motion. Life and love is a Lo phi wave that spirals and collapses into self awareness. Love is not a fairy tale. Love is a wave and we are about to do some serious surfing.

We must wipe out the old programming and brainwashing that suggests we must worship some punishing or rewarding being outside of ourselves in order to be worthy. We are all absolutely necessary parts of the whole. We all have something to offer as unique designs in the eternal fabric of life. It is time to stop hiding in the shadows of monsters. It is time for us to stop seeking the light as we were told and be the light. What does it take to see heaven on earth? Shine brightly.

February 21, 2011

Redefining our Concepts of Computers, Science and Technology

by Sonia Barrett
Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

Reality is indeed a virtual experience, it is the reason that we see with our brains and not with our eyes. Science is experiencing an evolution in perception just enough to begin to see more of what creation is and not what it isn't, for creation is any and everything. This process supports our gradual progression in re-encountering a vast array of potentials. Much of the human race has a fear of discovering that we are not what was once thought or what we have been told by our scientists or our religions. At this time it would serve us well to redefine our concepts of computers, science and technology. For what we are discovering is that the idea or concept termed reality is really supported by an advanced technological construct. In a number of my writings and lectures I have repeatedly discussed the definition of technology. This simply involves the shaping of energy into various patterns and forms of possibilities according to the imagination.

The formation of subatomic particles coming together to form our visual illusion of a third dimensional world is a scientific and technological process. Energy or substance or the stuff of life emerges as an intelligent networking system which very much so functions like a computer system. I have often said that in our world we are mimicking the design of grander systems. At the same time in our world a number of scientists are working on the man and machine merger but what I see is a more organic alternate process involving the human body. Such external technologies will serve their purpose but what is to be realized is the possibility of the activation of inner technology and regenerating the body from the inside out. The body is also a replication of this more intricate system. It is the reason why we are so challenged by our bodies. It is because we do not understand them. We do not understand that they are capable of so much more so instead we fall victim to the limitations that have been presented to us; those limitations that have been programmed into our minds. It is up to the individual to discover what he/she is and to strive to reach endless possibilities.

In my recent lecture Going Beyond the Boundaries of Destiny and Fate, concepts were without a doubt way outside the box. My realization is that reality is wild and intricate yet simple. What I am also aware of is our fear of leaving our comfort zones. To always strive for and to stretch with intention to reach the next level of potential, is a natural process, but it's very difficult to stretch when the ceiling you have created is only an inch or two above your head. For some a ceiling provides a level of comfort; a level of protection from intruders and for a small minority there is no ceiling. Having your ceiling disappear provides unlimited latitude; we can stretch without ever reaching the top.

Constructing this short article somehow seemed necessary for I do realize that I am expanding into levels of awareness that will continue to seem outrageous but I am completely ready for the outrageous. To go beyond the limitations of the level one human experience is to begin to step beyond our boundaries of time, space and distance. As author Gary Zukav stated in his book The Dancing WuLi Masters

“Subatomic phenomena, in general are inaccessible to all but those with access to elaborate (and expensive) facilities. Even at the most expensive and elaborate facilities, however we can see only the effects of subatomic phenomena. The subatomic realm is beyond the limits of sensory perception. It is also beyond the limits of rational understanding. Of course we have rational theories about it, but “rational” has been stretched to include what formerly was nonsense, or, at best, paradox.”

An important word here is “rational” for as Gary Zukav points out that the rational has been stretched to include what was formerly considered nonsense or a paradox. This is of importance for in order to step into the world of possibilities (the subatomic realm) one must be able to see beyond the neatly tied together conclusions. There is nothing to fear for we are already all that we attempt to escape, those things that we cling to and everything in between hence the great paradox. We are in constant search for ourselves deciding what we are and what we cannot be. The existence of any and all concepts of reality is a phenomenon driven by the technology of the mind and consciousness. Both levels of intelligence have cohesively designed the technology of these vehicles known as our bodies in conjunction with the spirit. To allow ourselves to change our perception filters will greatly allow us to operate these body on a level that will exceed the illusionary boundaries of our “matter” fixed restrictions based on the laws of physical reality.

As we expand the road may seem to narrow but that is only for a little while for down the road are others already functioning in the world of the unlimited. We have a choice to cross over to that alternate possibility or we may choose to stay exactly where we are. Either way you can’t lose. You will simply be playing either the game of the limited or the game of the unlimited. You choose!

©2010 Sonia Barrett

February 3, 2011

The War is Over When I Say It Is

There are stories of soldiers in Japan and other areas that were left to fight in remote areas and never were told or never believed that the war had ended. They ignored flyers believing it to be American Propaganda and managed to survive for many years after the war had ended, upholding their oath to serve their country or die.

It occurred to me that these men lived their lives fighting for something that didn’t exist, an unseen enemy and the end to a war that was already over. It seems that we are doing much the same thing in this new age of global awareness still fighting a war against an unseen oppressor. From the Communists to Terrorists to the Bankers to Extraterrestrials we are forever fighting for peace. We see peace as this situation and this place that we must reach. We say that when the bad guys are gone and when we have the technologies we need to be comfortable then we will have peace! All the while we are creating a world of chaos and destruction by “fighting for peace”. There is no enemy. There is no savior. There is no war to be fought and “nothing to kill or die for”. Imagine that. Does that frighten you? Is it scary to suddenly have to just be what you are and experience what is? There is so much talk revolving around the Shift of the New Age with a focus mostly on Disaster, Disclosure of secret information and ET presence, creating abundance through a new financial system. It is all more of the same bullshit that humans have created and dealt with from day one. It is all designed to keep you distracted and in fear. The Shift of the New Age is not about Santa (Satan), Sananda, Ashtar, bringing us presents, technologies, space ship rides or heaven on earth etc. It is about waking up to the FACT that every single bit of what we call reality is in our mind. It doesn’t matter how “dense” we are or how “light” we are, it’s all mind and energy and none of it is actually real. It is all a dream. And the goal is to get the leading part in your own lucid dream.

I am not saying that we as material beings presently should not think about ways to live a better life or be open to the higher dimensional ways of being in the world. I know that ending corruption and being open and respectful to all forms of life is a great goal to have for 3rd density being. What I am saying is that this will only happen from the inside out. It is a shift of consciousness that brings peace and not the perfect set of circumstances. Being joyous and looking for things and situations to make us joyous are two different things. When we experience joy we must realize that it is an emotion just like anger and hate. They are energies we release when we are overwhelmed (imbalanced) by our situation or the way we interpret that situation. We believe that the state of the world is responsible for our state of mind when paradoxically we are creating our world with our state of mind. Love and Bliss is that steadfast contentedness regardless of what is going on in the world around us. Looking for these things that you think will finally make you happy only creates situations that create imbalance, chaos and unrest in the world. The energy of longing creates a world of lack. The energy of contentment creates a world of abundance. Find joy in what is and what may be but don’t look to those imagined realities as your salvation. Feel joyous and let it go. Feel anger and let it go. That calm assertive energy called peace does not hinder your creativity. It only opens you up to more possibilities because you are not limiting your creations to only those things that make you feel safer, more loved, more liked or more understood etc.

Those soldiers could have been living on a beautiful island in a happy state of mind all the while but they spent all of those years in turmoil wondering when the next bomb was going to drop or when they would be ambushed. We don’t have to go through life waiting for the war to be over. The war is over when you say it is. Heaven is in your mind and heart and nowhere else. When the mind is still there is no pain and suffering. It is not easy to master the mind but it can be done. Pain is subjective according to how the mind perceives loss or imbalance. People that have lost limbs in shark attacks report not feeling any pain until later. Could it be this is because they can’t see what is happening underwater so the brain doesn’t register the loss? Sure we have a right to be screaming in agony and suffering mental trauma when we lose a limb but do we want to if we can choose otherwise? There is a young female surfer that lost her arm to a shark attack. She was very matter of fact about it in interviews, never complained and seemed to not have any devastating mental trauma from the event. In fact, when she healed she just got back on the board and kept on surfing. If every being knew how to access the equability of harmonic bliss there would be no such thing as pain or hell. But the mind desperately wants to lapse back into “but this happened or they said this”. What is going on around you doesn’t have to affect you mentally unless you want it to. Paradise is right here, right now. But until then (until it is realized), one man’s tropical island vacation is another man’s hell.

“If hell is on earth
There must be heaven to
Both in one place
And not a second to lose”
~Neil Finn

February 2, 2011

11th Phase Lightbody Ascension

This is a message from Channeler Lauren Gorgo

The New Normal

In the last article I wrote I mentioned that we were in the throes of some unprecedented geomagnetic activity due to a significant global rebalancing spurred by a magnetic pole shift….or visa versa. I also mentioned that "most likely, these natural events will continue to take place and maybe even increase as the earth sustains her transition into higher consciousness."

Well today, the Pleiadian High Council confirmed that this year and onward there will definitely be an increase in geomagnetic activity…not that this is new news, just a confirmation that what we have been feeling recently around the world is related to the increased levels of light now capable of penetrating the planet thru/due to these various geomagnetic phenomenons: solar winds, solar flares, CME, etc.

The PHC want us to know that this level of intensity is actually the "new normal" that we will all eventually adapt to, and that these energies are here to stay.

This is helpful to understand because just as we are already seeing, in the coming days there will be an increase in volatile weather patterns in addition to uprisings, protests, revolts, etc., as mood swings border on the extreme due to these magnetic fluctuations. The light of truth is becoming impossible to resist and we will be witnessing this more and more on the global stage, just as it is becoming unbearable to live without the light of truth in our own lives. In other words, once we feel the blissful, transcendent connection to our power Source, we literally can't bear to live without it…this is becoming more and more clear to each of us.

And for those who are up to vibrational snuff and have been actively preparing (purifying) to journey into oneness, I am hearing that these intensifying energies will push us completely into the unity timeline which will enable true neutrality... feelings of peacefulness and objectivity in the way that we relate to the rising global pressures.

The Double Whammy

It's really no secret that I work to humanize the ascension process by grounding the information I receive into relatable earthbound experiences…and while also making a concerted effort to not glaze over the parts that suck... so I will definitely add that you would never have convinced me four days ago that feelings of peacefulness and objectivity could be my reality when (on Friday, 1/28) we endured two, nearly simultaneous, solar eruptions.

Depending on where we reside on the spectrum of consciousness…and therefore the spectrum of sensitivity…these solar storms can REALLY knock us on our human haunches. If you experienced heightened irritability, frustration and unrelenting pressure, hopelessness, unreasonably DEEP fatigue, anxiety, nausea, dizziness/vertigo, sinus sensitivity/pressure, headaches, extreme BLOATING, hunger fits, pain up and down the spinal cord, flu-like soreness/muscle aches all over and manic mood swings coupled with a general burning desire to unzip yourself from your fat-suit this past weekend…then most likely its related to this double whammy solar delight.

Yes, after more than a decade of being pounced on by the Great Central Sun without permission, we are apparently still up for a good ol' fashioned solar ass-whooping.

I mean, really? Who gets to say when this has gone too far, anyway?

The PHC say that the reason those of the warrior brigade (front line lightworkers/starseeds) are still getting knocked over (read: slaughtered) by these energies is simply because..drumroll please...we are not there yet. I literally can't find enough ways to say that we are stillllllllllll completing this grueling transition from old-world polarity-based consciousness to the unified field of collective oneness where we will (eventually) be stabilized thru the completion of biological regeneration.

And while the biological regeneration phase is not quite complete, I am still hearing good things about March. Here's a sneak peek:

For those who are preparing for the biological completion of their light body ascension into christed consciousness, there is a celestial-based, timed release from 3d dimensional polarity programming…a simultaneous entrance into 5th dimensional consciousness. It is written in the stars. -PHC

(Disclaimer: Keep in mind that when the uber-positive unseens sitting peacefully in non-duality say those famously "good things", this almost always translates into one thing for us mere mortals: OUCH! So be sure to release any expectations (if you can possibly have any left), surrender to what is and things will go a lot more smoothly, I assure you.)

Disclaimer aside, I do feel some forward movement beginning with this new moon on 2/2 (in the northeast), so I don't think we will be idly sitting around waiting to be tortured as usual. In fact, you might be feeling this new energy already, it's starting to almost feel like an actual ability to focus our intentions and make mental sense of all those light-packets of new information that we ingested the last two months but could not decode.

From what I can intuit, its almost like a slowly building momentum that will roll us into an even bigger momentum come the equinox. Tho sometimes we need just enough force to smash thru any remaining self-imposed (block) walls that we have built as false protection, so if at any point your inner humpty dumpty falls apart, just remember that often we have to break ourselves open before we can put the pieces back together again…and in the right order.

But for now, at least for the next few days, we are still sitting in stillness. (Luckily the new season of Idol is here to placate us for a bit longer: ))

(And just to be clear here…stillness is definitely not the same thing as waiting. We are not, nor ever have been, "waiting" for anything but ourselves on this journey. Its not as if we sit around and wait for something outside of ourselves to save us, or to provide us the means to move forward as some may think...its more of a process of patience... of allowing every level of our being (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) to align with the Source within us so that we may be fully supported to move forward and create effortlessly by leveraging the might of the universe with our divine will alone. The patience part is the mastery…the self-discipline that we have meticulously honed in preparation for the proper application of alchemy.)

Remember too that patience with this process is not thru consciousness alone... it is a VERY physical process, a remapping of our human software and hardware and one that requires a tremendous amount of physical energy to sustain….hence the years of hibernation. We have to undergo a transformation that rearranges the fundamental molecular and cellular structure of our body's matter which aligns with and becomes in tune with the molecular structure of the universe.

We can't even begin to imagine the level of biological change that we are undergoing and so the most crucial practice of patience during these challenging times is always thru physical stillness. In other words, if your body is begging you to sleep, there is good reason. Best to heed to the call, otherwise, you will forcibly be knocked down.

Lightbody De-scension

The PHC want to talk to us about what they call our "11th phase lightbody ascension"... a term they use to describe the full integration of the spirit body as a result of the merging of masculine/feminine polarities and the activation of our new-human 5th dimensional circulatory system. I like to think of it more as lightbody de-scension because though we are technically a-scending in consciousness, we are actually de-scending in spirit…meaning we ground our spiritual self more fully into our lives and bodies thru the a-scension process and as a result of clearing our mental, emotional and physical goo.

It is the point on our climb where all levels of the light body have been created and activated and where cellular regeneration has been accomplished. This is also the level of development where we attain mastery and begin, individually and as a collective soul group, to come together to create our visions of heaven on earth.

What they would like for us to understand is that the light body is not very different from our physical's a replica which is the same size (well, hopefully sans bloat ; )), shape and with the same features as the body that we inhabit in the physical dimensions, however, the light body carries the blueprint which contains the map for our physical perfection.

This part of us contains the information and the fuel (life force) required to activate all intersecting spin points, or vortices of energy necessary to attain full ascension. For us to activate these points and attain mastery, we have to pass thru, or graduate from, 11 levels of spiritual initiation…akin to a video game where we can only advance to the next level when we master the prior one.

Apparently, over the next two months, some of us will be preparing our bodies for a multitude of physical changes due to this transition…changes that will span many multidimensional aspects of our lives (i.e. changes in diet, sleep, desires, physical functioning,etc.) and ones that will offer us the ability to transcend our karmic miasms. A miasm, similar to the homeopathic definition, is explained to me as a collection of discordant energy that the body holds as cellular memory imprints of misaligned thought and emotion until it has been resolved (neutralized) and the lower four bodies can move beyond karmic patterning (the repetitive cycles of cause/effect).

As a result of moving beyond this patterning, the physical body is then capable to align fully with the light body template and enables an open transference of energy from the original divine blueprint. This light-encoded information from our divine blueprint then passes to and from the physical body in a sacred flow of geometry through various intersecting energetic transfer points.

As a result of this constant energy transfer, the physical vessel can be fed more fully with the food of Source (prana/Qui/Chi, etc) which sustains the radiance and pure health that many of us have been working for, for so very long. Essentially, the elimination of karmic miasms ensures the proper, unobstructed connection to our blueprint of perfection and by which dis-ease ceases to exist.

They reiterate that the energy (light) body that surrounds our physical body is one of perfect creation and alignment with Source. If over time the physical body is not fed the proper nutrition of light due to energetic blockages (miasms) then the body becomes malnourished and degeneration ensues. With the completion of light body ascension comes the ability to eliminate dis-ease entirely and replace it with the proper sustenance that the physical body was designed and intended to be nourished by.

As you might imagine, this will have many ramifications for your changing world and those who first possess the ability to house a fully created and activated light body will be the frontrunners of a new-human civilization. We will have more to say on this matter in the coming days. -PHC

What to Expect

If there ever was a time to let go and trust in what is unfolding within us and before us, that time is now. There is really no way to wrap our heads around this new territory that we are inhabiting... and we probably wouldn't want to anyway because it would ruin the fun of anticipation and the sheer element of surprise. We can however, wrap our hearts around what's ahead as we have undoubtedly become masters at feeling our way forward.

The PHC reminds us that ascension is non-negotiable..(you don't say)…it is a pre-ordained galactic, cosmic and celestial event that is already well underway and one that every living being on this earth signed up for, yet will all experience in our own divine way. They say that to resist this inevitibility is akin to resisting gravity... it exists regardless of our participation. Our participation, however, does make the process less uncomfortable.

Once we have a basic mental understanding of the process, however, we are always encouraged to let go and allow ourselves to be guided with complete faith in what lies ahead for each of us. This time is no different… there is no more planning here, only motivation thru divine inspiration, so we have to ignore any old-paradigm urges to try take control of the uncontrollable.

What shows up for us individually is always the same: the purest, most accurate reflection of our current level of consciousness and state of being.

For those who are aligned with and prepared for the changeover to the new timeline, this will come as no surprise and will create no resistance…it will seem like the next logical step. Those who have cleared enough will experience this next-level transition as a simple vibrational and incremental bump-up, just like every other upgrade. And for those with limitations (fears) left to clear, you will be gifted with a heightened awareness of exactly what those limitations are, as well as a fool-proof way to move beyond them.

As always, what is important to know is that we already know it all.

Peace out,